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Applied Corporate Strategy for Business

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explain External analysis of the business environment.
  • What is Porters five forces analysis?
  • Explain Rivalry among the firms.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury


Corporate strategy is considered to be the highest level of strategic hierarchical level plan in the organization. This plan have clear level of description regarding several levels of goals and objectives will be achieved through strategic planning of activities. In the longer term, the corporate strategy will help the organization to have specific level of directions. The strategy mainly encompasses all about activities in terms of achieving objectives with more level of efficiency and effectiveness. In this report, there will be major level of discussion on proper analyzing of Sainsbury business environments to understand the applicability of business corporate strategy. The combination of internal and externals environment is considerate to have directs or indirectly impacts on companies' productivity and function of organization.

In the chain of supermarket, Sainsbury s basically a retail organization which is being establishes in the year 1869, headquartered in London, UK. The companies mainly deals in with retail level of super market along with various subsidiaries of fuel, cafe, banks, energy etc. In this report, there is overview of external analysis along with internal one to have the proper level of strategic evolution of company in more effective and efficient level. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

External analysis of the business environment.

The analysis of the business environment have the clear's combination in regards tie various factor's such as the both internal and external level which majorly contribute in organization productivity. This helps in to take effective level of decision making which affects operations.

Opportunities for Sainsbury

The existence of new taxation policy have major level of impacts over the way of doing the business in more appropriate manner. The company can put up the advantages of opening new level of retail stores as the hanging over the opponent as establishment player in market.

Sainsbury have the opportunity to have adaption of new technologies standard along with government agreements regardless free trade. This will help the company to enter into new market at the emerging trend.

The next is about company to have establishments of effective research in order to have proper identification with regard to new trends of consumer behavior. This will help in building new level of revenue streams and proper diversification over product categories.

Sainsbury have opportunities to establish stable cash flow in order to have effective investments over adjacent product segments along with development in new technologies.

There is opportunity to have grabbing of economics stick along with increase in level of spending of customer after the recent years of great depression. Salisbury can grab new level of customer in order to increase significant level of market share.

There is existence of new customer to be grab through online transaction platforms. This will help company to have significant level of leverage in order to serve customer better as per their needs and expectation.


The existence of new level o environment regulations under the Paris agreement can be treated as threat over the certain level of product categories.

The company is facing the challenge over profitability as the high profit margin product are seasonal which is more to be for short or medium period. Along with that company is facing major issues over profitability due to rise in prices of raw materialist to sudden existent.

Salisbury have threat that the development of new technologies by the competitiveness firm is Turing out to market disputer in longer term for competencies productivity.

Over the planning of proper expansionist, the existence of liability has which is existing in different countries for different by products' category in turning to be exposes as claim over given changes in perfect market.

There are existences shortage of skilled work forces the creation global market have represented the steady growth over the profitability of firm. The more region of growing strength in terms of local contributors as paying a higher level of margin. The firm will also face the major level of issues as the there is appropriate level of increase increasing prices in the China can lead to serious pressure on profitability of Sainsbury's. As the company is actually dealing with company in retail market as there are a number of big players in the UK grocery market e.g. Tesco, ASDA, Morrison's, Lidl, Aldi etc. Particularly, Aldi and Lidl are changing the rules of the game. These two discounters are providing customers with quality products at a low price. This is certainly a great threat for Sainsbury's.

Porters five forces analysis

The forces help in proper way in analysis the all significant level which is impacting the profitability of firm in respective industry. This also helps in analysis the presents aspects of business. As the porters five forces analysis is about the 5 important factor-

Threat of new entrants

The new entrants in order to being innovation as the retail sector is more among the more level of sophisticates sector among the state of UK. The retail sector have more need to have the batch of investigation which is considered to be taken in old ages set up. On the other hand the retailer is in besides as per the advances phases within the UK. This is most western universe as all means as there are small ranges for new entrance regarding themselves. This is considered to be important in regards toe locals' cognition which is considered to be important among the nutrient retail sector. So the threats of new entrant is considered to be high. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Bargaining power of suppliers

this power of suppliers of Sainsbury is considered low along with due to larges number of suppliers which is beings in retail industry. This forces are mainly dues to the presents of high number of the suppliers cans not have the major level of contractile over different perspectives along with processes and services. There are presents of large number of buyer, it is opportunity for company to have easy switch to other buyer. This is decision taken by company at the moments of high charges which are not efficient consideration. For having proper elimination of risk, there is easy switch among suppliers by company to have sustainable level of profitability margin. Besides this, company can build a close relation with its suppliers in order to reduce their switching cost

Bargaining power of buyers

is low in company as there is presence of high differentiates goods along with presence of quality. Thee are only few firms which is considered to be option among customer to have proper purchasing of quality products along with services. Hence, this make the switching cost a little low, which results in not to impose much level of control over prices. In order to have the proper level of tacking the bargaining power of buyers, the company can have proper level of focusing over the differentiation as well innovation which well helps company to have the attestations of customer.

