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Management and Operation Leadership

University: Mont Rose College of Management

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the differences between the role of a leader and function of a manager.
  • Discuss about the different theories of leadership with advantages and disadvantages.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Aston Martin


Operations management is a process through which company operates different function within the control and planning. It has been used by the company because by this process company controls and monitors all the functions and enhance the quality and productivity of the product and services (Copacino, 2019). The operation management manages the cost of the product and services that is offered by the company in an effective manner. Aston martin is an auto-mobile company that produce the luxury and sports cars and established in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bromford and situated in London,UK. The report includes the difference between the role of leader and function of manager with that describes the approaches of leadership. Also defines the advantages and disadvantages of different leadership approaches and key approaches of operation management and there impact on decision-making of business environment.

Differences between the role of a leader and function of a manager

Manager is an individual who manages the organisation to enhance the productivity and performance of the company (What is operations Management, 2019). Induce the changes within the company to raise the work-culture and generate opportunities for the business in terms of growth by define the long-term goals for both individual and company. Manager of Aston Martin plays an important role to measured the growth of the employees as they manages each individual performance, planning, directing, controlling, monitoring and many more activities.

Function of manager: There are different roles of manager within the company that helps Aston Martin to measured the growth and development are as follows:

  • Monitoring: It is function with that manger manages all the activities of the individual and also focus on daily schedule of the employees and help them to enhance the performance.
  • Controlling: It is a function through which manager controls all the ongoing activities within the company and implies the change according to the requirement (Bachrach, 2019).

Characteristic of manager: There are different characteristic of the manager some are as defined below as:

  • Time-management: It is the most important characteristic of the manger with that they manage the time duration of all the activities that helps the Aston Martin to achieved their target within a particular period of time.
  • Communication: It is the channel through which people conveys there views to another by which they is the clarity in the employees of Aston Martin that enhance the productivity of the company.

Leader is the one who leads the people, it is the one that is followed by the people and every individual wants to work like them. Leader is the one that influence others to work even in more effective manner and it is a quality that will not be generated it is born talent.

Roles of leader: There are different roles of leader and some are as defined below as:

  • Define the vision: Leader of Aston Martin defines the vision to every individual of the company whereas vision is what an individual and the company wants to achieve within a particular period of time. Leader leads the employees and influenced them to perform better in the company and for that design the set of activities that create ease for the employee to achieve there target.
  • Influencer: Leader is the one that influence others to perform well and be a role model for all every individual of the company (Crane, 2019).

Characteristic of leader: There are various characteristics of leader some are as follows as:

  • Positive attitude: Leader of Aston Martin also have the positive attitude towards all the activities and always be ready to performed well in every situation.
  • Passionate: Leaders are always passionate towards there work and also helps other to achieve there target of the company.

Technology has been more developed and advanced for that to stay in a market for longer period of time company adopts different ongoing technological changes in the business. As Aston Martin always induce the advancement in there auto-mobiles as they are known for that. Operation management ensures that all the advancement has effectively introduce in the business for that leader and manager handle that process. In this manager manages the employee by providing adequate training and development with that leader lead the employees to adopt the change with an ease. If any change imparts in the business thus company need to provide training to the employee to indulge that change in effective manner. It somehow affects the performance of the company and with that takes a lot of time to get implement that in the business. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Approaches to leadership in different situations

Manager and leader both are most important for any organisation as one leads the employees and other implies the changes within the organisation by which the performance of the company increases. Whereas, Aston Martin is the manufacturer of luxury cars and they always induce new change and technological advancement in there auto-mobiles. Thus manger and leaders are the most important as manager manages the new advancement and implies the change by providing proper training and development. Whereas, leader always influence and leads the employees to work better and easily accept all the changes and advancement of the company (Dobson, 2018). There are different situations under which the role of leader and function of manager shows in more effective manner are as follows:

  • New technology advancement: As Aston Martin always comes with advancement thus manager always manages all the different factors that has been affected by the advancement. Leader helps the other to accept the change and motivate them towards the advancement and help them to understand the different facts about the change and that has been done by using transformational theory. Thus it makes easy for Aston Martin to always be lead in the market because of there managers and leaders, as they make it more easy of them to implement the change and measure the success.
  • Employee Participation: It is the situation in which Aston Martin provides the opportunities to the employees to get engaged in the business and enhance there own knowledge. Leader uses Charismatic leadership approach in which leader provides the rewards to the employee who has consistency in the business, that motivates other to perform well and get to chance to recognised among all the other employees. Manager performs all the activities through which employee get the chance to improvise there performance and also introduce some activities by which employee participation also increased.

Thus these are some conditions that shows that manager and leader helps Aston Martin to measured the success at every situations and they both helps the company to take any risk and apply any changes as per the different conditions.

