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Unit 13 - Sustainable Tourism Development Assignment


Tourism is the fastest growing sector and giving large impact on development of economy. It is the largest and one of the leading industry in the entire world. Along with this same sector is facing several fundamental challenges for achieving various important goals which is related to sustainable development and human welfare. Goals which have to be accomplish are improving standard of leaving, economic opportunity as well providing safety and protection to the heritage & culture of particular nation etc. below mention assignment is totally based on Qatar it is developing country (Sustainable development of tourism. 2017). The same report cover several points like identification of various stakeholders, explanation of public private partnership with their advantage and disadvantage, methods used for measuring tourism impact, significant of interacting planning system, different stages which is utilised for planning of sustainability, conflict solving methods along with this evaluation of ethics and moral problems.



Arrangements in tourism is a multi-level planning that involves different procedures, departments and disciplines (Ashworth and Page,2011). Under planning, there are many theoretical and practical issues which are has to be talked. This problem mainly involved objective, wildlife, objectives, principles, category, step and process of tourism development. It is mainly a part of overall tactical designing structure and to achieve sustainable objectives, it is necessary for Qatar to make relevant planning for business. Tourism development of Qatar must focus in different activities and level of department in planned manner which is mentioned below:

International level: At the time of planning tourism on international level , management team of Qatar has to focus on bunch of areas such as marketing, transportation, accommodations, tourist guides, etc. They should focus more on transportation facilities as this is most crucial factor which facilitate easy movement of tourists (Bramwell, 2011). They can also formulate effective marketing strategies in order to attract large numbers of customers towards Qatar. This will lead to increase in foreign revenue and thus help them by making their economy strong.

National level: In this level, management has to formulate different policies and procedures related to development of tourism in local and regional level. They can adopt all the changes in their organisation structure in order to stay ahead of rival teams which are in same industry. This will help them to plan their tourism in effective manner and can generate new ways to attract more tourists (Buckley, 2012). Qatar is building more hotel in different areas in order to meet the demands of tourist and make their holidays more comfortable.

Regional level: In this, Qatar is focusing on different tourists destinations in region and making plans to develop those spots in order to enhance its beauty and attract visitors. They are focusing on transportation facilities, accommodations, marketing strategies. They are also implementing various rules and regional regulations to developing their tourists destinations.


Collaborating development is a procedure that is used to focus on developing future by creating desirable present and this can be done by designing proper framework in a particular sector. Qatar formulate plans in different areas such as marketing, transportation, etc. in order to develop their tourism sector. Their plans can help them to attain their desirable sustainability in tourism sector. With the help of better interactive planning, Qatar can adopt holistic principles in order to improve present condition. This will lead to achievement of future targets and goals. This is a continuous process which never stops once started and it is vital for stakeholders to regularly observe the plans and make improvement on continuous basis.

Following are the importance of collaborating arrangements:

  • It supports in future estimating of Qatar in form of supportable growth and success (Castellani and Sala, 2010).
  • Provide appropriate direction to achieve set targets and help in development of tourism.
  • It help them in solving all possible issues and problems which are related to tourism.
  • It helps Qatar to earn more foreign revenues which help them to stabilize their economy.
  • Research and investigations of external market of Qatar can help them do market segmentation which leads to division of group and sub groups according to number of tourism.
  • Through this method, company can enhance their brand image and diversify their business at global market.


Various models and approaches that assist help in calculating the effect of tourism in various facets of Qatar (Choi and Murray,2010). Some of the common model are discussed below:

Cambridge Economic Impact Model: This is a business related model which help in measuring the impact of tourism sector on Qatar. It basically measures economic factors that greatly impact on tourism industry. It is type of spreadsheet model that help in computing all facts and figures related to existing local and national level of information of tourism in Qatar.

After computing, all the facts and information are converted into volume related to economic terms that help in figuring out the amount spent by numbers of tourists on their per visit. This spreadsheet basically gives an idea about how much a visitor is spending per visit. It also help in identifying the impact which is caused by visitor spending on different tourist organisation of Qatar which leads to change in overall business turnovers, profitability, etc. In addition, this model also calculates the total cost spent by visitors, amount of income generated for local residents through visor's spending, number of employment opportunities arises because of extensive visits of tourists in the country etc. Therefore, this model is of great use in determining the economic influence of tourist on Qatar's fiscal steadiness.

Environmental Impact Studies: Various studies have been conducted by large number of scientists in order to determine the impact of tourism on Qatar's environment. It plays a main role in examining the impact of tourism on location of a particular country (Miller and et. al., 2010). This study provides with vital information related to availability of natural resources exist in Qatar. It also helps in identifying how different environmental policies and regulation measures the impact which is caused by tourism on environment of Qatar.

Social impact studies: They involve factors which are related to society and lifestyles of people. It deals with quality of life which local or residential people posses. All this factor together impact on tourism sector of Qatar. This sector can impact culture, norms and religion of Qatar either in positive or in negative manner. To measure the impact of tourism, different tools and techniques can be used such as survey, questionnaire, literature review, etc. You can read sustainable management futures to know more.

