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Corporate Social Responsibilities

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 25
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explain the meaning and evaluate the role of CSR in modern business organisations.
  • What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
    Answer :
    Organization Selected : Tesco


    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been refereed to a broad concept of management where the companies actively incorporate potential environmental as well as social concerns in their business functioning and operations with stakeholders (Grayson and Hodges, 2017). By applying the concept of CSR, an enterprise may achieve full balance and control over environmental, economic as well as social imperatives. Tesco Private Limited has been considered in this essay which comes under the category of retailing industry. It is a British multinational company which was established in 1919 at England, United Kingdom. The founder of such company is Jack Cohen. Variety of products have been offered by respective company which are clothing, toys, furniture, books, software, financial and internet services. The essay will focus on understanding core concept of CSR with analysis of relationship among business and CSR policies. It will further monitor corporation tax and investment decisions with respect to the policies. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

    Explain the meaning and evaluate the role of CSR in modern business organisations

    CSR have been considered as self controlling company's model which actually assist in making the business more accountable to the share holders as well as to public. The prime aim of engaging such practice is due to the way it benefits enterprise as well as positively influences the actions of employees who are working for such business. The CSR not only lay emphasis on social, economic as well as environmental factors but, it also address the potential expectation of all stakeholder.

    The concept have been taken into wide consideration and it have the ability to take varying form as per the demands and aims of company. Through such programs, the respective company can positively boost their brand by adopting practices for welfare to society and enhanced volunteer influence (Flammer, 2015). It is not only necessary for community but also implied for betterment of business for making it more advanced and modern.

    The role of CSR in modern business organisations are very evident as every company has to modify their process of working as per determined by social responsibilities. The ethical practices and such responsibilities are quite necessary for alleviating success level of Tesco plc. The role of CSR in improving brand image as well as enhancing recognition of taken company has been clearly seen, because if an organisation is highly balanced towards achieving the ethical and social practice then, such news spread widely and people become aware about the Tesco plc brand and thus, contribute in creating optimistic brand picture towards public and share holders. It has been found that, when the processes of company have changed for the reason of making functioning more sustainable then, it highly contribute in reducing cost for manufacturing or production, thereby benefiting an organisation.

    By embracing the practices of CSR, it lends a chance to company for committing such steps which further aids in attaining environmental and ethical practices, such chance may not be considered by any other company, thus it tends to provide an edge over competitors and make the company's brand highly advantageous (Hopkins, 2016).

    It attracts large number of employees also because it has been proved that people want to get involve more in such company where all ethical practices conduct as per norms and due to such activities, it has great public image. The employees are broadly benefited from embracing practices of CSR, as the company's environment will be more positive and highly productive to work with. The actions like ensuring volunteer work and conducting every operation as per the ethics, high professional as well as individuals growth are recorded.

    The business like Tesco plc should have a social purpose which may include in embracing philanthropy, environmental alteration and encouraging volunteer work. The employees now a day, demands from company to give some percentage of their earning to some charity for helping the underprivileged or physically challenged people.

    It has been observed that if an organisation is working to harm the environment or does not involving in practice of charity then, high ratio of employees may leave such business and join some other services for contributing their role towards humanity. Consumers who are very essential for any industry, now a days ensure that whether the company from which they are buying products is making any kind of charitable work or not. Satisfying customers as well as employees are highly necessary, thus business must have a solid social purpose on which they can function (Watson, 2015).

    The companies which can effectively differentiate themselves on crowded market place due to implementing social purpose. Another factors which are inspired by such corporate responsibilities is innovation, which actually render in creating highly immune enterprise which can be operated sustainably in longer terms. Potential investors have been founded to pull their hands away from those companies which do not engage in social, economical as well as environmental operations. The investors only invest in such businesses who are socially responsible and are fully accepted by public with good brand name.

    Many social responsibilities could not be fulfilled efficiently by Tesco plc due to number of issues and hindrance they have been facing. Governing body have been seen to rely on such policies and regulations which get failed to fulfil the economical and environmental initiative. The higher demand from some share holders and customers sometimes become a critical aspect to shut down some of the procedures which are being conducted for the betterment of environment and society, activist organisation or some non governing bodies may also take part in such activities.

    Increased pressure from customer as well as from the investors may alter some ways of analysing the performance of company and at the same time may make such decision which can modify the grounds of ethical concern (Lins, Servaes and Tamayo, 2017). Competitive tension among the rival companies may also become hindrance for employing CSR practices, some companies utilises such processes for increasing the yield of product more and more at less period of time for maximising the level of profit.

    Such practices may cause harm to environment or may be illegal to process. The greed of doing better from rival company in terms of business, they fails to follow legislations or mandatory responsibilities and later, lowers their brand picture. The high cost of implementing CSR programmes may also be regarded as a major hindrance to fulfil social responsibilities.

