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The Art of Female Beauty

CHAPTER 1: Research Methodology

Research Methodology refers to certain techniques and procedures that help in identifying, selecting, processing and analysing information on a certain topic. It is one of the most crucial parts of a research and is concerned towards critical evaluation of the validity and reliability of the study. There are various aspects that are required to be considered in this section that are described below:

Type of Investigation: There are two types of investigations that are used in a research namely, qualitative and quantitative research. In qualitative, the data and information used are on qualitative terms, i.e. theories and concepts, plus information used cannot be measured in numerical terms. Whereas, in terms of quantitative data, the information used are in numerical terms and are used to represent statistical data that could be quantifiable and measured effectively. For this research, qualitative investigation is used.

Research Design: It is a blue print of the research topic that comprises of a set of methods and techniques chosen by a researcher to combine the various components of the research in a manner that the whole will be covered. So, it gives the path to research to be conducted in an effective manner. Research Design are of three types, i.e., Descriptive, Exploratory, and Experimental. Every type of research is used for a different purpose as the descriptive and exploratory is used in case when the research is conducted on qualitative basis. And Experimental is used when the data is used quantitative. The researcher may use it according to the need of the topic provided for research.

Research Philosophy: This refers to the belief that the information regarding the research topic is effectively collected, analysed, evaluated and used. Under this, indication of investigator's view of about the whole study is outshone. There are two major philosophies of research; interpretivism and positivism. Positivism research effectively provide validity to overall research and support investigation by providing statistical information. On the other hand, interpretivism give various different options which effectively help researcher to maintain differentiation. For this research, interpretivism philosophy is used.

Research Approach: For conducting a research, various plans and procedures are to be accomplished and contains of detailed method of data collection, analysis and interpretation. Therefore, while using an appropriate research it is important that researcher go through with all the approaches that are available to them so that best amongst them can be adopted. The Research approaches are also classified into two types, i.e., inductive and deductive. Both these type of approaches have their own uses. As the first which is Inductive is used in case of Qualitative Research and Deductive Approach is used in case of Quantitative Research.

Data Collection Tools: It is considered as one of the most crucial steps of any kind of research. The motive of the researcher to collect data is to effectively develop a better understanding of the research topic. In addition to this, the data collection help in coming to an effective solution about the research. There are two ways through which the researcher could collect the data. One way of data collection is primary method. This method concerns with collecting first-hand information about the research topic through questionnaires, observations, etc.. The other type is secondary method where researcher effectively analyse certain secondary resources like journals, books, newspapers and so forth to collect information.

Data Sampling: Data Sampling refers to the collection of primary source of data from a wide population for conducting taking the opinions of people. They are also of two types which are Probabilistic and Non-Probabilistic. For this research, the researcher has used probabilistic sampling as it will help them in getting a better result. For getting an effective result the researcher has taken sample size of around 50 respondents.

Data Analysis: This step is the most crucial step of research report where the information collected is briefly analysed to fulfil the research purpose. For this research, thematic analysis is used to effectively analyse the data collected by the researcher.

Ethical Consideration: This undertakes the issues faced by the researcher while processing and analysing the information about research topic. Research is a complex activity and it is highly likely that some issues are faced by researchers. For this particular research, the issues were sources through which data was supposed to be collected, time required to finish, analyse and evaluate the research. Another issues were cost required to collect the data from different sources as well as confidentiality of the respondents.

Validity and Reliability: This part covers the validity and reliability of the research. The reliability of this research depends upon effective execution of test instrument which, in this research, is questionnaire. To ensure the reliability, the questionnaire was effectively revised to address issues and matters that were not understood by respondents. To ensure validity the questionnaire has been designed in a way in which it limits the responses to either positive or negative response.

CHAPTER 2: Data Collection And Analysis






Phone No.:


Q1) Are you aware about the concept of Female Beauty?



Q2) Up to what extent does the society influence female beauty?

·A lot

·Society has moderate effect on female beauty

·A little

Q3) Are you familiar with the methods cosmetic and plastic surgery?



Q4) How cosmetic and plastic surgery influence the art of female beauty?

·Adds to female beauty

·Diminishes the concept of natural beauty

Q5) What are the benefits of plastic surgery?

·Enhancement in Self-Esteem

·Reduction of fat cells by methods like Liposuction

Q6) What are the cons of plastic surgery?


