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A case study on Ritz Carlton

University: King's College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 32 / Words 8033
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate the research philosophies which provide advanced understanding in the tourism and hospitality context and their implementation in the tourism and hospitality research.
  • Demonstrate the role and approaches with respect to make advanced research in Ritz Carlton.

Advanced research methods are the principles that provide an advanced understanding of the organizations and their functioning on the basis that explain the range of the data to produce effective research outputs.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Ritz Carlton


Overview of the report

Marketing introduces to activities which are used by an organisation to promote their product and services in marketplace. There are certain aspects of marketing such as selling, promoting, advertising and delivering products to customers or other organisations. Additionally, marketing is the systematic process of interesting potential clients and customers in products and services offered by an organisation (Bowie and et. al., 2016). There are number of marketing practices including setting of attainable goals, define target market, establish a clear brand identity, utilisation of Facebook advertising, utilisation of more channel etc. These are consider main practices of marketing which will be useful for an organisation in promotion of its services and products to the customers and in marketplace.

Along with this, this report is based on hospitality industry that depends on the availability of disposable income and leisure time. The hospitality industry is one of the fastest and largest growing industries in all over the globe. The industry comprises of different number of sub-sectors such as restaurant, resort and hotel sector. Hospitality industry is a fastest sector that most nations in all over the world try to develop. This is a broad category of fields in the service sector that includes food and drink services, lodging, themes parks, event planning, travelling, cruise line, transportation etc. These are main services that were provided by hospitality industry to their customers. Ritz Carlton is a best example of hospitality organisation that provides number of services to the customers (Hassanien and Dale, 2019). Ritz Carlton is a chosen American multinational organisation that operates the luxury hotel chain. The company was founded in 1983 by Cesar Ritz and headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, United State. This hotel specialise in producing their services in different categorises such as hotels & resorts, residences & clubs, meeting and weddings, Marriott bonvoy, SPE, Shop etc. There are different practices of marketing that were used by Ritz Carlton in order to attract larger customer base. These practices are know ideal guest, start collecting ideas, create a conversation, optimise for SEO, share user generated content, develop a posting schedule etc. These practices help hotel in increasing its sales and market share.

Research Aim

The aim of research is “To analyse influence of marketing practices over the performance of hospitality organisation.” A case study on Ritz Carlton.

Research Objectives

  • To understand the importance of marketing practices for hospitality organisation.
  • To determine several marketing activities that help Ritz Carlton in improving its performance.
  • To ascertain several challenges related with marketing activities that Ritz Carlton may face.
  • What is the importance of marketing practices for hospitality organisation?
  • What are different marketing activities that help Ritz Carlton in improving its performance?
  • What challenges Ritz Carlton may face related to marketing activities?

Research Questions

Rationale of the report

Main purpose for conducting this report is to identifying the effectiveness of marketing practices within a hospitality industry. Marketing is necessary for each organisation because it support them in advertising of their products and services to the customers as well as in marketplace. This research is important at personal as well as academic level. Personally, this research assist an individual (Researcher) by improving their skills about the research such as literature review quality, time management knowledge, data collection skill, data analysis skill and many other (Hoque, 2013). These are main skills that help investigator in completion of research activities effectively and systematically. This research is also significant at academic level by enhancing student's knowledge about the marketing practices and its impact on overall performance of hospitality industry. If this research is publish in market will also help society by increasing their understanding regarding the marketing and importance of its practices over performance of hospitality industry.

Route Map of the report

This is an important part of research project that includes entire activities or chapters of dissertation. There are some chapters which will be determined as below in detailed manner. These are:

Introduction: This is a first activity of research project that includes number of aspects such as research aim, objectives, questions, rationale, overview of the topic etc. These are consider sub activities in introduction chapter that will be beneficial for reader in identification of main purpose for doing this investigation (Inkinen, 2016).

