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A Study on Qbic Hotel

University: Regent College

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1462
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/9242
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Question :
This sample answers the most asked questions:
  • What is the concept of digitalization?
  • What are the benefits that company gets through digitalization?
  • What are the benefit that are attained for economy of sales by implementing digitalization by Qbic Hotel, UK?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Qbic Hotel

Introduction & Research Question

There are many changes that has taken place in relation with technology and all these are effective enough to make sure that high quality services are delivered to customers. As per the current research, it is focused on digitalization. There are different companies that have made use of these so that raise of sales and profitability can be raised. In order to conduct the research in effective manner. Qbic hotel is taken in to consideration. Cited firm aim at delivering their services and products with high quality.

Literature review

As per Jeschke and et.al, 2017, SME's and comparative associations are receiving and using new advances in the business capacities for expanding the adequacy and proficiency prompting the change of business execution. The small medium business are utilising digital technologies to promote and trade their products or services effectively which is successfully improving their performance. New and imaginative innovations are getting presented in the business condition. The Digitalisation is a noteworthy component that is influencing the working conduct and elements of the associations. Advanced innovation is in charge of productive and viable work inside the associations, for example, the SME's. Jousse and et.al, 2017 states that individuals are profoundly affected by the developing innovations in the present world. Billions of individuals have begun utilizing advanced technologies such as smart-phones etc in their everyday exercises, the general population are additionally utilizing different kinds of advances, for example, web of things, online application, delicate products and so forth. Then again there are few issues that emerges in actualizing the innovations in the business. Waldfogel, 2017 expresses that the issues develop in the execution of cutting edge advancement in the advancing limit are a result of the non-attendance of learning and aptitudes in the zone of computerized innovation. The research and factual examination likewise demonstrated that selection and ramifications of advanced advances in the business activities is very expanding. The advances have very impacted every last kind of association to make utilization of new innovations in their business capacities.

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Additionally, the Digitalisation has additionally turned into an imperative piece of each individual's life, The SME's uses new and inventive advancements in their business capacities to accomplish productivity and viability and accomplish their hierarchical objectives or destinations. The Digitalisation is a successful part which profoundly influence the business elements of SME's decidedly.  Various independent company are not prepared to grasp new advances due to the specific limits, absence of information and securities of data in the progressed advancing. Various small medium enterprises are facing inconveniences in grasping progressed advancing inside there promoting limits due to lack of secure database and capable employees. Get the best online essay help with Chat support.

Theoretical framework

The Digital marketing is a wide concept which is useful for SME's in improving performance and profitability. According to the above literature review, it can be identified that there are various theories which care applied for the analysis of digitalisation and its impact on various small medium enterprises. There are various theories such Marketing strategy, Relationship with the suppliers, Branding, Profit and performance and digital marketing strategies which are applied by the researcher or organisations in analysing the impact and importance of digitalisations.

To envision the utilization of hypothetical structure and the association between the distinctive hypothetical ideas, the illustration shows the conceptualisation of the speculations to give an all encompassing review of the hypothetical system (Neubauer and et.al, 2017). The promoting procedure is the exercises that should assist the organization with achieving the objectives and targets with the assistance of advertising exercises. The hypothesis notices three essential parts for organizations; benefit/execution, connections and marking that can be improved with the correct use of the showcasing procedure. These three goals influence each other and are exceptionally critical for organizations. Illustration portrays marketing system associated with the three targets of benefit or execution, connections and marking which thus are associated and can be fortified by the utilization of the advanced advertising procedure. The likelihood of improved execution in all goals is achievable with the utilization of computerized promoting on the off chance that it is done suitably. Advanced promoting could be utilized to supplement the customary channels to better make progress in achieving distinctive goals. The decisions of how to utilize advanced showcasing and why it is utilized are the exploration points for this investigation and the model will develop with new discoveries (Nansen and et.al, 2017). 

Research design and methodology

Different type of research methodologies are included which are effective enough to make sure that research is carried out in effective manner (Wickramasinghe, Dissanayake and Somathilake, 2018). With this respect, research approach is an important aspect that enables researcher to present the findings. In order to do so, use of inductive approach will be done as it help to provide specific details and general aspects are covered. In order to gather information it is required to make sure that appropriate sources are used that will be helpful enough to gather adequate information. In this context, it includes primary and secondary information. Both have their own set of benefits and disadvantages (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). So as to conduct the research in effective manner, the researcher has made use of both primary and secondary method. More specifically, primary will be gathered with the help of questionnaire and secondary through books, journals, online sources, etc. When information is gathered, then it is required make analysis and in order to do so, it is required to make sure that selection of appropriate method is done. It includes qualitative and quantitative method, among these the research will make use of qualitative method. More specifically, use of thematic will be done as it enables to present the information in the form of tables, charts and graphs. In order to carry out the research in appropriate manner, it is important that selection of samples are done (Brinkmann, 2014). For conducting the research, employees of Qbic hotel will be taken into consideration as they are the one who have adequate knowledge regarding the research topic. Use of proper system will be done in which personal information will be gathered and will be accessible to the person who is authorised.

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Significance of Research

This research study will aid in enhancing the level of knowledge and comprehension skills of researcher. The research study will be significant for the readers and academician who are pursuing the course of digital technologies. Digital technologies played prominent role in enhancing the profitability and productivity of the organization and in this context, this research study will help the management of Qbic Hotel by providing them some of the best recommendations which they can inculcate within their practice so that their organizational aims and objectives can be accomplished. Eventually, through this research, other researchers and authors can underpin their study by including topics and concepts of study. Through this they will be able to create robust arguments within their own research study.


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