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Hospitality Operations and Revenue Management

University: Blackburn College

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3561
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: THH2113
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explaining the revenue management of organisation
  • Elaborating the pricing principal of organisation
  • Methods used to optimise the profits
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott hotel

Introduction to Revenue management

Revenue management in organization of  hospitality sector  plays crucial role for  profitability and effective growth. For providing satisfied food and accommodation services, it is necessary to analyse actual  performance of entity and  preparing plans for further operations. The present report is based on understanding relationship of revenue management  for hospitality services of Marriott international hotel. It is fourth largest well known hotel entity of United Kingdom that provides food and accommodation facilities with luxury goods  to million customers worldwide. In this regard, financial contribution processes for managing  room's revenue and different pricing principles to enhance profitability is to be described. However, several methods for profitability and fixed inventory capacity for technological development can be presented through this assignment  for improving quality services of hotel entity. Including this, legislation practices impact on hotel's   services and value of customer satisfaction for quality management is to be expressed. Thus, learners are able to understand revenue management  in hospitality sector  through this report. Read about sample report on hospitality.

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Financial Contribution Produces Room's Revenue For Business Unit

Contribution is an accounting concept that is useful for profitability of any organization. It shows profit earning capacity  and liquidity position of entity on the basis of which further ideas are generated for its improvements and providing  better quality services. However, financial contribution is an approach by which profit earning capacity of entity is gained and further  different strategies are prepared for improvements. It involves funding and financial management tools for innovations and development (Bowie, Buttle and Brookes, 2016). As per the given case scenario, it is recognized that Marriott hotel has good profitability that leads to achieve its long term sustainability as well competitive advantages. But, according to critical evaluation, it has been observed that there are some inventory issues occur at workplace that affects further operations. It influences productivity and profitability of entity . In this way, monetary position of the hotel  affects services of food, accommodation, customer dealing and so on. Including this, it impacts on costing of products and  price determination for   by Marriott to provide services to its i customers in relation to room and various luxuries. In accordance to this, in recent time, Marriott hotel's financial performance can be understood as in appendices 1st

According to mentioned financial data, it is evaluated that Marriott hotel has good financial position by which it can create innovations for better product services. However, it implements good efforts and innovative techniques for providing hotel services. Likewise, for achieving optimum utilization of inventory and organization's resources, it is essential to analyse all factors for  hotel entity's operations (Law and et.al., 2013). In comparison to 2015, net income of the organization is slowdown by 79. It is because of imbalanced supplement of hotel entity's services affects business operations. Apart from this, by focusing on number of rooms in Marriott hotel, there are near about 1,059 rooms of hotels across the country as well internationally. Besides this, it has been understood that finance plays significant role for manufacturing and producing  of hotel entity's services including food, accommodation and dealing with its  customers. It is interlinked with competitive strategies and profitability to face competition and make position in global market.

Thus, revenue management for providing accommodation   services with effective luxury  is possible through financial contributions remains helpful for  improving economic position of entity. Therefore, proper growth of organization and its better quality services can be gained through proper funding. However,  f inance can  arrange through different sources for creating  innovations in accommodation services of hotel entity. For example; issuance of share, government aid, taking loan from financial institutions and so on. In addition to this, it is observed that financial contribution is linked with operations of entity and innovations for improving for providing  better accommodation services (Ruetzler and et.al., 2014). Hence, financial contribution produces room's revenue also presents different sources to allocate fund effectively. It is considered as key element for optimum  utilization of resources and fund affects inventory management. It improves potential to increase profit earning capacity of Marriott through innovations in room facilities as well by useful for  providing maximum level of satisfaction of customers. It is related with demand for services and affects productivity as well profitability to sustain its good reputation for long time period also for competitive advantages.  It will be helpful to reduce inventory issue of Marriott hotel group UK as well different strategies can be implemented to improve financial position.

