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Management Theory for Resolving Problem

University: Kensington College of business London

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Management is a process of managing things or people. This term is continuously gaining more and more importance with time because all the organisation understand that if they fail to manage their available resources and other things in proper way then they will definitely fail to attain the set target. The Imperial Hotel, London is a part of branded chain of hotels. They are operating in 4 star market and facing various problem. This project is based on problem 1 which is related to poor customer satisfaction. This problem will be analyses in the assignment and its solution will be find by using appropriate management theory or model (Banfield, Kay and Royles, 2018).

Every hotel want to get review on the services which they provide to the guests. Imperial hotel is part of a hotel chain and when they organised a survey and get feedbacks of the customers specially permanent guests, then they found that customer are not happy with the facilities they got at the time of staying in hotel. They complained about unclean bathrooms, damaged showers of the bathroom and other latest technology, that is present in room, which is not working. Beside this they also complained rude way of talking from the side of reception team. Customer said that many of their complains were not even noted by the reception staff and they also charged more amount in the final bill from the permanent customers. Waiting lines for check in and check also irritates guests.

Analsis of the Individual Problem-

What is the problem:

Poor guest satisfaction in one of the key problem from The Imperial Hotel. As mentioned above, customer have issues regarding various services which they get in the hotel and they do not see any improvement that should happen with time (Page, 2011). When a customer pay for 4 star facilities then they do not expect problem like showers are not working or reception staff of the hotel is blunt etc. Imperial hotel is an important part of a hotel chain who have a grading system where every hotel get numbers for their performance in terms of guest satisfaction. The average rating is 74% but Imperial Hotel got 64%. It proves that the claim which is made by customers are not vague and the employees & culture of the organisation has many flaws.

Customers satisfaction theory focuses on the relationship between customer and company. It involve three psychological factor i.e. cognitive, affective and behavioural. Cognitive is related to thinking while affective is related to emotions and feelings. This theory states that if the company do not meet expectation of the customer then they can never convert them in a permanent client. The problem with Imperial hotel is that they project themselves as 4 star hotel but their service does not even match with 2 Star. Guests are not happy with the quality of services because they feel that hotel is failing to meet their expectation.

The company leader and manager mainly deal with human being which does not managing and maintaining their guest behaviour for reducing the formula so they will acquiring high level of advantages from implementing and learning appropriate techniques which help them in smoothly running of business operations and its functions effectively (Ghiani, Laporte and Musmanno, 2013). Imperial hotel using and adopting best suitable management practices that will controlling and managing all business functions in better manner. The main problem is poor guest satisfaction which need to clarify by company manager in proper manner. The imperial hotel rated is low among large star hotel chain in which they can easily satisfy their guests by offer them various products and services effectively. Along with this, they have lack of services and facilities that will reduces the confidence of guests towards hotel chain industry. If guest are late to pick their train then they are adopting such process that will achieving with their final destination.

Why problem is occurring

The problem of poor satisfaction of guests is occurring due to low quality of services due to which people are facing several problems (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). There are various types of reasons for arising these issues due top which customers leave that hotel and prefer others for required facilities. It is necessary for the management to focus on such problems to take an appropriate actions to retain their consumers in proper way. The Imperial Hotel, London has various threats in it's management system due to which poor guest satisfaction is occur. The reasons behind this problem are given below:

Not hiring the right people: - This can be described about recruitment and selection of desired candidates for particular position in an organisation. It is major issue of not having correct people in company due to which problem of poor satisfaction of clients occur. It will provide support to fulfil roles and responsibilities of that position to generate desired outcomes on regular basis. Imperial Hotel has an issue of not having well skilled employees and they are required to focus on this criteria to provide better services to people.

Lack of training: - Training and learning programs help staff members to boost up skills and abilities that facilitate to improve quality of services that are provided to desired consumers. They required educational procedures after certain period of time so that their efficiencies should be improved (Chengole and et. al., 2014). The Imperial Hotel has a problem of avoiding events of training and development due to which people are not capable to render desired or satisfactory service to people which results into switching of clients to other organisations.

Lack of belief in the product or the company: - This refers to problem of providing products or services without considering desired qualities preferred by customers. It is necessary to fulfil requirements of clients through completing their expectations from product or company. The Imperial Hotel has a threat that they render goods and service by their own convenience but never focus on feedbacks and suggestions of people to improve quality of goods. Overall, they are fulfilling desires of citizens which results into decreasing in number of consumers.

Lack of respect for the customer: - This can be described as behaving manner to deal with clients because if employees are misbehaving with customer then also they will prefer other company for their requirements. They do not focus on quality of product but due to threat in behaviour of service provide, change organisation. Imperial Hotel has problem of misbehaving and ignoring problems of customers which arise problem of poor guest satisfaction.

