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Tourism Geographies

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explanation of destination including development.
  • Explain the types of tourism attraction.
  • Discuss about visitor’s range and motivation.
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Tourism means travelling for business or leisure. It includes a number of activities like sightseeing, camping, etc. that creates demand and growth for other hospitality industries too (Strzelecka, Boley and Strzelecka, 2017). Every country needs to focus on increasing tourism as it plays major role in enhancing the overall economy. Tourism geographies is a kind of study of travel and tourism industry, social and cultural activities as well as its impact on a particular place.. This assignment will focus on Poland which is a tourism destination and will lay emphasis on type of tourism destination Poland is, types of visitor’s range who visit Poland and motivational factors that attracts them to this place with social, economic and cultural impact of the attraction or destination on travel and tourism sector.

Explanation of destination including development, location and appeal as tourism destination

Poland is officially known as Republic of Poland. It is a small country of Central Europe with 120,733 sq m and has a temperate seasonal climate. It is sixth most populous member of European Union. Poland is one of the main parts of global tourism industry and tourism of this country plays a vital role in increasing overall economy. Main recreational destinations within Poland that attracts both domestic and overseas tourists are Baltic sea coast, Tatra mountains lake district, forest etc. As tourism is an important part of Poland’s economy, 5 to 6 percent of Poland’s GDP is used for tourism development within the country (Czernek, Czakon and MarszaÅ‚ek, 2017). In fact, it is one of them is EU’s development directions i.e. to increase tourism development within Poland. Other than this various kinds of changes within tourism policy of Poland has been brought in order to increase both domestic and international tourism of the country. In order to bring development within tourism sector Poland government has been taking initiatives at different levels, 

At central level Ministry of Sports and Tourism is responsible for: international relations and promotion of tourism, development programming of tourism, tourism economy, regional development, market research within tourism sector, enhancing tourism services. However, Polish tourism Organization is responsible for: promoting Poland as an attractive tourism destination, renovating or reconstructing tourism infrastructure, Enabling Proper Polish tourism information system for both domestic and international tourists (Banaszkiewicz, Graburn and Owsianowska, 2017). Whereas, regional authorities are responsible for: implementing government organizations, regional level tourist development, conducting survey in order to maintain overall quality of all regional tourism destination etc. Local authorities are responsible for maintaining tourism government policies, local level tourism development etc. are you  looking for Assignment help than visit Assignment Writing Service UK they provides assignment help to the students who are in london,uk 

Poland government is taking various kinds of actions and is focusing on enhancing tourism development both at national and international level in order to increase appeal of country as tourism destination. Due to these developments tourism level of the country is increasing every year. According to World Bank data, it has found that a greater number of tourists visit Poland every year as compared to other countries like Romania, Norway, Switzerland etc. According to a research Poland is not only attracting tourist from Europe but it was found that other than European, second largest number of tourists that visit Poland are from Middle East of China. This is not only helping them to increase appeal of the country as tourist place but it is helping the country in increase their overall GDP. According to a report it was found that 7 to 9 percent of Poland’s GDP is generated from tourism itself (Marciszewska, Studzieniecki and Wanagos, 2017). There are large number of areas within Poland that are highly protected areas and these areas attract large number of tourists. Due to this Poland has opened some part of their protected areas for their tourist but only after permission and security check (Nowacki and et al., 2018). This has helped the country in enhancing their overall tourism. Most of the earning in this sector is from foreign tourist. According to Poland tourism development programme 2020 main focus of government is to bring improvement within historical monuments, enhance environment and climate to show change within their tourism development and appeal the country at international level as tourism destination (Marciszewsk, Studzieniecki and Wanagos, 2017). 

Type of tourism attraction, types of visitor’s range and motivation to visit this attraction

Types of tourist attraction

Tourist attraction within Poland are constituted from their rich history that reflects majestic Polish palaces and castles for example Malbork Castle, Czocha Castle etc. These Polish castles and palaces are mostly in beautiful historic cities. But other than this there are various kinds of landscapes, protected areas, parks etc. But old town of this city has completely rebuilt and currently it is in the list of UNESCO world Heritage. One of the most important tourist destinations in Poland is Krakow, which is currently an art centre of international importance is surrounded by various kinds of historical buildings of the city and because of this it is one of the top tourists attracted city of Poland. This city is also considered as the most attractive destination because it is completely surrounded by salt mines in Wielicka. Another one of the most beautiful town of Poland is near the border of Ukraine, as it is another important tourist attraction. It is also listed within UNISCO world heritage. Other than these historical places and castles, natural landscapes, mountains, Wroclaw zoo and many more top attractions of this country.

Range of visitor’s type and Tourist motivation to visit such attraction

There are diverse range of visitors that visit Poland, that can be categorised mainly into four types as professional or business visitors,;

  • holiday or leisure visitors;
  • Visit who travel to Poland for family visit
  • gap year travellers or backpackers.
  • Business tourist who visit Poland either for business purpose, education purpose or for attending any kind of business meetings etc. (Marković and et al., 2017).

Historic monuments are one of the main attractions for visitors who visit for leisure purpose such as: landscape like mountains, forest. Visitors who travel to Poland in order to visit their family members or friends mostly visit the country for shopping, religious purpose, special occasions or for any other special interest. This is one of the main motivational factors that motivates such tourist to visit Poland. It was observed that different kinds of visitors have different motivational factors that motivates them to visit Poland.