Hence, room revenue for Marriott can be managed effectively by analysing its monetary position and potential to invest fund for further innovations . Including this, it will be beneficial to maintain and sustain customers' attraction towards services provided by Marriott hotel entity linked with competitiveness and sustainability in global market. However, financial contribution is essential to allocate fund properly by which profitability can  improve efficiently. It will be effective for utilization of inventories and managing all assets in optimum way (Koens and Wood, 2016). It proceed to prepare systematic plans to be followed on for competitive advantages and producing  better hospitality services to make place in global market for long time period. Thus, financial contribution produces room's revenue for hotel entity's effectiveness adequately as well able to reduce inventory issues occur at workplace.

Pricing Principles And Its Benefits For Marriott Profitability

Cost of products is determined  for improvement in accommodation services of Marriott hotel. It is beneficial to achieve cost effectiveness and setting adequate price of product services according to different income earning level of country's people.  For determining price of products to enhance its efficiency, it is needed to set adequate cost affects productivity and profitability. Therefore, effective demand for accommodation services can be gained impacts  competitiveness. In addition to this, prices are determined on the basis of expenditure incurred for manufacturing and production of services (Gallego, Ratliff and Shebalov, 2014). Including this, labour cost and expenses incurred on additional overhead are evaluated through which proper price can be set for producing hotel entity's services. However, for competitive strategy, this price can also change efficiently that affects profit margin  and liquidity position of organization. In this regard, for setting adequate, some principles are made that can  describe as  below:-

Measuring demand vs. inventory/capacity:- In context to market demand and analysing products' qualities to sale,   price for producing goods is set adequately. However, customers' requirements and competitive market remains  great tools for price determination. It should neither be below comfortability nor  above comfortability of consumers. Thus, deciding price must be adequate that for all customers of the entity therefore they can afford effectively. Including this, all inventories will be managed  that impacts on productivity and profit earning capability of Marriott international hotel (Ivanov, 2014). Hence, on the basis of customers' requirements and market demand, price is determined for producing services.

Measuring price sensitivity:- It is essential for Marriott hotel to recognize price sensitivity. It is beneficial to make better pricing decision in which competitive strategies and other organization's cost of services for accommodation is evaluated. In this regard, demand for product services and sensitivity towards costing is identified. On the basis of this factor, price is evaluated  for satisfying  customers with hotel entity's services. It affects profitability and competitive strategies for long term period (Baum, Bertsimas and Kallus, 2014). However, economic and adequate price according to expenses incurred on manufacturing and production is set for further years' operation and improving profitability. Thus, measuring price sensitivity is a basis for setting effective cost of products and services to achieve profitability and improving services for Marriott international hotel.

Measuring competitor price positioning:- It is one the great principle of pricing to analyse competitiveness as well competitive strategies of Marriott hotel to sustain its position in global market. On behalf of market position and competition level, cost of room services of entity can be calculated effectively. According to market demand, this fluctuation in  market demand is evaluated by which for gaining consumers' attraction, price for producing services can change (Mohn, 2016). In this regard, several ideas are created for market positioning and sustainability for long time period. Moreover, other competitive hotel entities like Hilton Young and other organizations costs are also evaluated. Therefore, effective price of room services for competitiveness can set   to face competition and making place in market. Thus, pricing is set through measuring competitors' cost by which  Marriott performance as well profitability can be improved as well sustained at high level.

Appropriate pricing principle for Marriott hotel:- Above mentioned all pricing methods are suitable for evaluating cost of accommodation services provided by Marriott hotel entity. In all of these methods, one of the most preferable and appropriate technique is measuring demand vs. inventory. By applying this method, adequate cost for producing affordable accommodation  services can be determined. According to this analysing, market demand and different income level of country's people as well other nations, cost of services can be evaluated at different levels (Fu and et.al., 2016). However, according to luxuries and qualities used in room services, setting various price structure will be effective for entity's effectiveness. In this regard, customers will be satisfied with accommodation services of Marriott hotel. Including this,   for setting this price structure remains effective for entity's profitability and competitive advantages. It will also be useful for proper inventory management and enhancing demand for services provided by entity effectively.

