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An Explanatory Guide to Dissertation Preface | IAH

Dissertation Preface- Meaning, Example and How to Write It?

08 Aug 2023


Are you a student stuck with your dissertation? Do you need some help with the preface part? Then your worries are over! Here in this blog, Instant Assignment writers are giving you the ultimate guide about dissertation preface with examples to score well. You must know that preface is the entry point which gives a short detail of your aim, motivation and significance behind the task. However, students often overlook it and draft a wrong or boring one. Therefore, the reader loses interest in your project even before reading the introduction part. That is why, to know how to write a dissertation preface perfectly, read this post till the end. 

In this blog, we have covered preface meaning, purpose, tips to write and examples for your help. Therefore, read below to find out the definition and get clarity to draft it.

What Is a Dissertation Preface?

Before reading how to write a dissertation preface, first understand what does this term mean. It is an introductory part where the author shares their experience while completing the project with the readers. Therefore, you can say it is more personal than other forms of academic writing. Hence, it is written in the first person and completed after the paper is finished. Students who feel difficulty regarding it, ask experts for dissertation writing help. Apart from that, below are some purposes of the preface for you to get clarity.

  • Grasp the Context- It gives a summary of how your paper is relevant in your academic field. Similarly, it helps readers to know scope and aim of your task.
  • Express Motivation- It talks about the author's personal motivation, experience, interest and concern that inspired them to write the paper.
  • Acknowledge Contributors- It helps to recognise the support and contribution of mentors, professors, advisors and family members who played an important role. 
  • Reveal Thought Process- It gives visions into the researcher’s framework, perspective, and methodology and explains their choices.
  • Connect with Readers- By giving personal experience and thoughts, the writer forms a sense of bonding both emotionally and intellectually. Therefore, the research seems relatable and accessible.

If even after reading it, still you are confused, then look out for dissertation preface examples and clarify your thoughts. Apart from that, now it is time to know how to write a preface, so let's dive in. 

How to Write a Preface for Dissertation?

There is a step-by-step process which you must carefully consider to make the dissertation preface error-free. Do you desire to know the process? Then, read below to find more.

Describe Your Background

Here, you share your educational and professional background to give readers a chance to know you better. But remember to add those details which align with your subject. Such as, if your topic is about the restoration of monuments, then tell your academic journey related to history or anthropology. Moreover, you can address your audience in this part of your paper. If you lack the skill and wondering how to write a dissertation preface, then seek help from professionals.

Discuss Your Inspiration

To make your reader interested from the beginning, here you must add who or what inspired you to write a dissertation about this topic. Similarly, tell what is your motive behind the task. Remember, it is different from a dissertation introduction, so don't get confused and write accordingly. Moreover, start the preface by thanking your supervisors and others who helped you throughout your research journey. Also, write about if there are any logical or ethical issues you encountered in the way and how you solved them. 

Provide Structure of the Paper

This section gives a brief overview of the organisation of the whole project. By this, your readers can understand how each chapters are fitting together. Moreover, write it in a clear and concise manner to avoid any confusion. Many students don’t know how to form these and add jargon or technical terms which makes the paper seem jumbled up. So, if you don't know how to structure sentences for a project, then there are many dissertation preface examples available online to read and take reference from. 

Explain Target Audience

For any academic writing, it is essential to tell who the target audience is, especially in dissertations. Not only it helps the reader understand to know if your work is right for them, but also to know what to expect from the paper. Additionally, it will help them know what area they must pay attention to while reading. To say simply, it aids in effectively conveying the message. 

End with a Note of Gratitude

As the last part, to wrap off your dissertation preface, show your gratitude. Hence, honour those people who helped you with conducting research, writing and editing. Similarly, add how significant it was to get this chance to write a paper on that particular topic. Although this part comes under acknowledgement, you can add this here at the end. 

