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Rooms Division Operations Management


Room division and operation management deals in front office services which deals in various activities which involves direct interaction with the customers. Staff involving in department of room division and operation management manages room services and housekeeping. This report contains several legal and statutory requirements which applies to rooms division and operations of Hilton London. Hilton London provides luxurious accommodation facilities to its guests or customers(Anderson and Xie, 2010). There are some key factors which are also mentioned which may effect business performance of front office area of Hilton London. Through a detailed discussion over the various issues related with front office services various functions of this department can be analysed thoroughly.

1.1 Legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations

There are some legal and statutory requirement of rooms division department which needs to be analysed so that they can be fulfilled in a proper way. Legal and statutory needs to be follow effectively other wise it will defame the organisation. Hilton London has setup some methods and criteria so that legal requirements of this sector will not be compromised. Some of the legal and statutory requirements are mentioned below :

General areas

  • There are some legal needs of labour force which are needed to be accomplished which are related with their health and safety.
  • Employees should not be harassed, so that they will not feel pressurised.
  • Hotel management should manage its services in a way so that amenities like liquor, tobacco and gaming can be provided to person who are not under aged.
  • They require to contract law.
  • They require to make a policy to take liability for loss of property and any injury to their guests during the course of business with Hilton London.
  • Hilton Hotel requires to follow rules and legislations related with intellectual property rights, consumer law and rules and regulation related controlled prices.

1.2 Key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area

Front office functionality is to be manage in proper way so that they can provide better services and information to their customers(Assaf, Barros and Josiassen, 2010 ). First impression of hotel services and amenities creates an image in the mind of the guest. The key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area are as follow :

  • Design : Hotel and its design plays an important role in its success. As customers visit hotel to accommodate a luxurious life. Hence they desires that the place where they accommodate should have a better design with a luxurious look. Hotel Hilton London and its design is very enchanting(Chon and Yu,2012). As the owners have invested a lot in maintenance of the design of hotel premises. First impression of cited hotel should be impressive so that customers visits it again and again.
  • Image : Image of hotel can be created through various components which encompasses in it. They require best location to set up their hotel premises with a good exterior and interior design. Hotel Hilton London follows modern way to serve traditional and non traditional amenities.
  • Cleanliness : management needs to take care about cleanliness factor of hotel as this promote a hygienic way to serve the guests.

1.3 Key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front office area

As discussed above that if design, image and cleanliness and other business environmental factors creates a way to success for the business but if these factors are taken for granted then this will create a hurdle in path of growth which cannot be crossed easily. Hence management requires to make effective steps regarding key operational issues in order to achieve growth and productivity. If the design of hotel premises of Hilton London is not attractive enough to meet the requirement of its customers then they will loose their potential customers. Front office staff of a hotel needs to give warm welcome to the new comers further they needs to be very humble so as to provide information to guest very humbly(Davis and et. al., 2013). As word of mouth can work both as a tool to get success and as a way to proceed towards the massive destruction. Good behaviour with one customers leads to create better image in mind of other guests. Hilton London and management provides better hospitality services to its guests and its front office staff deals with the key issues which may impact organisation and proper maintenance of these key factors assist the managerial team to attain goals and objective of Hotel Hilton London.

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1.4 The critical aspects of planningRooms Division Operations Management and management of the accommodation service function

Hilton hotel of London always works for the quality that they are giving to their customers. Planning and management of accommodation works on some aspects through which hotel can gain their target customers as well as satisfy consumers. Following are critically examine aspects by management:

  • Cleanliness: Cleanness in hospitality industry is very compulsory because it attracts consumers and showing the hygienic environment of hotel . Hilton is one of the best hotel in all over the London, so, they have to work more on this project(Hsieh and Lin,2010). Tourist visit on that place again where they are not going to find a single spot. Environmental methods are used to maintain standard but also includes the cleanliness aspects of visitors. All the bedrooms have to be cleaned on daily basis.
  • Maintenance: All the aspects of hotel are examine by the visitors very critically. It makes the impression on them in both manner good or bad. They examine parking, services and every tiny aspects. So, that impression is maintained by maintenance management. If they are going to fail in this process hotel have to bear heavy loss. Maintenance have to be maintained by them on regular basis by house keeping team and maintenance unit.