Characteristic of pricing system for Marriott hotel's profitability:- Market demand vs. inventory/capacity principle of pricing remains appropriate for setting adequate cost of room rents and services (Chen and Hsu, 2016). However, benefits of this pricing for organization's effectiveness can be expressed as follows:-

  • It is helpful for inventory management and preparing systematic plans to improve profitability of entity.
  • Setting price according to buyer behaviour and their income earning  level attract them towards accommodation services of Marriott hotel.
  • It is useful for optimum utilization of resources and fund thereby profitability can be achieved effectively.
  • It is valuable for competitive advantages and maintaining good position in market for long time period.

Methods Applied To Optimize Profitability And Fixed Capacity Inventory For Technological Development

It is essential for Marriott hotel to prepare strategies for cost effectiveness and increasing revenue of the organization. It can be gained through determining adequate price for producing food and accommodation services  thereby customers will be demand for hotel entity's services at high level. Including this, profit optimization is an approach that is useful for economic stability and optimizing profit adequately (Bacon and et.al., 2016). However, proper use of gained revenue and profit can be achieved that remains helpful for better quality services and managing inventories effectively. Through this method, adequate pricing as well decisions are made for further operations and creating  innovations to enhance competitive strategies. However, for optimizing profitability can be gained by applying  following   methods for inventory management and producing better services of hotel entity as:-

  • Through finding out best combination of result and price level affects profitability optimization for Marriott international hotel.
  • By utilizing total gained revenue in optimum manner impacts on entity's performance and competitive advantages.
  • Setting adequate price of services provided by hotel entity impacts on profitability and inventories of the organization.
  • For profit optimization, it is required to use all revenues appropriately as well creating plans for further operations.
  • By providing services to satisfy customers from different countries of the world affects productivity and profitability of hotel for competitiveness.
  • Forecasting and decision making in adequate manner impacts on organization's profitability and further operations.

Thus, by applying methods for optimum profitability and better quality services in respect of food and accommodation services will be effective for Marriott hotel. Including this, inventories will manage systematically  as well optimum utilization of gained revenue. However, different strategies are prepared for creating  innovations and better quality services to improve profitability and sustaining its effective goodwill for long time period (Van and et.al., 2016). Hence, Marriott international hotel can improve its profitability effectively  by using this method affects competitive strategies. It is suitable for allocating fund  to improve performance of entity and making decisions for future time period. Therefore, profitability can be optimized efficiently that impacts  sustainability of organization. Best HND Assignment writing service from experts.

Fixed capacity inventory for technological development:- Technology  changes time to time for providing services and surviving in competitive environment. However, inventory management including all assets and operations remains benefited for improving profitability and development of Marriott hotel efficiently. In this regard, managing all business operations are needed for  competitiveness  (Banovec and Domadenik, 2016). Moreover, it is useful for  gained revenue and increasing profit efficiently through  further years' operations. Thus, by adopting new technologies for better quality services of entity like; varieties in food, satisfied accommodation services, dealing with consumers properly affect overall operations of the entity. It influences profit earning capability and  hospitality services at large scale. Thus, inventory management is useful for technological development and competitive strategies to make place in global market for long time period.

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Codes Of Conduct, Legislation And Practices Impact On Accommodation Services Of Marriott Hotel

Codes of conduct's  impact on accommodation services of Marriott hotel:- It is comprised of different social norms, ethics, moral codes, religious laws that needed  to be followed on for social welfare and providing secured as well healthy food to customers. It is beneficial to build up  society's trust that affects productivity and profitability of Marriott hotel regarding further implementations. Including this, it is ideal for hotel entity to deal with different countries' people effectively as well meeting customers' requirements efficiently. However, it is social liability of hotel entity to provide secured and hygiene food to its customers therefore improvement in  health  can be achieved effectively. Moreover, price of product and services provided to customers should be adequate as according to expenses incurred in manufacturing and production system (Picciariello and et.al., 2015). Thus, code of conduct affects social welfare and hospitality sector affects society's awareness. However, clients, workers are required to perform their job with responsibility during customer dealing and serving food. It influences environment of entity similarly profitability to improve hospitalization  efficiently. Hence, rules and regulations under code of conduct impacts on social welfare and food security effectively.

