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Personal and Professional Management

Introduction to Personal and Professional Management

Self managed teams and organisations are helpful in personal as well as professional development of employees. In self managed learning individuals can easily learn the methods of learning things. It enhances lifelong learning and development by evaluating approaches in order to manage the ways of self managed learning. It motivates employees in order to perform better so as their productivity can be increases. If employees perform well then the market growth of organisation is also developed. The report also includes the role of training and development in personal and professional growth of employees. Along with this, employees also have to managed their self development needs and evaluate what additional activities they can be added in order to identifies it strengths and weakness. Therefore, SWOT analysis is helpful in to identifies the strengths and weakness of an individual, by evaluating it he can easily improves own current skills and competencies. In last part of the report, managers also identifies the personal development plan and it can be implement in overall organisation towards improves employees efficiency. It also includes that the need of development plan and what additional; activities to be undertaken in order to meet organisation goals and objectives.

1.1 Approaches of self-managed learning

Self managed learning is a tools by which managers or individuals can easily learns the ways of learning. It is committed and attentive towards improving managers competency for a particular job or field in which he wants to achieve success and growth. Being a manager of Hilton hotel, an individual has to improves his abilities and competencies to perform better from others in business organisation. Due to this, there are various approaches of self managed learning , but the common and useful approach is the visionary approach. If a person follows visionary approach so as it is easier for him to understands the future trends and challenges. Along with this, manager is able to future risks and issues, and raising his competencies accordingly. It also helpful in achieving heights of success to the companies and provides them valid strategics.

Through visionary approach, is is easy for Hotel Hilton as well as individuals to identifies goals and objectives that they both wants to achieve. The approach is helpful in order to make a person flexible and adaptable for any situations so as he/she can easily compete with external traits and issues. Within the hotel industries visionary approach is helpful in attracting and influencing customers towards their products and services.

1.2 Ways in which lifelong learning contexts could be encouraged

There are various ways and methods by which individual can improves his personal as well as professional development. These ways helps to in encoring and motivating to an individual so as he enables his productivity and efficiency. Therefore the manager of Hotel Hilton has to setting pre determined goals and objectives in order to achieve life long learning because it is helpful for an individual to get an edge over for his potentials and skills. These few methods of lifelong learning are as follows: -

Self reflective learning

Seeks with at job learning. In that, an individual can learns new skills and competencies at work place, this also plays an important role in personal development of mangers. Being a manager, it is essential to identifies the tasks and its competences, it makes easier the process of learning and individuals can easily accomplish their heights of success.

SWOT Analysis

To identifies the individual's strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats therefore SWOT analysis plays an crucial role in lifelong learning Due to this, SWOT analysis helps in self reflective learning so as the tools and methods are easily to understand and applying. It links with professional development in order to solve practical issues and challenges.

External market analysis

Evaluation and assessment of external factors also helps in lifetime learning. There are some external market components that affect on learning of an individual. There are some external factors such as competitors, suppliers, public and customers that affects an individual behaviour and their working activities as well.

1.3 Benefits of self managed learning for both organizations and individuals

In hotel Hilton, self managed teams are helpful in improving the performance of individuals as well as managers. These managed teams helps to know the skills and capabilities of an individuals so as their managers creates development plan accordingly. Self managed teams are helpful in to understands the managers for future goals and challenges so as they makes their strategics and policies accordingly. The major benefits for organisation is provides highly dedicated and responsible person to the company that is capable to handle higher committees and authorities. In hotel industries it is essential that managers and their service providers are able to fulfil the all necessary requirements of their customers. Customers are they key success factors of hotel industries. So as company is able to gain a wide range of customers and that innovates quality of services and products. An successful manger is able to promote within the organisation and it also helps in encouraging another employees of the organisation.

Self managed learning also beneficial for individuals in order to provide them their certain goals and targets. It improves their personal as well as professional development by promotions and attractive salary packages. Further, it also increase competitiveness among individuals.

2.1 Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan

Personal development plan is helpful in changing the overall environment of the organisation. Managers have to analyse all internal factors that affect employees performance and their behaviour. In Hotel Hilton, with the help of personal development plan, managers are able to find the actual skills of their employees so as they can implement only necessary needs and skills. The plan also understands the goals and objectives that they want to achieve and it develops a source of information by which managers gain essential data and information. These are some steps are involves in personal development plan of an organisation, such are as: -

Determine direction

Firstly managers have to determine the goals and objectives that they ant to achieve. These goals and objectives helps in to identifies the heights of success of Hotel Hilton. If this hotel industry, develops it all directions and path so as it is capable to face all future challenges and issues. It is necessary for every business organisation that it creates it own framework, that involves company's visions and mission, clearly defined the shape of development efforts that helps in achieving better outcomes.

Assess strength

Managers have to assess the strength of their employees and make policies accordingly. Strength helps to know the capabilities of employees and measuring their actual performance.

Identify learning path way and take actions

After that managers of Hotel Hilton, have to identifies the learning path that includes why and what is the importance of personal development plan. They also have to be aware about the outcomes of this development plan, is this really beneficial for employees, all those questions should be clearly explains by the managers. If they find suitable answers so as they have to take actions in order to develop a plan.

Implementation of plan

After evaluating results and outcomes of the plan, mangers have to implement the plan among overall organisation and keep trying to achieve organisation goals and o

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