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Academic and Research Skills


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Academics and personal research skills are very important for improvement of an individual. Having a good command on these skills helps to improve the weaknesses and increases confidence to achieve set objectives or goals in life as well. Present report will focus on the factors like development and skills which are needed to improve the overall personality. It conducts personal audit by assessing own strengths and weaknesses. This assignment will assist to provide and enhance own developmental skills by providing various information. The report also helps to develop a plan which carries out data using different sources of primary and secondary information. This will also help to develop an action plan which is required for the improvement.


1. Personal Development

(a) Evaluating own personal and academic skills

It is very important for any individual to have an effective personality as it needs to be required in every field of work. Personal development plays a crucial role in improving the quality of work of individuals. Everyone has its unique and different personal as well as academic skills which reflect their personality. While conducting this project, I came to know that there is a lot of scope to learn new things which can be useful for me to apply in the future. It helps in developing a strong career option as well. For me, personal skills play an important role in my life as it helped me to improve my overall personality and increases my confidence. My personal skills will help me in collecting information and data for my research work (AlHassan and Wood, 2015). For the personal development of an individual, it is crucial to have good command on skills like research, taking notes, summarizing, paraphrasing, etc. For instance, I have to meet so many people for my project work to collect data. It is very important for me to have a good communication skill which can help me in completing my work.

My target is to become a good corporate trainer at the end of 2019 and my assignment is based on this topic only. For this, I have to really work hard on my skills which can help in achieving my goals on time. As a corporate trainer, it is very important to have a good command on my analytical and communication skills which will be used in giving training to employees working in the organization. My interpersonal skills are very weak for which I have to take training to have a good command on it. For an effective corporate trainer, I have to work on my interpersonal skills as well which will be beneficial for me and for the organization in which I will work (AlHassan and Wood, 2015). I also have to get good command over my communication skill because it is also weak. For giving training to the employees, I have to get good command on my language skill also as it plays an important role in communicating with each other. By the improvement of all these skills I will be able to complete my task with effectiveness and on time which can help me to groom my qualities and personality as well. It will also help me to choose or decide the best option for mt future career which is very beneficial for me to implement (Allison and et.al., 2016).

(b) Self Improvement

While going through this report work, I realized that I need to work hard on my personal as well as academic skills like my interpersonal and communication ability which is very important for me to work for achieving my set targets. These can be achieved by applying SMART criteria to master these skills which are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic and time management. All these weaknesses can be achieved by attending training sessions, seminars, giving presentations, etc. (Dweck, Walton and Cohen, 2014).

Skills for improvement



Communication skills

Attended seminars, training and conferences.

10 days

Analytical skills

Communicating with seniors and teachers about this, reading articles.

15 days

Presentation skills for innovation and creativity

Giving presentation and reading many articles related to innovation (Harris and et.al., 2017).

7 days


2. Capability of writing notes

For writing any research report work, it is very important to collect all related information which is required to complete the work. Most effective way to gather data is by writing notes as it will help in making the report effective. For corporate trainer, I have researched about an article named Measuring Success and ROI in Corporate Training. While going through this article, it helped me to gain so much of information which can be useful for me in enhancing my skills for becoming a good and effective corporate trainer in the future. This article helped me in understanding different duties and responsibilities which I will have to follow in order to work properly in the organization. From this, I learned about a course which is Instructional System Design (ISD). This process is used in firm for the improvement of employees in their overall performance which can help them to enhance their working efficiency (Harris and et.al., 2017).

Apart from this, it gave me so much information which I can use to complete my research work effectively. Corporate trainer has many responsibilities like giving training to the employees, supervising their work and managing all activities to check that whether everything is going smoothly in organization. This article also discussed about a process known as Total Quality Management (TQM) which is used to evaluate and identify all the mistakes and errors made by employees to minimize chances of risks for organization. From this article, I concluded that apart from giving training to their employees, there are various other duties as well which have to be performed in the organization like making strategic planning for firm which can help in increasing their productivity to earn a good amount of revenue (Lander, Seeho and Foster, 2018).


