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Implement Effective Strategy - Case Study

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 4 / Words 963
  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

Some of the main questions which are needed to be answered are like:

  • What are the barriers faced by the family member in the engagements?
  • What are the effective strategies that helps in overcoming the barriers.
  • What are the risk drawn with all the factors which helps in managing the general?
Answer :
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The case study will delve into the challenges faced by family members dealing with religious persecution, minority issues, and political factors (Young, Butow & Williams, 2019). It aims to establish effective communication by posing relevant questions to the family members, assessing the level of risk they face, and identifying protective factors to address these challenges.


Discuss about the possible barriers that might experience when engaging with family members.

When engaging with family members that might identify the possible barriers such as lack of teaching time, lack of understanding between communication styles, misconceptions of abilities and lack of comfort etc. these are different types of Barrier identified where parents sever problem of depressions and post-traumatic stress disorder (Blagrave & Colombo-Dougovito, 2019). It mainly happens because of mental stress directly effects on overall condition of human health. in this way, it has found that children witnessed of different number of incidents in self-harming behaviour of parents. As per case study, it also identified that children frequently miss their school on daily and also withdraw. They have not engaged with other people with directly affect on the behaviour, nature and attitude of children. The Parents were referred to take supports from “children protection service” but they were left for long periods and also neglected physically.

On the other hand, it also analysed that family come from patriarchal community so that children's and wives are expected to be subservient as a male in households. They are having enough qualification but no give such priorities in other nation while only obtain work in local factories (Stenman and et.al., 2019).

Identify the strategies that uses to overcome barriers.

It is increasing the engagement with families to understand attitude, obstacles that currently inhibit greater coordination between families. It is one of important concept that understand the experience of families (Clarke & et.al., 2019). As per case study, it has identified the different barriers that require to implement an effective strategy overcome barriers.

It always provides a great opportunity for involvement of each family members where they are sharing their own opinion related the friendliness. It including communication, performed activities. When identifying barriers that use an involvement opportunity to easily resolve any type of hinderance.

By communicating with the family members that need to identify the its problem and also assists in ability of find out need of children. Barrier in communication varies across different people. on the other hand, building a strong relationship with family members to understand their daily activities and identify their own interest, desire, progress in community etc. these are essential things which always supports to control mental ability and determine their own circumstances that have impact on personality (Ellis, Winer & Barrett, 2019). In fact, Government also supports to give services regarding “child protection service” that help for protecting in proper manner.

It is one of most widely known family engagement that developed an effective relationship for identifying barriers so as overcome them to support children education (Wang, Do & Zheng, 2019). It also assisting for children to build learning opportunities because engagement with other people always inspired own decision making and handle any type of critical situation in proper manner.

Determine an appropriate question that could ask family members to ascertain level of risk and find out protective factors.

As per case study, it has draws from parents and children perspective about the engagement, involvement that identify the ascertain level of risk. It also asked the questions from different groups of people and addressed questions:

  • What are different limitation and barriers to families attending protest session?
  • What can be completed different ways to increase involvement of parents?
  • What are strategies used for reducing risk and barrier?

Increasingly, the result or outcome from these questions mainly covered the involvement with family and what are their opinion towards critical situation. Through case study, it explicates that how children faced issues which directly affect on the school attendance and minimize involvement to help of parents (Haines & et.al., 2019).

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In the above discussion, it can be identified the risk of family members who can face many types of issues and problems. It has planned an effective strategy so that people use them to overcome all types of barriers. In this way, it can easily understand they ascertain the level of risk and implement protective factors in terms of improvement and protection. Take assignment help service from Instant Assignment Help. They are the best assignment writing service providers in the UK. Their experts are highly qualified and skilled. They will provide you with a plagiarized free assignment at a low price which will help you in achieving A+ grades. So contact Instant Assignment Help for the assignment writing service.

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