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Write an Effective Dissertation Introduction

How to Write an Effective Dissertation Introduction? 6 Things to Avoid

29 Jul 2022


Writing an introduction for the dissertation is one of the most essential steps because it has its impact on your entire paper. Dissertation writing is all about building story from introduction to the conclusion. It is the first section that is read by the reader and should be attention seeking. If written in a wrong way, it could disconnect the person reading it. That's why, it should be drafted with extra delicacy. There are several roles of the dissertation introduction in a paper. Some of them are :-

  • To give the background to your research.
  • To provide the guidance about the paper.
  • To reflect your arguments, points, and ideas in a concise form.

Usually, while composing a dissertation introduction, students write it first. But the dissertation help providers suggest it should be written at last.


Well, there are many valid reasons for it. They are :-

  • Writing ex post facto will tie your introduction and conclusion in more expedient manner.
  • If you write your introduction beforehand, there is possibility you'll add more points in the body of the paper. As a result, you'll have to again go back to the introduction and edit it. Writing your introduction in the end can save your editing time.
  • It will clinch all the points of the paper making the introduction an ideal dissertation introduction with the exact overview about the body.

With the above in mind, it is easy to determine the don'ts of writing an introduction for your dissertation.

5 Things to Avoid in a Dissertation Introduction

1.Lengthy Introduction

Introduction should be always written in succinct form. It should always convey the nutshell of the paper. Avoid explaining any of the point in the introduction. Argue your points in the body of the paper not in the introduction.

2.Going Off Topic

Never go off topic in your introduction. It should be always in accordance to the body of your paper highlighting the key points. Remember that the role of introduction is to introduce the body. Something, which is not included in the body shouldn't be put down in the introduction. It must be highly avoided.

3.Revealing Conclusion

Never Never Never reveal the conclusion in the introduction. This mistake is attempted by lots of students. Revealing the conclusion in the introduction withdraws all the suspense of the paper. Moreover, it is not the correct structure as well. That's why, student should keep note of this and avoid doing it.

4.Complex Language

Keep your language easy and to the point in while writing the introduction. It should be such that the reader should understand clearly what is in your paper. Though, in the body of your paper, you can use complex language and vocabulary but, should avoid in the initial section of the paper.

5.Compromising with Reliability

Just for making the introduction more interesting, don't compromise with the quality of the facts. Make sure that the facts you mentioned are 100% authentic. Fake facts can lead to the difficulty in the paper. Moreover, it will always degrade the quality of the paper.

6.Writing it last minute

Dissertation introduction is not at all a last minute task. Avoid keeping it for the last minute. Though, it is favourable to write it at the end, but that doesn't mean that you could write it this late. It involves lots of time, consideration and effort. Remember to write it on time and totally avoid doing it just before the submission of the paper.

And hence the conclusion is...

Introduction is the most important part of the dissertation. It should be written considering all the points of an ideal introduction. Seriousness, strategy, and time are all what it needs. If you are having any difficulty, you can always take help from us by taking our services to sort your difficulty. Our highly qualified and immensely experienced team is always ready to assist you.Also, read the important questions to consider before you start working on your dissertation writing task.

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