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Managing Conference and Events

University: University of the Arts London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3376
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Managing conferences and events are most essential functions which usually includes all type of management activities within the competitive business environment. It mainly involves organising, implementing, planning of several activities in order to conduct successful events and conferences. Along with this there are different types of events like trade show, live show, occasions and festivals as well. All these are controlled, managed and monitored by the manager of an organisation, who are mainly engaged in different forms of business from various event management. This assignment is based on Holiday Inn hotel, which is one of the best American brands of hotel and hospitality organization was founded in the year of 1952 by Kemmons Wilson. It is headquartered in UK and provides its better services large number of location globally. Moreover discussion will be based on investigate of various categories and dimensions of event within event sector (Tego, E., and et. al., 2017). After this professional standards for evaluating room set-ups for event and conferences. At last, explore the management skills and explanation of measures needed to manage safe events environment for gust and staff members will get covered.


P1. Several dimensions and categories of events.

In the current scenario there are different types of events which is used by Holiday Inn. This hotel always focuses on arranging unique events in order to attract large number of customers in a proper way. Respective firm mainly organises attractive events in order to maximise their overall profitability by increasing profit margin effectively. There are some various categories and dimensions of event, those are listed below:

Cultural events or charity events: This type of events which are mainly organised to maximise knowledge and strong relation with people at marketplace. With the help of this people can get huge knowledge about their culture (Van Der Vegt and et. al., 2015). Whereas, charity events mainly includes funds increment in order to build trust for customers by organised event. In context with Marks and Spencer they always make such type of events by which they can fulfil customer's and society's needs in a short period of time. Therefore, this category of event used by Holiday Inn to make its customers or clients happy.

Private events: This type of events always operated and owned by the person which is generally organised for limited guest of members, organisations ad club as well. According to this sort of event general public or individuals are not suppose to come without any invitation. In reference with Holiday Inn they are focusing to organising this type of event in order build strong relationship with other companies and business members to increase their overall growth and goodwill at marketplace (Seda and et. al., 2018). Apart from this there are also few events like birthday parties and all which comes under the private event.

Corporate events: All type of business entity or industry can prepare effective event in order to build strong relationship with people. Overall plan of events mainly includes providing good venue, perfect food quality, conferences and seminars and so on. With the help of these type of factors firms can make better plan for event and organize in a proper place in which people can stay freely and do not face any kind of difficulties. In reference with Holiday Inn manager of this hospitality organisation always make better event plan in order to build good relations with customers and clients by providing effective goods and services within the seminars and events. It can be considered as the strength of this respective firm to deal with different suppliers, customers, dealers etc. Therefore, it is very essential part of business in which manager has responsibility to arrange corporate events in an effective manner.

Dimensions of events

Sports events: These type of events generally made for those type of people who are really interested in sports like world cup, Olympics and so on. In order to make this type of events players have responsibility to do different things. In relation with Holiday Inn they always make this type of event but before they study all the governmental rules, policies and legislations in order to give benefits for players and arrange better services for them.

Mega events: This type of events are managed and conducted for short period of time globally (Owan, Garbini and Devasia, 2018). Main aim of this event is to increase people confidence towards work at marketplace. According to Holiday Inn they make this event in order to meet different people and get some unique knowledge globally.

P2. Current trends and features which influence events sector.

In order to arrange effective event is one of the crucial factor for every business within the dynamic environment. At present time, most of the businesses try to give their best at marketplace by observing needs of current trends. There are several trends which reflects on that events organised by a firm, mentioned below:

  • Firstly, event manager or any firm should ensurethey will provide better services to its clients and customers with full satisfaction. Along with this, they must give proper health and safety tools at event place so that people can get well organized event and increase overall value of business.
  • During the ethical events, event manager is needed to concern about various things like birthday parties, wedding hall, festival gathering and so on. With the help of this illustration of various thoughts they can make them attractive and able to achieve desired goals.

Different trends which influence event industry

Venues: It is very essential factor which mainly affects the overall working firms who are organizing appropriate events at very good place. It will reach business at higher position at public place. Therefore, venue of event always should be in a better place so that people can get attracted and feel joyful. So that every should always focuses on their event place and decide venue place accordingly (Pitaliya, Infosys Ltd, 2017).

