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Innovation Development Process of Michelin - Marriott Hotel

University: Regent College London

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Question :
Some important assessment is mentioned below:
  • Give appropriate questions in the research title and questions.
  • Give all the primary and the secondary research work and data.
  • Recommend the effective areas of findings.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott Hotel

Title: "Exploring Innovation in Michelin-Starred Cuisine"

Abstract: Innovation is a cornerstone of success in both industries and individual endeavors, offering avenues for enhanced profitability and achievement. Within the realm of hotels and restaurants, adept innovation and development strategies pave the way for substantial competitive advantages (Sloan, Legrand, & Hindley, 2015). Particularly in the culinary domain, where trends are swiftly replicated, innovation serves as a crucial tool for restaurants to maintain a competitive edge in their offerings. By continuously refining recipes and setting new benchmarks for culinary excellence, establishments can not only bolster their immediate competitiveness but also secure long-term profitability and customer loyalty.


Introduction and Rationale

Today with increasing awareness about hygiene factor and nutritional level of food products, it becomes essential for hotels and restaurants to concern on quality of items they serve to customers. In context with innovation development process, for developing a new food product, such organisations are needed to ensure if it will be accepted by potential customers or not. As any kind of development involves a high degree of risk, therefore, before make changes in menu and recipe of food, companies need to evaluate such factors also (Mohayidin and Kamarulzaman 2014). It includes loss of interest of potential customers, quality and taste of food, etc.

This research mainly aims at describing the concept of innovation process described by Michelin-starred chefs. The term ' Michelin Star' refers as a hallmark of best dining quality with restaurants. With this assistance, present report described the process of innovation development process with some recommendation.


Aim is considered as main part of research which defines what has to be achieved at the end of an investigation. In this regard, the main aim of present research is The innovation development process of Michelin-starred chefs”.


It defines measurable outcomes as well as steps by which a research can be carried out in specific manner. With this assistance, main objectives of present research are given as below:-

  • To study on creativity and innovation in Haute Cuisine.
  • To evaluate impact of managing culinary innovation process.
  • To find out basic difference between traditional and Michelin starred chefs for new product development.
  • To research on innovation development process of Michelin starred chef.
  • To recommend ways of innovation development process of Michelin starred chef.

Research questions:

  • What is the concept of creativity and innovation in Haute Cuisine?
  • How to evaluate impact of managing culinary innovation process?
  • What is the basic difference between traditional and Michelin starred chefs for new product development?
  • How to conduct research on innovation development process of Michelin starred chef?
  • What are the ways of innovation development process of Michelin starred chef?

Literature review

Creativity and innovation in Haute Cuisine

According to view point of Wong, Wan and Qi (2015), it has ascertained that the term Haute cuisine is defined as cuisine of kitchen style which emphasized on preparation and presentation of food. In this regard, behind building reputation and set benchmark for food and taste in mind of customers, highly skilled chefs play a vital role. Therefore, using concept of Haute Cuisine, chefs focused more on high-quality ingredients rather than on quantity of food.

Michelin star refers to a hallmark of finest dining quality within restaurants which promote Michelin star status. It is also termed rating system where restaurants are awarded with one-star, two-star and three-star category. Here 1-Star stated as 'a fine restaurant' and 2-Star for 'excellent cooking which is worth a detour' (Lu, Gursoy and Lu, 2015). Other than this, 3-Star signifies as 'exceptional haute cuisine which is worth a special journey'.

Impact of managing culinary innovation process

According to opinion of Bowie and et. al. (2016), it has analysed that culinary process refers to preparing and presenting food products within restaurant in attractive manner. In context with haute cusine establishment, culinary innovation process is completely different, as it focuses more on arts of preparation, cooking and presentation of food. Culinary innovation process brings together multi-cuisine (fusion-cuisine) for new product development. Therefore, to manage this kind of innovation process including haute cuisine, a restaurant managers need to make a proper project management plan. This will describe in what manner, chefs can improve quality of food and increase its taste in healthy manner.

Basic difference between traditional and Michelin starred chefs for new product development

As per the view of Ivanov, (2014), it has evaluated that concept of traditional and Michelin starred chefs for new product development is completely different. Michelin starred chef focuses on introducing best quality of ingredients for food and recipe development in order to create fine dinning quality. While traditional process emphasis on developing skills of chefs for making innovation in food products. To gain 3-Star Michelin-starred, chefs give their best for presenting best quality of food. It will lead to restaurants to set a benchmark in innovation process and gain high competitive advantage for longer period of time.

Innovation development process of Michelin starred chef

According to Ozdemir and Caliskan (2014), the innovation development process defines a procedure to develop a new food product in restaurants. It includes seven main stages that are- idea generation, screening, business analysis, final testing, training and commercialisation. Under this process, several strategic ideas are formulated for development process which guides how to develop a new dish. Furthermore, for successful innovation, chefs are also required to concern on three main aspects that are Taste, Texture and Colour. Combining these three factors, restaurant can provide a great taste experience to customers by offering new innovative dish.


1. Secondary research

It refers to one of the best research methodologies that give sources by which investigators can collect information more easily. It includes books and journals available on various websites of internet applications, newspapers and magazines etc. Here both kinds of published and unpublished data are available that helps project makers in collecting relevant information about a certain topic. But due to availability of various websites on same topic sometime it seems to be toughest task to extract reliable and accurate information. Therefore, mostly people use primary research method for gathering data when concern about authenticity and reliability.

