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Management and Leadership Perspectives

University: Coventry University

  • Unit No: 02
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2275
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: 115MANSC/115MANEL/403MANEL
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Management ?
  • Discuss Management theories.
  • Explain Lewin's Change model.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Landmark London


Leadership and management are the important concepts for the business that often used interchangeably. Both are working in effective manner for an organisation to achieve top position in market. In simple terms, management is significant part of leadership that concentrate on the developing an environment in which each person can grow and excel oneself. While leadership outlined as an potential term that impact and drive group efforts for obtaining potential results (Hallinger and Hammad, 2019). Respective report is based on the Landmark London which is a five star hotel on Marylebone road. The headquarter of company established in city of Westminster, London, England. In this report consist of theories of leadership and management in context and diverse environments. Along with team working as well as motivational principles for effective styles of management & leadership. In addition, both terms contribute for ethics and value framework and changing behaviour impact on the vision and mission of selected organisation. At the end, analysis changes of manager and leader through authentic tools and models.

Key theories and perspective of leadership and management

Leadership and management activities are conducted by every organisation that are based on the effective leader. As per the leader follow different types of leadership as well as management style in order to achieve set goals and objective of a business. There are defined theories within range of diverse environments such as:

  • Situational leadership theory: It is a leadership style in which a leader can set their style as per the situation in order to influence people. The situation leadership motivates leaders to select the own style in order to achieve goals and face circumstances. The particular style is not depend on the particular skill of the leader rather than change their skills to achieve advantages by followers. In the context of Landmark London face many situation in regard of set task that time apply siltation leadership to tackle different situation and achieve organisational objectives.
  • Transformational leadership theory: It is a leadership approach that become reason of changes in individual as well as social systems. This theory creates valuable and positive changes in the followers with the end goal of achievement. As per the this theory when people meet with each other so create strong relationship and motivate to each other. Such As London landmark apply this theory at different level to motivate each member to go beyond their task requirements.Worried for Leadership Essay Writing Service? Get our experts Help Now!

Management theories

  • Scientific management theory: This theory of management evaluate and synthesis work flows. The main aim of this management theory is developing economic, mainly labour productivity. The scientific management theory concentrated on improving the performance of each member of an organisation. The Landmark London wants to achieve their gaols on time so for this apply this theory and improve efficiency of each staff member effectively (Golensky and Hager, 2020).
  • Bureaucracy theory of management: This theory developed by Max Weber where consist of two important factor such as structuring a business into hierarchy as well as set rules to supports them regulate on enterprise and its staff members. Such as, Landmark London is applying this theory in order to set hierarchy in organisation and discuss about the rules for achievements.

Open system to respond diverse business environment

An open system is significant concept of business evaluation in which communicate about atmosphere of entity and for its renewal as well as development to remain competitive at the particular place. Such as Landmark London apply open system to provide response to changing atmosphere and focus on inflow and outflow of business.

The London Landmark use management and leadership theories to manage different activities of business. The situational leadership motivate staff members to take effective decision in different situation and scientific management theory carry out improvements in the business for effective results.

Determine and apply motivational and team working principles

In any organisation motivation and team working plays essential role in order to achieve effective results from the staff members. Such as, Landmark London to motivate staff members and complete all task in team require to understand different theories and principles for opening the style of leadership and management (Leithwood, Harris and Hopkins, 2020).

Adam's equity theory of motivation:

It is a motivational theory that use by entity to maintain fair relation in between the efficiency and rewards in comparison to others, In simple terms, a worker gets demotivated by the job and employer in case keep inputs are more than results. In Landmark London, treating fairly not only supports in comparing but also helps in increasing motivation in regard of their work. As a result it supports to business to achieve competitive advantages at the market place.

Tuckman's theory of team building

This theory concentrate on a team in order to handle task from the starting arrangement of team by the complementation of project. The Tuckman theory mainly focus on the group relation and on set task through four stages in context of Landmark London such as:

  • Forming: It is a first stage of team development in which each person of team learn about the opportunity as well as challenges after that agree for the goals and start task. Every team member have different roles as per the task requirements (Davis and Jones, 2014).
  • Storming: At the second stage, group starts to sort problem own self and achieve trust of every one. When all team members are working together for particular task so learn individual working style and recognise various hierarchy of status of position in the group.
  • Norming: There are all team member take responsibility and have aim to work for great results. So they start tolerating many problems of other team members. They are trying to preventing from conflicts that arise any time.
  • Performing: At the end, all the team members concentrate to achieve common goals & objectives. All members are now competent, independent and capable to tackle decision making procedure without any direction.

