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Lead Digital Work Processes

University: Business Institute of USA

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3720
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSBMGT407
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Question :

This sample will tell you about the:

  • Describe the importance of digital technologies.
  • Discuss the implementations of digital technology.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Woolworth Group

Digital procedure refer to the use of advanced and digital technology to work a process in order to finish a function or workflow. Digital technologies are electronic systems, resources and tools that use generate and store data. The present assessment is based on Woolworth company operating their business across the world. This study justified plan for selection and implementation of new digital technologies through training session within firm. Furthermore, it also clarified monitoring plan to identify success of plan. This report explains the core purpose of training session in term of operational success and also define relevant procedures.

Suitable Organization as basis of task

Woolworth Group is made up of some of the most trusted and recognizable brands within retail sector, serving a million of consumers every day with low prices and great quality products.





He is able to communicate effectively with other team members.

He cannot be able to mange day to day activities by using digital technology tools.


George is able to understand core languages that most web and programming development positions.

On the other hand, they cannot be capable to teach someone else how to comprehend these languages.


Jack had digital business analysis skills, that helps company to make the suitable choices by providing an objective mind set and apply range of assure analysis techniques.

On the other side, Jack is unable to represent work via using digital tools as they had lack of presentation skills.


He able to visualize complex data to help firm make important business decision.

Lack of digital business analysis skills, makes negative effect on Harry work performance.


He is able to interact with other people in effective manner because of carying interaction skills.

Jacob is not able to understand  the core languages of most effective digital programmes.


Presentation skills helps, thomas to represent their work while working in a team.

He cannot be able to make effective communication, due to lack of communication skills.


Noah have creativity skills, which gives them an opportunity to try out new ideas of thinking as well as problem solving in context to business objective.

Lack of presentation skills is one of the weakness that Noah have.


While developing new software, Zachary is able to contribute effectively as they have digital product man management skill.

He get frustrated while developing new systems.


He is familiar with social media marketing tools and able to used at workplace.

He cannot be able to take decision, regarding digital technology implementation.


Team work skills allow David to get better solutions of any issues with positive outcomes.

David is not familiar with digital technologies and tools that impact on current work practices within company.

Place and time to role play as training session

Training session is an event that caters education value to trainees, whether management planning team skills training class, training session include anything from evaluations and lectures to demonstration and discussion (Baddeley and Longman,  2018).

At 10:00 Am Training sessions for workers will be started with all the professionals and skilled seniors, who are able teach and develop new skills among team. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

The session is conducted at workplace within Woolworth company under supervision of seniors and high authority.

Agree on time frames

This Assessment task is completed within 37 days according to time frames, discussed in previous assessment task 1.

Selection and implementation


Strategies for integrating with business and operational objectives

Woolworth is facing problems while using social media platforms. The objective of company is to overcome this issue and sustain business for longer within retail sector,  Australia.

Different types of strategies available that organization will use to overcome problems. For example, training and coaching session is one of the best way to enhance workers skills and make them able to solve problems related to digital technologies. Along with this, firm can comply with suitable procedures and policies when they use social media sites for different commercial purpose.


Activity, including description, rationale and relevant policy

Time frame



Activity-1- Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Snap chat are the different social media platforms, that firms are used to share information related to business operations and other things. Here, plan is created for Woolworth organization facing issues while using social media platforms for making effective communication within team members. Training session is the first activity conducted by senior in company to trained its staff for using social media sites or platform effectively to communicate with each other. It is one of the best way to solve above problem and gain the objective of business in systematic manner. It helps to increase the abilities of existing as well as new workers to adopt new digital technologies & methods, which they can use to communicate and share information via digital tools effectively.

15 days to complete this activity

Professional and experienced people. 

Training team is accountable for creating plan and implement at workplace to trained their workers.

Activity-2, Woolworth must implement Zoho Cliq system, it helps through give extra features instead of other systems to meet the needs of business (Hibler and et.al., 2017). It permits employees and employer in company to have direct messaging and chat with each other, or with several members in chat channel or room. Previous software in company was limited to conventional sharing can chat, with this system management of organization is able to conduct video conference from different location of business effectively. Zoho Cliq features lets firm isolate posts from entire channel and convert it into direct private conversation for further message with specific person or member. With this system, workers are able to share files and essential documents without any data breach issues. With Zoho' intelligent assistant, company can schedule events and conduct meetings with ease. This system send people automated events notifications and scheduling reminders, so workers does not miss a meeting or specific event. It caters multiple chat view options where people can keep different chat tabs open at one, they cannot switch between chat tabs as workers work.

