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Managing Communication, Knowledge And Information

University: Cranfield University

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Diploma
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Effectiveness in communication is the basic requirement whose significance in business is growing significantly with the changing phases of globalization. In order to realise the importance of communication, the report has been conducted on Apple Inc. This firm keeps on enhancing their communication for sharing knowledge and information among its employees, management and with CEO. The report has further made discussion on analysing the strategies for improving personal networking that will lead to enhancement in its decision-making. Moreover, the report has been looking upon the communication process and suggestions on improving them in accordance with the company’s suitability.

Task 1

1.1 Range of decisions to be undertaken

Apple Inc. is looking forward to expand its business in UK. In order to capture the UK market, senior management team is considered to undertake various decisions with regard to expansion. Some of them are state below-

  • Strategic Plan- Here, strategy is to be made in order to evaluate varied needs of customers, market requirement, resource allocation, number of employees to be placed etc. After suitable planning of strategies, specific decisions related to each will be taken (Saaty and Vargas, 2006).
  • Location- The area which is likely to attract more customers and is suitably spacious enough to set up their business must be chosen.
  • Source of Finance- The most reliable financing source must be preferred (Bhushan and Rai, 2004). The risk associated with the debt or equity must judiciously be ascertained and one with the least cost and risk must be chosen.
  • UK Business laws- Apple base is currently established in US market and for expanding business in UK, it is important that company would get acquainted with their business laws so as to avoid any future legal consequences.

1.2 Information and knowledge required for effective decision-making

Examination of information and knowledge is specifically necessary to assure effective decision-making at different levels. These levels are like:

  • Strategic Level- At top level, information and knowledge is essentially required to undertake various strategic decisions which are important for the overall growth of business and have long-term impact on business (Improving strategic decision making, 2015).
  • Tactical level- These decisions fall under the category of middle level management and are responsible for the implementation of strategies which are undertaken by the top level. The entire information and detailed knowledge about business is required by them to implement the strategies effectively.
  • Operational level- At lower level, clerical and routine decision-making is done (Gold and Shadlen, 2007). This makes it imperative for them to possess information about employees and work related knowledge to carry out the process smoothly within organization.

1.3 Internal and external sources of information

There are mainly two sources of information from where data and knowledge regarding expansion of business in UK can be gathered. The following 2 sources are-

1. Internal sources
  • Financial information- It is the data as per current P&L a/c and balance sheet to assess the performance of company in order to meet its future vision of expansion.
  • Sales figures- This source of information can help in examining the market growth and demand for their products (Shneiderman and Ben, 2003).
2. External sources
  • Government- Company needs to acknowledge themselves about prime legal information and requires checking if there are any grants available from them for their business (Shanka and Taylor, 2004).
  • Internet media- Web search and social media serve as the wide portal of information with regard to UK market as well as tastes and preferences of customers can be assessed.

1.4 Recommendations to make improvements

In order to reap the benefits of UK expansion, Apple Inc. is required to share rather than withholding information and knowledge from their employees. This will indeed help in effective business expansion and in multiplying profits of company. Firm must conduct training programs specifically for UK employees for serving effective services (Saaty, 2008). They must also assist them in procuring professional development courses to ensure their overall development and to build their confidence level to remarkable extent. Overall, this will leave a positive impact on their business.

Assessing internal and external sources of information in 1.3 will have due impact on efficiency and effectiveness of staff. The staff members of organization are in close contact with customers and hold critical information regarding market and customer’s demand (Whitney, McGuire and McCullough, 2004.). Whenever staff members are looking forward to expand their information and knowledge, they can make use of this information to enhance their productivity. For example, staff can get acquainted with the laws to revert back penal consequences by using external source of information.

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Task 2

2.1 Identification of key stakeholders

Stakeholders are considered as those whose interest lies in the business of company in one or the other way. Stakeholders of Apple Inc. are its shareholders, employees, suppliers, government etc. for launching new products. The assistant customer service manager by means of communication would spread the information between them about their plans that they are seeking. Manager will communicate their information to customers by explaining the product specifications, features and utility that will help in influencing them (Papazoglou and et.al., 2007).

Shareholders shall be approached by the managers and information on product’s sales and generation of profit will be discussed to ensure their assured return for them. Employees will be trained on the ways that they shall demonstrate the products and sell them to people at large.

2.2 Enhancing relationship with stakeholders

To gain positive review on product launch, manager must maintain the contact with stakeholders on a continuous basis and should create a strong relationship with them in order to assure successfully debut of its product. Their feedback must be taken on pricing and features by the way of emails or phone calls (Attfield, Blandford and Makri, 2010). Customers must be approached through internet and social media and company can know their review on the product so launched. Supplier’s feedback can also be gathered and accordingly, decision-making process must be undertaken.

