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Aim of Research

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Table of Content



With the advent of globalization, we have witnessed a significant revolution in the technological landscape. This shift has introduced numerous innovative technologies that benefit humanity by reducing the effort needed to perform various tasks. These advancements have made life easier and more advanced, transforming the way we handle previously outdated tasks. Many innovations have stunned the world by introducing trends that were unheard of before, underscoring the crucial role of technology and innovation in today's era. Entrepreneurs are emerging with new discoveries that offer various services to ease human effort. Compared to the past, life has become significantly easier due to these inventions. Technology has greatly improved quality in the production sector. Moreover, it helps countries protect their citizens from natural disasters, providing safety and preparedness that result in less damage compared to previous years. As noted by Wex et al. (2014), technology aids in predicting and protecting against natural hazards. Australia, being highly prone to disasters such as cyclones, storms, bushfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, has experienced significant financial losses over the years.


According to Erdelj ,Król and Natalizio, 2017 ,Earth is considered to be most prone to several natural hazards such as biohazards, non biodegradability of the substances and many possible disasters such as earthquake, cyclones, flood etc. These may possess lot of threat to humans and other living beings on the earth. It creates lots of harm to the human beings in terms of financial as well as living aspects. These disasters has the potential of altering the environmental aspects of the area such as weather, biodiversity and most important the ecology of the particular area. It is very necessary to control these disasters which possess harm to mankind and flora and fauna.

originality in the approach

The research has been approached through the inductive method in which the study of the current scenario has been performed and further related observations has been analysed to form the hypothesis of the research so that the investigator will be able to develop various explanation s which is related to the issue and provide inductive reasoning for the researcher. The approach is completely based on the experience of learning from the topic of the research. The inductive method was selected as compared to deductive one because there was no information given to the researcher related to the topic, one has to perform investigation which should be real and related to facts and figures that has been observed as said by Chung, 2016.

Literature review

According to De Albuquerque and et.al., 2015, Earth has some natural process which leads to some critical impacts which are known as Natural Disaster. These disasters are vulnerable in the area where the human population resides. Natural hazards and disasters leads to loss of life and certain damages to the property .Majorly these calamities are due to metrological aspects that have great influence on the planet earth. These have various negative effect on the biotic substances. The relationship between the living substances and the geological processes is determined by the risk factor. As every process which is geological releases some energy as well as consumes the same which has some altered consequences to the surroundings.

These hazards can have many types of effect which are primary, secondary and tertiary where the primary effect includes the result of the process, secondary effects are arises due to the primary effects and the tertiary effects are those which has created a long term effects which are determined as the result of the the occurrence of particular primary event.

Assessment of these risk is very important to reduce the ill effects of these events which is necessary to save the mankind form the loss which can be occurred due to these factors as said by Brassard, Giles and Howitt, 2016. The frequency of any natural disasters depends upon various factors such as the size which means when anything increases from the aspected size it can create harm to life , secondly the location matters many areas are most prone to earthquakes where there is more pressure on the seismic plates under the earth crust due to heavy infrastructures in particular areas and thirdly a meteorite can create certain effects such has affecting the gravitational pull of the planet which leads to some alteration in the normal natural processes.

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Also with the advancement of the technologies and innovation now the scientist are able to detect the commencement of the particular disaster or the formation of any favourable circumstances that can lead to this.

Literature Review

De Albuquerque and et.al., 2015

In the findings it have been concluded that the natural disasters are the reasons of human made and even the meteorite's influence

Respondents have provide the answers that the natural disasters has lead to many damages of their livestocks and even their property leading to huge financial loss.

Research gap

There has been a huge gap in the research as earlier one has discussed the reasons for the occurrence of natural threats and their related impact on various biotic and abiotic components which has been just used for the knowledge purpose. But this research covers those aspects such as the forecasting and prediction of these disasters through various innovative technologies and also some discoveries which facilitates in the process of lessening the vulnerability of these disasters to minimise the loss done to the mankind as said by Alexander, 2017.


The aim of this research is to analyse the proneness of the earth to natural hazards and possible disasters.


Data Collection

According to Krüger and et.al., 2015, Data collection is the method in which the activities of gathering data from various sources are done. There are two types of data which the scholar can gather from various sources such as primary and secondary data. In this research the scholar has gathered secondary data from various sources such as from internet , various books and Journals and also the main advantage of the secondary data collection is that it is less time consuming and provides instant information and data from the sources. The main reason for selection of the secondary data over the primary one is that primary data takes lots of time to gather which in today's scenario is preferably avoided. Best Cheap assignment writing service UK from experts.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is define as the process which includes several aspects such as cleansing, transforming and data modelling in order to drench out information which is useful, relatable and precise. Data analysis has various approaches such as quantitative and qualitative analysis where the scholar will use the qualitative analysis in which he will adopt the thematic analysis which includes the formation of various themes based on several information. It provides more emphasise on examining, pinpointing and recording various patterns or themes in the collected data. These themes are considered as the patterns which are developed across the set of data which is crucial fro the description of phenomenon which are associated with the specific kind of questions related to research as defined by Birkholz and et.al., 2014.


There has been many disasters in Australia such as tropical cyclone, flood, severe storm , bushfire , landslide , earth quake , Tsunami. Bushfire is the most prone disaster which affects Australia lot. According to the study which was published in the Nature's Scientific Reports where it has been found that about 207 disasters have affected the state in the past years. Bushfire is the common one, which has resulted in the declaration of the 108 disaster which were followed by various storms and floods. This disaster have cost US$71 Billion and has claimed about 6000 lives. Using the data provided by the local government (LGAs) that particularly New South Wales are involved in the declaration of disaster on several separate occasions . Also the bushfire along with the storm has been observed the most common in the year of 2014-2015.With the analysis of data it has been found that the there is a huge lo of cluster for this disaster in the north east area of the country as mentioned by Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016. There were lots of controversies in Victoria with the threatening to various reduction of hazards which were completely out of control. The figure which was obtained is about 780 fires around the country which is almost 7 percent of the total natural disasters. These are the non structural fires which gets burn in grass reasons can be human originated or getting sucked by the lightning. This is a serious disaster which leads to burn the whole areas mostly hilly or the alpine locations. Some of the causes of the bushfire includes the lightning, arcing from the power lines which are situated at the overhead, many arsons, or the ignition caused by the accidental aspects and other sources such as agricultural grinding, cleaning , campfires, welding activities which lead to spr4ead fire across the whole land of bushy areas creating loss to human and their livestocks along with damage of property. The fire model such as the spread of Phoenix which is mostly used for the intensity, size and the fire speed. According to Wex and et.al. ,2014; There has been a wide usage of different types of methodologies fro the assessment of the threat exposure due to the bushfire attack . Over ninety percent of all the loss created due to household occurred due to this. it cost about $77 million and has extended since 1850 along with 700 fatalities which have been recorded since that particular time The quantitative analysis which is done on the information related to bushfire is not at all feasible as it creates difficulty. Analysis of risk create by this disaster is not so easy as it is very regressive in nature which can rise through even with a minute amount of fire. It has created about many threats to the wild life of the Australia and major impact on the flora and fauna.

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