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Personal and professional development

University: Coventry University

  • Unit No: 16
  • Level: High school
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Personal and professional development is a formal means by which an individual sets goals, strategies and outcomes of learning and training. It is mainly used in providing large variety of professional and specialised training that assist administration and other trainers to train employees in effective manner (Hildebrand, 2018). Moreover, an effective professional development provides higher growth for a particular individual's career. In this report the organisation chosen is Travelodge. It is basically operated by independent companies who have no connection with brand in other countries. This report is going to analysis various approaches which are useful in managing and self learning as well as understanding self managed learning and development skills of an individual. Moreover, respective organisation also measure current abilities and skill of professional development and organisation standard.


1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning

Self managed learning is a continuous and gradual process in which an individual take initiative steps to formulate effective learning strategies to enhance self development. It is also known as learning by self motivation (Moon, 2013). There are many approaches mentioned below through which an individual can set their clear goals and evaluate their purpose of planning and learning to achieve their targets.

Seminars and Conferences: It is one of the best way to manage self learning process. If an individual attend seminars and conferences then there is a wide chance to share ideas and self experience. It will benefit an employee or an individual in their personality development and to improve personal skill. By sharing ideas and self experience, person comes up with different new ideas. This will increase person's capability and confidence to speak up in public.

Internet: There are wide range of social networks that include twitter, Facebook and different other sites through which an individual can access diverse range of knowledge platform for example, they can take advantage of sites like google scholar in order to access wide area of academic journals. They can acquire knowledge of various writers concerning subjects like management studies and business management. This will benefit individual to develop their skills in private and professional context both.

Training Programmes: Training programmes are especially designed to train individuals and employees in relational to specific skills (Elliott, 2012.). This will benefit each and every individual to enhance their skills and capabilities.

The above mention are some of the approaches of self learning that will help managers of Travelodge in providing training to employees in self-managing and growing themselves. Moreover, they are adopting conferences and seminar for self development of theiremployees.

1.2 Life long learning process in personal and professional

Travelodge are using numerous ways in encouraging life long learning process for its employees so that it is beneficialfor both individual and organisation. Itis needed for employees who are interested in learning and acquiring new things for enhancing their growth and development in personal as well as in professional life. Some of the life long learning process adopted by Travelodge managers are determined below:

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Continuous professional development: Continuous professional development refers to the process of tracking and documenting skills, knowledge and experiencethat help inlife long learning process,as this help in managing and developingan individualknowledge on an ongoing process.

Further learning: In an organisation managers are enabling theiremployees in continuous education for ensuring a highly skilledand knowledgable workforce. This will help an individual in lifelong learning as a means of upward career mobility, job enhancements and it will enriched quality of life.

Apprenticeship: An apprenticeshipis a new way of learning in profession with on the job training. It help individual and professionto learn on continuous basis during theirjob as mostly trainingis done while working.Thus, it is useful for both employees and organisation to attain theirobjectives.

As a managers of Travelodge, they are adopting life long learning processin developing knowledge of employees that is helpful in both personal and professional life.They are encouraging theiremployees in enacting their knowledge on continuous basis while working . Moreover, it is beneficial both organisation and employee.

1.3 Benefits of self-managed learning to individual and organisation

Self-managed learning is a process by which an individual takes initiative in formulating and learning goals that is essential in one life's. This process of learning is beneficial for both individual and organisation as it is influenced by performance of employees. The benefits of self learning are as follows:

Benefits to individual in Travelodge: Self managed is a learning process that is more effective in learning some specific skills through self managed learning. As it is flexible in nature which help an individual's to become more comfortable through self learning (Trede, Macklin and Bridges, 2012). This process also help an individual in formal learning but sometimes it is not accessible to individual always. Moreover, it will help individual to build ability to deal in complex situation, improving working performance and help in decision making process which is appropriate for both individual and organisation. For example: Learning while performing job task and going knowledge from conferences and seminars.

Benefit for Travelodge: One of the most benefit of self managed learning process in organisation is that it will help managers of Travelodge in reducing cost of learning process. This process improves knowledge and skills and ultimately organisation will be benefited in terms of having efficient and skills employees. Thus, it will lead to increase profitability of their organisation by performing in appropriate manner.


2.1Evaluating skills and competencies against professional standards and organisation objectives

Skills are self assessment where an individual willing to modify their abilities and qualities according to requirement (Forte and Flores, 2014).Travelodge wants to make sure that their goals and objectives are fulfil that includes specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. These are some of assessment that are evaluated in their employees.