Safety and security: This factor plays vital role within every event of firm which mainly influence business activities at positive or negative way. In reference with Holiday Inn manager always provide various safety tools for customers in order to increase their organization reputation at good level. If they will not focus on this then they can get affected in a negative way.

Critique the development of event sector

At current scenario event industries plays vital role in order to develop effective events at both large and small level. Therefore, events are increasing rapidly day by day which affects business at positive or negative manner. These sorts of industries always developed with the help of mega events to gain huge profit at different market level. In reference with Holiday Inn, with the help of these events factors they can implement on new things and able to gain better position in marketplace.


P3. Design an event layout to correctly set up an event or conference to meet particular client requirement.

Designing layout refers to the different types of factors which is used by business to make unique designs in order to attract large number of customers. Attractive structure of layout always fulfils customers' expectations and give better experience to clients at every time within the event industry. In context with Holiday Inn, they always consist customer requirements and gives them very unique quality of goods and services in order to increase firm's productivity as well as profitability. Therefore, theme for the conferences and events are different which can be understand by different ways, those are given below:

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Adventure location: For this specific area decided theme will be the combination of lots of dark colours by which event industry can easily attract large customers in a perfect way. Theme can be the form of dark purple and sky blue (Preuss, 2016).

Cultural location: In order to facilitate this type of event, it consist light colours like pink, white which gives better loon and attract customers.

Healthcare location: For this type of particular location they always focused on light colours in order to give healthier and positive environment, so it influence people in a positive way.

Luxury experience: In order to give precious experience to people they always used lots of dimensions of colors to give better attraction for customer in their life.

Spa and wellness: According to this type of location event manager always select different types of colours like off white, Gray and so on. With the help of these sorts of colours they can make its environment better and attract large number of customers.

By having different types of designing layout or factors event manager can meet customer's expectation rapidly and always gives them better experience to increase future if event industry in an appropriate manner (Barkley and et. al., 2017).

P4. Examine additional services available within the conference and event and importance to provide them to meet particular client needs for added value.

According to the above mentioned factors it can be said that all those effective layout and factors directly influence overall industry business in a positive way. In relation with Holiday Inn with the help of using these sort of factors they can manage their hospitality firm in a well manner. Along with they always offered better accommodations and facilities to people by focusing on their overall comforts at every movement. During this scenario events and parties also arranged by this hotel as per customer's choice. Generally, it includes various type of health and safety tools, delivering services on time, perfect quality of food and so on. From all these facilities customers can get huge satisfaction and directly increase overall brand image of this hotel in front of the marketplace (Jones and et. al., 2015). Through offering this sort of services to customer's respective firm also focusing on location as well by which they can satisfy their needs and wants. With the help of giving so many services firm is able to bring innovative changes within guest's demand and able to gain competitive environment at marketplace. Apart from this there are few ways which is managed or controlled by management team of this firm, those are listed below:

Area for buffer or food: According to this, managers are needed to focus on various arrangement skills like attractive foods stalls with effective quality of food and so on. They also should have limited people so that other people can't get influence and make organisation effective.

Space for cake table: Cake cutting is the most essential and different things for clients and customers as they always want big hall and table so that they can invite so many people in order to gain better enjoy. It will help people to take very good experience and increase firm's value.

Proper space for dance floor: In order to better floor for dance within the event of parties they always provide joyful environment to the customers so that they can feel very fresh environment in hotel and enjoy accordingly.

Enough space required for the stage: For organising overall events and conferences manager of this industry are needed to cover 200 sq. ft area so that people can easily adjust and enjoy till they want. With the help of this they can get better success in future (Getz and Page, 2016).

Furthermore, in current scenario there are large number innovative trends which all are beneficial for all type of event industries by which they can stay for long period of time at marketplace and get higher position. Therefore, there are different factors by which event industry can achieve good success, some of them are given below:

Wireless technology and Sensors: This technology is very attractive for all people, with the help of this they can get better services and increase industry value in a proper way. This type of facilities includes GPS, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and so on given by firm in order to enhance their profits as well as growth at marketplace. With the help of this they can transfer their important information to its customers and give them better experience (Horne, 2017).