Threats of substitute products

There are existences of the substitute products which is considered to be moderate. This is due to high differentiation along with being difficult for firm to have the developments of products. On the other hand there is still existence of products which are substitute and sold at lower margin. In order to have mitigation of risk, the company is trying to pay major focus of productivity to provide high quality customers. Hence, the risk is moderate.

Rivalry among the firms.

As there is merger between Sainsbury and Asda, there is more level of increase in retail industry which is tends to be increase as the rivalry has been turned to be more fierce and powerful. In order to have prepose stocktaking of forces, the company tends to build sustainable differentiation as in order to have better collaborationist with other compensator to capture market.

Internal analysis of the organization


Sainsbury have the major level of importance regarding the increase level of awareness which is actually prevalent in market to a greater extent. Sue to presences of major brand awareness along well as recognisance, the company is able to get better positioned in hearts of customers.

The company has the recent ways to merger with Asda which have makes the firm to have increase in level of profit margins as well as enlarging customer base. On the other hand, this also helps the company to have pressure on supplier to reduce process .

The next strengthen of company is high level of expansionism which are taken place due to merger. This extended firm to have expansionist over business operativeness in different countries at different economics of scale. The company is receptively operativeness in more than 42 countries which helps the company to gains competitive edge.

The fourth strength of company is regardless establishment of greater positiveness which ill imprecate of increasing profit in various product lines. Sainsbury have the productive of simple grocery needed to widen the product line along with dealing ion more 6 sectors. This expansion helps in gaining comparative adaptativeness .

The firth advantages is regarding have involvement of high trained skills workforces which have increased the profitability more than 25%. There is providence of quality of services with customers and form the core strengthen in more way to promotional level of strategies.

The sixth is that the company is effective in having parsimonious strategies in order to attract customers as has helped it to gain competitive advantage is brand match advertising

Strategy evaluationWeakness.

Strategy evaluation

The major weakness of Sainsbury which is effective all over operation's in more switch brands. There is due to have high switch, Sainsbury have the facing as lot of risk along well as difficulty which affectinStrategy evaluationg overall sales as well as profit margin as extents level. On the other hand, brand switchgear is turning to out to more challenging due to high amount of risk.

The second weakness us regardless low level of margin in retail sector. As to attract the customers of regStrategy evaluationulars basis as to drive down its cost and thus keeps the prices much lower than competitors which have posed a great impact on its overall profit margin. There are lees level of profit margin, the company is being bursty over high level of non-functioning over different perspective of business to sudden extent.

The third weakness of about the operation in which the merger don't have the more choice regardless customer. The customer are facsimileing major level of issues in order to make proper decision with regard to what to buy and how to buy. This merger have tactually resulted in term of getter confusion which is effecting sales regardless product in greater extent.

The weakness at fourth place is about fewer investments witch is nothing the requirements of effective research and development. As the completist have the major adoption of respective technologies due to increase level of demand in termism of digitalization. This more level of impatiens the indemnity of innovation which is rated to be low. Due to this, it us not able to compete within the market with leading players like TESCO.

The fifth weaknesses regardless the high rate of attractions as well as turn over rates of the company is also high. So there is large amount to be spend on effective level of training of employee in order to make them skill as per the various company precedences.

The last but not the least the sixth is regardless company backwardness in terms of havering the limited level of liability to have forecast of demand for expansionist in futuristic manner. The management of Sainsbury is nor considered to be more competent in order to have proper identification of opportunities. This considered to be major level of weakness which is efficient the functionalist and acetaminophens at higher extents. 

