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Corporate Governance and Risk Taking in Banking sector

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This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Research Methodology.
  • Discuss about the Theoretical review of Corporate governance in financial institutions. 
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This is found in the current moment that banking has various important roles in a particular time which negatively impacts a nation's economy. As exchange, business operations and other human financial requirements can only be satisfied with the availability of sufficient and acceptable banking services and goods (Orazalin, Mahmood and Lee, 2016). Corporate governance is described as a collection of relations between company leadership as well as the member of the board, shareholder as well as other investors. Financial institutions are in a unique position to have a company-specific use of such a budget effectively.
In which these tools are being used properly and effectively it can contribute in a dynamic economy, lower operating prices and therefore stimulate growth for the good of the sector as a whole. The primary role in financial regulation is to provide domestic banker with clear guidelines regarding resource allocation in such an effective way. It would be beneficial to create and structure and valuable corporate governance in almost every bank that aids to increase the suitable and faithful operation for their customer. Therefore, it will encourage the development of a positive and successful administrative partnership within the bank and its valued client.

Research Aim

The study objective is useful in describing the significance of corporate governance throughout the management and regulate of threat in the banking industry.

  • To recognise the requirements of Corporation governance in banking institution.
  • To figure out the financial thereat arising in the banking sectors.
  • To investigate the possible ways financial regulation can contribute the manage and reduce risk of banking institution.

Research problems

Weak and incompetent corporate governance frameworks in banking are identified as primary contributory factors to the financial crisis. Banks were not unreasonably responsible for the downfall of the capital market. The failure and insufficiency of the corporate governance structures in banking entities are recorded the main reason. Significant reforms in this field are expected to improve sustainability in the banking sector. The research paper addresses core reform related elements such as board position, structure of bank, risk assessment, management remuneration. New rules and instruction are described, which will lay the groundwork for just a current financial market order.

Literature Review

Descriptive summary

In current banking industry, the significance of corporate governance occurs because of the division of rules and laws or rights in different banks. According to the differing preferences of the customer of banks the financial regulation is beneficial in setting the frameworks which help the desired customer (Haseeb, 2018). Good corporate governance, is consider to be an important component in a banking industry that provide each customer most valuable services and operation. It could even also remove or reduce the risk related with financial goods in case if framework provided is followed in desired manner.

In the recent years, several scholars and international bodies have come forward with different corporate governance concepts though they all share almost the same significance.

As per the viewpoint of James McRitchie, (2020) Corporate governance is a considered as a structured and associated framework which help to determine the performance and direction of task and operation to be performed within an organisation.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, (2010) states that "the corporate governance system defines the allocation of legal rights among many of the different company actors like board members, executives, investors and other investors-and sets out the guidelines and judgement making processes”.

In the opinion of Young and Thyil, (2014) Corporate Governance interacts with the way funding companies themselves ensure a decent value for their money. It makes a clear distinction between the shareholders and the administrators and the decision making process.

Theoretical review

Several theoretical constructs also emerged to describe corporate governance from a different perspective. These have some concepts to be relevant and some to be different in many aspects. There is various crucial aspect which support in defining the aim of Corporate governance in financial institutions such as:

Stewardship Theory

Methods to stewardship is probably based on value such a define and articulate shared ideals or principles as expectations of competence. As well as it helps to create development programs beneficial to the pursuit of perfection and react by offering emotional support to "gaps" in values. Managers behave as guardians or guardian they function as though they were shareholders instead of simply trustees of another's rights in respect of compassion and care shown for the job. In other terms, the isolation suggested in the philosophy of agencies acting not for oneself but for another, disappears as the corporation's employees and managers absorb the role of both the employee. Managers and staff may be able to serve as company leaders or guardians (Akhigbe, Martin and Whyte, 2016). It ensures that even if they do not own the capital of the company, they must preserve these for the founders. A steward is a care taker which takes care of the land and properties of the proprietor whenever the owner is absent. Managers also lay down the fundamental purposes for which organization remains. But they're also capable of providing a climate appropriate for administrators to grow individual possibilities to create populations and participate in productive work. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Stakeholder Theory

In this strategy, owners slip out of another centre of the action to be among many, fair stakeholders. Examples of corporate stakeholders include stockholders, employees, customers, suppliers, local community, and government. The corporation on this view exists for the sake of its stakeholders, not stockholders. The first characteristic of the manager position is the aforementioned decrease in central importance. In almost the same context they support their preferences as the other shareholders, but they also need to find ways to make their priorities compliant with other interested parties. This needs alignment of preferences wherever possible and concessions that maintain honesty where necessary. Managers perform a crucial narrative-role here. They are loyal partners and not simply shareholders, of all owners. Therefore, they are becoming coaches or intermediaries (to switch metaphors) around stakeholders. We supervise creating broader organizational principles that can consume and incorporate narrower stakeholder desires. Failure to comply and value-based strategies are mixed by the stakeholder methods. Corporate executives identify an ethical and legal baseline in accordance; this comprises of the minimal set of rules needed for peace and harmony between stakeholders. Further than that, cost-based strategies aim to create similar, wider times of objectivity, values that can bind the multiple participants in pursuit of money (Bougatef and Mgadmi, 2016).

Agency theory

In the theory of companies, the managers / directors set the company's core goals. Managers, in effect, are responsible for enforcing certain goals then though-to-day activities of the company. Corporate governance comprises of developing leadership control structures and processes, i.e., keeping their behaviour in line with targets set by the director. Managers can not be entrusted to stay true agents, that is, to remain loyal to the managers / directors ' goals and interests. That presumes a specific view of the human. Human beings are egoistic and moral. They have wishes and they are using justification to devise means for their realization. Because one greed can only be manipulated by another purpose, the selfishness is theoretically infinite.

The theory of agencies suggests that administrators can manipulate organizational resources to achieve their own selfish goals, unless some internal control system tests them. Therefore, under agency theory, another key component of governance is to find most effective control mechanisms to hold manager amorality in control. Stockholders are geared to self-interest, so the shareholder principle takes a selfish / Hobbesian view of the human together with the concept of agencies. The human beings are moral maximizers of ego-interest. Owners would anticipate this from employees and managers at the company. We will incorporate processes and control that channel the company and its leaders against their self-interest (owners). The owners spend in the company and are looking for a gain (profit) on the expenditure. But this limited position has been extended into regulating the activities of the companies and their executives to ensure that the company complies with government-setting ethical and legal requirements. Just as the master was liable under tort law for injuries caused by a servant's misconduct, so are the managers liable for the harm caused by their company, the company. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Research Methodology

This strategy will be pursued primarily to insure that the banks has implemented not only safety requirements to its structure but also in its substance. This will support to promote efficiency, integrity and equity in the banking sector (Mersni and Othman, 2016).

Source of data

In this research primary source of data have been selected under which specific questionnaires will be used in order to collect the relevant data.


The targeted population will be the responsible manager and employee working in banks who have core understanding and knowledge about banking sectors.


There may be various types of problems and obstacles that occur whenever data needs to be gathered on particular research topics. Such as:

  • Several of the survey questions might be ignored completely in particular because of absence of time.
  • Many participants can misunderstand questions and give wrong answer.

Many bank might not be willing to provide details related to corporate practices and may therefore be constrained in sample size (Aguilera and Crespi-Cladera, 2016). don't worry get marketing assignment help from UK's leading assignment helpers.


In the end of report, it is concluded that corporate governance is very must important in the functioning of different bank so that overall economy of a nation can be improved. This highlights the importance of risk management as part of the general corporate governance system for a corporation and encourages the significance of powerful committees and board members along with effective management structures.

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