There are various other factors that motivates tourist to visit Poland. One of the factor is rich history of Poland that motivate tourist to visit Poland. This factor mostly attract tourist who visit Poland either for leisure purpose or for leisure purpose. Government continuously work on these places in order to make them more attractive. Most of the historical places of Poland comes under UNISCO world heritage, this is another motivational factor that motivate tourist to visit Poland. Young tourist who travel to Poland not only want to visit these historical places but they also want some relaxing, eye catching or adventurous places such as mountain, landscape, natural beauty of the country including forest, landscape or mountains etc. and for usa assignment help 

Current economy value description of the destination to the country and world-wide

As it is already known that Economy of Poland is the sixth largest in European Union and largest among Eastern Bloc members of the EU (Fifteen years of Poland's membership in the EU, 2011). Poland have strengthened their economy till a certain level that in the recession time period of 2007-2008, Poland is the only country in EU who is successfully able to avoid recession (The World Bank in Poland, 2020). The total tourism economy of Poland was estimated approximately PLN 110.3 billion which contributed approximately 6 percent of its overall GDP. There is also a rise in arrival of international visitors as compared to last year, approximately 3.6 percent i.e. more than 90 million. It was observed that Germany is one of the main source of international tourist i.e. more than 40 percent tourist are from Germany. Every year there is a rise in international tourist receipts. If past 6 years record is compared then tourism sector contributes approximately 8 percent of total export earnings. There has been a rise even in domestic tourism. Overall there was a rise of 120 percent domestic tourism. Most of the domestic trips of the tourist were short that lasted only 2 to 4 days. Revenue generated from domestic tourism has increased overall by 19 percent. In fact, according to reports of World bank Poland is one of those countries in EU that has been in top 10 countries to be visited by most of the visitors (Mayer and et al., 2019). If past five-years data of Poland is compared then it can be found that tourism of the country both domestic and international have been continuously increasing. Tourism helps in increasing GDP of Poland but does not contribute much in raising overall economy or GDP of Poland (Marciszewska, Studzieniecki and Wanagos, 2017).Looking for Online Essay Help ? Talk to Our Experts

According to the above graph, tourism revenue of Poland is increasing where in 2017 it was at peak as compared to the data of last 10 years. With this visitor’s arrival and annual economic growth of the country has also increased. If overall contribution of tourism in overall economy of Poland is observed that more than 70 percent of tourist visit Poland for leisure and their spending are for leisure purposes only. Approximately 30 percent of tourist only spend on business related purpose. This helps in increasing current economic value of the destination.

Poland has its own tourism governance and funding system, where Ministry of Sports and tourism is responsible for promotion of tourism and maintaining international relationship. They are the one who manage all kinds of regulations and management of tourism in Poland. The activities, policies and management also affect overall economic value of Poland’s tourism.

Explanation of cultural and social features of the destination as well as summary of social, economic and cultural impact of the attraction or destination

Poland has a strong culture that has flourished with time. Its culture is mainly developed because of geography and distinct historical evolution (ZarÄ™bski and et al., 2019). History of Poland has contributed majorly impacted overall tourism of the country. For example, Baltic States is majorly characterised by rural and cultural tourism and can affect or attract a greater number of seaside tourism. Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship is a route that connects industrial heritage sites of Silesian voivodeship. It includes most important sites that  have witnessed any kind of industrial revolution. It has helped Poland in creating new values and has also helped in building a regional identify.

There are various kinds of festivals such as Jewish culture festival in Warsaw helps in increasing both domestic and international tourism at that region. Poland government organize various kinds of these festivals to increase tourism and number of tourist or visitors. Various kinds of cultural events are also organized within top famous cities of Poland in order to increase Poland tourism. These cultural events of festivals play a vital role in in increasing range of visitors who visit Poland. These cultural festivals or events have become one of the main and important part of cultural features of Poland. Other than this national dresses and national dance has also been another important cultural factor that has also helped in increasing tourism

Many times, political instability of social unrest impacts Poland’s tourism because of which tourism and economy generated by it has been negatively affected. One of the main social unrest factors that has impacted tourism of Poland is women’s rights movement within the country disturbed overall tourism and attraction of visitors for the place. This is mainly because Polish government is mainly targeting women rights activities and because of this they are putting rights and safety of women at risk. However, Behaviour of people of Poland is quite friendly and helping in nature towards tourist who visit Poland. Social welfare, social infrastructure also increases tourism within the country. Social development of a country has also played a vital role in development of tourism which further influences economic activities as well. There are many cultural factors that helps in increasing overall tourism in Poland, for example culture centre that has been established in Polish Village or in Podlaskie region which is specifically known for their culture celebrates heritage of the Tatars because of which various number of tourist visit only visit Podlaskie region in order to attend these cultural celebrations. Economic stability of Poland has also helped in increasing number of visitors (both international and national). One of the main positive impact of economic factor of Poland is that it has helped in increasing number of jobs, increased high quality of life and wealth of the area. It has also helped in improving overall facilities that are provided to tourist and enhanced overall tourism development as well. There have been various kinds of changes within national policies has also affected overall tourism. So, it can be said that economic, social and cultural factors of Poland do affect tourism and number of visitors who visit the country in many different ways both positively and negatively. So, it is important for the government to focus on these factors in order to enhance


From the above assignment, it has been summarized that there are various factors that helps a country in increasing tourism of the country. It has been analysed that tourism plays a vital role in increasing overall economy of a country. It has been analysed that cultural history of a country, historical places, economic and social stability of a country also helps in increasing tourism within a country as well as also helps in economic development of a country. It has also been analysed that there are different kinds of tourist and all of them have various motivational factors that motivates them to visit tourist places such as Poland. Most of the heritages of Poland are listed within UNISCO world heritage that helps in the country in attracting various kinds of tourists both national and international. It is important for a country to maintain their cultural heritages as it not only helps in increasing tourism but also strengthen overall economy of a country.

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