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SIM335 Managing Projects- ABC PLC

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 12 / Words 3053
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: SIM335
  • Downloads: 1084
Question :
  •  Elaborate the key areas and characteristics if the project.
  •  Give appropriate budget in the project in John.
  •  What is controlling, monitoring and managing.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ABC PLC


Managing projects is the process of initiating something to achieve by planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. Every project has been based on some specific purposes or some specific target. Present study will be explaining about the purposes and growth into more appropriate manner to describe into more specific manner. It explains about the keep characteristics of managing projects or scope of the project as well. However, in the second part of the study will be based on the case of John who is an employee of UK based food and drinks retailer ABC PLC. Apart from that, it helps to discover the new managing successful task. Report also explains the uncritical knowledge of main concepts and theories.

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Key Characteristics of Project

Project is the process which is based on different activities that should be carried out to obtain certain objectives in a certain time and certain locality (Kirk and et.al., 2017). Some projects based on customer satisfaction, company projects or some of them based on company expansion. There are some common characteristics of project. For example : present project based on to developing new customer product.

  • Every project has some certain starting or ending date.
  • Projects ends when all goals or task has been accomplished or when the goals are not achieved.
  • Moreover, it includes the better form of results and goal oriented task for accomplishing the project task.
  • Project management plan would help to create new product or services in order to meet out the goals.
  • 2 Scope statements for a project and WBS

Project scope management helps project manager to accomplished the required work into proper effective manner. To produce new project goals and new managing task full growth will helpful to accomplished the customer satisfaction and managing successful business growth. Good scope statement includes the following information targets (Vijayasarathy and Butler, 2016). Apart from that, it helps to discover the new managing successful business growth in order to meet out the project planning.

Project process helps to deliver the results and long term growth channel. To delivers the best source outcomes. In order to meet out the best performing channels and growth oriented results.

Work break down structure

Work break down structure is the process or form of activities which delivers outcomes on the basis of breaks task into smaller components (Vijayasarathy and Butler, 2016). Work break down structure may be a product, data, service or any combination thereof. Apart from that, work break down structure helps to fulfilled task into faster manner. Each activity relates with other activities in WBS which helps to take all task together in systematic manner.

Project Gantt chart and identify the Critical Path.

Gantt Chart


Aims and objectives

Literature review

Research methodologies

Data collection

Data analysis

Data interpretation

Finding and conclusion


Execute the plan


Approaches exist to generate a budget for a specific project budget

 There are so many approaches that exist while generating the budget for a specific budget  and some of them are as follows:

  • Top down: Under this method, project uses the actual work and cost of estimates from the similar part of past project that is done before (Bharara and et.al., 2017). The biggest advantage of using this approach is such that its main focus on achieving the project for the budget that is allocated and reduce the wasteful practices.
  • Bottom up: It also involve the final budget and which needs to be identified the task and activities to complete the project. Even the direct as well as indirect cost are also calculated for each work.
  • Expert judgement: Bringing he person who is specializes in a work and done the work who will have the insight for both the people as well as cost.

Presenting how project risk arises

There are so many reasons of not completing the project on time, one of the common risk is resource and scheduling risk. In this the work is not met with its proper time and on the other side, a big project needs so many employees who support this and the lack of resources also delay the project (Hillson,  2017).

In order to mitigate this Work break down structure (WBS) and Responsibility, accountability, consulting and information (RACI) or Gantt chart is helpful to reduce the chances of risk.

Presenting the quality methods to ensure the project is completed successfully

Project evaluation: In order to complete the project, project evaluation should be consider. It is a systematically and objective assessment and its main aim is to determine the relevance as well as level of achievement of projects objectives, effectiveness of development, impact and sustainability.

Monitoring: Another step is to monitor the progress of the project and check the project is not going off the track. Following the project and take a regular feedback from the team as well as colleagues for their further progress (Harrison and Lock, 2017).

