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People Management in Organisations

University: University of Warwick

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HRM4002
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the role of leadership.
  • What is human resource management?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Johnsons of Whixley

People within the company are the one which are responsible for all the working within the company and the success or failure of the company (Marques, 2019). The proper management of the human within the company is essential for increasing the profitability and productivity of the overall company. the present report is based on the case study of Johnsons of Whixley which is a longest and largest nursery business and a trusted supplier of trees and plants.

The present case study outlines the different ways which the company is using in order to motivate the employees and human to work in better manner. The present report will outline the role of leadership within the company and how the structure and culture within company support effective transitional change. Also, it will discuss about the ways of building effective team with help of motivation. In the end, the team development attributes will be discussed in the report.

Structure culture and leadership

For the successful management of the company it is very necessary for Johnsons of Whixley to have effective leadership and good structure and culture to be followed within the company. This is crucial because of the reason that all these three elements build an effective culture for the company.

Role of leadership

Leadership is defined as the act of guiding and directing the people so that they can work in the same direction of attainment of the group goals. The leadership need to be very effective for the success of the company because the leader is the one who decides the goals and objectives for which the company is running. Thus, the leader set a goal for the whole business and then directs and combines all the efforts of the human in organization to accomplish the aims and objectives.Order assignment help from our experts! 

The role of leadership is very crucial in the success of Johnsons of Whixley because the major role of leader is to establish a clear vision and then the manager and other employees work in the direction of attaining those vision (Connolly and Dolan, eds., 2017). Another major role of leadership in the success of Johnsons of Whixley is to provide all the necessary information and knowledge to the employees which are necessary for the attainment of the vision of the company. also, the other role of the leadership is to coordinate among all the activities and functions which takes place in the company. All these roles of leadership increase the value and the capabilities of the company in the attainment of the company. further the major role of leadership within Johnsons of Whixley is the management and implementation of the changes within the company (Petch, 2019).  

This is a major role because the company exist in the environment which is very dynamic and ever changing and these changes needs to be adapted by the company for success. Thus, the leadership help the company in researching for the changes which can affect the working of the company and can improve its profitability. After the finding of the change the change will be implemented within the company and this will boost the working capability of the company. Hence, this is only possible because of the help of effective leadership only.

The leadership style mostly used by Johnsons of Whixley is the democratic leadership and the transformational leadership. This is majorly used by the leaders of Johnsons of Whixley because both these leadership help the company in adapting to the changed in positive manner. The democratic style of leadership is the one which involves all the employees also in the decision-making process. This is better because of the reason that the involvement of the employee in process of decision- making will motivate them as their views are being taken into consideration at time of decision making. Also, the transformational leadership style if used by Johnsons of Whixley because this style supports and encourages the employees in creating and accepting and innovating the changes for betterment.

Structure of company in supporting effective transitional change

The structure refers to as the series of steps or the arrangement which need to taken place in the same series as specified in the structure. Everything has a specific structure which need to be followed and in the same way the organizations also have some structure which needs to be followed by the company. In the common parlance the organizational structure is defined as the whole structure through which the company allocate all tis activities to other people in order to get accomplished. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Also, this structure defines all the things related with the allocation of the activities and the coordination among them and how all these activities will be coordinated and directed towards the attainment of the ultimate goals of the business (Covin and Slevin, 2017). The structure of Johnsons of Whixley consist of the tall structure wherein the whole system is divided among distinct hierarchies wherein there are some managers and below them are the subordinates. This structure help Johnsons of Whixley in effectively managing and implementing the changes in the motivational techniques used. This is because the change will be passed on with all these hierarchical stages and this will help the company in properly analysing the change (Oc, 2018).

This is majorly pertaining to the fact that the decision of implementing the change passes on through many different stages before implementation and all the manager at every stage evaluates the change. This thorough analysis ensures that the change is beneficial and then only it is implemented in the company. Thus, this provides the company the opportunity to improve the position of the company in effective and efficient manner.

