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MGT502 A Case Study on Botannix Studio Cafe at Swinbourne

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Question :

At the end of this sample you may be knowing about:

  • Importance of social media in brand management
  • Why business organizations must focus on the social media?
  • How social media transformed the business environment?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Botannix studio cafe at Swinbourne


Annotated bibliography is list of articles which denotes relevant and accuracy of particular research. The assessment aim is “To determine use of social media for workplace communication: A case study on Botannix studio cafe at Swinbourne”.

Social media is one of the most popular stakeholder engagement tools. The aim of Lovejoy and Saxton, (2012) was to role of micro blogging for organisation communication for which scholar frame two study questions for which organisational and tweet level analysis of 100 Non-profit firm using Twitter was done. The investigation is useful because it summarized use of microblogging for information collection and engaging with stakeholders to manage innovation business services. The scope of study is based on business communication at investor level via social media. In accordance with this analyst, I analysed that it is important for Botany studio café to make use of digital communication at workplace to managing information and creative business ideas with regard to stakeholders. The limitation of research is large proportion tweets because of which scholars complied information in limited characters that is 140 words. Thus, the article concluded by outlining that social media communication in workplace offers new standards of engaging with public.

Article 1

Dolan, R., Conduit, J., Fahy, J., & Goodman, S. (2017). Social media: communication strategies, engagement and future research directions. International Journal of Wine Business Research. 29(1). 2-19.

Social media engagement plays vital role in brand management of an enterprise. The aim of Dolan and et.al., (2017) was to evaluate use of social media to identify brand communication methods on Facebook. This was secondary research where scholar took information from 12 wine brands and made use of descriptive analysis. The study is useful in determining the importance of social media communication of employees with potential customers. It helped in implying that employees of Botanixx café need to involve in digital communication to increase market share and improve brand value. The major limitation of research was one specific social media tool and 12 wine brands. The scope was broad because it demonstrated different brand communication strategies used at workplace. The scholar concluded by stating about low rate of engagement of employees and users at social media platform.  Thus from entire study I evaluated that it is essential for the Botany studio café to make use of social media communication at workplace because it is the only advanced tool which promotes direct interaction of business to its buyers.

Article 2

Leonardi, P. M., Huysman, M., & Steinfield, C. (2013). Enterprise social media: Definition, history, and prospects for the study of social technologies in organizations. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 19(1). 1-19.

Social media is playing crucial role in managing effective communication among employees in an organisation. Leonardi, Huysman and Steinfield, (2013) conducted research with the aim of analysing impact of social media interaction and how it is different from tradition interaction at workplace. The is a secondary research based on review articles based on enterprise social media and communication. The research is beneficial for managing successful implementation of digital communication in Botanixx café because it helped in analysing that interaction via social media assist managing workplace issues like, branding, customer relationship management and marketing. The scope of study was limited to enterprise and its link with social media collaboration. The authors concluded by stating that digital communication created a revolution of business organisation by providing internal stakeholders opportunities to interact with external investors. Hence, according to me study demonstrate the importance of digital interaction for Botanixx studio café for managing successful business innovation and changes.

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Article 3

Ditchburn, G. & Sharma, P. (2017). Social Media in the Workplace: The Relationship between Internal Social Media Use and Employee Communication, Knowledge Sharing, Creativity, Collaboration and Engagement. [Online]. Available through: < http://www.murdoch.edu.au/School-of-Psychology-and-Exercise-Science/_document/Research-Results/Social-Media-in-the-Workplace.pdf >

Digital communication came up with potential benefits to business organisations. The Ditchburn and Sharma, (2017) conducted survey of 205 employees with the aim of analysing relationship between internal social media and worker’s communication, creativity, engagement, etc. cope of study was focused on particular factors that is collaboration, knowledge sharing, communication, engagement and creativity. It is useful because it helped in determining differences in with reference to worker’s engagement and social media. The study denoted that social media communication is beneficial for sharing knowledge, affective commitment and managing creativity in business. The study is limited to workplace communication and specific 5 identified factors.  In accordance with this it can be concluded that digital communication via social media platform will be effective for Botannix studio café as it will promote interaction of employee via social media platforms from where the individual will be able to explore different aspect of managing innovation in small café. In my opinion social media communication has revolutionised interaction of stakeholders and therefore it will be beneficial for employees of Botanixx café in coordinating with dynamic consumer needs. Get the best nursing assignment writing service in UK from experts.

Article 4

Lehrer, D., & Vasudev, J. (2011, May). Evaluating a social media application for sustainability in the workplace. In CHI'11 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 2161-2166). ACM.