Different theories of leadership with advantages and disadvantages

There are various theories that are related to leadership and management they are contingency,situational and systematic. These theories come into existence because of the increase in psychological level that has taken a drastic improvement during last few decades. Interest of leadership has lead to formation of theories over leadership.(Drucker, 2019). The above mentioned theories are explained below in detail: 

Contingency Theory

It focuses on a certain thing or variant that impacts and determinate style of leadership which is best fit for particular situation existing in an organisation. Principal involved in it is leadership styles may differ for every situation. Advantages of this approach is dynamic nature and help in designing the organisational structure. Disadvantages of it is complexity involved and inadequacy of literature. In relation to Aston Martin, the leader gets effective from this theory in a sense that it creates an effect on the basic structure and formation of organisation which eventually lead to positive growth of the company. As new and better reforms can be formed. Leadership can be able to produce dynamic form of effect in the form of improvisation of strategies and management which become more efficient in managing the company, as there has to be appropriate management for every situation. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Situational Theory

This theory is explains about motivational, tactical skills, ambition of achieving and capacity of accomplishment of task. Advantages of it is comfortable environment for workers and phases of development, disadvantages of this is ineffective for task-orientation environment and more focus on immediate needs rather than long term needs. Aston Martin has to be effected from this in a positive manner as it can help the company to be progressive towards creating task oriented employees, due to which capacity to perform task increases which makes its performance faster and better in the market (Guthrie, 2018). Leadership can be enhanced through the development of various aspects and that can help to accomplish task with more capability. Management functions becomes faster which develops tactical skills in them.

Systematic Theory

It deals with leader as a part of complexity that is changing from time to time at continuous rate. The principal involved in this is to manage the relationship rather then leadership, in a general sense it can be understood that it is an in disciplinary theory which talks about inter dependencies and inter relation between organisation and various parts in order to get a view of issues of business. Advantages of this is focus on multiple dimension of management and achieving goals of organisations, disadvantages of this are delay in procedure of taking decision and inter dependency nature is not defined. Aston Martin can be impacted because of this theory in a way that it can grow itself in the market as relationships would become concrete which helps it to analyse the difficulties arising in the organisation much faster as this leads to direct approach to the root cause of issues that are accruing in the organisation and is slowing down the growth of it. Leadership can get effected in a manner the there is better analysis of the issues accruing and management function should maintain inter relation with in organisation.

The approach which will be relevant for Aston Martin is 'systematic theory' as this will help to organise itself in a systematic manner and will produce more efficient results in future.

Key approaches of operation management and role of leaders and managers

There are theories that are related to operations in management, which deals with knowledge related to managing functions involve in it. Main objectives of these speculation revolves around planning, organising and supervise theories.

It focuses on a certain thing or variant that impacts and determinate style of leadership which is best fit for particular situation existing in an organisation. Principal involved in it is leadership styles may differ for every situation. Advantages of this approach is dynamic nature and help in designing the organisational structure. Disadvantages of it is complexity involved and inadequacy of literature. In relation to Aston Martin, the leader is impacted from this theory in a sense that it is going to effect the basic structure and formation of the organisation which is going lead towards positive growth of the company. As new and better reforms are formed. Leadership is able to produce dynamic form of effect in the form of improvisation of strategies and managing the process in order to gain high profits. Leadership and management plays an important role in a company as they increases efficiency and accuracy in achieving goals of organisation (Kobayashi, 2018). In relation to Aston Martin we shall be dealing with the theories. Further the explanation is given below.

Lean Principal theory

It explains about the five steps that helps in guiding for the skills and ability that are to be followed. This is know as lean techniques which helps to minimum wastage of resources without disturbing the production process's efficiency. The principals involved in it are identification of value, prepare a map of stream value, to create a flow, establishment of pull, seeking perfection and keep the learning process alive. Aston Martin can achieve this by improving the quality this can be achieved by improvising the work of team and giving them a vision to recycle materials this is done by promoting ecological friendly products. The management team has to create a flow and establish a pull that helps in smoother and efficient delivery of the product and reduce over production.

Six Sigma Theory

This is helpful in analysing the decision taking probability of the management so that it do not mislead. Significance of Sigma is the symbol of risk, which can sometimes lead to the involvement in formation of rules that may include higher risk taking factors. Relevancy of better decision is main objective of this theory. Methodology followed in this approach is to eliminate default in products and process of services. General sense it can be explained as a goal or strategy that contains risk. Aston Martin has to measure the material used for formation of car in which it is struggling and has to change the material into matt that increase speed and attract customers. Eventually leads to increase in profit.

Total Quality Management Theory

This approach includes quality and management of performances which are there to meet expectation of customers. It can be achieved through quality related functions and process of company involved in it. Certain principals are there which are to be followed and they are customer focused organisation, leadership skills, involvement of people, approach process and systematic approach of management (Kurtz, 2019). Enhancement of leadership and management will happen only when there will be quality decision making of relationship which shall enhance through this approach. Aston Martin has to plan quality management this is to be achieved through improvising in quality of engine. This can be achieved by developing techniques by the engine designers.

The appropriate theory to be applied by Aston Martin is lean principal theory that will keep the spirit of seeking perfection and learning process alive in the company.

