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Leadership In Management Organization System

Answer :

Introduction to Leadership

Leadership is a procedure with which an individual influences others to realize objective and directs the company in a manner, which makes it more coherent and cohesive. Although, leadership is learned, the knowledge and skills processed by the leader could be influenced by his or her traits or attributes, such as values, beliefs, character, ethics, skills and knowledge that directly add to the leadership process, while the other attributes provide the leader certain personality, which make him or her different and unique from others.

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Leadership Theories

There are several theories presented that is followed by leaders in managing their workplace structure and operations for completing activities in definite time period and attaining desired outcomes. With respect of today’s challenging environment of business, two theories can best fit in any type of organization and in any circumstances, such as Situational theories and Participative theories.

Leadership Model

leadership model develops an open communication at workplace and creates self-reliance to the followers. At the workplace environment, leadership becomes the capability to motivate and influence followers to add for the goals of business. Genuine leaders must be able to develop their followers over time so that they can attain high performance level on particular task. This development supports them to become self-directed and self-motivated.

Leadership Styles

It denotes the communication style in an organization. These are of two types:

  • Situational Leadership Stype : situational leadership style can be applied to several other fields too, as one of the high-ranked leader of American military, General George Patton, uses this approach to manage the army officers. As a well-known leader his philosophy to win the war was concentrated on situation analysis.
  • Participative Leadership Style : Participative leadership style is a kind of leadership trait in which members of a group are encouraged to take part in the decision making process. This style is considered as one of the most efficient that leads into higher productivity in an organization with better contribution from team members and enhanced group morale. Participative leadership style is given much of significance in today’s organizational environment because in this approach group members are motivated to share their ideas, thoughts and bring in more creative solutions to issues (Doyle, 2004).
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Assignment On "Leadership", A Topic of "Human Resource Management"


Leadership Importance In Organization

  • Team members also feel more involved and are committed towards the organization that ultimately leads into enhanced performance from employees and in this manner it has been found that this style of leadership is having much of significance in today’s organizational culture, as it facilitates for development of additional leaders who can serve the company at a later point of time.
  • This approach is having much relevancy in the present organizations, as it aids in to discover the hidden assets from an individual employee that will benefit both the team as well as organization to achieve its goals. However, participative leadership style has gained much of pace and one of the prominent example in this regard is the leadership trait followed by CEO of Renault and Nissan “Mr. Carlos Ghosn”, who always offered his workforce diverse challenges to perform in a better way and realized them that he trusts them always.
  • In order to become an empowered organization it is essential in present working environment to include employees in the decision making process and however with much of empowered corporations implementing a participative leadership style is valuable and assist in achievement of corporate vision and mission.
  • Hence, at the last it can be stated that to become an effective leader, a person should have mixture of both participative and situational leadership styles. The contemporary business environment requires leaders to involve every staff members in decisions to feel their importance and respect in the organization. Moreover, acting differently in different situations is necessary to response to condition at hand, which requires contribution of employees that is only possible if workers are actively participated in the day to day decisions of business. This makes them know about the actual requirement for particular situation and hence lead their contribution for the best of company (Schyns and Meindle, 2005).
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