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Business Communication Report

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1677
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CFPBUS004
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Purpose of communication in the organization.
  • Explain about the Principles for effective communication
Answer :
Organization Selected : GO company


Communication is a process that involves exchange of information between people by using symbol, sign or body language. This report explains various current communication barrier and challenges that hinder performance of GO company in various countries. It also suggests different strategies to overcome such barriers thus enhance communication between different offices.

Purpose of communication in the organization

From the point of view Kato and Ellis (2016) it can be stated that purpose of communication is to offer continuous flow of information from top to bottom. Its purpose is to provide information to employees about company objective and goals. It also helps in effective coordination of individual goals towards organisational goals by build strong relationship between employees through effective communication. It also helps in bringing change in the organisation by informing employees about new ideas or project of company. Effective communication helps creating good working condition by building strong relationship between employees. Communication encourages new ideas and innovation from different employees thus helps in enhancing knowledge and skill of employees in the organisation. Thus, it can be stated that communication purpose is not only to provide information but also helps in motivating, bringing new ideas and innovation in the company.

Barriers in effective communication within company

As per view of Men and Jiang (2016) there are different challenges and barrier to effective communication in the organization that can distorted and mislead thus adversely impact on the functioning of company. Physical barriers it is most common barrier as it describe the distance between sender and receiver of information. If distance between sender and receiver is more than it will lead to miscommunication due to lack of face- to face communication between employees. On the other hand Physiological barrier are related to mental state of receiver and sender affect the content of information. For example if someone has personal issue he is not able to understand the intent of message as sender intended to send. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Semantic barrier are another barrier in effective communication in it message or information is transfer by using various symbols or language that is unknown for receiver. More use of technical language create barrier in effective communication as receiver is not able to understand such words. There are number of employees working in the organisation with different culture and belief so culture also hinder smooth communication. Different People have different Attitude some people like to live alone other may like social so it also acts as barrier in communication. Some people may have ego issue and don't want to communicate with other due to their position so it is also a challenge in communication. Sometime organisation structure create barrier in effective communication of information which lead to miscommunication and impact on company performance. Different people have different perceptive, or they think in different way thus it makes information useless. Thus, it can be state that they are various barriers in effective communication between receiver and sender of information.

Principles for effective communication

As noted by Holliday, (2018) there are various principle for effective communication of information between employees for achievement of organisational goals. Clarity is the first principle it means that the message or information should be clear and appropriate so that the reader understand it easily. Another principle for effective communication is that message should be complete and adequate in all respect as incomplete message lead to miscommunication. It should be continuous for effective and timely decision-making and achievement of organisational goals. Economy is another principles of communication it means message should be sent to receiver within limited time and cost to enhance content of information.

Continuous feedback from various customers, investor and employees of company are necessary to ensure that they have understand meaning of message as per intention of sender. Effectively communication channels is also principles of communication it refers to medium or route that have been chosen by sender to send message to receiver. Last principle for effectively communication is the information or message should draw attention of receiver to make it understand in right perspective. Thus, it can be stated that principles of communication needs to be followed while communicating with others to achieve objectives of company.

Strategies for removing communication barrier

As per the view of Gollust, (2016) various strategies can be used by organization to remove barrier of communication. Communicate only what is needed or necessary thus avoid unnecessary information while communicating with other. Try to avoid slang as it not only cause confusion but frustrate the receiver. Should be aware about various culture as different people have different culture so by understanding culture differences can reduce chances of miscommunication. Stay open-minded and listening to receiver ideas, view promote innovative ideas from receiver. Choose appropriate medium to communicate with other people as per the content and importance of information. Avoid technical words and words that have same meaning while communicating to reduce chances of miscommunication. Communicate as per the need, behaviour and understand level of receiver to make content of information meaningful. Ensure feedback is also another strategy that can be used by company to ensure that the receiver has understood meaning of information. Thus, it can be stated that there are various strategies that can be used by companies to remove communication barrier while performing its activities.

Analysis and Discussion

From the above analysis it can be understood that effective communication helps in achievement of organisational goals. Communication plays important role in explaining roles and responsibilities of individual and goals and objectives of the company(Clavijo-Olmos, 2018 ). It also helps in bringing change in organization by building strong interrelationship between employees. There are various challenges and barrier in communication within GO company that have impact on its functioning adversely. As per above analysis culture difference is one such barrier that exit within GO company as it operate its business across various nation and recruit large number of employees having different culture. Organisational barrier is another challenge in effective communication as company has no definite way of communication with employees, investors and its customers.

It also leads to wastage of time as there is no formal structure to communicate with other employees. Another problem faced while communicating is linguistic as company wants to open new offices in Europe for it recruit local worker who first language is not English. Thus, it will hinder functioning of company in Europe due to language difference. Physiological barrier is also challenges for the company as employees are away from each other and there is no face to face connection or use of body language or gesture which may leads to misunderstanding and confusion (Anderson Jr, and et.al., 2018). Difference in time between countries has also hinder effective communication between employees on continuous basis. Thus, there are various strategies that are made by company to remove such barriers. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

It has made new policies and rule in workplace to encourage employees from all offices to communication more effectively. Go company has also decided to conduct regular Skype meeting so that they can easily discuss issue related to the company and thus encourages better relations between different nationalities (Maser, and De Silva,2019). It has also planned to distribute some posters around staff rooms in each country to highlight some issue that will be addressed in the meetings. Thus, GO company by changing its strategies is able to remove various barrier in effective communication of information and expands its business across various nation.


It can be stated that company in order to promote effective communication has to define formal structure of organisation for communication between employees. The manager of GO company should communicate necessary information to its employees thus avoid unnecessary information so that employee can understand it easily. Sender should also use less technical words or words that have same meaning to reduce confusion and misleading (De Villiers, Scott-Kennel, and Larke, 2016). Should enhance knowledge and skills of employees by making aware about various culture and language of different countries. It will help in effective coordination of employees of all offices operating in different countries with different culture and language. Manager by actively listening to employees encourage and initiate or bring new ideas and innovation in the organization (Kanki , 2019). don't worry get marketing assignment help from UK's leading assignment helpers.

Manager by taking continuous feedback from receiver can ensure that it had understood message in the same sense as intend by sender. Company can also choose effective medium of communication to provide information easily and effectively to other employees working in all offices in various countries. Manager by providing good working condition and building strong relationship between employees can enhance communication between them (Kent and et.al., 2016). GO company by using innovative and update technology in communication can make fast and effective communication between employees in different countries.


From the above report it can be concluded purpose of communication is to inform employees about various rules and regulations and objectives of the company. Various principles of communication has to be followed while communicating with employees to achieve goals o company. It can also be concluded that there are various barriers in communication of GO company that impact on the functioning of company. Company in order to remove such barriers has adapted new strategies and policies for effective communication between employees working in different countries with different environment. Thus, effective communication helps in achievement of organisational goals by coordinating individual effort towards common goal.

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