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The Important Countries in terms of Tourism

University: University college Birmingham

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Conclusion
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What are the most important countries in terms of tourism?
  • Discuss the importance of tourism.
Answer :
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Some of the world's most important countries in terms of tourism, exploring the unique attractions, cultural richness, and economic impact that position them at the forefront of the global travel landscape. From iconic landmarks to diverse landscapes, these nations play a central role in shaping the vibrant tapestry of international tourism, drawing visitors with their allure and contributing significantly to the global travel industry. Join us on this journey as we unravel the tales of countries that stand as beacons in the realm of global tourism.

Travel Geography Toolkit

1) With reference to UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2018 and 2019, identify the global region with the strongest growth in terms of tourist numbers and income generated by tourists. (5%)

Region: (Europe)




500 million


710 million


Number of Arrivals


Income generated by tourists:

$570 million


450 million

Income generated by tourists:



2) Within the identified region choose any 2 tourism destinations (provide the latest tourists arrival information, and income generated by tourists). Reference your findings (5%)


Destination 1.(France)

Destination 2. (Spain)


Number of Tourist arrivals:

Destination 1- Tourism in France- 89.4 million visitors and target of 100 million visitors will be achieved within 2020 (Alfandi, 2020).

Destination 2- Tourism in Spain- As per the statistics of 2018, 82.8 million tourist will be visited and this is the sixth consecutive tear of record beating numbers. 

Income generated by tourists

Tourism Revenues in France has been decreased to 3289 EUR Million in November from 4180 EUR Million in October of 2019.

The contribution of tourism has reached to the 137,020 million euros within 2017 and this represents 11.7% of GDP.

3) Looking at the TTI competitive index how do the two destinations rank? What are their key strengths? (5%)

Destination 1 (France)

Key strengths:

1. It is popular tourism destination due to attractions as historical buildings, Eiffel tower etc.

2. Health care system of the French is very effective (Gulzar, Khan and Hamid, 2019).

3. The French relay on the country development of the weapons, guns and warship etc.

Destination 2: (Spain)

Key strengths:

1. This is the substantial part of the sector's health is due to the quality of the tourism.

2. It is the destination that has ranked in investment and institutional quality, such as infrastructure and safety and security.


3. This has good education development.

With reference to your chosen countries conduct the following comparative analysis.

Compare and contrast the 2 chosen destinations to examine:

Their geographical attractiveness (250 words) (10%)

What can the destinations offer in terms of tourism? Look at the landscape and the topography of the destinations. Reference your findings



Destination 1

France majorly shaped like hexagon and this has three of its six sides that are bounded by water. Henceforth, this destination has the the English Channel on the Northwest, the Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay on the west, and the Mediterranean Sea on the south-east. In addition to this, the remaining sides are mountainous and this also shared by the neighbours as Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg on the north-east (Habib, Sharif and Hossain, 2019).

Therefore, France is defined as microcosm of the Europe due to three major kind of landforms within European. France is the destination that has coastline as 3427 kilometres long and this is also inclusive if the 644 km in Corsica (Physical - topographical map of France, 2018 )

Destination 2

The continents Spain is mainly divided within the five topographic regions. This is the destination that the almost six principal mountains ranges. There ate the main rivers are as Tagus, Dueto, Guadiana and Guadalquivir that flows to Merditerranean (Spain - Topography, 2018).

Thus, this is the destination that covered the almost 506030 square kilometres and this is the fifty largest country within the world. In addition to this, the mainland territorries covered an area of the 493,514 square kilometres. As per the geological histoyr of the peninsula that has given the rise to the mountains forming large chain that is suttounds to the high inland plateau that is situatiion iver the 600 meters above to the agerage sea level. Thus, the costline of the spain is 5,755 Kilometers long. Ask for assignment writing help from our experts!


What would you say the key tourism products are? (e.g Marine tourism, adventure tourism etc.)


Destination 2

As Spain is located near the coastal area, it comers under marine tourism.

Destination 1

In the France, Food to sailing and water sport, there are great spots within all over the France that has offer fun adventures ( Lew,  2020).


Investigate the accessibility and connectivity of the destinations. Reference your findings (250 words) (10%)

Looking at key international airports and flights for both destinations and cruises (if applicable), Can you identify some key markets? (in terms of nationalities) Reference your findings


Destination 2

Spain is highly and effectively connected with both flights and cruises. The country is having many international airports in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, etc.


There are only one market of this destination that is Portugal.


Destination 1

France is also connected with neighbouring countries like Italy, Germany, etc. in country there are international airport in Paris, Nice, Lyon, etc. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!


France is having markets such as Italy, Switzerland, Germany, etc. so, there are many market of this destination as compared to Spain (Manzoor, Wei and Asif, 2019).


Overall what can the destinations offer and what typology of tourist would they offer it to? (For example adventure tourism to millennial tourists) Reference your findings (300 words) (20%)

Destination 2

Spain is a country that offers cultural tourism along with beaches, monuments, etc. the typology of tourism is 


Destination 1


France is a country where destinations which provide historic places, church, etc.

Are the current tourism trends met in the present offer? (For example wellness tourism)

Destination 2


The Spain provides several tourism trends like responsible for wellness tourism (Rodríguez-Díaz and Pulido-Fernández,  2020).


Destination 1


The Spain provides several tourism trends like experientia

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