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Various Impacts of Working with Leading People

University: Cranfield University

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Question :
This sample will let you know about:
  • Discuss about the Impact of legal, ethical and regulatory considerations.
  • Discuss about the difference between leadership and management.
Answer :

Introduction of Working with Leading People

Every organisation whether it is profit or non-profit need human resource to perform activities. It is considered as one of the most important resource because other operations or department like finance or IT are depended on it. This report will focus on selection process of employees as well as their documentation. Right man for available job is one of the major act of human resource because of this selection process is significant as it is considered as entry point in an organisation. Legal requirements and regulations that are needed to be followed and taken care at the time of recruitment will also be discussed in this file. Information about framing policies and some internal rules is going to be part of this file. Time to time evaluation of selection and recruitment process is necessary as with changing time demand of different quality and skilled workers will increase. So policies and theories regarding this issue will get involved in this file. Leadership is a quality of an individual or may be of an organisation where a leader make strategies and plan so desired results can be achieved. Management is another important task which is integral part of an organisation, theories related to leadership and management will also be discussed below.

Employees in a company need timely motivation because situation changes from time to time so different techniques relating to motivation will be added under this file. When many people work together conflict in company is usual, team work is necessary for every firm but resolving conflicts is also important so techniques relating to solving conflicts will be added below. Tesco is retailing company operating in many countries. They are known for good leadership and aggressive expansion in other countries. Retailing industry is known for gradual growth so sudden up or down is highly unlikely in this sector.


1.1 Documentation to select a new employee in the organization

In recruitment process company find appropriate candidates for available job. Tesco can adopt following documentation process to select desired employee.

Approval of recruitment

This is first step in selection process as approval from top management and finance department is necessary. Higher authorities will check actual need and then they will communicate to finance wing regarding salary because in future they have to pay employees so if they deny that they do not have necessary fund than whole process will stop in first step.

Position description

It is essential to clear the position that is going to advertise because company cannot change the position once it is depicted to public.

Person specification

Qualities and skill that are needed for job are decided because at the time of interviewing a candidate, interviewer should check all the necessary skills.


It helps in finding potential candidates as advertising has more reach compare to other things. Advertising clears desired skill, payment terms and conditions, number of vacancy etc for interested candidates.


Group discussion, personal interview, aptitude test are some methods through which eligibility of applied candidates are checked and right person is selected for job.

1.2 Impact of legal, ethical and regulatory considerations

For every human resource manager, it is essential to know all the legal rule and regulations because most of the governments are strict regarding acts for sex discrimination, race related acts, age regulations etc. Tesco can hire any candidate but there is some legislation which they have to follow. They are present in many countries so it is very difficult for them to follow different law in many countries.

Sex discrimination rules

Company have to recruit qualified person whether it is male or female, they cannot discriminate on the basis of gender. There are some posts for which specified gender has to be selected so in that situation they can ignore other qualified person, but these kind of posts are very less. They are generally made by government of the country in which organisation is operating.

Act relating to race

A firm cannot reject an applicant on the basis of race or nationality as it is considered illegal in most of the nations. There are rules regarding this issue in European countries as well as in other part of world. If applicant possess desired skills that are needed for job than they should be selected in organisation.

Regulations relating to age

Company has to recruitment both young and old applicants as they cannot reject a qualified person on the basis of age. If human resource give preference to a particular age group than it will be unlawful. But this law operates in some countries as many countries believe that this kind of restrictions or rules may go against private sector companies.

1.3 Part of manager in selection process

Finding best man for available job is considered as one of the most important task that human resource department and manager of concerned team has to perform. For this work first they have to shortlist from available candidates by taking IQ test, aptitude test or any written test relating to job. This will provide right applicants for next part of selection process, that is interview (Ring, 2014). Interview assist in finding cultural background, emotional quotient that is need for job, experience, etc. Salaries are sometime negotiable so interviewing panel can also discuss salary and other facilitates that is to be provided to selected candidate. If hired applicant agree on salary than other rules and regulations relating to company will also be discussed with him/her so in future any type of conflict can be avoided. After completion of this process appointment statement will be given to selected person so he/she can formally become part of Tesco.

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2.1 Skills and attributes needed in leadership

Leadership qualities are considered more important than managerial skills by many great leaders in different work, a manager can be leader and a leader can also be manager. There are many types of leadership and they have both positive and negative impact on business and management. It is important to check that does a person posseses skills that are needed to be present in leader. Some of the skills are mention below:

Motivational skill

It is quality in which leader can convince employees to get the work done according to him/her. They need motivation so their work efficiency and effectiveness can be enhanced from time to time.

Capacity to lead

There are many people in an organisation who do not like extra responsibilities and authorities because they only care about their own work and do not want much involvement in other operations of firm, these kind of employees do not have mind-set to lead a team or firm so they should not be chosen for an important position.

Trouble shooting skill

In business, leaders daily face new hurdles and problems, so they should possess skills to solve big problems as well as day to day hindrances. He/ she should have guts to face any situation that can in front of him/her.

