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Unit 11 Research Project - Digital Technologies Assignment


  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 25 / Words 6155
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Digital tools and technologies are advised as the most essential component THAT plays vast role in progress and development of business operations. In the advance and modern business era competition is so high at market place and organisations are significantly concern on applying new and advance technologies as to improvising the operations and growth of firm. Website is determined as the most essential tools of digitalisation, which plays effective role in capturing a wide area of market as to gaining higher competitive edge within the market place (Benitez-Amado and Walczuch, 2012). In the world full of digitalisation organisations are significantly concern on utilising digital tools as making organisational easy and reliable. Website is an effective element which is practically utilized by small and large organisation enterprises as to implementing good and healthy relationship with their customers. Website is considered as a set of related web pages which are located under a single domain name. Website is also refers as the most essential element of internet, which emphasis on the collection of world wide web files that involves a beginning file which is called a home page. Plan.com is the chosen organisation for this particular project. It is a mobile communication provider company. The company was founded in the year of 2013, by the efforts of Dan Craddock. The major focused area of firm is to enhancing its customers base through offering variety of products and services in respect to attaining higher growth and competitiveness within the market place.

Background of the Research

A website is defines as a aggregation of accompanying web pages, involving, multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name and published on at least one web server. The tool of website is widely used by organisation in respect to providing effective way to their customers for taking benefits of offered products and services of the firm. A website is also effective in analysing the appropriate details in regards to the organisation or its operations (Chen and Tsou, 2012). With the help of website organisations are providing assess to the customers to determine the information in regards to the firm in respect to taking benefits of organisational products and services. Plan.com is a small communication provider firm which deals in mobile, voice and cloud solution. The company also deals in an intelligent, self optimising cellular network which keeps business people connected wherever they are in the globe. The company is focused on making things worthwhile for staff people through rewarding hard work and exceptional performance with the market leading commission schemes and discretionary bonuses.

Significance of the Research

This is also an essential part of research work as it emphasizes on analysing the major purpose of conducting the research work. The major reason behind conducting a research is to developing the knowledge, skills and ability of a learner on a specified area, thus this create value for an individual in attempting their future tasks in more efficient manner. The research into consideration is based on the use of website in convince the customers in availing the services of the company. Website is considered as an effective tool which performs effective role in developing the base of customers through offering wide range of products and services to their significant buyers by online sources. A researcher conduct an investigation just to finalising the research issue in appropriate manner through gathering proper and relevant data in regards to a specified area of study (Fawcett and et. al., 2011). A new research is also conducted just to overcome with the issue of previous research which is related to the similar area of study. A research work helps an individual in developing the ability of finding data and information in regards to a particular research issue. In a research project a particular research issue is discussed as to reaching at valid and reliable result of the work.

Research Aim

This consist to be the most necessary part of investigation work as it helps in providing a momentous direction to the investigator to carry out the investigation work in right manner. Research aim refers as the predetermined statement, which reflects the research issue in the form of statement. The essential aim of this particular research is “To analyse the use of website in convince the customers in availing the services of the company”. A case study on plan.com.

Research Objectives

This is moreover an essential major part of investigation work which is interconnected with the purpose of research as it is significantly based on the issue of the research. This section of investigation is reasonable in giving a right technique to researcher to execute all activities of research in an effective way. Research objectives are accessible as a small clarification which are fruitful in finding the final outcome and result (Ganguli and Roy, 2011). The noteworthy objectives of research are depicted as under:

  • To determine the importance of website development in the growth of small business organisation.
  • To identify the use of website as a tool of marketing and communication within plan.com.
  • To evaluate the role of website in evolving customers habits which help in shaping digital sales channel.

Research Questions

This can be settled as the vital part of research work, which gives an unmistakable heading to complete the session of composing overview in most appropriate and efficient manner. In this portion data must be gathered through separating the sentiment and opinions of various authors and writers. The main research questions of the research are described as underneath:

  • What is the importance of website development in the growth of small business organisation?
  • What are the major usage of website as a tool of marketing and communication within plan.com?
  • What is the role of website in evolving customers habits which help in shaping digital sales channel?

Time Scale

This section of the research emphasis on the designing an appropriate time frame in which all the activities of the research are implement in appropriate manner (Ifinedo, 2011). This consist to be the primary obligation of a researcher is to design an effective time scale in which all the activities of research are assigned as per the priority of the research work. An appropriate time scale helps the investigator in completion of the work in well planned and systematic manner. This also create value in reducing extra time for execution of research activities. Some research activities are time consuming in nature so it is essential for a researcher to create a time frame in respect to providing appropriate time to attempting tasks of the research.