1.5 Key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the accommodation service function

There are some key operational issues which may affect the management of Hilton London and its operations(Langabeer II and Helton,2015). Investment in betterment of design is one of the key operational issue which requires to manage effectively so that this can eliminate chances of less productivity. Management needs work on every detail so as to build a fair image in the mind of its customers. Every area needs to be manage equally so that impression over guest can be made and better quality of services can be provided to them. For example if hotel is serving best food and providing quality services but the design of rooms and hotel is not attractive then this will affect the overall image of it. They can hardly retain their customers if they wont deal with betterment of services which is to be provided by them(Lewis and Brown, 2012). As Hotel Hilton London is a 5 star hotel and customers desires some luxurious services from it hence front office department of Hilton London should manage its services and its owners should manage in various sectors which can fulfil the desires of their guests.

1.6 Yield management activities to maximise occupancy and rooms revenue

The success of a hotel lies within the sale of hotel rooms as this will increase the revenue of Hotel Hilton London. Management of cited hotel can use various techniques in order to improve the occupancy of its rooms. The technique to maximize the occupancy of rooms is to sell right room to customers at right price. In modern period many other hotels set the tariff of their hotel rooms with the help of various software. This is done to ensure that their tariffs are not exceeding the limit which is decided by industry. Through such software management of hotel can get accurate tariff rates which are updated and sufficient enough to make potential revenue to meet all expenses and to secure a good profit margin.

They can also implement several policies in order to increase occupancy of their rooms. They can allow their customers to cancel their booking but on such cancellation they can charge some amount as cancellation charges if booking was for a luxurious accommodation which is accommodated very rarely then if such booking has been cancelled by the guest then they may charge a major part of booking amount(Lo, Stalcup and Lee,2010). These are some key aspects which can work as a tool to maximize revenue through improving occupancy of hotel rooms.

1.7 Sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue

Division staff of Hotel Hilton London can use various techniques so as to promote and maximize the revenue of it. The very first step in order to maximize the revenue is to recruit the staff who is aware of the services and techniques to deliver front office services. A skill personnel can deliver better services to its customers hence in order to maximize revenue and productivity the division staff of Hilton London needs to hire skilled personnels(What are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017). So that they can bring efficiency and affectivity.

  • A skill full personnel of front office staff can negotiate with guest about price and services provided by hotel so that he can deliver the best packages to guests as per their needs and requirements which helps Hotel Hilton London to sustain a long term relationship with their customers(Noone, McGuire and Rohlfs,2011). They can use various techniques like bottom up, cross selling and top down etc. These techniques assist an cited entity to increase its revenue.
  • What are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017Up selling involves sell of more services which are desired by What are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017the guest. Hence for this front office staff needs to show them other services which is provided by Hotel Hilton London.What are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017
  • Retaining customer or client data helps an entity to retain that customer.

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1.8 Purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within the rooms division referring to the importance of the regression analysis

Forecasting can be defined as a technique through which an organisation can take decision about future activities and projects ion the basis past data or historical data. An entity can analyse about the trends which may What are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017affecWhat are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017t its process and can impact over its productivity. Forecasting is very famous tool in hospitality industry which helps them to plan about their future operations(Persson and Persson,2010). Hilton London has some historical data which they utilize for forecasting. Forecasting can be utilized by an entity to determine the success and failure of their projects. This will allow them to take managerial decisions regarding the growth of entity and future marketing. They can various strategies for business operations so as to maintain the process in a way which impact over its productivity and profitability. Companies working in hospitality sector uses forecasting which is divided in two categories statistical and judgemental. Statistical is further divided into three categories i.e. Trend projection, Trend & seasonal and smoothWhat are different sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue?. 2017ing(Persson and Persson,2010). On the other hand judgemental is also divided into three categories i.e. Expert opinion, market surveys and delphi techniques.

1.9 Short explanation for the indicators calculated

Short explanation for the indicators calculated

Rate of occupancy of Standard rooms : 118/165*100 = 71.51%
Rate of occupancy of Luxury suits : 85/165*100 = 51.51%
Double occupancy (Standard Rooms) : 80/110*100 = 72.72%
Double occupancy (Luxury suits) : 5/8*100 = 62.5%
Average Room Rate : £ 9950/165 = 60.3

  • Total amount earned from the standard rooms is £27500 i.e. (£250*110) as double occupancy was given to them on discretion hotel management hence no separate charges have been charged from them.
  • Total amount which is earned through luxury suits by Hotel Hilton London is £3000 i.e. (£375*8)


In this above mentioned report it has been mentioned that how various techniques can be used by front office staff of Hotel Hilton London so that they can increase their productivity and efficiency. Various legal and statutory requirements which is required to meet by the front office staff in order to maintain goodwill of hotel. Various functions and responsibilities of front office and operational management staff of an entity has been discussed. Various sales techniques are mentioned which can be used by room division staff to increase revenue and profitability.


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