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Project Management Aspects

University: University of London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Project initiation document.
  • Discuss about the Stakeholder analysis.
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Project management is consider as an effective document that includes initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the whole work of team with the aim of attaining predetermined goals and objectives in specified period of time. Mainly, it developed at the beginning of the process that support in minimising the chances of error within the project activities (Meredith, Mantel and Shafer, 2017). Current report is based on developing a new mobile phone app that provide day to day information of QAHE societies and clubs. Along with this, this project includes different tasks which based on PID, stakeholder analysis, WBS, risk register and short report as well. All these are the effective for project manager to successfully completing the project activities. With the assistance of this positive and reliable outcomes can be easily attained. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


a) Sample project Initiation document

Project initiation document is consider as a crucial aspect that determine the activities of project management, scope and all the necessary activities that execute by project team at the time of implementing the whole project. This will aid in improving the possibilities of attaining all the predetermined targets in stipulated time frame. Current project is based on introducing a new mobile phone app that provides detail about day to day activities of QAHE societies and at the same time also support in connecting with large number of students while published their events. In this regards, project initiation documents consider all the necessary information about the different aspects and attributes that provide guidance to project manager in implementing its activities and make it more successful (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). This will directly contributes in enhancing the possibilities of accomplishing set goals and target of the project.



Title of project

Development of a new QAHE Recreation mobile phone app.

Project information

This project is based on the developing a new QAHE Recreation mobile phone app. This provide opportunities to students to improve their day to day activities and also allow them to share their own activities and events.

Project background

The main focus of lunching new mobile phone app which help develop in order to make entire activities of institute more smooth and flexible in nature. This will help in making students more abut extra-curricular activities performed in QAHE.

Project methodology

There are various approaches of developing a new mobile phone application as it assist project manager to develop anew QAHE Recreation. It includes approaches such as native, Hybrid and Mobile app. In this, native development relate with use of platform specific programming languages, development environment, software development kits. Hybrid includes uses of Web-view platform specific components that used to display web content (Kerzner, 2017). On the other hand, cross platform is takes a different route as it consist cross-platform technique includes non-web and stand-alone tools. Along with this, prince 2 is also consider as an important research method that is based on effective product planning to attain positive outcomes.

Purpose of the project

The main purpose of this project is to develop a new QAHE Recreation mobile phone app with the aim of increasing student engagement with extra- curricular activities.

Project objectives

Objective of this project is to develop a new mobile phone app that assist students in providing detail about day to day activities and platform to connect with social events.

Project scope

The scope of this project is wider as it provide opportunities to students in engaging with extra-curricular activities and also provide day by day details of QAHE clubs and societies events. With the help of this, students can easily publicise their own events and effectively interact with others.

Key risk

While undertaking project, various risk are faced various issues related with development of mobile phone app that can put negative impact on end results of the project. Mainly, it includes risk of selecting project members, security risk and many more. All these are the major issues that faced by manager at the time of developing new mobile phone app.

Key staff

Under this project, different members are includes likes marketing manager, HR manager, project, manager, financial manager, project team and many more to completing the project activities in systematic manner. All these members play a significant role in developing a new mobile phone app of QAHE Recreation that support in providing best possible outcomes that make project more successful.

Key constables

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Cost: The estimated cost for this development of new application will be £200k. As it is analysed before starting the project through which project manager can easily execute its activities to make it more effective.



Market research


Designing of the product




Human capital






Promotional cost


Launching event cost


Total cost



  • Time: For completing this project, manager required around 1.5 years that help in successfully development of mobile app. As, this time period is also includes testing of app to evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Quality is one of the important aspect of project management that help in managing each and entire activities. In this, TQM and JIT is major approaches which is implemented by manager to maintain the overall quality of the project and new application as well. It is not only for managing necessary inventory but also support in optimum utilization of entire available resources whether these are monetary and non-monetary (Leach, 2014). In addition of this, TQM is also consider as an effective approach that includes integration of all efforts that helps in development of mobile application.

Key assumption

For implementing project activities key assumption is crucial as it is related with lunching a new QAHE Recreation mobile phone app. It should be flexible, project manager know the overall cost that will take to build app, everything will go as per plan activities.

Key deliverable

Company wants to introduce new QAHE Recreation mobile phone app to students with the aim of providing them details about entire activities and at the same time also allow them to publish their own events in front of other people.

Key success factors

There are different factors that support in attaining success in the project. In this, project manager needs to develop clear plan along with specific roles and responsibilities, cultivate constant effective communication, appropriately manage project scope. All these are support in managing entire project activities and at the same time also attain success.


This aspect is play a crucial role in project activities as it refers to the final approval that taken by project manager to their higher management like Senior manager, production managers to launch a new application.