Describe the importance of operation management in achieving organisation objectives,

Operations management is the process through which company maintains the quality of the project and improves the services of the company. It is a process that is used by Aston Martin to balance the productivity and check the process of development of auto-mobiles and manages the required changes with scarcity of resources. Operations management lead the analysis of proper allocation of the resources with optimum utilisation of the resources. There are different importance of the operations management within Aston Martin these are as follows as:

  • Proper allocation of resources: Operations management always ensures that there is proper utilisation and allocation of the resources by which resources can't be waste. It manages and control the overall process of development of auto-mobiles and ensures that there scarcity of resources and that helps the organisation to enhance the productivity (Kwok, 2018). The execution of lean principle has been used by the Aston Martin in which resources are properly utilised. This helps the company to reduce the overall cost of the product that enhance the value and image in the market and also increases the large customer case.
  • Enhance the productivity: It has been increases with the regular checking and analysing of every task and activity that is performed to accomplish the target. As production of auto-mobiles includes different functions as design of model, allocation of nuts and bolts, gearbox, engines, brakes, music system and many more parts. This is done by total quality management in which manager controls every activity and makes sure that nothing will be wasted and there is optimise utilisation of resources that enhance the productivity of Aston Martin.
  • Helps to achieve objectives: Operations management continuously focused on all the factor and monitors every change with that ensures that every task has been achieved as per the set time. And measures that every work has been performed in an effective manner and helps the Aston Martin to achieve there objectives within a certain period of time. Aston Martin uses the combination of six sigma and total quality manager that helps to decrease the threats of the business and strengthen the opportunities that improves the goodwill of Aston Martin.
  • Process design: Operations management department of Aston Martin develops the overall plan to how to develop the auto-mobiles and assign time to every work as like designing of model, allocation of every part like brakes, steering, music system, gears, seats etc. and colouring of auto-mobiles. This is implemented by using total quality management by which Aston Martin assess the time to every activity and maintains the best product within a limited time period (Gay, 2018).
  • Improves the quality: This has been measured by the operation management department that quality will be maintained and doesn't get affected or changed with the time. It is a duty of operations management to continuously check-in the process of development and provides the best services to the customers with appropriate cost. Aston Martin implement that by using six sigma that ensures that best quality products will be delivered to the customers and satisfy the need and demand of the customers that enhance the customer base and sale of the company.

These are some of the importance of operations management that helps the Aston Martin to attains the profit and deliver the best services to the customers. Don't worry get assignment help london from UK's leading assignment helpers.

Critically evaluate the applications of operations management that impact on decision-making within business environment.

PEST Analysis: It is an analysis that defines the macro-environmental factor that directly affects the performance and work-culture of the company. Aston Martin uses this analysis to measure the importance of operation management that has the direct impact on the decision-making process within the business environment. It is as defined below as:

Political: It is a factor that includes the rules and regulations of government, policy, export and import rate, taxes etc. As UK is not that much stable country after the Brexit thus it negatively impacts on the performance of the company. Aston Martin also gets affected by the political factor in terms of purchasing of raw material as they need lot of equipments for there auto-mobile. For that company must purchase some of their equipment from outside the country thus get affected by the export cost. Thus for that leader and manager must use different techniques by which they reduce the cost by using cost benefit analysis. For that operation management get affected by purchasing of raw material on time as it become costlier for them with that to manage the process of development of products also gets affected. Thus they use six sigma approach by which company manages the quality of the product and improve the process of production.

Economic: It is an analysis that includes the factor like unemployment rate, inflation rate , exchange rate etc. Aston Martin is an UK based company thus it gets less affected by these factor. Unemployment rate is 3.8% thus employees get hire on higher wages that affects the decision-making of the company. Through this company gets the skilled and qualified workers that enhance the overall performance of the business. Thus leader and manager also uses value analysis with that they assign particular budget to every activities that has performed in Aston Martin. Thus operation management of Aston Martin use total quality management thus plan the budget with the allocation of several rates to every task thus it becomes time-consuming process for them.

Social: It include the factor like demographic and ethics of the company. With that Aston Martin always maintain the quality of there product that make there auto-mobiles even more luxuries. Whereas, leader and manager uses participation approach by which each individual of the company participate in every function of Aston Martin. For that operation management uses six sigma by which they use all the technique to enhance the productivity and quality of the products and services.

Technological: It is a factor includes the technological advancement and that is the major factor of Aston Martin as they always induce the best advancement in there vehicles and try to make the most luxuries cars. Leader and manager uses simplification and variety reduction method to use the proper allocation of resources. With that operation management must manages all the advancement and use total quality management to produce the quality products to the customers.


It has been concluded from the above report that role of leader and function of manager of Aston Martin and they both behave differently in every situations and helps the company to enhance its productivity. With that this report concludes that Aston Martin uses systematic approach to increase the effectiveness of the company with that perform lean theory to measures the performance of the employees. Furthermore, this reports concludes the importance of operations management that helps to achieve the objectives of the Aston Martin. And at the end, concludes the impacts of decision-making of operations management within business environment that has been performed by Aston Martin.

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