15 Days

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable workers.
  • Funds

IT team is accountable to implement new systems.

Activity-3 implementation of Slack, it is another systems that Woolworth company must used to solve their issues and achieve business objective (Lam,  2019. It is chat room, designed to replace email as primary approach of communication and data sharing. Workplaces of Slack system permits people to organize and mange communication in effective manner by using channels for team discussion and also allows for private conversation to share info, data and files in one place.

15 days


IT department is responsible to implement new systems within company.

Description- Slack features integrates with host of other applications so workers can managed their entire work flow through one platform. There are few key features of Slack's (Johnson, 2018). It allows company, workers and other people to create dedicated and private workspace complete with custom URL. With this system, management simply sing up procedure which make them able to invite their team to join and begin getting work done in effective manner. Slack messaging is grouped into direct message and channels to organize conversation and replace communications that scattered across text content, emails or in individual meetings. Along with this, system have some attractive feature that allow people to create private channels to helps break down wide group into their relevant working team or restrict sensitive conversation to relevant team members.

Integration with third party services is the most effective and essential features of Slack, that permits company to use some of their favourite applications right within this program, so firm do not have to keep switching tabs, consider where that shared link went to. Google Drive, Zendesk, Github, Heroku, Zapier and Dropbox are major integrations of Slack system that is quite beneficial for Woolworth company and its staff.

Zoho cliq key features are, direct private chat facility, file sharing, notification apps, mobile device channel creations and Video call (Levytska, 2017). It is known as cloud based interactive and collaborative platform that permits group to make audio and video call, share files and chat. It helps to overcome issues faced by company while using social media tools for communication. This system has a plethora of features to help marketing, IT, software and operational teams. It also helps workers generate team and secure chat on channels for managing different types of topics, interactions and projects without dealing with long messaging and email threads.




Rational- the purpose of implementing system at work place is to enhance communication activities between  workers and improve their performance as well (Lin and et.al., 2017).




Relevant policy- to overcome issues company must comply with social media policy, it caters guidelines for staff use of social media platforms which will be broadly comprehended for intent of this policy to consist wikis, message, chat rooms, blogs, online forums, electronic news letters and other services that allow people to share info and essential data with other in contemporaneous manner. Furthermore, to protect intellectual property company will use trade marks as often it connects them with level of quality on which firm build reputation. Trademark protects at lasts for 10 years after business registration and renewed in perpetuity.




Monitoring success


How measured

When measures/by whom

The objective of Woolworth management is to assure having strong and skilled people at workplace.

By using Benchmarking indicator, the objective of organization is measured effectively. It is used to measure performance of people using specific indicator resulting in metric of practices that is then compared to others. While a benchmark has a firm comparing their operations, procedure and products with other entities.

After training and coaching session in company, management and human resource department measure the effectiveness of team at workplace.

The another objective of company is to measure the effectiveness of Zoho and Slack system at workplace used to communicate.

Self evaluation is the best way to measured key benefits of implemented systems.

Measured at workplace after system implementation, measured by human resource management.

The third objective of firm is to assure procedures and policies had implemented for use of digital media by workers.

By identifying work practices of staff, it is easy to measure that social media policies is implemented and follow by people at workplace while using social media tools.

Team leader measure the practice of team at work area.

Skills assessment

Review Date:







Cannot perform the task


Familiar with elements of the job


Can perform with help


Can perform solo


Can teach/coach others to perform






Communication skills 

Critical thinking

Presentation skills

digital business analysis skills

Team work skills

digital product man management skill

visualize complex data

interaction skills

creativity skills,






































































































































































































































Purpose of training or coaching in term of operational success

Training and coaching is the plan designed to build wisdom and ability to apply skills, experience and knowledge to new processes or situations. It is the way to build strong team who are able to help in achievement business objectives.Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

New digital technologies and application

Dzinga is another digital technology that company can used to improve their performance and make effective communication. It is known as business communications service provider that targets medium and large sized firms, they help to deliver high quality cloud based solutions for business communications. Ask to do my assignment from our professional experts!

Review and implementation of digital technologies through training session

Through training session different types of digital technologies effectively implemented at workplace which makes communication procedure better than before.


From above analysis, it has been summarized that by implementing Zoho and Slack cloud based systems, Woolworth company solve their business issue and use social media sites effectively by following social media policies that help to achieve its business objectives. 

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