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Managing Change And Creativity In The Organizations

University: Blackburn College

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Importance of changes, innovation and creativity in the organisation.
  • Elaborate on the role and need of innovation and creativity in the organisation.
  • Manging the changes business may undergo
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Change can be considered as the outcome of innovation and its value can be encouraged if creativity is integrated in the same process. Managing change is essential for the business entities and this is also necessary for every organization as it encourages their potential to adopt new and different things. In contemporary scenario, organizations have been adopting different methods and techniques just as a way of innovate something in the business organizations (Todnem, 2005). At the same time, managers have been considering the value of change and innovation because that helps them to explore new and different aspects that are prevailing in the world. Change comes out with number of transformations and this also enhances the capability of business entities to manage multiple activities at a time. Change appears in the organization for several reasons. However, it needs to be managed proactively and yet the approaches need to be responsive to changing contingent circumstances.

From a range of sources, it is evident that change is that part of a business entity which drives them to go for strategic aspects. In modern scenario, all the business entities have been responding to change in a positive manner so that creative things can be included in the work processes. Through change management, business entities can find out different ways to improve the performance and alongside, competitive scenario of organization can also be encouraged (Thomas and et.al., 2001). In change management, major focus is given to strategic aspects because that provides a pathway that can assists the organizational members to develop vision, mission and organizational goals. The subsequent aspect has numerous advantages and it is also considered as the vital dimension that leads to organizational development. From accessing scenario of business entities, it has been identified that the need of change occurs at the time when internal business practices fluctuate and when opportunities of growth and success declines.

Role of change in innovation and creativity

Through change management, technological reach of business also encourages and this helps the entities to go for more development in the present competition. For instance - in order to bring changes in the business services and practices, Tesco decided to extend the product line and for that, the business launched new products and services (Tesco's new boss says will make management changes, 2014). This not only helped in acquiring attention from new customers but also, aids in creating competitive edge over the industry rivalries. Tesco has adopted many changes in its business since the time it has established the entity. The performance of Tesco has been increasing due to continuous adoption of change aspects in the service provision. The chief impact of change can be seen in employee performance as they are learning new things to manage their job roles. Tesco adopts different changes so as to increase the efficiency, swiftness and innovation. Thus, for such purpose, the business provides online shopping facility to the customers. Employees of Tesco are able to manage their job roles in effectually as they get encouragement from the management when they give support in change processes (Tesco PLC Is Changing For The Better With A Management Clearout, 2014).

Therefore, Tesco has prepared to shed up to 9,000 jobs in a turnaround plan that would remove a layer of management in larger supermarkets in addition to slimming its head office and closing outlets. From the research of Rupert (2014), Tesco has been struggling for years to turn its core business for more growth and success. The business in such respect has changed many things so that employees can learn diversified aspects for higher growth and development. A range of factors are there in the organization that drive and motivate management to go for change management (Tesco plans management cull to restore fortunes, 2015). Considering the general aspects, it can be said that change plays a crucial role in innovation and creativity. Change allows the employees to learn different aspects and through that, they are contributing more efforts in enhancing the creativity and innovation at workplace. At Tesco, change is also implemented so that business can reduce increasing operational cost. This leads to alterations in managing the work. Having change in job roles reduces the boredom and increases learning of employees. As a result, organization gets the best out of executed changes.

Need of changes in businesses

Changes are inevitable and it is also a significant exercise because of all those benefits which it provides to the organization. It is fundamental in coping with emerging technological advancements in the society. However, on the other hand, change is associated with resistance and people resist changing because of varied reasons. Some of them consider change as an unnecessary dimension and this is the reason they give inadequate support for change aspects (Roussaeau and Greller, 2006). Strategic change affects the entire functions and operations of a business. Thus, managers are required to involve all the employees in change management aspects for prominent support. In the modern scenario, managers of organizations have been considering the worth of change because that often helps in becoming different with that to other industry players. Business manager represents change as an existing process that is vital for the organization to increase productivity and for gaining success. Business scenario is getting more competent and diverse. Thus, managers are seeking for new dimensions that can enhance the differentiating factor of business entity.

Managing people effectively in extension programs is a skill that requires constant planning and development. In order to align the business with competitive scenario, managers have been emphasizing on developing capability of employees. Creativity and innovation can be facilitated in business entity with the help of adopting new things and practices. Hence, by considering the competitive scenario, it can be said that change is vital for every business entity and timely implementation of change aspects lead to growth and development (Reiss, 2012). On the contrary, thinking about several aspects consumes time and it also utilizes all sorts of resources in a single process. Several studies conducted on the same research background clarified that change brings organizational employees together and it also develops the level of employee interaction. When changes appear, employees face difficulties in managing the job roles and to overcome from such difficulties, they communicate with varied people. Hence, this develops proper coordination among them and as a result, it encourages employee engagement in organizational work processes.