2.2 Difference between leadership and management

Leader and manger may look like same thing but there are many difference between them. One of the main difference is that leader has followers, they will do whatever he/she tell them to do and they have lot of trust in their leader. But manager do not have any follower, he/she simply have employees who may or may not believe in his/her skills and manager is appointed to manage situations and teams instead of providing direction to company. Generally, a leader is chosen by people who are going to follow him/her in future but a manager can be chosen by top management without asking employees. In an organisation manager can change but leader is known to bring change in firm as he/she has a vision and pre-planned strategies on which company is going to run. A leader is known to create his/her own team because of his/her quality of understanding the skills possessed by an individual but in case of manager, he/she has given a team and normally he/she manage that team instead of making new team.

2.3 Comparing the leadership style in different situations of the organization

In an organisation a leader has to face different situations some are favourable and some are unfavourable. For example two situations can be taken, in first situation a leader will be allotted inexperienced team, who do not follow orders given by him/her and they have very tight deadline to achieve the target. In this kind situation leader has to adopt autocratic style of leadership in which he/she will give orders to employees and those who do not obey the orders will be punished. Punishment is different kind of motivation in which fear is used so perform of individual can be improved. Theory X of motivation by Mcgregor can be used to motivate those employee who are not willing to work according to leader. Carrot and stick will be correct approach so they can follow order of superior. In situation two, leader is allotted experience team with good track record so they but the deadline is very tight. In this case leader can adopt democratic approach because team is experienced and they have already proven that they can performance particular task so delegation of authorities can be done and they should be involved in decision making process. Reward will be best motivation for them and according to Mcgregor theory Y these kind of employees need respect and involvement in decision with other rewards.Want to get your essay done? Just as do my essay for me uk and get best experts assistance.


3.1 Benefits of teamwork in Tesco

Team work assist in overall development of individual as an employee may learn new things or something in which he/she is not good from other team member. This improve their learning and help in improving creativity they possess. This whole concept enhance trust in team as well as in organisation and trust is considered one of the most important thing in business. Tesco made small team so proper care to every individual employee can provided and their work can easily be evaluated at the time of performance evaluation. One of thebig advantages of teamwork is that a team generally take more risk compare to individual because when many people use their brain is a good system, surprising results can be achieved. It also supports in generating strong relationship between employees which ultimately improve their overall performance.

3.2 Resolving conflicts in teamwork

Conflicts are integral part of a team and it is always considered that a conflict should be resolved as soon as possible, it is preferable to stop it at its point of generation. In Tesco it is analysed that there are two areas where conflict arises first is related to task and second is related to relationship. In Task conflict employees are not allotted work according to their specialisation or demand which create chaos in company. The situation in which responsibilities given to an employee does not matches to the power that is given to him, creates a weird situation and generate conflicts between subordinate and superior. Avoidance of these kind of issue dissatisfies employees and play an important role in creating these issues. Other type of conflict is related to relationship as behaviour of every employee is different which make things complex and generate these kind of issue.

3.3 Possible strategy to improve the effectiveness of the team in organization

Tesco operates in different countries and environment in a very competitive industry. Diversity is very important to gain knowledge and experience, Tesco has millions of employees in various part of this world which help them in facing any kind of challenge and provide them internal strength. They have a structure and approach where time to time they ensure that effectiveness of their policies and plan can be maintained. Ethical behavior in an organization is significant to maintain high efficiency because working with people who are from different place and culture is not an easy task, so at initial stage they have to keep some patience so they can settle according to situation and for long run they should focus on maintaining integrity. It is always considered that respecting other members in company is necessary to improve internal relationship in firm. Clear mission and proper communication support in making a positive impact in organization so their overall performance can be improved.


4.1 Planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance of employees

Assessment of work done by employees is essential as it provide information regarding areas where employee need improvement and it also show his/her actual performance so incentives, punishment and training can be given to them. A proper plan is needed to monitor and assess their work so their work performance can be improved from time to time. There are several factors that made a huge impact on making plan regarding this issue. Goal of Tesco is one of the major factor in this type of planning as they focus on providing more services to more people so they need consistence monitoring on employees because if they do something that is wrong or unethical than company will loose their customers and their goal of expansion will also suffer. Performance of every employ is different so remuneration to them should also be given according to their performance which can only be done if proper monitoring and assessment of the work they have done is analyzed on consistent basis. Planning of these issues is important so conflicts can be avoided.

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4.2 Planning and delivering the assessment of development needs

Planning will always ultimately relate to organization goal. To achieve desired results Tesco may need to provide training to employees so t the areas where they are weak can be improved and new things can be taught to them. This will play a crucial role in planning and delivering assessment of workers. It is important to analyze potential of individual person because all of them have different quality so they have to be trained according to existing skills. The task should be carefully checked because a worker should be given a position that he/she can manage according to the skills they possess.

4.3 Success of the assessment process

In Tesco, after getting proper training employees will be able to understand organizational goal properly and they will better ideas about the task then are going to perform. Because of various incentives their performance will become better and in order to earn more money they will keep quality in their work. Worker will also focus on solving conflicts at point of their generation which is considered as one of the most important task in a team and company.


From above report, it can be concluded that leadership is important for every organisation. There are various task like documentation and following legal formalities which are necessary for every organisation and it is considered as important task in selection process. Manager and leader need many skills so they can handle different situations and in case of employees, their proper monitoring is essential to achieve desired results. Read what are the impact of working with leading people.


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