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LT4056 London Visitors Economy

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 12 / Words 3111
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: LT4056
  • Downloads: 781

Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • What kind of visitor experience would be appeal to you target audience?
  • What are the design factors would you appeal in your guide and why?
  • Generate the strengths and weaknesses of your guide?
  • Provide the aims and objectives in designing the guide
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


There are many places which can be visit by people at London because this is the country which is favourable for every age group and purpose as well. These days, people have more trend to visit as compared to initial day, they have different reasons for which they are visiting such as business trips, educational tour, honeymoon packages, etc. These are the reasons due to which people prefers to visit such places. These days, people are more conscious about getting return on their money. Hence with the help of web learn, it will be easy to know what destination has to be visited and what are things which can be performed there. There is complete and appropriate information through which individuals will get complete and proper information. As targeted people are 16 to 35 individuals belonging to upper middle class families. It is not easy an simple to get complete information but with the help of weblearn things are more clear and specific (Brands, Schwanen and Van Aalst, 2016). There are many places which can be visited by individuals and it is easy to collect proper information from this platform.

There are different times (Seasons or climate) when individuals can visit London such as if individuals wants to visit in cool weather, then they have to visit at September to February. If they want to visit in Hot weather, then they have to visit in March to Amy and if they want to visit in rainy season, then they must go in June to August months. There are many hotels which can be taken by visitors of age 16- 35, there are hotels of different budgets such as Amba Hotel Amrble Arch, Strand Palace Hotel, IBIS London Heathrow, Park Grand London, etc. these are the places where people prefers to go and stay because of its ambiance (Bell and Gallimore, 2015).

Online Wiki guide(Wenlearn) is considered as the tutorial that is basically developed for enhancing knowledge of individual about the particular topic in effective manner. Wiki guide considered as the tutorial that aware provides detailed information to the site visitor about the stated subject. The present report is based on the development of online wiki that works as the guide to London). This wiki guide will include information associated to popular places of London, interest of visitors towards visiting the place, ideas of how these customers can effectively spend their time in London at the time of visiting these specific places. The respective guide will specifically provide detailed information on various popular destination of London, attractions, visitors history or data based on the past. The next part of the project provides reflection of the individual developed from their experience. The reflection section also includes information on the learning developed by individual at the time of developing Weblearn online wiki for the visitors or travellers.

There are many people who prefers to go and visit different destinations but before it they take acre of tourism friendly policies, low cost connectivity, currency rate, etc. through which they can understand and attract different individuals for their personal regions (Cheng, 2016). In Greater London, there are around 19.09 Million people who are visiting for different purpose (Six out of top 10 internationally visited cities in 2018 are from Asia, finds GlobalData, 2019). It is analysed that London is the second most preferable destination by people when it comes to international arriving. This is the country where facilities are as per leisure purpose and around 50% of the international visit are for London. London is famous for home to Leisure, hence this is the major reason for high influx of tourists. Here are many destinations which provides knowledge about art, culture, religious values, etc. Around 19 million people in 2016 are visiting London information collected from Office of National Statistics from London Data store and people spent around 111 million nights there and money expended is around £11.9 billion (Who's Visiting London?, 2019).

There are around 37. 9 million visit in 2018 and 3% fewer in 2017. With understanding the requirements for people to understand the changes which are taking place in tourism sector., this is the best way through which activities are conducted and planned properly. With change in demand of tourists, there must be change in business activities as well. In order to evaluate and determine ways through which tourist can understand and evaluate activities properly. There are many changes which are taking place in this sector such as making activities performed for others (Coca-Stefaniak and Carroll, 2015). In order to determine and making policies performed, it will be easy and specific for people to get what they want. As there is difference in reasons for which people are visiting to different places such as making operations completed and specific. With tourist sector, local people through which growth and development of country also gets complete and specified information.

Apart from this, there are different ways through which individuals can go there such as flight, road, train, etc. As there are five airports in London so there are many international flights are departure and arrive, hence it will be easy for people to get their through flights. UK has one of the finest road connection with other cities, so many people prefers to get their through road trips. If travellers have some specified budget, then they can prefers travelling through bus (Connell, Page and Meyer, 2015). Train network is also better option through which people can get heir because there are railways tracks such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, etc. Need essay help? Talk to our expert Now!

There are different ways through which visitors can visit to this place through different modes, such as taxis, The Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Bus, Underground/ Tube, etc. through which people can enjoy people which came to understand and determine culture and social gathering of the people.