·Imperfect appearance due to Hypertrophic scars

Q7) What are the advantages of cosmetic surgery?

·Enhancements in Mental Health

·Physical Comfort

Q8) What are the drawbacks of cosmetic surgery?

·Imperfect Results

·Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

Q9) Which method is more reliable?

·Plastic Surgery

·Cosmetic Surgery

Q10) What kind of effect does these methods have on female beauty?

·Positive Effect

·Negative Effect

Q11) Are you aware about the inception of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries?



Q12) What are the risks associated with Plastic Surgery?

·Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Q13) What are the risks associated with Cosmetic Surgery?

·Nerve Damage


Q14) Any recommendation regarding cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Theme: Aware about the concept of Female Beauty

Q1) Are you aware about the concept of Female Beauty?






Interpretation: As from the above questions it can be said that more than 40 respondents out of 50 are aware about the concept i.e., female beauty is the physical attractiveness which is one of the most important assets in the their beauty which includes female body shape, features, colour etc. Other than that 10 respondents are not aware or does not have full knowledge about the concept.

Theme: What extent does the society influence female beauty

Q2) Up to what extent does the society influence female beauty?


A lot


Society has moderate effect on female beauty


A little


Interpretation: 21 respondents thinks that society influences female beauty as there are rules and regulations and styles which have been set by the society leaders and everyone has to follow them so to represent their culture for instance, south African women make braided style which have been in a trend from many years. 16 respondents said that society plays a minor role in influencing female beauty as they are independent in nature but still they wants to represent their culture due to which they sometimes uses their pre set style for instance, females prefers to wear Egypt jewellery occasionally. It enhances their beauty plus shows the culture of the country where they are living. At last 13 thinks that females are now open minded and independent and does not prefer to follow the rules which have been set in past years.

Theme: Familiar with the methods cosmetic and plastic surgery

Q3) Are you familiar with the methods cosmetic and plastic surgery?






Interpretation: 40 respondents are familiar with the methods of cosmetic and plastic surgery as they have been aware about the concept with the help of various means like internet or their family members have use this type of methods to enhance their beauty. On the other side, 10 respondents are not aware about the concept as they are never experienced this methods in their whole life time.

Theme: Cosmetic and plastic surgery influence the art of female beauty

Q4) How cosmetic and plastic surgery influence the art of female beauty?


Adds to female beauty


Diminishes the concept of natural beauty


Interpretation: Cosmetic and plastic assist female to make their body perfect according to the norms set by the society and world they are living. As in the above graphs 18 people thinks that it adds to female beauty as it makes the imperfect characteristics or feature perfect. 32 respondents said that it reduces the concept of natural beauty as difference between natural and plastic surgery can be seen by the naked eyes.

Theme: Benefits of plastic surgery

Q5) What are the benefits of plastic surgery?


Enhancement in Self-Esteem


Reduction of fat cells by methods like Liposuction


Interpretation: From this graph, 50% respondents says that it enhance self esteem of female as it is directly linked with the beauty of female. As if their beauty is perfect according to the norms then it would automatically boost the self respect and confidence of female. Remaining respondents says that it assist in reducing fat cells in the body which help individual to live their life healthy as extra fat cells attracts different types of diseases which could affect the life in a negative way.

Theme: Cons of plastic surgery

Q6) What are the cons of plastic surgery?




Imperfect appearance due to Hypertrophic scars


Interpretation: 38 respondents says that the crucial cons of plastic surgery is cost as thousands of dollars is spent just to improve the beauty and chances of getting it right is also low and other than that due to surgery it lefts the scars on body which diminish the beauty of female.

Theme: Advantages of cosmetic surgery

Q7) What are the advantages of cosmetic surgery?


Enhancements in Mental Health


Physical Comfort


Interpretation: If female has transformed their beauty with the help cosmetic surgery then it also enhance the self esteem and confidence of individual as they wont feel conscious while flaunting their body that's why 9 people has chosen this. 41 respondents says that it reduces fat cells at the time of surgery which helps to live their life healthy.

Theme: Drawbacks of cosmetic surgery

Q8) What are the drawbacks of cosmetic surgery?