3. Research Report Plan

To write an effective research report, it is very important to go through all parameters which are necessary for completion of assignment like for this work, I have collected the data from different sources which can help me in giving information which I needed. For example: I met so many trainers from different firms which helped me a lot. I also communicated with my teachers and seniors as well. Selecting the topic for project work was the first step to start my work. After this, I go through some literature reviews for a better understanding of my work. This was the most important step in the whole process which helped me in gathering information. Then I started doing my research methodology process to collect the required data which I will be using for completing my report. I have done both; primary and secondary research and studied thoroughly to start my work (Milad, 2017). Final step of this work is the conclusion and recommendations which will give a brief summary of my report which is then submitted.

All these steps have to be followed very carefully as any missing step can affect the whole report (Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace: Examples and Importance, 2018). Every process has its own importance in the assignment. These steps are described as below:

Research Report Plan


4. Reflection of own progress by preparing a Personal Development Plan

For becoming a good and effective corporate trainer, I worked on my weaknesses which are my analytical and communication skills that can help me to get good results for the firm. By enhancing these skills, it will increase my confidence and improve my personality as well which can play a vital role to build a successful career in the future for me. For improving my interpersonal skills like decision making, problem-solving capability, communication, etc. I have also attended so many seminars and conferences and gave presentations to improve my verbal skills (O'Sullivan and Dallas, 2017). Apart from this, I have improved my analytical skills as well. For example: to use my approaches towards different situations using innovative schemes for company to implement, time management, etc. All these skills play an important role in a person's personal development and build a strong personality.

For the improvement of my personal and academic skills such as interpersonal and analytical, I have attended seminars and conferences related to these topics. I also gave presentation in these which helped me to get a good command over my communication and verbal skills which will be very important in becoming an effective corporate trainer in the future (Travis, 2017).

Related samples:

Smart Objectives and Goals - Academic Research

Personal Development Plan

Objectives/ Skills to be improved

Current Skills

Target Skills

Strategies to Implement

Time Duration

Interpersonal Skills e.g. decision making, encouraging, leadership quality, etc.

I have to work on my interpersonal skills as they are very weak.

To improve this skill, I am meeting with different people who helped me a lot.

I am managing my work. This skill is very important to work effectively.

5 to 10 days

Analytical Skills

I have to work on this as it is very important for the corporate trainer to have effective analytical skills.

Attending seminars and conferences for the improvement of this skill.

I have read so many articles to improve my analytical skills and try to use new words in my routine life.

10 to 15 days

Communication Skills i.e. verbal and written communication

These skills need improvement as they are mandatory to make any discussion.

Taking to various people to get a good command on it (Travis, 2017).

I have joined training sessions and seminars to improve communication skills.

8 to 10 days

Time management

To get effective results, I need to improve my time management skills.

Working on myself by scheduling my work on time to get set results. Trying to manage my work as well.

Working on myself to manage the work on time.

7 days

Language Skills

This skill is quite good, I only need to make it little better.

Interacting with many people to improve it.

Giving presentation has helped me a lot. Also, I am attending my training for the corporate trainer.

5 days

Data Analysis Skills

This is very important as it helped me to collect data. I have to improve it.

Collecting data from different sources like internet, articles, from teachers, etc.

Communicating with different people as much as I can do to enhance it (Travis, 2017).

8 to 10 days

Problem solving capability

This skill is average according to me.

Attending training and classes to work on this issue.

Reading different articles and magazines

5 days

Critical thinking capability e.g. accuracy of work, efficiency, practical, etc.

For corporate trainer's post, critical thinking ability is very important. I have to work on this section.

Reading different articles related to this to enhance my capability. This has improved a lot in me.

By interacting with my seniors and teachers

7 days

Flexibility Skills e.g. adaptability, punctuality, helpful nature, etc.

I am quite flexible in nature which is good for a corporate trainer.

To check my flexibility skill, I am working with different people.

To improve it, I am taking classes to have a good command.

3 days

Creative Skills e.g. innovative thinking.

It is good.

Preparing own presentations to improve it.

Giving presentations to enhance my creativity.

2 days

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From the above report, it can be summarized that it is very important to have good personal and academic skills which contribute in the personal development of an individual. There are various skills which I have worked on during the whole project work like interpersonal, communication, analytical, etc. For improving these skills, going to seminars, attending conferences, giving presentation, etc.; all these will be very helpful. It discussed about the importance of taking notes in collecting data and information for work and about its importance. It also includes personal development plan which helped me to improve my academic and research skills, such as, my decision-making and problem-solving capability.


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