People belonging to the upper middle class are mainly influenced towards the places which are very popular across the world but at the same tie these places are not much expensive that affects their budget in negative manner (Dredge and Gyimóthy, 2015). It has been analysed that people belonging to this group are visiting London for its popular places that makes it different from the destinations and attracts larger base of customers towards it for longer period of time. Some of the popular destination towards it is described as below:

Saint Dunstan in the East

Originally built in the 11-12th centuries and refurbished several times after that, Saint Dunstan in the East is one of the favourite of the hidden gems of London. This medieval church was slightly destroyed during the First World War and the Anglican Church decided not to rebuild it. What remains is a highly effective structured initiative in which the rest of the congregation's separatists are tied up in a very small kindergarten. It is a calm green desert fountain and one of the most perfect mysteries I discovered on my last trip to London. Saint Dunstan Church is located in the centre of the Tower of London and London Bridge. Despite being so close to some of London's main attractions, it is a very peaceful and quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This striped gem is located just a 10 minute walk from Tower Bridge - not to be missed when in London! (Warren, S. and Jones, 2016).

Even though the place is not very popular but still it has time restriction for the safety purpose of travellers or the visitors. The place is open for visitors from 10 am to 9 pm in which travellers can easily experience beauty of place during their travel to London. Along with this, the destination also has its entrance fee that is taken by the visitors as per the age group of people (Evans, 2015). The ticket is absolutely free for children below the age of 4 years. Increasing popularity of the place has also influenced interest of many film directors to use this destination as the prime location during shoot (2004), 28 Days Later etc.

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British Museum

London is also famous for its Museums as the destination has more than 200 museums that becomes centre of attraction for the customers. Among them all British Museum is considered as the most popular for the visitors as it is one of the oldest museum of London that contains almost million objects that specifies human history. Also, it contains information based o cultural values of British. Overall, it can be said that the place has its special place in the range of monuments of UK that becomes one of the most attractive place for the visitor that attracts maximum number of travellers towards it (Getz and Page, 2016). Best suitable for youngsters who are interested in history and ancestors, it has collection of millions of books and attracts visitors through real look alike sculptures.

The place is also famous for school and college students who are visiting it in their trip to London with the batch mates and friend circle. Guys with no interest in history topics and outdated war system can also find it interesting through the environment provided by the Museum. Unlike from the other destination, the respective museum is absolutely free for the visitors (Su, Bramwell and Whalley, 2018). But the only thing which is required to be consider by every visitor while visiting this place is visit it within the provided time limit that is 10 am to 5:30 pm. The respective destination is popular for all the visitors belonging to every age group but still it is most popular among the targeted group of people as customers of this place are likely to visit the same place for its soothing environment. Along with this, people belonging to the age group of 16-35 years are more likely to click pictures or selfies with their respective companions as its background is attractive for the people.

Trafalgar Square Overview

Trafalgar square is considered as one of the most popular destination of London that is considered as the centre of attraction for the travellers and visitors who are visiting London in their trips. The respective destination is popular among the visitors for range of activities that includes celebrations such as Chinese New year, rallies, marches, St. Patrick's Day, Royal Wedding, Olympics and others. Apart from this, the respective place is also used as the location of shooting in many films such as Captain America, Sherlock, Ugly Betty etc. Other than this, visitors often perceive this place as the core location for photography that is makes their pictures more attractive and beautiful (Gravari-Barbas and Guinand, 2017). Along with this, it can be said that the huge fountain and big sitting space in the form of stairs is seen as the another attraction of this place that influence of the targeted customers the most.

The centre location of this place has 52 metre high Nelson's column that is located at this specific location from the 1843. Along with this, it also has gigantic lion statue which added value to the place and makes it more attractive (Smith, Stylidis and Cherifi, 2018). Christmas celebration of Trafalgar Square is considered as one of the most important festive celebration that attracts outsiders as well as the localise people of London towards it and influences interest of every group of travellers towards it so that they visit the same location again and during their every travel in London (Jung and et. al., 2016). While considering the targeted group of customers, it can be said that people belonging to the specified age feels more attracted towards this place as it provides them opportunity to experience lifestyle of British and enjoy festivals of this place with the cultural touch. The targeted customers group will be able to enjoy this place more effectively by visiting the same place in festive season especially Christmas as at this point of time the respective place is decorated in more attractive manner which directly becomes centre of attraction for the customers in rightful manner.