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2.1 Justification of sustainability in tourism development

Travel and tourism is an industry which is growing with a high pace. They have attained remarkable growth in past few decades but there is one crucial problem which they are facing from a long period of time i.e. sustainability. ''Sustainability'' in tourism means a destination or any other concept of tourism that last for a significant period of time.

Brundland Report (1987) – In 1980s, most of the countries were aware about the business which they could get by promoting tourism sector in their nation. Brundland commission tried to unite many countries and promote the concept of sustainable tourism. They are that if all the nations will start focusing on saving culture, tradition and diversity then most of the local problems which is faced by different nations will start resolving. Equality and opportunity are two other areas which was included in this report. A long time ago, Qatar understood that they do not have much popular destinations so they build various destinations for the purpose of travelling. Qatar developed various destinations by considering important factors like economic development. They did not ignore the concept of sustainable tourism.

Triple bottom line (1995) – It is an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance such as social, financial and environmental. This is different from traditional framework because it includes ecological and social measures that is difficult to assign appropriate means of measurement. Triple bottom line is also called as three Ps: profit, planet and people. This provide wide information or data about three dimensions of performance for understanding in better manner such as social environment and economical within the nation.

  • Social performance – It involve social factors which can be measured through quality, education, equality, health or safety, lifestyle and many more. Moreover, this assist in improving social performance factors through sustainability concepts. This generally focusing on providing job opportunities to the social people for decresaing unemployment rate, female force labour, decrease health issues in the society and violent crimes etc..
  • Environmental performance - This type of development defines that in the country enhancement take place which can be through available and natural resources. It mainly focusing on improving available resources such as air, water, enegy consumption and so on. Apart from this, it also play important role in decreasing environment pollution by travel and tourism sector as well by minimising electricity excess consumption, fossil fuel and wastage of natural resources in appropriate manner.
  • Economic Development – It focus on several economical factors such as income, employment, interest, taxes, business environment and so on.

2.2 Evaluate Factors that may prevent sustainable tourism development

There are several issues related to the sustainability that give adverse impact on Qatar tourism development. These are related to several factors which consider level of education, climate changes, pollution, human rights, availability of resources globalisation, wastage, social justice and several others. Apart from this, there are several types of tourism policies, social justices as well as humans rights which gives pessimistic impacts on the travellers who are visiting specific place or area,this is the main reason which reduce reduce numbers of tourists in the Qatar. It also reckon different things such as high economic policies as well as exchange rates that can understate attractions of visitant in respect of the country and its improvement. Therefore, these are various types of issues or factors which can affects negatively on the sustainable development of Qatar tourism.

For example: when education level of Qatar is low than it give negative impact on sustainable tourism development of Qatar. Instead of this if their will be unfavourable changes in the environment then it will result in pollution, wastage of natural and environmental resources, climate several others which gives direct impact on sustainable tourism development. There are several political factors also like human rights, tourism policies and social justice which gives adverse impact on visitors they are decreasing. In addition, economic policies, exchange rate also results in decreasing which decrease visitors attraction towards the Qatar which is developing country. All the above mention factors gives negative impact on sustainable tourism development of Qatar.

2.3 Analyse various stages in planning for sustainability

  • Assessing the tourism demand and supply: the first step in planning for sustainability development is assessing the tourism demand and supply. Demand defines the number of people or the person who are visiting from the entire world they are willing to attend event and programs which are organised in Qatar. After identifying demand, further step is to compute the supply including resorts, restaurants, hotels, transportation facilities and several other. Supply of services are increased according to their demand. Thus, their should be proper equilibrium between demand and supply. In simple term it can be said that, demand of tourism sector need supply according to this.
  • Determining the objectives: after identifying demand and supply, it is important to analyse the objective which must be achieved during the events. Main objective of this is to maintain sustainable development of Qatar tourism sector. If the identified goals and objectives are fulfilling in better manner it will result in continuous enhancement within travel and tourism sector of Qatar.
  • Evaluating Key issues: this is the main for the carrying out sustainable development program. It include infrastructure, accommodation, financial planning, administration and several more. Major issues should be identified so that for them proper planning can be done.
  • Monitoring Progress: when the tourism sector is done with making plan it is evenly important to revaluation it as well so to figure out whether its proves to successful for the sector or not. Now in the end overall procedure need monitoring so that sustainable development can be gained.



There are several conflicts which exist in sustainable tourism of Qatar these gives negative or adverse impact on future of Qatar. Major issues Aries among government, planner, developer, operators, tourist, local community and many more. Main reason of conflict between them is cultural difference between tourist and local community because people come from several places to visit. Qatar society mainly following religion of Islamic and the persons who are visiting the same country is from different nations. Thus, different people believe in several other norms and beliefs which create complex situation (Weaver, 2012). So for this situation there is formal process of resolving these issues which is possible by involving third party for communication between tourist who are visiting and the local community. Along with this they provide best possible solution which is with the mutual consent of both the parties involved in the conflict. Tourism department of both the countries have to conduct meetings on time as well discussions also so that various issues which is raised can discussed by them. Most important is that they will be addressed in proper manner and causes of conflicts can be minimised.