Culture of company in supporting effective transitional change

To understand how organizational culture can support Johnson's of Whixley in its transitional change, Handy's model of organizational culture will be used (Asha, 2019). According to Handy’s model, there are four different types of culture which an organization follows. A detailed description is stated below.

Power Culture: In this culture, power remains in the hands of few individuals and only they can take decisions. In such situation, employees have to strictly follow the instruction. Employees who have the power enjoy the privileges at the workplace as they are major decision makers. In such culture, managers can be sometimes partial towards someone. The positive consequence of this culture is that it makes the decision-making process quick even they are not best for the long-term interest. 

Task Culture: In this culture, teams are formed to achieve the targets or to solve the problems. In this, employees with similar interest and specialization forms the team. This culture gives equal opportunity to every team member to accomplish the task in the most suitable and innovative way (Naeem and et.al, 2018). The task culture will be found to be effective only when team follows team dynamics, which refers to the right mix of skills, leadership, attitude, personality etc. which can make the team productive and innovative. In this culture, power derives with respect to expertise and team may form its own goals which can be a big risk.

Role Culture: This culture is based on rules. In such culture, every employee is delegated with the respective roles and responsibility and is accountable for the task performed and assigned to them (Stanciu, 2017). This culture is built on long chain of commands. The only weakness of this culture is that it, makes decision making process slow.

Person Culture: There are organizations where employees see themselves more important, superior and unique to the organization. Such organizations follow the person culture. In such organizations, employees are more concerned about themselves and because of which organization has to suffer. Employee comes to the office just for money and never associated itself with the organization.

From the above, it can be said that Johnson's of Whixley should apply role based organizational culture. In this type of culture, roles and responsibility is delegated to each and every employee. It makes very clear about the tasks to be performed within the established boundaries. This culture will be useful because of its key strengths. In such cultures, organizations have strong functional areas coordinated by senior management. The efficiency of the function lies in its rationality of allocation of roles and responsibility. To make it successful, the organization has to initiate activities that will help in motivating employees. Johnson's of Whixley is operating on some attendance recognition strategies and also providing share bonuses from annual profits. Also, role culture will power people based on the person's position and reduces partiality and biases. So, Johnson's of Whixley should use role culture, which will help in achieving the organizations transitional change. Struggling with dissertation writing, get dissertation writing services from our experts!!

Motivation and effective team

Notes- The motivation is defined as the instinct which drives a person to work in some direction or the direction of attaining the group goal. For the employees to work in effective manner it is very necessary for the company to provide proper motivation so that employees work in effective manner. Thus, for this Johnsons of Whixley uses many different types of techniques and tools for motivating the employees to work in more effective manner. This also assist the company in building effective team.

This is majorly because of the reason that if the employees of Johnsons of Whixley will be motivated then they will be able to work in effective manner and in coordinated manner when it comes to team working. It is majorly because of the fact that the motivated employees are happier and like to do work for the betterment of the company. Thus, this results in the effective team building because all the employees are motivated and satisfied and this leads to good coordination among all the employees of Johnsons of Whixley. In the end all this results in better and effective team building and team work (Neubert, Hunter and Tolentino, 2016).

For the effective team building Johnsons of Whixley also uses the method of Tuckman team development model. This is a model which helps the company in developing an effective team which will work in direction of attaining the group goals and overall organizational objectives.




This is the stage wherein the manager of Johnsons of Whixley finds that the team needs to be formed in order to accomplish the objectives of the business. Here the company tries to find out person who are having skills and capabilities which are required by the person in attaining the group goals.


This is the stage where all the selected employees of Johnsons of Whixley meet each other and try to interact with one another. This stage is important for the team members of Johnsons of Whixley because this is the stage wherein the team members get know one another for better coordination.


This is another stage in the team development process of Johnsons of Whixley wherein some of the rules and regulations are being set so that the team member knows what will happen if they do not work well. This stage lists out all the activities and the regulations need to be followed at time of team working (Amabile, 2016).