Strategy evaluationVIRO framework

VRIO framework is basically the framework which helps the organizations to take the effective decisions and uncovers the various resources which provide competitive advantage.






availability of local food















Financial resources





Strategy evaluation

As the firm Salisbury has the recent level of merger with Asda is considered to be an innovation step over the auditability of environment to sudden extents. This helps the company to have increase ion the base of customer along with gassing efficient competitive advantages. The mains of business are regarding reduction emission of carbon along with more level of offering in regards with firmly product. On the other hand, the company is resays to have proper level of incurvations with having environmentalist. The re is major level of identification regardless five-year plans which is increasing towards protections supportability along with environmentalism protections. In the Sainsbury have increase the level of protectionist environmentalism have singed the naturals' ans safe product. There is increased have the commitments towards the major protections' environmentalism by reanalysis the Surat and safe product in order to make the plan of suitability ii order to have propensity of safe environment.


This is one of the highly more level to be imperative as well as been signifiant along with Benisch helpline the organization in more to evolute to aspects if the strategy. In the shortly, this is helpful in order t have the proper level of assassinating organization in more manner to have providences in order to have valuation more falsifiability towards the studies.


This is important aspects as well of being significant which will helps reorganizationist in order t have proper identification of strategy in ore to meet up the certifies level of objectivists. This will helps the company to have t definite level of understanding in different aspects along with interplant analysis to have proper understanding overall business environment. The model of superposability extents which is being preposed to have generalist the level of sit hesitation. There is suitability which is mainly been biassed nosing with various criteria such as the baseness expectation, suitability along with capability and environmental suitability. There mus identification of th existence of different categories which is helpful in creasing the contribution over environment along substantiality. This major focus over delivering the product's environmentalist study along with reductionist in emission. Beside this, there is major level of expectants which will helps in order to meet up the expectation s of stakeholders towards the environmentalist sulfate along with provide provocative anti-government of stakeholders. The Sainsbury is considered to be capable to meet the environmental standard along with reductionist is the hazardous substances by having proper level of productiveness process. Thus, this strategy meets all the criteria of these three factors and is highly suitable for driving the business. Order Dissertation Help from our experts! 


Acceptability which have the attribution o model which is all about measuring along with analysing the return and Riker along with stakeholder to have respective level of recension foyer specific strategy . Acceptability is mainly related with the expectations of people and thus gives rise to main issue which is acceptable towards whom. Acceptability aspect generally requires the thorough analysis and helps the organization to assess its strategy in depth. The return are exerted to me measured along with allot f benefits to have generally performed with measured in more various methods along with imprecation so the cost benefit analysis, real options profitably analysis.

The strategy is about Sainsbury to have increase level of contribution s by having reduction of emission along with offering sustainable products which 3ill helps in greasiness the financial performances. The effects of implication of this strategy s with regard to have the proper Grainger of capital structure. This also helps in establishing the strong level of interrelationships with stakeholders like suppliers, government as its contribution towards environment will be highly appreciated. There is overfall dimensions in terms of accessibility which is highly imperceptive s well as attractive entire business. This is more significant along with Langside changes within various departmental along with employee. This at the end , the end of strategy will highly acceptable and helps organization to achieve competitive advantages as well as establish the position is market.


It is remarkable along with being signifiant which helps in analysis in more way strategy is associated. Feasibility attribute is mainly concerned with the overall implementation of strategy and helps organization to assess whether its implementation will be worth or not. This is main along with financial feasibility in more way to have proper assessing the adequate resources along with batistes implementation strategy. The company will have ensures which will increase the necessary skills art managerial as well as operativeness level. His this is strategy which I shillelagh feasible along with helping suborganisations to have competed in make to have proper analysis the customer base. There is overfall dimensions in terms of feasibility which is highly imperceptive s well as attractive entire business.


It can be concluded that In the longer term, the corporate strategy will help the organization to have specific level of directions. The strategy mainly encompasses all about activities in terms of achieving objectives with more level of efficiency and effectiveness. These two discounters are providing customers with quality products at a low price. This is certainly a great threat for Sainsbury's. Over the planning of proper expansionist, the existence of liability has which is existing in different countries for different by products' category In order to have the proper level of tacking the bargaining power of buyers, the company can have proper level of focusing over the differentiation. There is providence of quality of services with customers and form the core strengthen in more way to promotional level of strategies.. In the shortly, this is helpful in order t have the proper level of assassinating organization in more manner to have providences in order to have valuation more falsifiability towards the studies.

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