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The Principles of Tourism Destination Management

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  • Define Destination Tourism Management.
  • Discuss the role of destination management.
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Tourism in simple words is defined as travelling for fun or for some others purposes. It is a business of attracting, accommodating and entertaining various tourists all over the world. In the present time tourism industry is one of the fastest growing and available with huge amount of opportunities. The global travel and tourism industry is valued at USD 7581 Billion and the forecasted growth is 3.8%. This industry is contributing approx 10% of the total GDP at global level. There are number of destinations emerging in the tourism industry and these destinations needs to be managed and developed so that growth can be maintained in the industry. In this project the concept of destination management is defined. Together with this evaluation of role of destination management at different stages of the destination life cycle is presented in detailed manner.

Benefits and objective of destination management and role of destination management organisations

Global Destination Management

Destination management is termed as one of the important tool in the tourism industry. It helps in coordinating all the elements of destination so that visit to destination can be made in best suitable manner. Attractions, amenities, access, marketing and pricing are managed to generate good amount of experience. In simple terms destination management is defined as all the actions taken in order to coordinate actions to control the economic, social and and environmental destinations.

The role played by destination management in development of sustainable tourism is highly important. It ensures various visitors or tourists to ensure that in long run different amount of benefits will be generated. Key benefits of destination management is that all the arrangements requited while travelling is performed under this. Planning of the event which lies to the third party are arranges as per convenience of the tourist and journey is made more suitable and conformable. Managers who perform destination management services possess extensive knowledge of destination and places that needs to be travel in near area. Suggestions made by destination manager are quite important in order to ensure that best quality and suitable services are provided as per demand and specification of tourist (Asero, Gozzo and Tomaselli, 2016). When services for tourism is received through destination managers in that case extensive knowledge of managers are used to ensure best quality services provided to all the tourists. Destination management in long run provides sustainability in tourism industry which is required in order to manage and sustain for long run.

Destination management attracts more and more visitors with effective marketing of the whole industry and in long run it provides economic growth by sustaining number of services used in the tourism industry. 

Destination management is initiated with one of the main objective which is to develop destinations and to increase tourism all over the nation. Through destination management a record is kept for demand of different type of services made by consumers in the industry and destination analysis is conducted with this. Destination management helps in providing complete level of satisfaction to consumers (Boukas and Ziakas, 2016). Through destination all the elements of tourism are mixed in such manner so that best results that improve quality of tourism industry. Destination management organisations performs all the activities required for effective management of tourism and recent trends are recorded. On the basis of these recent trends future development plans for the whole industry is developed. Through coordinating all the activities destination management organisations achieve their objectives of making their consumers satisfied in all the reasonable manner.

Their are different locations as per geographic areas and coordination and integration of various tourism services helps in enhancing experience of an individual while travelling to other places. All the elements such as product, people, packages and programmes of the destination mix needs to understand in better manner to understand the role of destination management organisations at different geographical areas (Cizel, Ajanovic and Cakar, 2016). Destination management organisations are serving at national, local and regional level. Different roles are played by these organisations when they serve their services at regional or geographical disparity. When destination management services are provided at national level then plans implemented for the strategic management of tourism at national level is considered. When services are provided at national level then destination mix developed for tourism must include package which helps in providing better services at national level.

Mid-east Travel Worldwide is one of the organisation which is operating at regional level for past 36 years and providing all the travel and tourism services. This organisation is providing their destination management or tourism services at wider level (Coccossis, 2016). They plays role of managing tourism services in different areas of the world. Number of services for several travel destinations are provided and the role for arranging all the required facilities in other nations are managed or arranged by this organisation.

Akqasun organisation which is operating at national level is involved in destination management services from the year 2005. The organisation is involved in providing their destination management services in different markets. This organisation plays important role in streamlining tourism destination services at national level. As quantity of service acquired by this organisation is huge so it deals with other businesses. This helps in providing best quality services to all the consumers. These form of organisations ensures that tourists at national level are available with services best suitable as per their demand.