This part of research is considered as the most essential part of research work which helps the investigator in conducting an in-depth evaluation on the aspect of the research issue. This part of research work is based on theoretical frame work as in this data has to be collected through secondary source of data collection (Inauen and Schenker-Wicki, 2011). This segment provides a brief discussion on the specified area of study through analysing the opinion of assorted authors and writers who are having potential knowledge and skills in the particular area. In this section of the research information and data is being assembled through various sources such as books, journals, past records, past research work, news paper and so on. This section is effective in building a strong theoretical base as which create value in drawing a valid and reliable outcome.

The importance of website development in the growth of small business organisation.

As per the views expressed by John Taiylor, 2016, a website is considered as the most essential source of digitalisation which plays effective role in developing the operations of the firm in appropriate manner. A website is furnishes organizations with a platform for the important web nearness which enables an association to connect with million of web surfers everywhere throughout the globe through quality the base of clients. In the present business situation rivalry is so high at commercial centre an it is vital for independent company attempt to apply advanced devices and innovations like site as to building up the activities of the firm in successful way. Site is powerful in giving on the web administrations to the client of firm and upgrading the base of clients at commercial centre. As an independent company undertakings plan.com is centred around actualizing the device of site as to building up the activities of firm at commercial centre there are different significance of site inside the firm in which some are depicted as beneath:

Low cost advertising: The website has a far wider reach than any other tool of digitalisation, this plays vast role in making advertising as to grabbing the attention of customers (IşıK, Jones and Sidorova, 2013). Website takes time to build up enough traffic to companies website to create a worthwhile influence on the companies marketing campaign. As a small communication company plan.com is concern on utilising the tool of website as to developing the online presence of company at global level.

Visibility: Increasing visibility is consist to be the major factor which creates importance for an organisation to having a website. Website is effective in providing an online base to the people to known about the details of firm in effective manner. Website provides a map and direction about towards the company's shops and online applications through which organisation conduct their operations in effective manner.

Accessibility: This is also effective in providing 24 hours facilities to the customers. With the help of website customers can visit the site for support or gaining appropriate information about the new advancement in their products and services.

Sales: The leading motive of each small and large business enterprises is to heighten their sales and revenue in respect to attaining a competitive edge within the market place. Website is effective in selling organisational products online and enhancing the operations of the firm in appropriate manner.

The major usage of website as a tool of marketing and communication within plan.com.

According to the opinion of Gagan Randhawa, 2013, technological advancement in the past few years have added a new dimension to the way in which individuals communicate, shop and interact with each other on a day to day basis. The spread of internet tools like website has created a very unique and cost effective opportunity for the growth of business through reaching at potential customers. Website has considered to be the most essential tool for customers to keep in touch with the firm or its operations. Companies website plays crucial role as an effective marketing tool which create value in developing the online of presence of firm within the globe. In respect to design companies website as an essential marketing tool, the organisation needs to provide information which full-fills the immediate wants and needs of the site visitors (Lee, Kelley, Lee and Lee, 2012). As a small business enterprises plan.com is convergent on utilizing website as it is effective in creating awareness about the firm or its offered products and services at global level, thus it also plays effective role in developing an appropriate communication channel within and outside of the firm as to maintaining proper flow of information. Communication is also consist to be the major aspect which needs to be maintained by firm with their potential customers as to conducting long term transaction.

The role of website in evolving customers habits which help in shaping digital sales channel.

As per the view point of Marco Vergani, 2018, the way customers behave online has significantly changes in the past few years. It is essential for each small as well as large business enterprises to move quickly to develop their business operations through enhancing their e-commerce channel. In the modern business environment, people are very much aware about the digital tools and technologies, so it is required for organisations to use new and advance technologies in respect to making their offerings more better and reliable. Plan.com is a communication service provider company which is consistently concern on providing effective communication facilities to their potential customers in respect to sustaining their position in the mind set of customers. Website plays different role in evolving customers habits which help in shaping digital sales channel, some essential roles are described as below:

Information gathering: Website plays most effective role in gathering data and information about the companies offerings and the basic information about the business processes. Purchaser reports, item assessment and client audits all possibly impact purchasing conduct of clients. Numerous purchasers visit mark sites straightforwardly to acquire however much item data as could reasonably be expected before settling on obtaining choice (Lin and Lu, 2011). By and large, shoppers need straightforwardness as exact data and an affirmation that the item is being sold at the least cost.

Comparing products: Website is also effective for customers in making comparison among the products of firm as to taking benefits of the most valuable product. Customers can easily compare the companies product with other brands and make appropriate decision. Online marketing is the best option to satisfying their own needs and wants.


