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Hotel Chain Recruitment Skills

University: Brooklands College

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2207
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: AM5107
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Question :

This sample report lets us know about:

  • Explaining about Hotel Chain
  • Elaborating the services and products of organisation
  • Elaborating the contribution of hospitality
Answer :
Organization Selected : Crowne Plaza


Hospitality industry is a pure customer oriented sector which always attempts to new and innovative services to customers for maximising their satisfaction level. This industry mainly covers vast category of fields that is transportation, travelling, lodging and some core areas of tourism sector. Present report is based on Crowne Plaza which a multinational brand in Hotels headquartered in the United Kingdom (Alon, Ni and Wang, 2012). It is a chain of hotel services which are offered approximately 53 countries. This report describes about different sectors which belongs to hospitality services along with the services which they offer. It also discusses about current structure, size and scope of hospitality industry. Additionally, it elaborates about current and anticipated skill that is required in hospitality industry.

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Exploration of different sector of hospitality and the many different types of businesses within it and the diverse products and services they offer

Hospitality industry is consist of lots of sectors whose main objective is to avail effective services to its users as well as clients in order to retain them for longer period. It has been observed that mainly hospitality sector includes transportation, Lodging, Food and Beverages, travel technology, recreation etc. Main of them are described as below:

Lodging: It is simply defined as accommodation place where people used to stay during their visit from one place to another. Lodging is commonly named as Hotel industry that is availing accommodation facility to its customers. It can be said that Crowne Plaza Hotel comes under lodging sector (Bailly and Léné, 2012). This hotel is offers variety of product and services to its customers for influencing them for longer duration of time. It includes fitness centre, Indoor pool, advance reservation facility, complimentary breakfast facility etc to its guest.

Transportation: Transportation services can be seen in the form of cabs, ships, buses, flights, trains as it helps traveller to move from one place to another in less period of time. It is part of hospitality industry as with the help of transportation facilities only guest can reach the place of their want (What Are The 4 Segments Of The Hospitality Industry,2018). Products and services offered by transportation sector of Hospitality industry includes mobile services, online booking option, itinerary for client, variety of transportation options with minimum time limit.

Food and Beverages: This segment can be seen as the part of hospitality sector. Mainly hotel industry also builds its own cafeteria or restaurant for delivering best quality food to its customer. In relation to Crowne Plaza Hotel, this Hotel is having its own restaurant that provides excellent food services to guests within their building premises only. Restaurant and Bar section of Crowne Plaza involves variety of food item and soft as well as hard drinks options along with the specialisation of different places which avail options to guest in order to choose best one for them.

Tourism: This sector mainly deals with the travellers and make them feel comfortable in overall visit. It can be said that tourism sector influences in interest to visitors to travel more and explore different places (Lowe and et. al., 2012). In relation to Crowne Plaza, it can be said that this hotel is having tie up with different tour operators who maximises their profitability by filling vacant rooms of hotel.

As per the above stated types sector within hospitality industry, it can be said that maximum of them are interrelated and performs their work responsibility in effective manner. It has been analysed that main focus of overall hospitality industry is to provide innovative and attractive services to guest for enhancing their experience. This directly contributes in increasing sustainability of companies belongs to hospitality

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