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Conference for The World Association of Travel Agencies

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Formal Written Package Proposal?
  • What is Proposed budget?
  • Explain Tentative schedule or itinerary of conference events.
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MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. It is a part of tourism industry in which a large number of people usually business delegates come together to attend these events for business purposes so that information regrading diverse activities can be shared and discussed and problems can be solved. MICE offers various benefits like it stimulates economy, promotes local development and also help in making people aware about various issues (Aguiar-Quintana, Moreno-Gil and Picazo-Peral, 2016). This reports discusses about a formal written package proposal giving details about all the activities that will be organised for a conference for the World Association of Travel Agencies. The conference will be aimed at international audience discussing about contemporary issues and CSR. It will be a 3 days conference and the proposal contains a budget, facilities provided, marketing plan for host destination along with its internal and external analysis etc. so that the delegates can be encouraged to attend the conference. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Formal Written Package Proposal

a) Reasons due to which host destination is ideal for conference

The host destination that is chosen for conducting the conference for World Association of Travel Agencies is London, UK as it is a city full of history, art, culture, architecture and is also one of the most visited cities in the world. The city is chosen for conference as accommodation, inventory, transportation systems, infrastructure etc. which form essential parts of MICE industry are well developed. As the conference is aimed at an international audience comprising government representatives, personnel and key stakeholders, leading figures from academic and commercial research it is important that they are provided with the best of facilities (Bandhuseve, Limnarat and Tangthong, 2017). Also the city has a large space available to accommodate 250 delegates who will be involved in the conference which will help in better planning and organising all the events and activities related to the conference. Following are the other reasons due to which London is selected as a host destination:

  • London has over 1000 venues ranging from royal palaces and world-class museums to high-tech venues and outdoor spaces which are suitable for all the kinds of tourism which help in accommodating a large number of people at one time. London has a range of hotels, venues, cultural attractions etc. which can help in conducting activities for people involved in events. 250 delegates who will be involved in conference will belong to different nations which means that the host destination must be able to create a positive impact on them which will help in achieving the aims of conference successfully.
  • London has high connectivity with 6 international airports and direct flights to 380 destinations which makes it one of the best connected cities worldwide. This makes London best suitable host destination for conference as the delegates can easily reach to London which will help in making the conference successful.
  • The city is also rich in heritage and culture with 233 different languages spoken and a variety of cuisine, music and entertainment available which will help in attracting delegates from international locations (Bilgihan and et. al., 2016).
  • London also has innovative and high tech facilities available which will help in making the conference a success as IT/AV support and other high tech facilities can be made available. This will help in providing high quality sound system, music system etc. so that the event can become successful.
  • CSR responsibility is seriously taken by all the people in London which will make it easier to discuss about CSR and contemporary issues in conference.

Thus London is the most suitable destination for hosting a conference for World Association of travel agencies which will help in better planning and organising all the activities related to the 3 days conference. It will also be easier to delight the delegates with innovative and new ideas with the use of technology which will make London the most suitable destination for future MICE tourism related activities.

b) Recommendations for venue, accommodations, activities/ leisure programmes

For making the international conference successful it is important that the participants are provided with best facilities so that their travel experience can be maximised and they can be encouraged to attend future MICE events. Following are the recommendations (including costing) related to various facilities:

  • Venue: The venue which has been selected for conducting international conference is The Crystal which is one of the world's most suitable events venue featuring state-of-art technology and panoramic views over the Royal Victoria Docks. Also the venue is located with 8 hotels within walking distance which can help in keeping the costs and carbon footprints at minimum. The venue follows CSR which will help in discussing about CSR in the conference in an efficient manner.
  • Catering: The catering services will be taken from Humdingers catering London which offers high end catering for various events including business conferences including international delegates. The catering service is capable of providing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food along with gluten free and dietary food which can help the delegates to enjoy their meals (Del Chiappa and et. al., 2016).
  • Accommodation: Sunborn London has been selected for accommodating the 250 delegates who will come to attend the conference. The hotel is within the walking distance of The Crystal which is the venue for conference. Also the location of hotel is near airport which will help delegates in reaching the hotel on time.
  • Transport: There will be facility of cabs so that delegates can travel to whichever destination they want to visit during their 3 day stay for attending conference.
  • IT/AV support: The conference will be conducted with strong IT/AV support system so that no disruption can be created during the conference. This will help in gaining the attention of all the people present in the conference and clearly sharing information regarding contemporary issues.
  • Activities supporting leisure programmes: During the 3 day conference there will be various activities/ leisure programmes conducted so that the people who have gathered for conference can be integrated and motivated to actively participate in it. Following are the activities that will be conducted during the conference:

1) On the first day there will be a networking event or team building activity.

2) On the second day there will be an optional leisure activity which will run alongside the conference.

3) On the final day a formal dinner will be organised coupled with entertainment indicative content so as to wind up the conference.

c) Proposed budget

Proposed budget help in calculating the estimated cost of conducting the complete event by estimating the cost of all the activities that will be involved. This helps the planners and organisers in appropriately calculating total cost that will be involved during the event so that all the guests can be provided with facilities that will help in making their stay pleasant. Following is the proposed budget of all the 250 delegates who will be present at the conference with 250 being the cost of each individual present. In this budget the travelling and accommodation costs are not involved. Take Thesis Writing Help  from our experts!