Literature Review: This is a main chapter of research project as it help in identification of gaps and conflict in previous study. This activity is completely based on secondary data which is collected through books, articles, magazines, publication study etc. These are main sources of secondary data which will be used in this section. Under this section of investigation, different authors have to provide their view point regarding the marketing practices and its usefulness within hospitality industry. As it is important activity that support in gathering of in-depth information regarding the current study.

Research Methodology: This is another main activity that includes number of methods. Qualitative or quantitative research, primary and secondary method of data collection, positivism or interpretivisim philosophy, inductive or deductive approach, time horizon, research instrument etc. These are main methods that will be used for collecting and analysing information regarding the marketing practices (Jakada and Gambo, 2014).

Findings: This chapter is completely based on primary data collection method. For this, questionnaire will be used by researcher for gathering and analysing quantitative data about the marketing practices. In this chapter, number of close-ended questions would be prepared which help reader in identification of respondent's opinion about the topic.

Discussion and conclusion: Discussion is based on primary and secondary data. With the help of questionnaire researcher can easily discuss primary data which will be beneficial in completion of dissertation systematically. On the other hand, literature review is used for discussion secondary information in systematic manner. Along with this, conclusion is based on findings which will be beneficial for reader in determination of information about the research aim and objectives are achieved or not (Leonidou and et. al., 2013).

Recommendation: This is a last part of research project that is also based on findings. In this chapter some recommendation will be provided to the company about how to attract maximum number of customers and how to increase sales through marketing practices (McManus, 2013).


Literature review is a sort of scholarly paper, which includes number of current knowledge about the substantive findings. This also includes methodological and theoretical contribution to a specific area of study. This is essential because it shows the relevance and originality of research issue. Additionally, it is a comprehensive summary and detailed information of previous study on a topic (Palacios-Marqués, Merigó and Soto-Acosta, 2015). It is a systematic process that helps researcher in gathering of detailed and secondary information through different sources such as magazines, books, articles, etc. These are consider main sources which help in determination of author's point of view about the topic. Main purpose of this section is to give foundation of knowledge on specific field of study or topic. In this part of research project, each objectives of research are address in systematic and ethical manner.

Importance of marketing practices for hospitality organisation.

As per the view point of Ward (2019), marketing introduces as an effective process of interesting potentials customers towards specific product or services. Marketing is the management and study of exchange relationship. In addition, it is the business process of developing relationship with and fulfilling customers needs and wants. Marketing is branding, pricing, naming and the bridge between earned and paid media. Therefore, it is an essential process of building strong relationship with customers and prospects so that an organisation can profitably develop and advertise product and services. In simple word, marketing is the activity, set of institutions and process for developing, communicating, exchanging and delivering offerings that have value for partners, clients, customers and society at large. Thus, marketing is essential and necessary for each organisation in promotion of their products or services in marketplace and to the customers.

According to the Mitchell (2018), there are number of marketing practices such as analysation of unique position, optimisation of visibility, sell value not price, formalisation and revise strategy, provide gifts to clients etc. These are main practices of marketing that will be beneficial for hospitality industry in maximising customer base. Along with this, marketing is significant and essential part of business success and growth. As it will help an enterprise in increasing number of customers and maximising sales. Along with this, in hospitality organisation, marketing practices plays an essential role in building a strong brand image, alluring new clients and maintaining loyalty. There are certain importance of marketing practices which will be determined as below:

Marketing practice is an effective way of engaging customers: It is essential for hospitality organisation to engage larger base of customers. For this social media introduces as an effective platform that will be beneficial for hospitality organisation to engage customers and accomplish long term goals and objectives within given time duration.

Marketing practices assist to build and maintain the company's reputation: With the help of marketing practices hospitality organisation can easily build their strong brand image and reputation in marketplace and in the customer's mind. For example: giving gifts to the customers is best marketing practice that is applied by hospitality industry. As it help them in increment of customer base and also assist them to improve their brand image in ma

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