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R5080522 Sainsbury Research Proposal

University: Kensington College of Business

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1095
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0522
  • Downloads: 802
Question :
  • Marketing activities of globalization.
  • Give the impact for the global level to manage the relationship in the business.
  • Recommend the effective nature and areas to maintain the different areas and aspects.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury


Globalisation consists important role in business success so that it consider more effective work in trade and business development. It helps to gain competitive advantages that make unique products and services that develop absolute advantages in the country. With this regard, it can be stated that production also successfully develop which helps to build appropriate work in the country. Increasing in free movement of goods and services develop successfully that process several activities in all over the market (Mihajlović and Krželj&ndashČolović, 2014). As a result, global economy and concomitant also increases in trade that exists between different nations.

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Impact of globalisation on marketing activities of retail sector business & A Case Study on Sainsbury.

1.1 Research proposal

(i) Research project description

Background of the research

Globalisation is the process in which businesses operates in global market and includes overall increment of international trade. It contains flow of labour, services, goods and capital that develop effective operations across the international borders. It also creates benefits to the businesses to deal with global economy and increase more trade between different nations. Sainsbury successfully operate in different areas of the world with online and offline channel that assists to produce more effective products and services in all over the nation. With the help of this element, it can be stated that free movement of goods, services and people continuously develop in integrated manner (Bohn, Brakman and Dietzenbacher, 2018). It can be brought to gain results for opening up global economy and increase more trade as well. Furthermore, it is also useful for increasing free trade and communication between different nations with increment of technology, media, education, etc. Therefore, marketing activities successfully develop in the market that are beneficial to combine promotion and selling of goods and services. It makes positive development of the organisation which ascertained to attain overall goals.

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Rationale of the research

With the help of present research, Sainsbury can assess market elements that create major impact on its marketing functions and operations. In this regard, strategy encompasses within different countries from several regions in the world. Therefore, main aim is to develop positive marketing efforts in the markets. Furthermore, development of the businesses in different areas of the world can be successfully ascertained which interconnected and interdependent to maintain appropriate communication (Hasrati and Tavakoli, 2015). Marketing globalisation synergistic term that combine promotion and selling of goods and services that make effective organisation to develop more significant advantages. Moreover, positive growth image also successfully build that assists to focus on share partnership debate. Positive growth effect in wealthy countries also develop in trade and FDI that resulting in higher growth rates.

(ii) Research aim and objectives

Aim: &ldquoTo identify impact of globalisation on marketing activities of retail sector business &ndash A Case Study on Sainsbury.&rdquo


  • To understand the concept of globalisation and marketing activities.
  • To assess factors that create impact on Sainsbury when they are operated at global level.
  • To consider relationship between globalisation and marketing activities of the chosen business.
  • To recommend ways through marketing activities can be increases in different areas of the world.

Research questions

  • What do you understand the concept of globalisation and marketing activities?
  • What are the factors that create impact on Sainsbury when they are operated at global level?
  • How to consider relationship between globalisation and marketing activities of the chosen business?

(iii) Reasons for choosing the research project

There are several reasons due to which researcher choosing the present topic. They are as follows:

  • Researcher interest: Researcher has wide interest in order to assess globalisation impact on marketing activities of the Sainsbury. In this regard, it is essential to focus on more effectiveness that assists to focus on operations that are developed in global environment. On the basis of creativity, researcher can also identify factors that helps to develop operations in different areas. As a result, it assists to develop more significant results at workplace (Hasanen, Al-Kandari and Al-Sharoufi, 2014).
  • Research scope: Globalisation is widely used in different areas of the world to make more productive resources. In order to accomplish desired level of results, it can be stated that Sainsbury able to communicate several benefits in different areas. On the basis of creativity, research scope widely develop to grow more benefits (Ogbonna, 2017). Furthermore, globalisation gives new direction to the business to operate in different areas so that it is beneficial to focus on more creativity and effectiveness in the world.
  • Researcher knowledge: Researcher possess creative and effective knowledge in globalisation implementation which assists to focus on the creativity. In this regard, it can be stated that researcher has more knowledge in development of the business to maintain more growth with analysis different factors (Oberlander, Disdier and Etil&eacute, 2017). Therefore, it is more creative to operate in several considerations. In addition to this, it can be stated that wide knowledge also useful that create more systematic work in the present study.

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(iv) Activities and timescale

In order to consider successful implementation of research, it can be stated that there are several activities has been set as per time frame. Therefore, it assists to increase more significant advantages to regulate functioning in appropriate manner (O'Brien, 2016). On the basis of time scale, more systematic work can be successful build which would be beneficial to gain appropriate results.


In order to summarised present research proposal, it can be stated that globalisation consist important role in business success. In this way, effectiveness of the organisation develop in several areas of the world. Therefore, it assists to communicate different advantages in appropriate manner at workplace. Furthermore, timescale also implemented in which different activities set as per time frame to accomplish desired results Need assignment help? Talk to our expert.

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