To develop effective team require to circulate effective roles & responsibilities of each staff member and they give one of their best efforts. It is required to utilise effective type of management and leadership style in fluctuate situation to achieve the future results. Such as Landmark London, provide training & development and supports in their career growth of staff members and develop team spirit in them (Edwards and et. al., 2015).

Effective management and leadership can contribute to organisational effectiveness within its ethics and values framework

It is essential for a entity to do effective work and focus on business practices effectively. At this time leadership and management can play essential role in overall development and success of a business. Through both terms will support to business and shoe impact on efficiency of an entity and handle task as well as activities in ethical way. Such as, Landmark London is five star hotel that established in London and conduct various activities of business. To maintain effectiveness of business require to select appropriate methods and techniques to increase effectiveness. This time a management will conduct task and operation in regard of selected organisation in more ethical way. Contribution of effective management as well as leadership defined for Landmark London effectiveness:

Effective Management: The selected organisation is handling different operation of business based on management approach. It is a good way to manager performance of all staff members. The manager of Landmark London is guiding to all workers in regard their work and provide details about task of business. With the help of effective management lead to efficiency of entity by focusing on the guidance. A manager will lead to take improved and effective decision in order to improvement to achieve all set goals.

Effective Leadership: The term of effective leadership impact on the various skills and abilities of staff members in order to handle task and operations effectively. In the context of Landmark London company is using participative leadership approach for proper direction to their followers. According to this approach all the tram members as well as leader take interest in decision making procedure and according to that develop strong relationship among staff members and supports to handling task by focusing on organisation values as well as ethics. The effective leadership can help to motivate and coordination in between workers to present task effectively.Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Exper Now!

Effectiveness of leadership and management behaviours on the impact of organisation's vision and mission

Leadership and management of any business will direct influence on the success and also on set vision and mission. Such as Landmark London is utilising different resources and abilities to present all the task effectively. As a result it shows impact on improvement and growth of a business. For this require to entity set effective strategies and approaches in order to handle operation of enterprise effectively (Nieves and Segarra-Ciprés, 2015). There has been analysed that leadership and management behaviours of business will lead to have influence on achievement on business vision and mission. There are mentioned vision and mission of Landmark London.

  • Mission Statement: The mission of the hotel to enhance performance of staff members in order to achieve all the goals and objectives on time. This mission supports business to set good brand image at the market place.
  • Vision statement: The hotel believe in authorising of individual due to create friendly and family environment for each guest who arrive in hotel. They truly believe in helping people in helping individual and improving their journeys that become effective part of company.

There are different behaviours of leadership and management that influence on the vision and mission of business. All the details are mentioned below:

Management Behaviours: The manager of select organisation is liable for the processing better and appropriate strategies that will lead to accomplish set objectives. The behaviour of management will impact on the business profitability and impact on the efficiency of an organisation. A manager of Landmark London is focusing of different operations to enhance team spirit of staff members. There are applying different techniques to motivate staff member and develop their skills in regard their roles.

Leadership Behaviours: The leaders of selected organisation are very supportive and influencing people to do work for the business requirements. A leader have roles and liability to enhance positive thinking in staff members. The behaviour of leadership of selected organisation will lead to have impact on execution of staff member and improvement in their skills. Such as, Landmark London through these behaviours get all the competitive advantages (Noe and et. al., 2017).

Evaluate how managers and leaders can facilitate change using appropriate tools and model

It is required for an entity to apply amendments in business as per the necessities of market. These changes are shown positive as well as negative impact on business function and procedure. A manager and a leader of Landmark London plays all essential role in order to apply all the changes in business.

Lewin's Change model

This model consist of three step that will support to selected business to maintain changes in effective way. There are discussed three model in detailed manner:

  • Unfreezing: It is a first stage in which a business is carry out awareness in regard of changes in a business. In this step accept all the changes in business effectively.
  • Changing: There are applying all the changes that occur and it will impact on the behaviour of staff members on their procedure and performance.
  • Refreezing: At the end in this stage concentrating on refreezing the modifications that become reason of success of each staff member (Hamlin, 2016). Take Examples of Assignments Now!

Manager and leaders in facilitating changes

Manager of Landmark London is discussing about the changes effectively which is lead to information in staff members about the changes with some advantageous. The leaders are encouraging staff members and accept all the changes as per the work then apply changes.


As per the above report it has been concluded that management and leadership both are important terms of business that impact in positive manner and plays essential role to achieve organisational goals and objectives. Motivation and team work is very important to complete task on time and engage with employees in positive way. Along with management and leadership make efforts in arranging effectiveness through ethics and value framework bu set up vision and mission.

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