As discussed in the above section, it is apparent that change always comes with Resistance. Therefore, managers have to emphasize on motivational aspects so that employees can give their consent in change processes. At the same time, in business, creativity and innovation both are required so that long term sustainability and competitive advantage can be acquired respectively. Managers need to be more social to people so that change can be properly brought to practice (Longenecker and Fink, 2013). On the other hand, to support change practices in the organization, managers must involve all the employees in decision making process so that the entire workforce can give their concern towards application of change aspects. It is an apparent fact that it takes time to execute change in the business as proper planning and management is required. Most of the managers bring changes in the work practices so as to reduce boredom. The most fundamental aspect concerned with change management is innovation that allows the managers to facilitate new things in existing job roles.

There must be innovation in the business practices because that assists the entities to comprehend new dimensions for growth and success. Innovation and creativity comes out from employee efforts. Thus, while introducing changes in business practices, employees must be informed about all the aspects (Leopold, Harris and Watson, 2005). Employee engagement and involvement is necessary in the change management process. Hence there should be clear communication among the managers and employees. Changes will be beneficial for the business entity if they are executed in requisite area. Hence, in order to develop the probabilities of growth and success, managers need to look for different and new practices. Transformations in business bring changes in employee job roles. Therefore, managers have to make arrangement for different training and coaching events. Such type of assistance not only enhance the organizational productivity but also it leads employees to develop their potential to encourage own capability. Furthermore, employee involvement in the change process helps managers to cope up with the resistance in an adequate manner (Leban and Stone, 2007).

Changes drive the managers to emphasize more on strategic aspects and that plays direct role in augmenting the competency of business. There are several models through which changes can be properly executed in the business activities and a few approaches are discussed in the below section:

Model for structural change: It has been seen that there are various external factors that lead to change and all such factors also drive business to adopt new aspects for the work management. All the business functions and operations changes at the time when organization introduces strategic transitions (Howlett, 2008). A lot of organizations have been explored that lies under this category. As per the model, major changes arise in structural aspects of business and there, roles and responsibilities of employees also change.

Model representing process change: For the purpose of enhancing productivity of an organization, it is essential to enforce the several strategies so that people can get to know different ways to manage their efficiency level. With the help of process change model, certain changes can be implemented in the existing manufacturing processes and this thereby facilitates in managing supply and demand aspects.

People change model: To make changes in the organizations, it is essential for the managers to make transformations in roles and responsibilities (Hoisington and Vaneswaran, 2005). On the other hand, certain changes can also be made in the existing job roles as roles can be replaced simultaneously. The model chiefly emphasizes on facilitating proper relationships with the team members so that defined goals of organization can be attained.

Thus, from the discussion, it is clear that change management is widely responsible in facilitating innovation and creativity at workplace and through this, new practices can also be introduced respectively. Managers are looking for more development in the business practices. Thus, they are concern towards overall changes that help them to execute it in the business practices in an adequate manner. Change transforms different business practices; however, sometimes, improper emphasis towards change leads to negative impacts (Barker and Duhaime, 1998). Change is both positive and negative for the business organizations if it is implemented on right time at the right place. Further, the pessimistic impacts of change generate several issues at the organization and this also affects the potential of business. Change is always executed for some specific purpose; therefore, there should be continuous change policies in the organization.

Ways and reasons for which changes should be managed

In the real world, change appears every day in business environment; therefore, to manage such things, it is essential for the business to introduce new aspects in the business. The factors that drive business to go to change helps in change management as well. Changes should be applied in the business practices within adequate time period because implementation of change policy on time can only encourage its value to the business (Ashkenas, 2013). Business growth can be encouraged if frequent changes are applied. Therefore, these are the chief reasons for which changes are significant for the business. In business organizations, changes must be related to diverse aspects so that overall productivity can be increased. Furthermore, in order to manage the resistance to change, business entities must emphasize on proper motivational benefits so as to encourage the employees to cope up for the same process. Employee engagement in organization is essential as it assists in facilitating new and creative aspects and that further boosts the overall efficiency of business.

One of the most common reasons for which changes are given with more importance is to adopt technological aspects for innovation and creativity. Change does not need to be appeared in organizational policies; but it can also appear in the way of perceiving different things. The value of change increases when they are adequately comprehended by all the employees and when actual implementation takes place on right time (Anderson and Media, 2013). Thus, from the entire discussion, it is clear that change is essential for the business because it has the capability to restructure the entire business. For example, a large business organization adopts change as they want to deal with the technological aspects. They also wish to create a position at market place; thus, by adopting change facets, they depict their potential to sustain at market entity. From many research studies, it is evident that changes help the employees to get recognition from the management because change provides an opportunity to employees to enhance their capabilities (Altinay, Altinay and Gannon, 2008).


On the basis of entire description, it is clear that business transformations are necessary as that minimizes the probabilities of uncertainties and problems. Change requires proper planning; hence, this helps the manager to access entire business practices and on that basis, transitions can be implemented. Moreover, transformations are also considered as the ways through which business can improve its performance. While implementing changes, business entities have to analyze the overall operations. Thus, the perception of employees towards change management can also be identified at the same time. By evaluating the results of change, it can be said that it proposes creativity for the business and alongside, it also improves the organizational performance. While developing the study, accurate and authentic materials have been used. Therefore, the content of research is valid and authentic.


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