2.3 Stakeholders engagement at various occasion programme

Apple Inc. must organize the events during launching period of product. This event must invite different stakeholders and their expectations must be evaluated as well. This will help in developing the feeling of belongingness among them and their perspective about the product can be further gathered. By approaching customers through such events, their wants can be assessed and modifications can be made before launching the product as per their new defined needs. Through this operation, Apple can assure maximum satisfaction of stakeholders by organizing this event.

2.4 Drafting inclusive strategies

Strategies regarding events must be made and an initiative must be taken to make this event a memorable experience for all stakeholders. Service Managers must use sales promotional activities for popularizing a new product. The event must be capable enough to create hype among customers for their new product (Bickart and Schindler, 2001). Coupons and discount vouchers can be distributed at the event which can be redeemed whenever they make purchasing of product. Lucky draw system can be used at the launch event in which out of all, 10 lucky winners can be given with a chance to experience the product for free. Through these promotions, customers can be attracted and their interests can be retained in the event program.

An agenda was drafted earlier to make the event program as a success. But after the happening of event, there were many loopholes that were identified. The coordination between management was seemed to be lacking and the whole program was conducted in a haphazard manner. Experiencing from the drawback of previous event, the next networking program can be conducted in an appropriate manner. The overall layout of program can be discussed among all employees of company and clear roles and responsibilities can be allocated among them. This will help in avoiding confusion and in overlapping of work in the future. Perfectionism in single duty can also be gained in this program.

Strategies are framed in 2.4 to gather more participation of stakeholders in launching of product at an event. The discounted products that offer value driven deals to customers can guarantee multiple sales for their new product. This will though result in less amount of profit generation but the sales will counter effect the difference of profit. If a lucky draw is announced among all stakeholders, the loyalties and their trust in company can be retrieved which will add to the benefits of company indirectly.

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Task 3

3.1 Anticipating methods in collecting, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge by Apple

Currently, traditional methods are used in Apple Inc. and there is an impending need to upgrade their methods. The new method must be capable enough to cope up with the changes in technology. In Apple Inc., information is collected by the means of survey and researches as well as suggestion boxes are also placed at different corners of the organizations (Snyder and Diesing, 2015). The information was then arranged by personnel and is stored specifically in their computers. Whenever, the need arise, the information is accessed from the computers. Any person working within organization was given with the free access to such information. This helped in gaining employee’s confidence and loyalty for the organization. This is considered to be an out-date method of managing company’s information and knowledge.

3.2 Adequate changes to make improvements

Assistant CSM must bring requisite changes in their existing communication system to meet the changing needs of technologies. Due collection of information about customers and employees can be gained through online surveys along-with filing the questionnaire or KYC forms issued on their blogs (Morris and Zumbach, 2004). The information so collected must be arranged and formatted by different computer software like TPS (transaction processing system), DSS (decision support system) and MIS (Management information system).. The access of information must be limited to specific users and issuing them digital card. The leaking of data to competitors will get restricted whenever necessary information can be disseminated to employees by managers.

3.3 Implementing strategy to enhance system of information

Changes can be inserted in the firm and strategies in specific can be drafted to introduce the changes in organization. Particular training must be provided to staff of IT department as they need to meet the standards of the latest technological changes. MIS system must be installed to format the information system of Apple Incorporation. Managers should assimilate the information and systematically review them in order to update their information database about customers (Finney Rutten and et.al., 2005).

The current study of organization is done by analysing the present system in comparison to the latest technology. It has been seen that the current system has some drawbacks persisting of which requires update. The up gradation of information system will require high investee for company but being classified under IT industry, these modifications will prove to be a fruitful investment and help in gaining positive ROI.

Collection of data is done as per the latest technologies which will help in saving time, efforts and cost of the organization. Updating and installing computer software will help in formatting the data more easily. This will indirectly help in minimizing the cost incurred earlier on formatting of such information (Hsu and Chiu, 2004). Data stored at a common database will assure that no information is leaked or lost. This will also reduce the overall risk associated with the loss of data. While disseminating of information, access is limited for few managers through card swapping system which will ensure the security of data to the fullest.


The process so outlined in the report will help Apple Inc. to enhance and assure management of their decision-making, communication process, information and knowledge. Apple Inc. will be better of gaining fruitful results and enhancing their competitive edge in a quest to realise their aim of launching new product with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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