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Equality and Diversity

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 8 / Words 1909
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This assessment will require certain question needed to be answered they are like:

  • Elaborate equality and diversity
  • What is the effective impact of prejudice discrimination
  • Give the legislation that is applied to all equality and diversity.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Teesside University


Equality and diversity is defined as promoting equality of opportunity for all through diversity and giving each individual the chance to created more effectiveness for business. Equality is about ensuring has an equal opportunity and is not treated differently. On the other side, diversity is about taking account of differences between people and group of people. The selected topic for present report is “Adults with learning difficulties and disability”. This reduce intellectual ability and difficulties with adults. This creates negative impact on business and its effectiveness. The report will define a key terms and how that promote equality and diversity in selected areas. This explains the impact of prejudice and discriminations and applicability of legislations.


Define and explain key terms.

A learning disability is reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with every day activities. A specific learning disorder is diagnosed through a clinical review of individuals developmental, medical, educational (Brockett and Hiemstra, 2018). The adults are not able to gives a proper attention as compare with children. With adults learning is more difficulties because they have some characteristics which includes area of difficulties which are as follows:

  • Difficulty with reading and writing.
  • Poor memory.
  • Difficulty following directions.
  • Inability to discrimination between among latter and numbers and sounds.
  • Not able to make proper coordination with eye and hand.
  • Difficulty for putting things in the right sequence.
  • Difficulty for adjusting to change.

Those are creates problems with adults at the time of learnings thinks in appropriate manner. The adults are disabled tend to take longer to learn and may need support to develop skills, understand complicated information and interact with people. This creates more difficulties for youngsters, learning with adults.

Equality and diversity promoted in adults with learning difficulties/disabilities.

Equality and diversity is important think which helps to motivate people at workplace and schools (Leberman and McDonald, 2016). That is very important to creates and promote at workplace and at the time of learning because through that peoples are learned various thinks and learning ability of adults. This helps to learner and teacher to teach appropriate in positive manner by creating more significance.

For that here is select various thinks which are help to promoted equality and diversity in adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. Those are as follows:

  • This can be promoted by creating an inclusive culture for the adults learners: through that adults are learned fast because they have effective and best historical knowledge which reflects more effective as well as they have hard culture knowledge. With the helps of these adults are learns various thinks in effective manner (Merriam, 2018).
  • Making proper certain that any learning materials do not discriminate against any individuals: this helps to adults for learn properly with matching criteria of learns. This creates more effectiveness for peoples to learn more growth factors in appropriate manner. This helps to promote equality and diversity at workplace or schools with adults.
  • Provide equal opportunity to enable adults learners to fully participant in learning process: this opportunity is creates positive learnings for people in effective manner. With the helps of adults gets proper thinking and participation chance about giving and performing practical works. This helps to make proper and effective works force for company work in respective manner.
  • Enabling adult's learner to develop their full potential: this is effective action which have effective and strong need to develop more growth factors (Russell, 2019). This creates more significance for learners. In that coaches required to provide proper knowledge to learners for develop their fullest potentials.
  • Meeting needs of learners: this helps to create more effectiveness learners in appropriate manner. This creates more suitability for adults to done their learnings in proper manner. This creates more effectiveness for learner to in effectiveness. For the learners and tutor only comes into the centre for a couple of hours a week, there may be a little incentive to take a part in evaluation.

Those are the ways which are helps to creates effectiveness for adults to learn better to well as promoted equality and diversity in adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. This creates more effectiveness for the learners to learn various thinks to produce learning in positive manner.

Impact of prejudice and discrimination.

All the people deal with prejudice which defines a negative attitude towards others based on a prejudgement about those individuals based on the little prior knowledge and experience. The prejudgement is gives negative impact on people and creates negative environment. This creates a negative though in adults minds. The people with disabilities are diverse group like visually, hearing and person with higher age group is created negative impact on adults. Those impacts. This creates a negative impact on the adults because of any discrimination with adults are demotivate to them towards learnings. They are not learned various thinks with the presences of any discrimination at the workplace. Adults are already weaker to learn thinks because they weaker eye site, listening ability is also weaker. In that case any discrimination is creates demotivation in adults for learning in better manner (Sogunro, 2015).

If any discrimination is done with adults then they are punished as per rules and regulations because this is illegal process and which is not done with any people and adults at workplace and learning time. This affected by disempowerments of individuals.

On the other side, the prejudgement is think before like they have not any capabilities to done think and learn in proper manner. This creates more negative impact on adult's morale because some people are thinks that they have not any ability to learn thinks. The continue to impact disabled persons economically, by limiting their ability to join the workforce and make a living (Field and Network, 2016). This may be at workplace and schools. The prejudgement is also affected to employment with adults. Like management at workplace think they have any ability to do works as well as what they do in works because they have to proper vision and ability to learner thinks in appropriate manner. The adults with learning is creates more difficulties and disabilities to learn thinks and understand works process and style at work place and learning places. Those are the impacts of prejudgement and discrimination with adults learning.

Applicability of human rights within health care and implications of current equality legislations.

The human rights to health means that everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental healths. There are various rights which important within the health care sectors. These are creates more effectiveness for work and its growth factors by creating various plans. The human have rights to life saving medical treatment. That is called into the questions the rights to life and the right of the individual to choose to die. All people have rights to work properly and gain proper services with the health care sectors.

On the other side, there have different types of current equality legislations which are explored as follows:

  • Age discrimination act: the people at the workplace and learning time are already protected against age discrimination. The age discrimination in provision of services and public functions for adults included in the equalities act and was implemented in health care sector in effective manner for proper growth.
  • Carers equal opportunity act: this act is protect adults from any disabilities which is happening to them at workplace and learning time. This law protects carers from discrimination through the association with the person they care for. If person lacks the capacity to make a decision or to consent to care and treatment in the health care sectors, then provider of health or social care services must act in the best interests of that person.
  • Human right act: this act is enforce the fundamental rights and freedoms contained in the convention on human rights. This provides dignity in care includes a various rights and responsibilities. The fundamental rights are includes rights which impact directly on services provision in the health and social care sectors. This helps to provide equal rights to adults and another for learning better and in effective manner. This creates more effectiveness for business and its effective growth.

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Those are the important and effective law which are possible implicated for health care of current equality legislations. This is an effective and valuable for providing equal opportunity to adults with learning disabilities and difficulties.

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From the above, study it had been concluded that the equality and diversity has important and effective part of everyone life which reflects proper motivation in persons life. This has also important and effective for adults with learning disabilities and difficulties. The report has covered by different ways to promote equality and diversity within health care and learning with adults disability and difficulties. Adults with learning impacted by prejudgement and discrimination at workplace and learning time. At the end of report, it represents applicability of human rights within the health care and currents equality legislations. Instant Assignment Help provides the best online assignment help to primary, high-school, college, and graduate students who are struggling with their academics. Right from the homework, and assignment to a dissertation, we provide assistance in all types of academic writing. If you need coursework help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution. Our experts can deliver the best work before the deadline right to your mail.

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