Utilization of innovative technologies: There are various kinds of innovative factors which can be applicable on conferences and event industries. It includes inventory control, video conferencing, qualitative room services all these shows the utilization of innovative techniques within the industry. By giving this sort of services to customer's/clients event industry can make their vision attractive and able to gain better advantages.


P5. Several management roles within event industry, with context to current job opportunities in the sector.

Within the event industry there are various role and opportunities which is taken by them. There are some specific roles which is based on manager, event manager, decorator in charge, talent manager, food and beverages manager and so on. There are few management roles which all are played by different managers, those are following as under:

Event manager: According to the Holiday Inn hotel, manager who always controls and concentrates on various plans and activities always gain better success in their future and also able to fulfill their customers' needs and demand. Therefore, manager is responsible to make effective and attractive plan in order to satisfy customers at various levels and make themselves attractive in front of people. It helps them to encourage its team members so that they can work accordingly.

Food and beverage manager: In reference with Holiday Inn, manager always ensures that they mainly prepared various food items with unique quality in order to make customers happy (Huang and et. al., 2015). By making food items following different hygiene scenario they can achieve large number of customers goals and able to eliminate various errors from the food preparing process within the organization. They also serve food with unique ways which attract customers at various levels. Along with this they are needed to concentrates on food items for special occasions by which they fulfill clients requirement within the industry.

Thus, this can be said that there are several types of roles which is played by different managers in order to give better services to clients/customers at every time (Bell, Schwenke and Lester, 2016).

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P6. Review the management skills and personal attributes needed to stakeholders exceptions within event industry.

According to present scenario there are lots of task in relation with events and conferences which all are played by manager within the industry event helps firm to reach higher position globally. There are some skills within Holiday Inn, those are listed below:

Management skills:

Communication skills: This is performed by every event industry in order to communicate different types of clients within the marketplace. By having effective communication skills firm can make their potential clients and able to provide them better services as per their desire. It helps employees to achieve organizational goals by focusing on their various aspects which is related with firm as well as their betterment of future (Hashemi and Burstein, 2019).

Interpersonal skills: For this event manager always work within the group, it means they share their overall views and ideas with different people in event industry and make strong relationship with them. With the help of this sort of skills they can make effective decisions in order to make appropriate services to overall customers. On the basis of this people can get attracted in a proper way and provide numerous services to clients so that they can get satisfied and make the organization attractive.

Personal attributes:

Confident: It is very necessary for each and every manager of industry, by which they can deal with various clients in a proper way. By having confident personality, they can influence customers towards their work and able to book so many appointment to arrange event and conferences within the industry.

Creative: Creativity is one of the best thing to bring innovative ideas and thoughts in order to give better satisfaction to customers in an effective manner (Hamilton, Google, 2016). In relation with Holiday Inn manager always guide to its team members and always try to make better strategies to give better experience in the firm.


P7. Explain the appropriate measures needed to provide a safe event venue and provide safe environment for guest and event staff with specific examples.

According to the competitive scenario most of the firms are needed to focus on various safe and security tools within the specific hospitality organisation. Within the event industry manager mainly considered on electrical issues, human safety and so on. It helps customers to arrive at hotel with peaceful mind (Geppert and Roessler, Avaya, 2018). There are some key elements to check overall security and safety, given below:

Protection of the theft or crime: This is effective safety tools for overall event industry. It works when managers are not able to manage difficult situation then they can apply other protection systems to people so that they can feel good and also gives better feedback to the customers in a proper way.

Fire and electricity: In this world every event industry needs to analyses their goals and objectives within the workplace. Together with they also needed to have better protective tools to give happiness to customers at different level. Some times industries faces some issues like gas leakage issue, short circuit and so on, which can influence people so that manager is needed to provide various safety tools to satisfy customers appropriately.

Therefore, all these factors can be considered by an organization in order to organize event within industry (Cooke and et. al., 2016). It makes good image of an organisation and help them to gain competitive scenario.


According to the above respective report it has been concluded that, in order to conduct different types of conferences and events this type of industry can make good image in front of the marketplace. Along with this, they provide better services with effective quality to their visitors and clients as well. By giving them lots of better services at appropriate area firm can make them attract and able to achieve desired goals. With the help of this they can give better performance to customers so that they can get attracted and increase their profit with high profitability by gaining competitive scenario.


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