Imperfect Results


Cosmetic Surgery Addiction


Interpretation: 27 respondents says that there is a chances of getting imperfect results from the cosmetic surgery as chances of severe bleeding, damages of nerves while surgery and getting affected from fatal infection is high. Other than that people become addicted because they wants to get rid of low self esteem and body dimorphic disorder and that's why 23 people has chosen this.

Theme: Method which is more reliable

Q9) Which method is more reliable?


Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery


Interpretation: 24 people thinks that plastic surgery is more reliable as it focuses on repairing defects on female body to bring them into normal shape so that it would help them to live their life in a healthy manner. On the other hand cosmetic surgery, provides focus on enhancing appearance and to make the body parts more attractive and due to this reason 26 people have chosen this.

Theme: Effect does these methods have on female beauty

Q10) What kind of effect does these methods have on female beauty?


Positive Effect


Negative Effect


Interpretation: Surgery has positive effect on female body as it assist them to skin rejuvenation and removes scars on the body so to make their skin perfect that's why 15 people has chosen this. 35 respondents said that it has negative effect on body as it increase chances of infection and skin cancer which can put the life of an individual in danger.

Theme: Inception of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Q11) Are you aware about the inception of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries?






Interpretation: The above graph helps in determining the extent up to which respondents were aware of the inception of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries. Out of 50 respondents, only 5 were aware of their origins. Rest 45 respondents were aware of these concepts but were unaware of their inception and even their history.

Theme: Risks Associated with Plastic Surgery

Q12) What are the risks associated with Plastic Surgery?


Body Dysmorphic Disorder




Interpretation: From the above given information, it was determined that the respondents were well aware of the risks associated with plastic surgery. 36 out of 50 respondents knew that plastic surgery causes Body Dysmorphic Disorder while 14 respondents were aware of Disfigurement as well.

Theme: Risks Associated with Cosmetic Surgery

Q13) What are the risks associated with Cosmetic Surgery?


Nerve Damage




Interpretation: From the above graph, it was identified that cosmetic surgeries have various side effects that are known to the respondents. 33 respondents knew about how cosmetic surgeries and its after-effects could cause severe nerve damage in patients. 17 respondents however, familiar about Haematoma as a side effect of Cosmetic Surgery.

CHAPTER 3: Recommendation And Conclusion

The art of female beauty is a wider concept and there are various methods like cosmetic as well as plastic surgery that help a woman in enhancing her beauty. There are various techniques and different types of treatments associated with these methods that are adopted by women to aid the purpose.

However, there are various issues and dangerous risks associated with plastic and cosmetic surgeries. One such risk is of improper treatment. The results are not always expected and sometimes the women opting for these methods have certain side-effects like blisters and skin irritations. There are various factors that causes such effects post-surgery. One of the major factor is the surgeon. Women sometimes opt for those surgeons who still requires practice and lack experience. These surgeons fail to determine the elements that could affect the skin as well as the whole body. Thus, women must opt for the ones which are highly experienced in the field and must get themselves effectively checked to determine the safest treatment for their surgery that help them in enhancing their female beauty rather than causing risk to their skin.

Another risk associated with the treatment is the uneven weight distribution after Liposuction. Considered one of the most dangerous treatment, this technique is quite ineffective to certain individuals who don't stand up to the mark for treatment. In simpler words, while opting for this treatment, women must opt in for check-ups to determine if their bodies are fit enough to handle the after-effects of the treatments. One good candidate is an adult who have elastic skin and a good muscle tone and those who are within 30% of their ideal weight. Moreover, they must ensure that they are receiving proper care post-surgery and right amount of medication to reduce and mitigate any risk related to their health.

There are many other disorders associated with these surgeries like Disfigurement as well as Nerve Damage. One of the recommended ways for women opting for these treatments would be to try natural therapies and methods like Yoga and Ayurveda that could help them effectively get desired results without the risk of safety.


From the given information, it can be concluded that The Art of Female Beauty is concerned on enhancing the beauty of women and set better standards for ways in which beauty is seen and measured. The methods like Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, however contributing in enhancing this beauty, must be avoided until very necessary. It means that one must adopt natural methods as these treatments have a lot of side effects as well risk of life and damage of body parts which are too valuable for an individual to lose. Society influences the female beauty to a great extent up to which beauty and the way women live is determined. Thus, societal norms, values and beliefs must be role model for women to effectively decide upon their own beauty standards.

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