St Martin in the Fields Church

This is the destination which belongs to religious sector of the UK. There are any people who are visiting it because of its beauty and pleased environment. St Martin in the Fields Church is located at north east corner of Trafalgar Square. There are many musical concert which is organised every day. This is the place from where visitors gets to know about religious component (Law and et. al., 2016). There is presentation of traditional brass rubbing art work through which people get to know about their artist and their work. There is an art gallery which showcase the art and artisans knowledge about conducting the activities.

St Martin in the Fields Church opens at Monday to Friday 8 AM to 6 PM and on Saturday 9AM to 6 PM. There is some lunch time's concert, cafe in the Crypt, JAZZ night, etc. so this is the destination which makes clear evaluation about understanding and determining changes properly (Smith and Pappalepore, 2015). There will complete and specific information which makes evaluation and understanding in proper way. There will use of relevant and appropriate and specific information, so it will be appropriate to get complete and relevant knowledge about it (MacLeod, 2017). So with visit this place, visitor can enjoy night life as well as religious value, so this destination is visited by many people coming from different geographical background as well.

Hyde Park

this is one of the best and royal park in London, famous for views and ambiance. This park ius situated at Hyde Park Corner at Marble Arch which is first public park which is open for people. This garden occupies the area of 350 acres where there are pleasant environment for every age group. From rush and crowd of city, it is is easy to get pleased if individual is here (Ramkissoon, 2015). There is artificial swimming pool as well which is in artificial Serpentine Lake. The park is so big that it have cycling area, jogging, skating, etc. through which people can entrain themselves and they can perform activities properly and there is games zone as well.

There are tennis court, horse riding area and pitch for other sports as well (Maxim, 2016). Here are varieties of trees and plants, so this is favourable from environment point of view as well. This is famous as “Lungs of London” because this assist in keeping environment safe and secured. There is lack as well as it garden, hence if visitor wants some meal or coffee, they can satisfy their carving at these outlets. There are some other attractions as well such as Joy of Life fountain, Achilles statue, Diana Memorial Fountain, etc. these are the ways through which people can visit different prospects of this place and enjoy quality time with their dear ones.

This is the place which is used in Bollywood movie as destination for songs, so people prefers to view that sight live, hence they can determine the real beauty and its importance for the country. Hyde Park opens at 5 A M and closes till mid night, hence people can visit it for enjoying lighting and fountains which starts after evening. The land originally belonged to Westminister Abbey until 1536 when Henry VIII confiscated it and made it into private royal hunting grounds. The park was open to public during the seventeenth century. The world fair exhibition of culture and industry, known the great Exhibition, took place in Hyde Park 1851. For this event the Crystal Palace was built on the south side of the park but the building was removed from the area shortly afterwards because of citizen turmoil.

Royal Albert Hall

This is the destination which is one of the oldest and prestigious building in London. This destination was established in 1871 and designed by Queen Victoria who is queen of London many years ago. There are many events which are organised at this place for different places. There are different reasons for which this destination is famous such as dance, classical music, jazz, rock, opera, pop, world music, comedy shows, etc.

So it will be easy and specific to get enjoyment and full of entraining environment at this place (Narayan and Prasad, 2019). This building can join by tourists for architecture, royal patronage, etc. Ambiance of Royal Albert Hall is beautiful and it attracts many people for being understood and getting proper information about it. There are stunning auditorium, gallery, Queen's private suites, retiring room, etc. which are centre of attraction for people and they are ready to visit it for getting more information about monuments and historical places of London. Royal Albert Hall remains open for visitors at 10 AM to 4 PM from November to March, 10 AM To 4: 30 PM and entrance fees for adult tourist is £ 11.50. The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous music and concert venues in the world. Soak up the environment, the interior and the amazing acoustics at one of more than 360 events a year, including classical music, jazz, world music, circus, rock, pop, opera, dance, comedy and tennis.


On the basis of above report, it can be concluded that it will be easy to know what destination has to be visited and what things can be performed there. There is complete and appropriate information through which individuals will get complete and proper information. As targeted people are 16 to 35 individuals belonging to upper middle-class families. It is not easy and simple to get complete information but with the help of the web learning things are more clear and more specific (Brands, Schwanen and Van Aalst, 2016). There are many places that can be visited by individuals and it is easy to collect proper information from this platform.

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