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Effective Work Environment and Management

Introduction to Working Management Skills

The report is critically reviewing the information related to the managing and working environment presently pursuing in New Zealand. In the report, it is stated that the managers, supervisors and chief-executive officers are highly responsible for building up effective environment for their employees in order to gain better results, thus, the study is providing the captious understanding about the same.

The Critical Challenges Facing New Zealand’s Chief Executives: Implications for Management Skills

As per the viewpoint of Boxall and Purcell which explained that an organisation generally follows a hierarchical structure while conducting and executing a business activity. This helps them in overcoming the task in a desired manner and accomplish the set of objectives proposed by the higher authorities. Similarly, the managers and chief-executives of organisation engaged in New Zealand are also liable to build up departmental wise hierarchical structure in order to complete the work on specified time and achieve the proposed set of results. For this, it is necessary for them to identify, create and implement better action plan in order to construct an effective and professional working environment. The process of edifying an efficient working situations and conditions in the management and business requires proper knowledge and understanding regarding the entire procedure. However, the study of McGuire argued that managers and supervisors is determined as a link between the top and lower level management and thus, they are only responsible for assigning the work and projects by formally communicating and interacting with the other staff members. The research added that the chief-executives and higher authorities are accountable for improvising and creating a professional operating environment for the business.

According the stated article of Hutchinson and Boxall, which depicting about the management situations and conditions faced by the chief-executives and managers while handling and executing the business operations. The article is based on the organisation of New Zealand where the corporate world and related aspects has an immense source of opportunities for gaining higher return and benefits from the market attempts and factors. It has been evidenced that an effective working environment helps the organisation and their Human Resource team in gaining high rate of retention for their workforces. As the ability of the business in maintaining a team of experienced, talented and skilled personnels enables them to generate better results and outcomes. In addition to this, the explanation made by Green and et. al., concluded that the manufacturers of New Zealand can gain benefits only when they focus their efforts and attention on development of management capabilities and abilities within their firms.

The research of Rice, evaluated that the production losses faced by the organisations of New Zealand in 2013 determines the inefficiencies of their labour and workforces in providing the stated ratio of productivity. Eventually, it leads to a decrease in the wage rate for labour of New Zealand which simultaneously invaded their income level also. This decrement impacts the economy of New Zealand in maintaining better position as compare to other countries and near by continents like Australia. This becomes as a challenge for the companies and authorities of the cited country to allocate the best ways through which the situations can be handled and effectively overcome by the aspects of the organisation. In that context, to start the process of addressing solutions and action plans for the challenges, it is essential to determine the list of risks and factors that forms impact for the organisation. Moreover, the study made by Freeman, assisted in identifying the factors that becomes challenges for the industrial sectors of New Zealand. For this, the have divided the entire industry in three sectors i.e. private, public and non-for-profit. As the impacts of the challenges and risks from them were different at all levels and sectors, thus, evaluation for every part has to be specific, clear and accurate. Get the best Assignment Writing Experts London at the best price.

In the investigation of Kerzner, all the challenges were listed which were faced by the private sector. The major risks for the private sector organisations of New Zealand are access to finance, shareholders connectivity, economic climate, cultural barriers and retention rate among workforces. All the specified risks were impacting the business operations and functions of the organisation. Their chief-executives and higher authorities individual were confirming about the same and finding it difficult for them to work accordingly. Although, the study made by the author has witnessed many other issues also, but they were recorded as the most striking risks which enables the organisation in maintaining their working abilities. Moreover, according to the survey of Tang and Musa, which elaborated that rapidly changing environment was one among the major challenge for the organisation of New Zealand. As the current era of globalisation where the market is facing a rise in the innovation and advancement in the working environment of the business. This risk related to the marketplace includes emerging technology, changing consumer values and reducing power of buying among the customers. By this set of risks, the factors of organisation as well as marketplace forces them to think very carefully about their approaches used to overcome the business activities and related functions.

As per the perspective of Armitage, Berkes and Doubleday, which evidenced that clients of private sector are their major source of risk generation, because, the present market is customer oriented rather than product oriented. Thus, they are the main link to their effectiveness in gaining appropriate forms of benefits and results from the business operations performed by the private firms. In that relation, the customers impacts to the private business a greater awareness of environmental issues, a move to other alternatives and most consumers consider an option of low cost and high value. For this, it is crucial for the organisation and their marketing team for building up an effective, productive and profitable strategy for placing better action plan by overcoming the challenges. Moreover, the business has to attain sustainability during crisis in order to gain higher level of profits during peek season.

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According to the research of O'riordan, which contributed knowledge about the risk and challenges faced by the businesses engaged in public as well as non-for-profit sector. The set of major risk for the cited sectors include escalating costs, raising funds, compliance to government regulations, managing alliances with the joint ventures, retaining existing customers and maintaining corporate social responsibility. These all were the risks that evaded their market approaches in gaining desired results and outcomes. It was evaluated that the process of raising the funds and capital for the firm were one of the most impacting issue for both the sectors. This becomes a challenge for the chief-executives and higher authorities of the organisations which they are accountable to defeat and gain proper form of results. The industries involved in the private and public sector of New Zealand has limited sources and areas for acquiring working capital and funds for executing their business purposes and activities.

As explained in the investigation of Clark, Kelliher and Pinares-Patino, which highlighted the information about the areas that are to be effectively assessed by the chief-executives, managers and superiors in order to avoid the negative situations occurred in the business. This is evaluated that the nationalities of New Zealand are highly attracted towards brand value and name of the industries which encourages them to live a standard lifestyle. Hence, with an aim to defeat the issue of market attention and retention, it is necessary that they should ascertain the values and requirements of the market aspects. This would help them in developing better cognition and strategic action plan for identifying the way of getting desired success and overall achievements. Although, they have limited resources and market areas over which the business has to function and operate their organisational activities. In that case, they are suppose to utilise the available sources in optimum manner and gain appropriate form of results. However, the exploration made in the present investigation of Kelsey, stated that New Zealand is the country which has immense form of resources for every sector. The cited country is becoming an emerging place for education, tourism, transportation, manufacturing, etc. which facilitate small and medium organisation in establishing strong presence in the sector. Moreover, New Zealand has immense form of resources that supports many sector in building up ways to accomplish higher attainment. New Zealand is most preferred destination for the manufacturing units like auto mobiles, aerospace and semiconductors industries. If you want to get the authentic paper as per the prescribed deadline, then consider seeking online university assignment help from our assignment writers.

However, it is recommended that the chief-executives, managers and superiors of the organisation needs to be strategical and futuristic while implementing a professional working environment Bullock. They should assess in-depth information about the aspects and areas in order to determine the most productive and profitable action plan that are to be assigned to the staff members and employees. By this, the team of top level management would be able to lead the business to greater heights.

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The report is articulating about the challenges that are generally faced by the chief-executives officers and managers of organisations engaged in private, public and not-for-profit sector in New Zealand. The entire report is critical analysing the factors responsible for

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