Stakeholder analysis

It is consider as an important process that refers to the distinguishing all team members who are related with the project. As this activity done before starting the project activities. Along with this, all the people are grouping with their interest towards the project and their participations (Schwalbe, 2015). In this regards, there are some different stakeholders who play a crucial role in implementing as well as developing project activities. These can be internal and external which support in attaining all the set goals and objectives of QAHE Recreation in stipulated time frame.

Name of stakeholder

Interest of stakeholder in this project


They are the main stakeholder who are part of educational institute and also get benefits of new mobile application. Along with this, they have interest in new QAHE Recreation mobile app as it provide necessary information about day to day activities.

Project Team

These stakeholders are the crucial for implementing project activities related with development of new mobile application.

Management college

These type of stakeholder are the internal as they provide ideas and innovative ways to develop QAHE Recreation mobile app with the aim of improving the chances of attaining set targets.


They are the crucial stakeholder who have authority to develop rules and regulation in relation to the educational quality provided to the students.

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b) Work Breakdown Structure

It is one of the important part of project management that is related with deliverable-oriented breakdown of whole project into smaller aspects. Mainly, it is consider as a key project deliverable that help in effectively managing the whole team work in order to attain their set targets in stipulated time frame.

Gantt chart

It is type of bar chart that provide proper schedule of entire project. Along with this, it also includes series of horizontal lines that represent the work done in certain time period. It includes project activities along with fixed period on time in which these activities can be completed effectively (Too and Weaver, 2014). With the help of this tool, project manager can easily run the project activities and at the same time also reduce the chances of error within the project. Order assignment help from our experts!


a) Number of risks

At the time of undertaking project on the basis of development of new mobile phone application as it help in providing detailed information about day to day activities and at the same time also give opportunities to the students to successfully published their own events. Mainly, it consist various risk such as performance risk, external risk, communication risk, market risk, technical risk, managerial risk and many more. All these can put adverse impact on the new project. Thus, it is crucial for project manager to effectively manage and implement with the aim of managing the risk (Marchewka, 2016). This can be done by analysing the same and at the same time also improve the chances of attaining positive results. Along with this, project manager also prepare an effective risk register that assist in managing the risk factors within the development of project. All these can be understood by following points:

b) Risk Register

Here ranking is given from 0 to 5 in which 0 reflect to the Nil and 5 is relate with high



Mitigation/ Acceptance measure/ Avoidance


Technical risk

Implementation of suitable and correct application is effective for project manager as it help them in completing the whole project in allotted period of time. Apart from this, development of new mobile application is more risky as it required more time and and money for completion.

It is important for project manager to focus on application design while developing a new project. As they needs to includes algorithm, platform and graphical interface. All these are support project manager on managing the technical risk and same time also help in accomplishing the set targets.


External risk

There are various external risk are that is related with new application within the market. Thus proper functioning is crucial within this activities.

Proper development of market research is consider as an important way to deal with external risk as it support in making new development of mobile application more successful.


Time related risk

Less time is one of the major risk that arise at the time of execution of project. For completing this project there is 1.5 month. In case whole project not done in allocate time frame than it negatively put their impact over the project activities (Kerzner, 2018).

For dealing with this issue or risk, Gantt chart is consider as an effective tool that support in managing project activities along with allotted period of time.


Risk related with customers

Different needs of customers is also a major issue for project manager that faced by them while developing a new mobile application.

Proper investigation about customers and their needs and wants is crucial as it help in reducing the risk and improve the positive performance of project.


Performance related risk

While developing mobile app, it is important to ensure that it is able to deal with security issues that arise from external factors. In this project, manager face higher risk in running their new software.

For dealing with this type of issue, different platform are required which help in managing the risk of performance of mobile app. As it includes different aspects such as Rim, Android, iOS and many more are help project manager in reducing the risk factors that put their negative impact on performance of mobile app.


Conflict management risk

This type of risk is also put direct impact on the project activities at the time of managing conflict among all the team members. Development of new mobile application needs to appropriate modification by using effective platform and attributes that exposed to instability of risks.

To manage this type of risk, proper management is crucial as it help project manager to effectively manage project activities in systematic way.


Fund related risk

Enough cost and budget play a crucial role in developing new mobile application. Providing proper information to students about new application along with its cost. As it can be find within the software of mobile application.

Each and every project activities evidence to specialist in order to evaluate source of fund.


Risk related to the resources

Proper allocation of resources is crucial in managing the project activities on the basis of development of new mobile phone application. In this regards, enough finance, raw material, equipment and certain policies are required to develop a new project.

Skilled staff members and proper allocation of resources, memory are more effective or beneficial that may assist in successfully developing mobile phone application (Joslin and Müller, 2015). As it help students in publishing their own events and at the same time also get all the necessary information within their QAHE.