Use of social media communication has emerged as advanced sustainability management tool for millions of small and large organisations. The aim of Lehrer and Vasudev, (2011, May) in this study is to outline advantages of social network for energy awareness and inspiring typical employees. In this research, scholar conducted preliminary interviews where target users were typical occupants of different workplaces. The investigation is useful because it helped in analysing need of digital communication to drive behaviours of employees towards organisation communication The scope of article was based on designing site to promote social media communication apart from my space, Facebook, etc. The scholars were able to demonstrate limited information because of designing a communication instead of exploring existing ones.  Thus, from the views of scholars it is concluded that digital interaction among employees is the best technique to manage innovation and positive workplace environment. Consequently, as per my evaluation I can summarize by stating that it is important for the employees of Botany studio café to engage on social media communication, to reduce work pressure and to determine the need of innovation in environment of café.

Article 5

Cilliers, F. Q. (2013). The role and effect of social media in the workplace. N. Ky. L. Rev. 40. 567.

Social media has transformed business environment by providing employee opportunities to explore market tends. The aim of Cilliers, (2013) in this study is to ascertain effect and role of digital platforms in advanced workplaces. The investigation is based on secondary information which is conducted by different authors. The scope of research is wide as it explored different interviews and survey conducted by numerous authors. However, the research is limited to strict guidelines and negative impact of social media at workplace. Apparently, information is essential with regard to Botany business project as it helped in analysing needs of restricting personal ID’s of employees on social media at workplace, to prevent the risk of misuse. Thus, it can be conducted by outlining that social media communication is necessary for managing positive workplace culture but according to my evaluation I evaluated that Botany café will have to frame strict guidelines and rules to control use of social media for irrelevant purposes.

Article 6

Ferreira, A., & Du Plessis, T. (2009). Effect of online social networking on employee productivity. South African Journal of Information Management. 11(1). 1-11.

Digital advancement has transformed working ability of and work environment of organizations. The aim of Ferreira and Du Plessis, (2009) is on determining impact of social media on working productivity of employees for which the researcher conducted interview of 183 employees of Faculty management and prepared formal questionnaire. The research is useful because it helped in gaining practical opinion of workers over digital communication., from where it has been evaluated that social media is an effective tool which promotes collaboration knowledge sharing employee employees. The scope of study was determining impact of online social networking on organization and productivity of workers. However, the major limitation of research was few number of participants from one specific field.  The scholar concluded by outlining issues which rise due to digital communication that is confidentiality of information, personal usage and interpersonal conflicts. As per learning I feel it is important for Botany café study to make use of digital communication at workplace but with some strict rules and regulation in order to control unethical employee’s activities.

Article 7

Bucher, E., Fieseler, C., & Suphan, A. (2013). The stress potential of social media in the workplace. Information, Communication & Society. 16(10). 1639-1667.

Digital advancement led to revolutionary changes in business communication by making interaction easier and simpler. The aim of Bucher, Fieseler and Suphan, (2013), is to assess potential stress of social media in business. The research is based on qualitative survey of 2579 professionals marketing and communication. The investigation is useful for managing small business project of Botany as it derived possibilities and challenges faced by employees in real time interaction with customers. In accordance with this it can be said that it is necessary for the small business management to make employees interact with customer’s in order to analyse the need of making changes in organisation process and services.  The scope of investigation outlines the importance and necessity of real time conversation with potential business audiences but on the other hand it is limited to challenges and potentials of online interaction. Thus, the scholar concluded by determining how digital platforms helps workers in retrieving and processing relevant information. On the basis of entire discussion, I analysed that Botanixx studio café can implement the use of social media communication at workplace in order to improve information and communication technology for staff.

Article 8

Walden, J. A. (2016). Integrating social media into the workplace: A study of shifting technology use repertoires. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. 60(2). 347-363.

Integration of digital communication at workplace has become essential for every business for which Walden, (2016) conducted specific study based on interview with the aim of analysing use of social media at workplace. The research is beneficial because it summarized way of which employee make use of ICT in an organisation. The scope of research is wide as it evaluates use of digital platforms in organisation as whole. On the other hand, major limitation of study is in depth interview of only 29 respondents. Investigators concluded by arguing on the use of social media which has own pros and cons like risk to confidentiality of information but real time interaction with buyers which according to me is advantageous of Botannixx Studio café in gaining insights over customer satisfaction and needs of changes.

Article 9

Skeels, M. M., & Grudin, J. (2009, May). When social networks cross boundaries: a case study of workplace use of facebook and linkedin. In Proceedings of the ACM 2009 international conference on Supporting group work (pp. 95-104).

Social networking platforms emerged as successful communication tools of organization on the basis of which Skeels and Grudin, (2009, May) conducted survey with the aim of assessing how digital networks helps in managing environment friendly design. The information in article is useful because it implied the about the use of social media in improving employee’s productivity and workers. The scope of research is wide and is based on both type of impact that is positive and negative which was the major challenge at the time of summarizing outcome. Hence, in accordance with entire study I evaluated that if Botanix studio café will implement the use of social media for digital communication than it will assist small business in managing friendly management design in café which will reduce the risk of problems and will helps in managing continuous innovation.


The bibliography summarized 10 article based on social media digital communication at workplace. Thus, as per aim of study it can be concluded that social media is an effective advanced tool which can helps Botanixx studio café in effective interaction at workplace.

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