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Impact of Total Quality Management


“An analysis of the impact of Total Quality Management in increasing Customer Satisfaction in the Construction Industry; A case study of Barratt Developments PLC”.

Introductory Part

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a wide management approach and aimed to attain long term success in future business with a strong focus on customer’s satisfaction. This approach depends on involvement of all employees of an organization in improving culture, process, products and services. Reducing defects and wastage of raw materials are also considered as important function of TQM. Customer satisfaction is one of the important assets for every organization (Goetsch, and Davis, 2014). Low level of customer’s satisfaction is one of the major research issue of the current study. Construction industry of UK is facing this problem due to different factors such as time, cost, quality, client orientation, communication skills and response to complaints. Organizations of this industry are not capable enough to satisfy their customers on these aspects. It affects the overall performance of the company.  Therefore, the current research study focuses on this research problem (Kim, Kim and Park, 2010).

There are some specific domains of customer’s satisfaction; these include Quality, Purchase Value, Timeliness, Production efficiency, Front line service behavior, uniqueness and innovation, etc. Therefore, all these domains can be covered by organizations using the Total Quality management approach. Therefore, TQM has positive as well as negative impacts on customer satisfaction. So, researcher has decided to conduct an investigation on determining impact of Total Quality Management in increasing Customer Satisfaction (Total Quality Management, 2015). Determining the impact of TQM on customer’s satisfaction is major goal of the current investigation. It will be significant for construction industry and other organizations because it will help in getting appropriate strategies for improving quality and increasing the level of customer’s satisfaction.


What is the research issue?

Low level of customer’s satisfaction due to the poor quality of the products and services in construction industry is major research issues. The quality issues are with repect to making use of materials that are of low quality, maufacturing defects etc. It decline the financial as well as not financial performance of this industry. Different organizations tries TQM approach for increasing the level of customer’s satisfaction. But, till there is no significance result about that weather this approach is beneficial for resolving this problem or not (Oakland, 2014). So, researcher has decided to determine the impact on TWM on customer satisfaction in customer industry.

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Why is it an issue?

It is an issue because low level of customer can decline the overall performance of the organization in whole construction industry. It can further led to making a queston mark on the future sustainability of the company. There may further be a switch of consumers towards other competitors.  (Sallis, 2014).

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Why is it an issue now?

It is an issue now because, Barratt Developments PLC is investing huge amount of money in improving the quality management. But, organization is not assured about the increment in customer’s satisfaction. So, it is an issue now as the company has started to face a decline in profit as well as sales figures.

What could this research shed light on?

For resolving this problem and attain all objectives research will shed light on major concepts of TQM, customer satisfaction and their association. Further, focus will also be given on role and importance TQM in customer satisfaction (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).


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