Control: In order to managing the risk a and also control the risk factor that creates hurdles for the progress of the project. Also check the project deliverable for quality and through control measures, the project risk factors can be mitigated. 


Presenting the activities which are required to successfully manage the project

John who is senior employee of the company ABC PLC. Recently John is hired in order to planning, implementation and termination of the acquisition of the project (Tonchia, Tonchia and Mahagaonkar, 2018). For this reason, John provides 5 stages of the project success which are as follows:

  • Initiation: First step which states that starting off a project.
  • Planning: the strategies needs to be developed in order to enhances the progress of the work project.
  • Execution: in this stage, the work is actually perform in order to keep on track the project.
  • Managing and controlling: in this stage, the work in monitored and checking the project is in progress or not (Webb,  2017).
  • Closing: The last stage in which the project is completing and delivering the project.

There are so many activities which are required to successfully manage the project and this activities are as follows:

  • Plan the project: It is the first activity which consist the basic outline of the the project report and this is define the goals which needs to be addresses in proper time. In this stage, John should assign the work to their team members in order to complete the work on time. In the planning of the project, next comes creates a timeline and break down the task into sub parts so that it will be helpful to do the work on time.
  • Keep the project on track: To keep the project on time. As John is a project management team head and it is the duty of John to keep monitoring the work which is assigned to them is proper on progress or not (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). Scheduling the work work and assign the work in regular intervals and keep communicating with the team members will be helpful to get idea for John whether the work is done in proper time or not. In the case, if any team mates will faces any difficulty then it is a duty of the John to look after this and provide direction in order to complete the work on time.
  • Time management: It is an important activity which John should be kept in mind while dealing with any problem. Each work should be done on proper time and by taking feedback from the team members as well as customers review which will be helpful for John to complete the work on time. Completing the work on time is the another main key aspect that helps John to manage the project on time.
  • Budget: For every assigned task, there is  a budget assigned to the every department in order to complete the work on time. For this activity, budget should be determine by John in order to complete the work in the prescribed time. And then monitoring the project so that it will be helpful to identify the project is on the track or not.
  • Quality management: The project which is actually going to do in the work should be defined properly. The management of the team is such a way that it affect the overall performance so that this project is done on time (McMahon and et.al., 2017).

Analysis project management skills and project management process

Project management is not an easy job and needs significant efforts, It consists important steps and stages from the initiation, planning , executing and controlling of the project to its closing. The most challenging part is that a project is delegated to team with specific objectives and goals in order to achieve over a pre-determined budget over a defined timeline. A effective and successful project manager is an individual who can keep projects and the team on track. It requires more than only technical knowledge and attributes. The main requirement is being able to manage a project on time and on specific budget by obtaining the confidence of every stakeholders and leading a highly encouraged and motivated team to a successful result or outcome.  There are seven main and important skills needed by project managers as discussed below -