2. Primary research

This source of research methodology helps investigators in finding and collecting proper information of a topic. Questionnaire, survey (online and offline), focus group interview, etc. are some methods of primary research by which project makers can find accurate information. The main advantage of this methodology is that it gives reliable and original data as compared to secondary research. But for conducting this type of research, a user needs to a sufficient amount of time and capital. Therefore, it shows cost ineffectiveness and time consuming aspects of primary research.

2.1 Questionnaire

It is the most useful technique of primary data collection methods, where investigators are required design a proper questionnaire. It includes some relevant questions of a specific which will further filled by some respondents. This will help in analysing opinion and perception of people according to which major conclusion can be drawn for business activities. Usually, questionnaire is designed for analysing responses of targeted audience in statistical manner. The main beneficial point of this method is that it looks cost-efficient because a questionnaire is just needs to be placed on websites or e-mailed to selected users. It is also practical and easy method as well as covers all aspects of a topic. But lack of willingness of participants, difficulties to analyse and interpretation, shortage of personalisation etc. are some aspects which show drawback of this method also.

2.2 Focus group interview

It refers to qualitative type of research method where an open discussion is made with selective respondents about a common topic. Under this process, some questions are asked to group in order to know their perceptions, views, preference towards new product development etc. This would help decisions makers to analyse response of targeted audience and take decisions accordingly in business. Therefore, this method is useful for obtaining useful information in simple and easy manner. It creates transparency in result also as well as save time and money both. But this technique of primary research fails to give in-depth analysis as compared to other methods.

2.3 Research approach

A research approach is an assumption and detailed interpretation of data collection and analysis. There are two types of research approach .i.e. inductive and deductive. A inductive approach is qualitative approach which focuses more on quality of data collection and interpretation. It mainly focuses on generating new theory from the data collected. On the other hand, deductive approach is basically a quantitative approach that gives more emphasis on quantity of an research topic. The main aim of deductive approach is to focus on testing a theory. In this present research, an investigator used inductive research to attain its aims and objectives.

Analysis of findings and discussions

Quality of food can be stated as degree of excellence of food items. It includes factors like taste, nutritional level, appearance, hygiene and more (Samori, Ishak and Kassan, 2014). Therefore, from food safety point of view, it is essential for restaurants and hotel industries to monitor the quality of eatable items. Along with this, in order to gain retention of people, it is also necessary for hotels and restaurants towards innovation development process. This would help in getting high competitive advantage also. As per basis on analysis of Michelin-starred chef's descriptions, it has evaluated that innovation development process can be successfully introduced within restaurant by concerning on seven main steps. These strategies are idea generation, idea screening, business analysis, final testing, training and commercialisation. Through literature review and other methods of secondary research, it has summarised that under first stage i.e. idea generation, chefs are required to analyse taste and preference of customers. This would help generating a proper idea for creating innovation in products or services within restaurants. After generating the cooking idea concept, next stage is screening where a trial method is used for developing a new dish. For this process, a sample is offered to potential customers and further their feedback is taken. This would help in analysing success of such innovation (Wang, 2015). In the next step which is concept development, management will make a proper plan about working instruction including presenting and photographing final dish.

Through present research, it has evaluated that recipe development or innovating a new dish is not as simple as it looks. It requires effective management technique who will help chefs in providing an easy road map for producing a great innovative food. Further, by developing a perfect team of chefs, it becomes easy for restaurants to produce best food. For example, a recipe development for a seafood dish is quite much challenging because when an experiment is done with meat then it is almost impossible to cook exact the same again. So, it causes variance in same kind of cooking dishes. Another reason behind failure is that there are 16 slightly different taste of seafood. Therefore, creating innovation with such kind of foodstuffs is really hard to achieve success (Laura Sidali and Hemmerling, 2014). For addressing such kind of issues, innovation development process as per Michelin chefs, management of restaurants are required to give substantial training to chefs. This would help in developing skills and knowledge of chefs and make them able to create innovation in products.

It has been analysed that by giving proper training to their staff and at the end by testing them at various stages restaurants bring out best from their staff. It will helps staff members in knowing elements and sequence of a particular dish. It is essential for an restaurant to have testing resources that can helps them in identifying quality of dishes. The restaurant managers, friends and regular customers can act as a testing resources but they should have good sensibility regarding dishes. In this context, Michelin-starred chefs test their dish from one or more sources in order to provide best in quality dish to their customers. In final testing, it is important for restaurants to taste their dishes under normal conditions. The final step in this process is commercialisation, in which restaurants want to know level of their customer satisfaction by taking instant feedback them. This step also involves measuring sales of a new dish as compared to other dishes in the menu. The creation of innovative dishes in their menu helps restaurants in attracting their customers and in improving their sales in a competitive business environment.


It has concluded from this research that to stay in competition and gain retention of customers, today every company used to create innovation in products or services. Similarly hotel industries are also looked out the same, to gain retention of customers, they have carried out to make innovation in food items. For this process, to offer a wide variety of food, they concern on creation of recipe development. In this regard, for developing recipe, chefs mainly focus on understanding the concept of culinary and haute cuisine system. This would aid restaurants in developing innovation in food products and keeping portfolio to be more competitive. Take Assignment Help Glasgow service from Instant Assignment Help. They are the best assignment writing service providers in the UK. Their experts are highly qualified and skilled. They will provide you with a plagiarized free assignment at a low price which will help you in achieving A+ grades. So contact Instant Assignment Help for the assignment writing service.

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As per this report to create innovation in food items and recipe development, it has recommended to Michelin-starred chefs to offer organic food to customers. Today people concerns on eating organic food mostly which doesn’t create harm for their health. Along with this, such type of food items also includes a wide variety of foodstuffs. This would help in developing new recipe and making experimentation with items. Along with this, offering organic food items also minimise risk factors associated with new product development.

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