    Government should make companies more aware about how much cost they could save if more environmental friendly process will be employed in manufacturing and operations. They should make the machine up to date for lowering the harmful gases emission during processing, for this they should be rewarded for making the enterprise motivated to conduct such practices (Liang and Renneboog, 2017). They should provide more ideas to organisation for making large innovation so that they can increase their productivity level more while remaining under designed regulations and standards. Order assignment help from our experts! 

    The purpose of business should be specific enough so that future activities and recent aims can be understood and all the workings must be conducted under CSR programmes so as to make the brands name more popular and to attract high investors and employees. Every business should define their purpose on basis of CSR policies so that all operations are conducted as per ethical and economical way. The mission as well as all visions has to be distinguished properly for understanding the purpose of business (Saeidi and et.al., 2015). y applying CSR policies any company can make their brand name more popular and influences investors to invest in their brand more. There modification towards manufacturing may contribute in making environment more healthy and help in making Tesco plc more modern.

    Evaluate an organisation's corporation tax and investment decisions in the context of its CSR governance and reporting policies

    Tax has been considered as one of the most essential source of revenue for government. All individuals as well as companies like Tesco plc pay their taxes to governing body on the basis of establishing some criteria which may include their earnings, number of properties they own and cost spend on imported articles. Many people have been observed who refuse to pay taxes, thus taxation is compulsory. So, regardless of people perspective and desire they have to pay taxes, due to such compulsion the process of gathering tax may influences the actions of people as well as effects the operation of economy.

    The main aim of taxation is to alleviate revenues and to design a legitimate tax system. The major principle of taxation is economic effect, which involves that the structure of tax must be formulated in such a way so as to avoid interference (McWilliams, 2015). Another principle of taxation is equality, every person has to pay their taxes depending upon their pay scale, for example if an individual is getting less salary then they have to pay only some percent of their salary as tax. The cost of collecting the tax must be very lower in respect to available resources. Paying tax has been reasoned as a practice of CSR programme and it is the duty of every organisation to pay their share equally so as to become responsible socially. Least developing as well as developing companies are main targets of tax evasions, which act as a major barrier in performance.

    Tax evasion is a kind of illegal act which are used in lowering tax liability through some of the procedures like inflating expenses and under value of tax. Such practice is an unlawful act which deliberately made to minimise an individual's burden of tax. Illegal practice which are utilises in such process are false statements, misleading records, hiding valid data, overstatements of credit which are being actually used for personal expenses in the name of business requirements. Any organisation if caught while neglecting their social responsibilities, then such act have been regarded as crime and will be punished under law.

    Tax planning is an effective procedure of evaluating all financial situations and help in making investment decisions. Through such efficient way, people can lower tax liabilities to much great extent. Such process is completely legitimate and reliable for availing exemptions. The planning can be done by investing more in mutual funds, fixed deposits, provident fund for saving more and more money (Slack,Corlett and Morris, 2015). Tax planning is more like an art which render honest chances to organisation as well as individuals for managing financial provision as per the CSR practices. Tax avoidance is also a process of avoiding tax in most legal approaches. The method is used for personal benefit so as to lower load of tax, though the practices is not that much suggested as it is more used for person's own advantage for minimising the sum of tax.

    Moreover, it can be seen that tax payers has to plan their tax affairs in such a way to form better business strategy, but such people mould the way of paying taxes as per their own use. Tesco plc which is embracing CSR practices has to accept ethical state on the far side of compliance with law. It has been argued that every business should agree to use tax rules, they should be seriously endorsed their practices in effective tax planning (Jamali and Karam, 2018).

    The economic perspective of CSR is to pay fair share of taxes to government on time without being avoiding and neglecting the practices. The board members of Tesco plc gather every year and collaboratively discuss about the CSR strategies of business. The policies which were harmful for environment was change by the respective company which assist in making right image of brand in front of public and customers as well as regulate corporate tax.

    Many argues were made that an organisation should launch more authentic practice to maintain standards as per environment, so Tesco plc established energy awareness campaign in 1996, so as to supervise energy use for reducing high amount of waste and promoting more healthy processes. Taken organisation also deliberately migrated into such location so that high number of people can be employed for making the area more active, through this the enterprise have managed to follow economical aspect of CSR as well. Such practice give an idea about how much investments has to be made for making the functioning of enterprise according to CSR policies. More such policies are being employed, the amount of tax company has to pay get regulated with further tax evasion.


    From the above essay it can be concluded that, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been defined as a wide idea of administration where the institutions actively integrates into expected environmental and social concerns in the smooth business functioning and operations with respect to their stakeholders. The role of CSR have seen in improving brand image, heightening recognition, functioning more sustainable activities, providing an edge against competitors and employees are widely benefited by CSR functioning.

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