IT/AV support


Food and beverages




Leisure activities


Miscellaneous expenses




d) Marketing plan

The marketing plan is prepared in reference to the international conference which will help in attracting at least 250 delegates to attend the conference from all around the world while also maintaining an equal male: female ratio. Marketing is a function which can help in keeping in touch with all the participants in events, understand their needs and motivations and communicate effectively about the event's purpose and objectives. Following is a marketing plan for international conference which will be conducted in London targeting the international audience:

  • Aim: The aim of this conference is to discuss about various contemporary issues that are being faced by the MICE industry so that international meetings, events, conferences etc. can be increased.
  • Objectives: This conference aims at discussing about the importance of MICE industry and how the issues faced by this industry can be dealt with efficiently so that more of such meetings can take place with CSR responsibility.
  • STP: STP is important to be done so that targeted audience can be reached who can be attracted to attend the conference at right time and in right number (Martín, Román and Gonzaga, 2017). Following are the steps of STP:

1) Segmentation: It relates to segmenting the complete market into smaller sections so that the target market can be chosen. The international audience who enjoy travelling and leisure activities are segmented from the large number of world population.

2) Targeting: At this stage targeted audience is determined so that they can be attracted to become part of conference. Government representatives, personnel and key stakeholders, academic and commercial research establishments are targeted.

3) Positioning: It relates to building a good image regarding the conference so that they can be convinced to attend it. This will involve giving them a detail about all the activities that will help them in learning and enjoying their stay at host destination.

  • 4Ps: The 4Ps of marketing helps in pursuing the marketing objectives of the conference which will help it in attracting at least 250 delegates to attend the meeting.


Conference for World Association of Travel Agencies so that contemporary issues related to MICE can be discussed.


The place chosen for conducting the conference in London, UK.


The price that will be involved for each delegate during the 3 day stay at conference will be 250 which will include various kinds of their leisure activities that will be related to events.


Promotion of the event will be done via internet, e-mails, messages, social media etc.

e) Tentative schedule or itinerary of conference events

The delegates after arriving at their hotel (whose cost is not involved in the event budget) will attend the conference that will be carried out for 3 consecutive days along with following activities:

1st day- Team building activity so that all the international delegates can interact with each other and can freely share their ideas.

2nd day- Leisure activity along with conference where brief activities like team games will be played so as to entertain and sustain the delegates.

3rd day- Formal dinner in evening after the last day of conference so as to make the conference memorable to all.

(f) Internal and external analysis of conference in host destination

SWOT analysis: This is a strategic management tool which help in analysing the internal environment of host destination where conference will be held:


  • It is well-connected with other parts of the world.
  • The place is able to provide high class facilities and leisure activities to delegates.
  • Large space present for conducting conference.


  • The city is very expensive to live in with high standard of living.
  • The pollution rates are high due to large number of vehicles.


  • The city is rich in heritage, culture, art etc. which can be used to increase tourism.
  • Green efforts can be increased to increase tourism in country.


  • As the South Asian tourism is growing it possess a threat for London.
  • Terrorism can also be a threat for MICE in London.

PEST analysis: This strategic tool helps in analysing the external factors that can affect London as a host destination for international conference for World Association of travel agencies. Following is the PEST analysis for London:

  • Political: As the political environment of London is stable it can be used as a host destination for conducting international conference which can help in making the event successful (Park, 2018).
  • Economical: The GDP of London is strong which means that the quality and standard of living of people in London is which can help in providing high quality leisure activities to all the delegates present in the conference. This will make their stay more enjoyable and memorable which will promote London as a host destination for MICE events.
  • Social: London is famous for its fashion, culture and tradition which means that the rich cultural heritage of city can be used as a major factor of attraction to make London the most suitable location for MICE activities (Rogers and Davidson, 2015).
  • Technological: London is technologically highly advanced city which means that the events that are conducted in city at international levels can be made highly innovative and fascinating making their stay enjoyable and memorable. This will help in attracting people from all across the world to attend activities of MICE.  Order assignment help from our experts! 

g) Recommendations on how this proposal will support contemporary aims of conference

The contemporary aim of international conference for World Association of travel agencies relates to discussing about the CSR responsibility of MICE sector and the issues that are faced by the industry. These objectives can be fulfilled through this conference by making a marketing plan that can attract people from all across the world so that tourism can be promoted along with the promotion of MICE events so that various informations can be shared and discussed and issues can be solved (Sandy Sou and McCartney, 2015). This written proposal gives details about all the activities that will be conducted during the 3 day conference along with the expenses that will be borne by the event organiser along with taking care of the leisure of all 250 delegates. Following are the recommendations that can help in achieving the aims of conference:

  • All the contemporary issues related to MICE will be discussed so that the business travellers can be benefited from the conference.
  • There will be various be various leisure activities that will be conducted which will help in entertaining the delegates present at the meeting.
  • As many expenses will be borne by the event organiser it will help in attracting the delegates from all across the world thus making the event a success.
  • The facilities that will be provided will be high-tech and related to contemporary and advanced technology which will help in achieving the contemporary aims of the conference.


From this report it can be concluded that for organising an event on international level it is important that all the activities are organised in an efficient manner which will help in making the events well organised and planned. A package proposal must be planned by the organisers so that the targeted audience can be attracted to attend the conference so that the topics can be discussed and information can be shared in an effective manner.

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