These are everything about how to write a preface. However, if writing is not your forte and you lack time, then seek professional aid. Online experts will write everything, such as from the title page, dissertation introduction to the conclusion and references. Apart from that, let’s go deeper for tips from our experts to form an effective preface. 

Tips to Write an Effective Preface

Many students overlook the preface part of a dissertation and commit mistakes. If you want to refrain from those, then there are some tips by our professionals for you to consider. Thus, read further to know how to make a good preface.

Avoid Writing It Beforehand

In simple words, start the preface after you are done with writing the whole paper. If you are wondering why, then here is your answer. It is impossible to know what to include in the preface if the writing part is not finished. Therefore, save it to do it at the end.

Structure It Perfectly

A well-made preface has an interesting introduction, an overview of the topics you want to discuss in your paper and your approach. Moreover, it must be brief and clear, consisting of a few sentences and informs readers about the content they can expect. Also, there is a thesis statement which highlights the central argument and its purpose.

Pique Reader Interest

As you already know, the preface is the part which a reader will encounter first, so make it interesting. Therefore, don’t just summarise the research topic and try to involve readers actively. Similarly, arouse their curiosity to delve into the study further. To do it effectively, introduce yourself, add necessary data and memoirs to pique the interest.

Evade Adding Every Data

While writing a dissertation preface, you must remember that it only conveys necessary information about the dissertation topic. Therefore, do not add each piece of data and keep it concise. Simply just give a sneak peek into the paper to make the audience curious and half of the work is done. 

Address Readers Directly

There are multiple types of academic writing you will encounter in your life, and all of these have their unique forms. Similarly, a preface has its form and tone, which is addressing the reader directly. Usually, it is just like having a conversation to connect faster. 

Check Formatting Requirement

All of the academic texts have different formatting methods. Therefore, read carefully and then form accordingly. For that, check your course website or ask your professor which format they prefer. This way, you may get a template to refer from. 

These are some common tips you can follow to draft a compelling and error-free preface. In case you are worried about how to write a dissertation introduction, then seek help from our experts. Nevertheless, if you want a preface sample to know better, then no worries. Our experts covered that for you as well. So read further to get an idea about it. 

Dissertation Preface Example

This is a Master’s dissertation on "The Phenomenon of Street Children in England". I completed this thesis to fulfil my Master's in Humanities and Social Sciences at Birmingham University. I completed this project within five months, starting in December 2022 and ending in April 2023.

Street children are the visible and constant reminder of the past inequalities in the country. After leaving their homes and families, these children think that streets are their only hope. Therefore, it is the sight of these little lives that prompted me to research this subject. Prior to my undertaking this topic, I worked with an NGO which takes care of these children. Moreover, a community fails in their attempts to help these people because they have no or little knowledge about the issue. Therefore, I want to make this paper to help these lives in whatever way I can. 

In the past, I did not want to step outside of my comfort zone and work in research areas. However, while working on a Master’s thesis, my desire was to research a unique and different topic that will challenge me. While collecting data about the homeless children living in England, finding and talking with them, I came across some issues. However, I am delighted that I have faced this challenge head-on, which helped me to improve my ability to research complex matters more efficiently. Indeed, through this dissertation, I can see both my professional and personal life grew successfully.

I am forever grateful for my supervisor and Dr Johannes Smith, whose role was instrumental throughout the research and writing process. Dr Smith always stayed patient with me even when I was panicking. Moreover, his excellent guidance and regular feedback guided me to enhance my knowledge and work on my research skills. I would also like to thank Mr Jonathan from the St. Mungo homeless children care for his contribution in arranging the means for the data collection.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge my parents, family members and friends for their emotional support. Without their aid, I could not have made it this far. I hope you find fruitful information and enjoy reading this paper.

Robert Frost

Loughborough Town, August 3, 2023

To conclude, this is just a little dissertation preface example of one type of preface written by our experts. If you want to make such an excellent and without-error paper, then Instant Assignment Help professionals are the better for you. Want to know how we are the best service provider? If yes, then move along to get answers to your query.

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