Cashel Travel is a local destination management service provider organisation of UK. This organisation arranges travel and tourism in Ireland and provide all the services which is important for making tourism best suitable for all the tourists. This form of organisations plays important role in providing services at local level by knowing local and regional culture for effective services.

Destination life-cycle and its implication on destination management

According to the destination life-cycle concept a destination in whole life moves forward in different stages (Cucculelli and Goffi, 2016). Destination life-cycle progressed through five stages which are exploration, involvement, development, consolidation, stagnation and post-stagnation. Detailed elaboration of destination life-cycle is provided as follows-


This is the first stage of the life-cycle and involves search of new destination place where tourism can be introduced. Initially there are few adventurous tourists visiting such destinations with least facilities available their. Initially natural beauty and some physical features seems attractive to tourists and they visits to such places (Goffi, Cucculelli and Masiero, 2019). At the first stage destination management is available with minimum priorities because such destination is not developed yet and level of facilities are poor to such destinations. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!


Moving forward after exploration stage, involvement is initiated among tourists and local community available near to the destination. This interaction leads to involvement of various local individual to such destination and generate some basic facilities and small market near to explored destination. In terms of improving business of tourism destination management organisations also needs to set involvement as their priority.


This stage is consider last in terms of making growth in the number of tourist arrive to new explored destination. Huge amount of promotional efforts are made so that growth in the number of tourists visiting that destination can be improved. At this stage development of various other industries near to destination takes place to facilitates tourists. At this stage highest amount of priority is provided for destination management organisations. As new destinations are identified and managers of destination must make packages which include such destinations so that tourism business can achieve sustainability (Ivars-Baidal and et.al., 2019). For example- Dubai is at contrasting in the process of development stage of destination life-cycle.


After completion the stage of development stage destination life-cycle begins to decrease. At this stage tourism business has become one of the major source of earning. Facilities that are available to that destination become outdated and tourism becomes seasonal to such places. Managing this stage is one of the priority of destination managers as some amount of contribution to minimise huge decline in sales can be managed by them.


When tourism is achieved to the highest level in such destination then it enters to stagnation stage. Destination is well established but no longer popular due to some other findings or factors and results in decline in turnover or number of tourists to such place (Kebete and Wondirad, 2019). For example- destination management tourism in Paris is at this stage as there was a downfall in tourism in the year 2016 and a up word shift of tourism in the year 2018.

Venice is one of the global destination and in the destination life-cycle it is at decreasing stage because of several factors such as increasing cost of living and higher expense on accommodating to such destination. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Role of destination management at different stages of destination life-cycle

Destination management is one of the suitable practice which is appreciated all over the world. A destination moves forward with a life-cycle and all the stages are achieved at a period of time. In this destination life-cycle destination management plays important role which is defined as follows-


This is one of those stage which require good amount of contribution of destination management through its managers in different locations. Destination mangers explore different locations which is not travelled yet (Krce Miočić, Razovič and Klarin, 2016). After travelling such destination if suitability is accessed to make it a tourism destination then new place is introduced for travelling to provide a fresh experience to consumers.


Destination managers are involved with each activity to ensure that all the required necessities are made available to such explored places. They get involved with different plans to make such destination popular to local individuals and other business organisations so that effective amount of development can be introduced.


At this stage all required developments are introduced and destination managers plays important role in developing and managing such destination. As this will enhance their business in long run.


When a destination reached to consolidation stage then destination management needs to be performed in more appropriate manner (Mathew and Sreejesh, 2017). All the reasons are identified for decline in the tourism to a particular destination and actions to minimise such effects are taken. Get ghost writers uk.Talk to our Experts!


Destination management when performed by managers needs to consider this stage of a particular destination. As package is designed by them and this stage must be considered so that they can be provide best services in tourism.


From the above project report on tourism destination management it has been concluded that increasing trend of tourism and management in the industry has enhanced role of destination management. There are number of benefits and objective of destination which must be considered in the tourism industry so that actions to take effective measures is taken appropriately. Destinations possess a prescribed life-cycle and this life-cycle needs to be considered for productive destination management. It plays important role at each stage of life-cycle and its role is analysed appropriately to provide accurate decisions to bring sustainability in tourism at global level.        

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