Legislation and practices for accommodation services of hotel entity:-  There are different rules and legislation made under legal provisions and practices for providing secured  accommodation services to customers. In this process system, different norms are provided for hospitality services regarding accommodation and secured food services. However, through this legislation and practices, all services of hotel entity  remains  effective that affects social welfare and strong working ethics. Moreover, legislation and practices for accommodation services of Marriott hotel entity is beneficial to respect different countries' people social system as well providing services according to their culture  (Bienstock, Mentzer and Kahn, 2015). Including this, accommodation services as room facilities impact on country's effectiveness also interlinked with different sectors like; employment, tourism, education, social and so on. However, it is responsibility of Marriott hotel to provide proper salary, incentives and leaves as mentioned in job agreement. Including this, it is required for organization to provide insurance facilities for its workers and following on all rules mentioned in deed. Including this, for proper  accommodation services, it is legal accountability of Marriott hotel to produce  services to different countries' people in accordance to various nations' social systems and fulfilling their requirements effectively.  Moreover, presenting actual price of product and services is also  responsibility of Marriott hotel that sustains builds up society's trust. Thus, following on all rules and regulations mentioned in provisions  for  hospitality industry is necessary for organization to provide safety food and accommodation services according to different countries' social system and culture.

5) Customer Expectations From Different Markets And Improving Accommodation Services For Quality Management Process And Design

Marriott hotel can improve accommodation services through quality management and satisfying its customers. In this regard, for gaining society's trust, it is responsibility of entity to provide secured food and accommodation services to million customers from different countries worldwide. However, if customers  are satisfied with Marriott hotel's services then high level of demand for services will be gained affects productivity and profit margin  of entity (Marriott international hotel, 2016). It influences  competitive strategies to face competition and sustaining its effective place in global market for long time period. Including this, it is considered that satisfied and comfort services of food and accommodation attract people at high level same as demand for that facilities enhanced. It is useful to achieve customers' trust and maintaining good reputation of organization worldwide efficiently. Along with this, it is needed for organization to conduct market research as well analysing different customers' views on accommodation services. However, by improving accommodation services of hotel entity, effective demand for product services will be gained that affects profitability and competitive advantages at large scale. Including this, different strategies are implemented for hospitality and accommodation facilities according to different countries' social systems. Thus, customer satisfaction from several nations is key tool to build up their trust regarding hotel services and quality management (Bowie, Buttle and Brookes, 2016).

However, it is interlinked with inventory management and utilization of resources and fund adequately. Including this, it is beneficial for improving financial performance and quality services for proper hospitalization. In addition to this, management of inventories and designing affect further operations as well competitive strategies. Apart from this, it is needed for organisation to prepare strategy including decision making process  to improve financial position and sustaining competitiveness for long term sustainability in market (Koens and Wood, 2016). Thus, customer expectations from different markets affect improvement in accommodation services of Marriott hotel remains suitable for profitability and competitive advantages.

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Organizational Behavior


The report is concluded that revenue management in hospitality sector affects profitability and competitive advantages. However, significance of financial contribution for producing accommodation services for Marriott hotel entity is described. Including this, different aspects of hospitality operations including food and accommodation services are introduced through this assignment. Moreover, several pricing principles to set adequate cost for producing hotel entity's services is determined that affects long term sustainability and profitability. Along with this, appropriate techniques for profit optimization and competitive advantages is presented that leads to create innovations in future time period. Therefore, impact of social norms and legislation are provided for better accommodation services of entity and building up society's trust. In addition to this, significance of legislation and different rules to be followed on for ethical hotel services are determined that affects health promotion and effectiveness. Likewise, importance of customer satisfaction for competitive advantages and long term sustainability of Marriott hotel in global market is understood. However, overall revenue management in hospitality sector to improve profitability is recognized. Thus, several aspects of hospitality services' management for better quality services and competitive advantages is presented through this report.

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