For sustainable development of Qatar tourism industry balance of demand and supply is much important. Along with this there are several methods through which demand and its supply can be managed in proper manner. There are various factors which directly gives their impact on demand and supply management in tourism sector like pressure on finite resources, imposition of limits and many more (Morrison, 2013). When planning strategy is formed in better manner related to demand for fulfilling its supply then can only demand and supply can be fulfilled in effectual way. Delphi Technique can be utilised by tourism sector this is beneficial tool which help in forecasting future demand of the visitors in Qatar. After prediction, supply of finer quality services can be managed in an optimal manner. Thus, all these methods are appropriate for maintaining correct balance between demand and supply. For maintaining demand and supply it is important to consider all the necessary factors which assist in coordinating and planning within internal as well external environmental element.


Reserve travel is the tourism destination where activities related to tourist are designed in small geographical area. For tourist to experience travel intention without travelling far out into the remote area of the country who are hosting. Instead of this there are various moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism such as physical safety of visitors, emotional issues, problem related to health and safety, financial security etc. Qatar is the growing country which simply says that it is developing not yet developed. Thus, if any services are inappropriate then these will gives adverse effect on sustainable tourism development. In the enclave tourism competitors are increasing rapidly which leading in improving sustainable tourism development in developing country Qatar (Ooi and Laing,2010). When such policies are introduced than for Qatar is become easy to deal with the issues related to tourism sector then they can deal with this in effective and effectual manner. For improve the sustainable development in the travel and tourism field, Qatar have to focus on corporate social responsibilities (CSR) for their social people and also towards the key stakeholders for development of nation. They necessarily have to formulate effectual policies which will assist in resolving problems in effectual style.



On the basis of



Social issue

Tourism development is related to the social issues which is modification in customs, culture, changing values, lack of moral values and many more but in population of Qatar belongs to Muslim Communities. Which mainly focus on moral behaviour with guest which assist in maintaining good relation with the people who visit Qatar (Robinson, Heitmann and Dieke,2011).

This is one of the best tourist place in overall world because Mauritius places and tour destination which attract large number of travellers towards them. But in the same place major issue is that there is no social and cultural value because of environmental as well government which is affecting tourism sector.


Environmental issue

when there is utilisation of natural resources tourism development face many many problems. In the same manner tourist development of Qatar also face several issues which is related to the not proper utilisation of natural resources like water, land, pollution, deforestation, sewage etc.

The same country is popular or famous for its beaches which needs to maintain surrounding and environment clean so that they can attract large number of audience towards them.


Economical Issues

when there is change in economic position of country it will big issue for current tourism development. Because of this Qatar face many problems like import and export leakage, infrastructure cost, increasing in cost because of basic goods and services from tourists they sometimes cause hike in prices which gives adverse impact on the person whose income is low (Scott,2011). Along with this there are some seasonal issues also which is faced by employees who are working in Qatar like job insecurity, no guarantee of personnel from one season to another.

Several problem occur or rise in Mauritius because of fluctuation in economical factors.



Above discussed issues can be solved by using several methods and issues. All such methods assist in developing future of Qatar. Best solution for the issues which is related to sustainable tourism development in Qatar is optimum utilisation of resources. Because of rising of inbound destinations people are showing their more interest in travelling all around the world like Qatar. Some other significant upcoming fashion is travel that integrated an added value. Many tourists are now a days looking for real travelling experiences that improve their culture and let them live and feel the authenticity. Optimistic economic policies of government of country will assist in solving all issues and rising the sustainability tourism of Qatar. With the help of social media many tourism organisations are implementing various technology so that they can render fast services to customers. If ends or travel experts choose to utilise these operational platforms for doing promotions and for bring updates. It is crucial that they realize how to dealings with social media to become effectual influencers. Moreover, in order to tackle the problems that arise at the time of excess of demand by customer becomes difficult to managed by the officials of tourism department. Mauritius have to build good relation with stakeholders which results them in reducing negative effect of social issues and result in sustainable tourism development. Apart from this their should be proper utilisation of available and nature resources as well have to maintain environment clean.


As per the above discussion sustainable development in Qatar mainly emphasis on economic, social and environmental development of nation. Along with this partnership of public and private sector give several benefits in development. Optimum utilisation of resources must be done so that all the activities can be conducted in proper manner. Furthermore, equal participation of all shareholders and approving fiscal plans of supervision body of a country assist in solving problems and increasing the sustainability of Qatar's tourism. And get the best online assignment help along with essay help at affordable prices. And Also Read about Tourism Development.


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