Market risk

For developing as well as launching mobile application, proper analysis of market is required that help in proving necessary information about mobile application. As it may assist in catering all the market needs in an effective way (Pinto, 2014).

Proper investigation of market will be effective as it support in determining the actual needs and wants of the customers towards the new mobile phone application.


Communication related risk

It important for project manager to make proper communication between staff members in order to effectively provide necessary information about mobile phone application. By managing better coordination project manager can easily meet customers demand towards the particular aspect.

For providing proper information, management of college distribute pamphlets about development of new mobile phone application.



a) Communication

For developing a successful new mobile phone application, effective communication among project manager and staff members is important as it support in delivering all the necessary information to team members about development of mobile application. In this regards, manager also use one way communication procedures in which project manager share information to project team members with the aim of performing the same effectively. As effective communication model is effective in interacting as it consist receiving information, proper coordination and many more (Hornstein, 2015). This is the reason that effective communication is crucial in development of new mobile application that support in attaining predetermined results in stipulated time frame.

Apart from this, effective leadership approaches are also important in developing a new mobile phone application successfully. As it help in providing day to day details to students. In this regards, project manager of college should apply or follow qualitative leadership approach as it provide opportunities to create or build linnet structure. Mainly, it is flexible in nature that may includes all the possible changes. With the assistance of this, project manager can easily develop a new application and attain their target to make it more successful. Ask for Academic Writing Service from our experts!

b) Methodologies

In order to acquire the better outcome and result of particular project, there are various kinds of methodologies which act as a proper guidance and directionfor accomplishing the pre- determined goal in an effective manner. Moreover, each of these methodologies are varies from each other in regard of rules, function, procedures, and process as well as contain its own strength and weakness. However, the role of project manager is considered as an effective role as they take an initiative to analyze and determine the whole nature of project and based on the select the appropriate methods or ways (Conforto And et. al., 2014). Due to which, it help them them to complete their task in an improved manner without any hindrances. Some of the methodologies which has been identified along with their strength and weakness as as follows:

Agile: This aspect of methodology is regraded as iterative approach which deals in delivering the project on the basis of its pre- defined whole life cycle. Moreover, the core function of this methodology is to develop or create software with an intent of improving the velocity and adaptability of project among competitors in an amended mode. Furthermore, the primal advantage of agile method is that it render providence of benefits throughout the process rather than providing in end of the task (Portny, 2017). Whereas, its limitation is that it takes huge time to process that hamper project manager to achieve the goal in a desired time limit.

Waterfall: This method is concern with bifurcate the whole project into various stages or segments in order to fulfill the requirements in an efficient manner. Some of phases which it encompasses are identification of requirements, verification, implementation, development of design and maintenance. Additionally, the main benefit of this is that it prevent from occurring errors or mistakes during the formulation of project while its major shortfall is that its primary stage that is associated with planning is based on assumption. Due to which, it reduces the quality of overall performance of specified task.

Prince 2: It is one of the effective and best methodology that is related with well structured project. Mainly it includes proper controlled and manageable aspects that assist in making the project more successful. Along with this, it is flexible in nature that may assist in improving the overall performance of whole project and at the same time also support in making it more successful.

From these methods, prince 2 is one of the best method that provide proper management of project and also based on proper planning (Müller and et. al., 2014). Along with this, it also provide proper flexibility within the project activities that support in reducing the possibilities of arising errors within the project.


AS per above mentioned report it can be concluded that project manager required various aspects in completing the whole project in an effective manner. In this context, development of project initiation documents is play a crucial role in developing a new project that includes appropriate planning and organising. As it help in making entire project activities in more successful manner. Furthermore, some methodologies are also there which consider Gantt chart, WBS and critical path that provide proper guidance to project manager in implementing successfully. Apart from this, risk management plan is also develop with the aim of evaluating the risk and reason behind arising. With the assistance of this project manager can improve overall performance and attain all the set goals and objectives in stipulated time frame.

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Stakeholder analysis matrix

Stakeholder Name/Authority (Category of stakeholder)

Contact Person

Phone, Email, Website, Address


How much does the project impact them? (Low, Medium, High)


How much influence do they have over the project? (Low, Medium, High)

What is important to the stakeholder?

How could the stakeholder contribute to the project?

How could the stakeholder block the project?

Strategy for engaging the stakeholder


Email, phone



They get benefits from the new application as they have more interest in this project because they got opportunities to understand day to day activities.

Give their views and opinion.

Through strike

Seminars, workshops.

College management team




They wants to launch a new mobile phone app to attain all the necessary information about college activities.

Manage all the project activities make it more successful


Organising meeting and seminars.





Government is one of the prime stakeholder that responsible for implementing rules and educational policies.

Allocate enough fund and capital for developing a new mobile app.

Withhold the project activities

Implement effective rules and regulation.

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