Personal Audit

Skills and Competencies


Score from others


Good communication skills




Personal and interpersonal skills



Leadership skills




Confidence and trust




Time management and problem solving skills




From the above evaluation it can be identified that a hotel management in Travelodge can assist with its own skills and competencies in meeting organisation's objectives. In the above mention tables positive value indicates that skills are appropriate in meeting objectives of organisation. Where as negative means an individual need to work upon their skills to meet up organisation objectives and goals of organisation. Such as an individual acquire good communication skills, personal and interpersonal skills. confident and trust are positive result in acquiring a position in an organisation. Where as individual do have some of negative values such as honesty and friendly in nature and have poor leadership skills. Thus, this process of evaluation will able to meet an individual a professional standard and fulfil objectives of organisation.

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2.2 Identifying development needs and activities to meet organisation objectives

Required skills: An assistant managerworks with ahead and perform a number of supervisory duties. An manager required to have strong attention to details and able toeffective take direction from an immediate supervision. Moreover, an assistant managers position required good leadership ability, responsibilities, ability to follow directions and must have good decision making capabilities.

Here are some of the skill are required to improve for the job position of assistant managers are as follows:

Leadership skills: Leadership skills need to have assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence and conscientiousness are most important in an individual to have this skills. An individual can improve by having a clear vision, knowing utilising strengths and weaknesses, be passionate, serve bas a role model. Moreover setting out definitive gaols and follow concrete actions plan.

Personal and interpersonal skills: Interpersonal skills from an integral part of professional toolbox. An individual can improve this skills by adopting various aspects. Such as cultivating positive outlook, controlling emotion, having good trait among co workers. Moreover, becoming active and assertiveness in an organisation and maintaining good relation between employer and employees.

The above mention are some skills that are essential for the job position of assistant managers. To have this position an individual is need to improve its skills and become efficient for obtaining this position.

2.3 Identifying development opportunities to meet current and future needs

Development in a work provides an efficient means of developing workforce. In a workplace development opportunities are available to all workers as it help an organisation to have a win- win strategy. Herein, there are some of development opportunities that help to improve skills and meet current and future needs are determined below:

Monitoring: Monitoring is very powerful tool for developing opportunities and often has huge benefits for achieving current as well as future needs of an organisation. The managers need to do continuous monitoring for creating and developing opportunities needs which are beneficial for an organisation.

Employees growth and development: Opportunities growth and development help employees to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities and apply the competencies to meet up the current and future needs. If an organisation have skilled employees they will able to meet up the current as well as future that are necessary for an organisation to meet their gaols and objectives at a stipulated time period.

Above mention are some of the elements that are essential for Travelodge in meeting up current and future needs of organisation. As this development opportunities and need needs help in achieving goals and objective in an appropriate manner and remain competitive in market place.

2.4 Personal and professional development plan based on identified needs

Personal and professional development plan in essential in analysing an individual self strengths and weaknesses. I help an individual to utilises their weak points and overcome from it in an efficient manner.



Learning target

Present Proficiency

Target Proficiency

Development Opportunities

Criteria for Judging Attainment

Time Scale


Leadership Skills



An individual can improve this skills by by having a clear vision, knowing utilising strengths and weaknesses, be passionate, serve bas a role model. Moreover setting out definitive gaols and follow concrete actions plan.


50 days


Personal and interpersoanl skills



An individual can havea cultivating positive outlook, controlling emotion, having good trait among co workers. Becoming active and assertiveness in an organisation and maintaining good relation between employer and employees.

Peers and collegues

60 days


Time management and problem solving skills



An individual acn over come from this skillsby joing various class of problem solving skills. Working continuously on time managment process to over this weakness.

Managers and supervisior



3.1 Process and activities required in implementing development plan

In an organisation it strategic planning is not working in proper manner then a manager will not able to attain success in business. Herein, there are some of the activities that are required in implementation and development of plan are determined below:

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Goals and objectives

Short Term

Mid Term

Long Term

Achieving targets of an organisation.

Herein, a manager need to enhance skills in an effective manner.

In mid term it will assist in improving capabilities and abilities of employees in achieving it.

Lastly, accomplishing an organisation goals and objectives in stipulated time period.

Acquiring more skills and knowledge

Here, it is need to add more skills and knowledge in achieving objectives.

By acquiring various training class, seminar and session etc..

This will be effective in attaining long term success for a respective organisation.

Learning new skills and technologies.

Enacting with new skills and technical advancements at higher level of requirement.

Working with different skills and knowledge and encouraging towards future development

Herein, new advancements and skills will help an organisation in achieving their goals and objectives in efficient manner.


3 months

7 months

1 year

Herein, the above mention are some of the activities that are essential in developing an proper plan. If mangers work according to the assessment of plan then will able to its goals and objectives in stipulated time period.

3.2 Undertaking and document development activities

Time Period

Action Interpreted

What is learn till now

What is required to do next

Estimated time

3 months

Herein, managers are choosing democratic for effective leadership and skill development


This help in taking appropriate decision making process which is effective for an organisation

This will more beneficial in attending more classes and participating in conferences and seminar etc..

3-4 months

3 moths

Here managers need to adopt new technologies and different new methods for goods and services

Such as meeting quality standards according to need and demand of customers.