  1. Good leadership - It is important for a project manager to be responsible not only to lead the project to a successful completion but also responsible for leading a team for achieving that goal or objective. In order to manage each and everything in an efficient manner, it is important for the project manager to mediate and motivate employees whenever necessary. Some believes that people are born with leadership skills whereas other think that every individual has the potential to learn the application of proven learning techniques and skills. Effective training can help to learn skills essential to be a good leader. For example - scenario or simulations based training videos helps employees to experience real working situations that prepares them to face any issue or challenge in their daily tasks or jobs.
  2. Effective communication - Important qualities of successful project managers are great skills of communication along with a high emotional intelligence. There are concise and clear in the way they interact or communicate, such as honest and prompt communication gives credibility to the project mangers immediately. It also helps in increasing likelihood of a successful project. Each and every stakeholder is more likely to be engaged if the project manager interacts or communicate in a well manner. For example - At the beginning of any project, it is important for the project manger to ask the right questions and set clear objectives or goals for the result or outcome. They are also require to communicate well with vendors, colleagues and customers.
  3. Risk management - There are situations where things does not go as expected on projects , experienced project managers are more likely to be aware of this and plan for the same. Knowing how to manage the unexpected situations in peaceful manner is also an important skill for a project manager (Perkins, Jugdev and Mathur, 2018). It is essential to analyse each and every risk involved in a project and the ways it can lead to downfall of the project. This is the best and effective way to get ready for any challenges or challenges in the future. Once the possible risks are identified, it also important for the project manager to develop effective strategies or plans to overcome the identified risks.
  4. Cost control - Cost management is one of the main and critical element to be considered by project managers. They require to present that they have the capability to deliver the project within the cost decided and also by managing the project financed properly. This also consist forecasting, mainly the project will last enough to push some of the budget into the next fiscal year. As a minimum, the project manager needs to identify the most effective ways to spend the money or finance that has been allocated and it also essential to determine whether the budget is sufficient to deliver the expectation of project sponsor.
  5. Negotiation skills -  A good and successful project manager need to be an excellent negotiator. Negotiating the utilisation of resources, budgets, schedules is very important for a project manager. Whether they are negotiating for resource from their fellow project managers, negotiating for support from senior management, negotiating with clients or third party clients, there are always distinct interests that they require to try and align. The main element to successful negotiating is to arrive to a win win situation. In order to improve negotiation skills, it is essential to invest time in understanding relationships and interest of stakeholder so that project manager can easily determine the needs of moving projects forward.
  6. Tech Savy - As technology rapidly evolving, successful project manager needs to stay informed above relevant technology in their industry. The project manger must also serve an effective passage between developers or programmers and non tech members.  He or she should  be able to interact or communicate effectively between these departments to work rapidly towards bringing  the different elements of a project to completion. Strong project managers should be interested in continuously learning, staying up to date with the latest and new software and other technologies that will keep their teams on the competitive position.
  7. Critical thinking - Critical thinking is an ability that each and every individual should develop as most of the people are not thinking but only reacting or following series of responses that they are already been told or learned. Critical thinking is simply being as objective as an individual can in analysing as well as evaluating an situation or issue, so that he or she can take an unbiased judgement. This, it is a one of the important skills for the project managers to manager any challenging issue or situation. Critical thinking helps in pulling oneself out of emotions or from received knowledge and this is similar to required role of project manager.

Project Management Processes

Any project in a new or existing venture is performed in various phases or stages, these phases are described as below -

  1. Initiation and planning - This stage is generally broken into two parts, one for initiation and other for planning. The former consist outlines of the budget, the timeline required for delivery of project and the overall aim of the project. The stage is significantly related to development of project mission. In short it is a formulation of the core idea of a project. On the other hand planning phase includes a little more detailed task (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). Managers will consider specific steps and tasks required for the project delivery in the phase.
  2. Execution stage - The execution phase is the actual beginning of the project's execution. Strict budget management comes into play here, as the project has left the planning phase and is now in full action. Managers will need to be systematically updated on the project's development as they must have overall knowledge of how the project is coming is going on.
  3. Monitoring and controlling - Project monitoring and control consists manager's surety that task deadlines are met and costs are within the allocated budgets. Most of the projects faces challenges and issues in the progress of a project. In this phase manager also make sure that the original plan of the project is being achieved (Perkins, Jugdev and Mathur, 2018).
  4. Project closing - This phase also involves two elements, the first involve the making of a report that provide information and details about how the project is running over in the last three phases. On the second phase consists the review of the project which is the project team is meeting where team member can put their own inputs with regards to the implementation of the project.


By summing up above report it has been concluded that while doing the project there are so many factors that affect it such as risk, time management, monitoring and controlling etc. Report describe this factor in brief and further it also concluded different activities which should be manage by project and also describe the skills as well as competencies which are required by John. Report also concluded that project life cycle stages, processes and leadership which are directly associated with managing the life cycle. Worried about assignment help? Talk to our experts.

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