This is the last stage wherein the team of Johnsons of Whixley actually bring into action all the work necessary for the attainment of the group goals. This is necessary because if the team will not perform in better manner then the aims and objectives will not be accomplished.


This is the stage wherein the aim of the business has been accomplished and the team comes to the stage of dissolution as the work is completed. Again, if there is any project in Johnsons of Whixley then the team will be formed in the same manner.

Notes- Thus, for motivating the employees Johnsons of Whixley is using following activities for improving their performance-

The first and foremost strategy adopted by Johnsons of Whixley is the flexible and imaginative approach of rewarding the employees (Johnsons of Whixley uses imaginative benefits to motivate employees, 2019). This is used because of the fact that this will improve the performance level of the employees and as a result of this the performance of the company will increase.

The company is also using the strategy of attendance recognition and annual profit- sharing bonus. This is helpful for Johnsons of Whixley because the profit- sharing bonus will only be gained if the company earns profit. Thus, to avail this bonus the employees work with full effectiveness and efficiency and this increases the profitability of the company.

Also, another strategy is providing recognition within the business and among the employees that is appraising the employees for their better performance. This is necessary because of the fact that sometimes the employees are not satisfied with the financial motivators. Thus, here they will be satisfied with the recognition and appraisal which they will get by the management of the company.

Notes- This model works in the form of satisfaction of lower need and then reaching to the highest and till the first one is not achieved it does not goes to the next level of need. This model starts as follows-

Physiological needs- These are the basic needs of the person which if not fulfilled then they will not work in effective manner. This need requires the fulfilment of the basic requirements like food, water, shelter and many other basic amenities. Thus, for fulfilling this need Johnsons of Whixley provide to the employees with the salary which is enough to fulfil their basic needs.

Safety needs- While doing work it is necessary that the employees are kept safe and secure and this includes providing of healthy and safe environment so that employees are comfortable in working. Thus, for this Johnsons of Whixley provides clean and safe working environment to employees and also provides option of insurance also.

Social needs- The employees cannot live in isolation and they need to interact with other people and this is the social need which need to be fulfilled. This includes the need for love, belongingness, affection and other related feeling. For this Johnsons of Whixley is arranging for some informal meetings and parties so that they can interact with one another.

Esteem needs- This is an essential part at time of working because this is related to the self- respect or ego needs of the person. It is very important for company to cater to these needs of the employees because if this is not satisfied then the employees will not work in effective manner. For this Johnsons of Whixley is providing both monetary and non- monetary incentives to the employees and more preference is given to non- monetary incentives.

Self- actualization needs- This is the highest level of need wherein the employees have reached to their maximum potential (Nicholls, 2017). This is the level where the employee has achieved all the things which they wanted to do in their life and they have attained all of these needs.

Notes- These attributes are as follows-

The major attribute is the proper and effective communication because if the communication among the team members is not effective then the work will not take place in good way. Thus, proper communication is present in the employees of Johnsons of Whixley so a good team can be developed (Lazowski and Hulleman, 2016).

Another attribute is proper coordination because without coordination no work can be done. Hence, there is proper coordination among all the employees of Johnsons of Whixley and because of this team can be formed.

One more attribute is working for the same objectives and goals and this is also common in all the employees of Johnsons of Whixley and thus, a good and effective team can be formed.

Notes- Further the motivation and how it helps in effective team development was done. For this the model of Tuckman team development was used. For motivation the theory of Maslow need hierarchy was used.


With the help of the above report it is concluded that managing human in organization is very important task because without human no work can be done. Thus, the present report focused on the managing of human by motivating them by providing different types of motivating strategies. The report started by discussing the impact and role of structure, leadership and culture over the change and implementation of those change within the company.

Further it was outlined that for leadership the company is using the democratic and transformational leadership and for structure tall structure is followed and for culture Handy culture model. Further the motivation and how it helps in effective team development was done. For this the model of Tuckman team development was used. For motivation the theory of Maslow need hierarchy was used.

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