Research methodology is a fundamental technique for gathering data and information that are required for the investigation work. This report contains the study about the use of website in convince the customers in availing the services of the company. The researcher get distinctive strategies and approach for coordinating the investigation effectively, it is the obligation of an researcher to assess the appropriateness, feasibility and accessibility of the resources which are utilized by them for carry out the research activities in right direction (Makkonen and et. al., 2014). This part of research is based on various applications that are effective in providing a significant direction to drawn valid and reliable outcome. Some effective elements of research methodologies are described as below:

Type of Investigation

This is the most important part of research work, it is the major responsibility of researcher to analyse the type of research as to moving forward towards right direction. A research is either qualitative or quantitative in nature. The qualitative research emphasizes on accumulation of data by qualitative means, thus a research said to be qualitative when it deals with human perception an feelings. On the other hand quantitative investigation is depend on the adoption of statistical and quantitative tools. A research is said to be quantitative when it importantly deals with numerical facts and figures. The present research report indicates that the research into thought is based on qualitative nature and it will implemented by the adoption of qualitative research methods.

Research Design

This consist to be the blue print of the research as it provides an effective outline specification in respect to implementing research activities in well formed way. Research design emphasizes on three major types such as descriptive, exploratory and experimental research design (Mills and Smith, 2011). In the existing research report descriptive research design has been applied by researcher as it is effective in conducting detailed analysis on the issue of the research.

Research philosophy

The research philosophy emphasis on the belief pattern which is followed on the part of investigator for administration research report in a right direction. It is necessary for investigator to select the suitable philosophy so as to assistance the study into right manner. The research work can be mainly based on interpretivism or positivism philosophy. In the present research work interpretivisim philosophy has been used by researcher as it is effective in conducting qualitative research in appropriate manner.

Research Approach

This can also be considered as the most essential part of research work as it is necessary for an investigator to select the most suitable approach as to conduct the research report in right direction (Otim and et. al., 2012). This can be classified among two major parts such as deductive and inductive research approach. In the present research work inductive research approach has been taken into proper action by researcher as it is effective in drafting valid and reliable outcome for accomplishing the objectives of qualitative research.

Data collection Methods

Information gathering is thought to be one of the essential components of research work. The investigator has a choice to gather applicable data through primary and secondary sources. The data gathered that is collected for the first time by applying primary source of data collection. The secondary data on other hand is depicted as one that is gathered through different sources like books, journals, newspaper, online sites etc. in the present research project both the methods are applied by researcher as to completion of the research work in effective and efficient manner. Primary method of effective in conducting questionnaire which create value in gathering information through determining the opinion of various respondents. On the other side secondary source is effective in administration the part of literature review in effective manner by analysing the opinion of various authors and writers.

Data sampling

The sampling technique emphasizes on choosing the sample which replicates from the original population. In this researcher is having the option to adopt either probabilistic sampling technique or non-probabilistic sampling technique (Prajogo and Olhager, 2012). The probabilistic sampling technique includes simple random sampling technique in which equal probability is assigned to every observation. On other hand, non-probabilistic sampling technique includes convenience and purposive sampling technique. In present research, the researcher is going to adopt purposive sampling so as to select appropriate sample of population. The researcher tends to select sample of 30 respondents.

Ethical Consideration

The moral thought are seen as extremely fundamental part to direct investigation in a viable way. Primary, the researcher is resolved to ensure authentic care of all get-together required into investigate work. It is the obligation of examiner to keep certain information private in nature. Furthermore, the master should ensure that no individual information is asked to the respondents. Over the span of leading examination work, researcher needs to guarantee that exploration is led as per inquire about targets. It is the duty of analyst to guarantee that the exploration destinations are accomplished through lead of research into thought. Further, the analyst ought to guarantee that the individual enthusiasm of any of related gatherings isn't influenced.


This consist to be a process of examine, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the purpose of analysing useful information in regards to the specified area of study (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). Data analysis refers as the most essential part of research work which can be done through in-depth evaluation of the relevant information which are gathered by the investigator in respect to drawing a valid and reliable outcome. In this section data analysis can be done through thematic analysis as in this themes are created by the elements of questionnaire.


Q1) Are you aware about the website of plan.com?






Q2) How important do you think website is for the company?


Very Important


Less Important


Q3) What are the major importance of website for plan.com?


Low cost advertising




Increasing Sales




Q4) Does the website is effective in developing the operations of the firm all over the globe?






Q5) Which department is most influenced with the use of website?






Customer care services


Q6) What are the major resource requires for developing website?


Expertise Knowledge




Technical tools


Q7) what are the major benefits attained by plan.com with the help of website?


Increasing customers base


Capturing wide area of market


Reduction in cost


Q8) Does the cost incurred by the company on websites and other promotional tools is recovered by the company?






Q9) Provide recommendation to the firm as to attaining competitive edge within the mar

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