Lack of empathy: - This can be explained about factor of empathy which includes that employees maintain personal link with regular clients and understand their problems to help them properly (Expósito, Conejo and Canizares, 2016). Usually, it is observed that old staff members has empathy but it is not determine in new workers as they are fresh in this field so that they face more critical problems. Imperial Hotel has an issue of lack of empathy as they have mostly new employees that results into arising threats of poor satisfaction of guests.

Use of management theory for resolving problem

It has been analysed from above discussion that Hotel Imperial is facing many problems related to staff members so that management is facing issues of poor operating and control procedures hence, in order to face this there are some management theories that can be applied in order to overcome. The prime duty about resolving the issues is lies with the management of organisation. They have the duty is to carry out the activities on regular basis which helps to determine the issues which results in problem. The major issue is assessed regarding satisfaction of the guests. This is proved from the feedbacks of guests that there are large number of issues are present in Imperial hotel. The major problems which are noticed are related to waiting for check-in and check-out , poor quality of room, rude behaviour of reception staff towards guests, more amount of waiting in queues and incorrect amount of final bill. All these issues have direct negative impact upon the image and profitability of hotel (Wensveen, 2018). There are many suggestions are provided by the management regarding solving of such issues are define below:

  • Evaluate the issues from customer perspective: The staff of hotel is need to think from the perspective of customers. This will provides the opportunity is to understand their behaviour effectively.
  • Improve awareness of staff: There is need to improve the awareness of the staff of hotel regarding the different expectation of the customer's from them. This will provides the p[opportunity to the employees is to design their activities as per their nature which helps to build good bond with them and satisfy their different demands.
  • Training of staff: This assessed that problem is persist regarding rude behaviour of staff members with guests. In this regard required to provide appropriate training to the employees which helps in improvement of their skills and knowledge and changing of their behaviour towards guests.

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Brief description about the theories are illustrated below:

  • System theory: this theory highlights that hotel must perform such action that contributes is achieving final goals and objectives in prospective way in set period of time (Cassettari, 2012). Basically, it is focused upon carrying out the work operations and transactions in such a manner that assist in growth and development of hotel. As newly appointed manager is facing issues in regards of high turnover or staff members are not performing in accordance to set standards. Therefore, by applying this theory of management various problems could be removed effectively.
  • Herzberg theory: This is formulated by Herzberg in which he highlighted that motivation play a vital role in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of employees that are working in that hotel. It is very much essential to impart regular motivational function so that staff members could be retained for longer period of time. Earlier management system is facing high staff turnover and employees do not stay thus, this theory will enable the management to apply several motivational factors that include salary, incentives, hygiene, safety measures. All these aspects have to be considered so that their performance could be enhanced at sustainable level.
  • Maslow management theory of needs: This theory is illustrated by Maslow that mentions various needs that is present in every employee that is working in business organisation. It is the responsibility of management system to review the needs and wants of every individual so that proper decision can be taken place. There are several level that need to be evaluated by newly appointed manager so that ultimate aims and objectives could be attained in effective way (WANG, and JIANG, 2011). Every individual is different from each other on number of basis that include attitude, behaviour, needs and wants that have to be effectively evaluated.
  • Human relation theory (Elton Mayo):

As per this theory, it can be analysed that it is very important to have better relationship between social factors and productivity. It explained that productivity is depends on the employees satisfaction according to work situations. From the Howthrone Experiment, it carried out that scientists belongs from several discipline such as psychology, sociology and anthropology which analysed by conducting study of people at workforce. Elton Mayo described that effectiveness of business firm are depends on the quality of relationship which must be have among workers in the Hotel Imperial. Manager should undertake this problems by analysing organisational behaviours and try to make better interaction among employees and organisation in an appropriate manner (DRURY, 2013). There are some major roles of manager such as:

  • Manager requires better understanding regarding people behaviours towards firm and work group.
  • The manager of Hotel Imperial requires to study about inter personal relations among employees at working place.
  • There is necessary to adopt motivational tools for motivating employees so that productivity can be enhanced within the firm.

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According to the above mentioned report, it can be analysed that management is that process that will assist in managing, planning, organising all business activities and functions in better manner. In this project, poor guest satisfaction is the main problem where customers does not satisfy with hotel services and facilities in any manner. So they need to use and adopt various other methods and techniques that will help in gaining high profitability and income in effectively. It is also required for hotel is to using such tools which assist them in analysing occurring issues and problems that create poor satisfaction among guests within imperial hotel.


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