Herein, managers need to focus more of human resource management by proving training and development to its employees.

3-5 months

The above mentions are certain activities which are undertaken by managers in proper development of plan. Moreover, it will help in attaining success if this has been worked out in proper manner in order to meet up organisation goals and objectives.

3.3 Reflect critically on learnings against original aims and objectives in development plan

For implementation of plan an manger need to supervise continuously on its employees, staff and workers in effective manner for growth of plan development. Herein, there are certain methods of learning against original aims and objectives of development plan, which are mention below:

Motivation: Motivation plays a vital roles in an organisation. Herein, a managers need to encourage its employees for achieving effective targets, goals and objectives of a particular organisation (Macià and García, 2016). They required to motivate their employees in completing their task. Furthermore, the main objective of mangers is to analyse each and ever individual in an organisation and encourage them to complete their task in time.

Superior knowledge and experiences: A mangers need to evaluate skills and knowledge of each and every employees in an organisation. Herein, a manger need to evaluate past knowledge and experience of employees and according assist task in critical situation with challenges and opportunities in it. Learning and gaining knowledge is an ongoing and life going process that is beneficial for both employees and organisation.

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The above mention points will help managers in implementation of plan by critically evaluating aims and objectives in development plan.

3.4 Update development plan based on feedback and evaluation




Advancements and technologies

Adopting various advancements and new technologies in increasing productivity.

Need to focus on more evaluation process and focusing on data management by using various methods and process.

Leadership and problem solving skills.

It is necessary for a mangers to improve leadership and problem solving skills in an organisation.

Herein, it can be done done by attaining various classes, seminars and conferences. Moreover, meeting new people and attending meetings that are helpful.

Updating action plan development

Plan Objectives

Why objective was not achievable

What are requirement to undertake in achieving objectives

Time period for completion

Improving management strategies

This were not able to achieve to to lack of tools and resources

For this purpose an manger need to adopt latests methods and technologies for overcoming barriers.

3 Months

Improving leadership skills

Due to lack of proper guidance and supervision

Here a manger need to provide various classes, conduct seminar and classes foe employees

On regular period of time-management.


4.1 Selecting Solution to work based problems

In an organisation there is process which help in making solution foe the work based process. Herein, some of the steps are determined below:

Identification of issues: If mangers are able to solve issues then they need to analysis entire organisation. From this they will able to overcome with sudden problems in business problems and its day to day activities.

Potential solution: The potential solution stage is need to find out situate resolution of business problems (StJean, 2012). Moreover, this solution help in resolving conflicts among employees and leads reduce working pressure.

Evaluation Option: Evaluation is that process of business resources that help in choosing best alternative solution in arising problems and issues in an organisation. As it is helpful for mangers in providing strong and best decision that is beneficial for an organisation.

This are some of the steps that help managers in taking best solution in work based problems by evaluating situation and criteria of an organisation.

4.2 Various learning skills and styles help in overcoming problems

In an organisation communication is an important to solve various issues in an effective manner. Herein, there are different types of learning skills and techniques which help individual and employees in attributing proper knowledge and skills in performing their task.

Controller style: Controller style is autocratic in nature. In this style an individual demand of doing doing by himself. Herein, in this style an individual is not good in doing their task with team members. Thus, it help in enhancing problem for good and efficient workers by using orientation and focusing on achieving goals.

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Supporter Style: In this type of style, an individual is low minded personality. Moreover, they praise other members too for not doing effective work and maintaining low interest in their assigned task.

Analyser style: In this style, personality of an individual are asset for a particular organisation (Little, 2012). Herein, employees are highly skilled with knowledge and capabilities to deal in critical situations.

Promoter style: This style is know for social and extrovert person as they easily make comfortable place for working for them and its team members. It help in enacting growth and profitability in effective manner.

4.3 Evaluating uses of effective time-management strategies

In context to organisation effective time management strategies are important as it help in increasing efficiency level of an businesses. Some effective time-management strategies are as follows:

Using designing tools: The time management strategies use various design and methods in implementing task and process (Brody and Hadar, 2015). Here, this process will help mangers to increase their profitability and productivity as well help them to remain competitive in market.

Setting preferences: A manger need to set preferences in order to meet organisation goals and objectives. Moreover this will help managers in providing effective learning skills and knowledge to its employees and able them to attain their sets targets and achievement.

The above mention strategies will help managers in evaluating effective time-management strategies. As this strategies will help them in maintaining time period and moreover attain goals and objective of organisation in stipulated time period.


From the above discussion it has been concluded that personal and professional development are helping individual and organisation to achieve high growth. Self learning process is helping individual and employees in identifying various ways of self learning and acquiring knowledge trough it. Moreover, using different learning methods and techniques which help in enhancing knowledge and skills of employers and employees. Furthermore, Travelodge required to achieve its goals and objectives by updating its development plan based on feedback and evaluation process.


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