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Destination Management Services

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is destination management services?
  • What is the objective of destination management services?
  • Discuss about destination life cycle.
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This report is providing overview of different tourism destinations that are famous on global level. The common features, characteristics of global tourism destinations also will be presented in report. The core resource and attractions of different destinations will be discussed in report. The brief analysis of characteristic of tourism destination also will be provided in the report.

Concept of Destination Management

Destination management refers to regulating, controlling and managing all destination. It emphasis on control economic, environmental, social and cultural elements of particular state, area or region. Here, local and national authorities are responsible for ensuring of destination. Moreover, it is essential for authorities to focus on maintaining sustainable environment by taking various practices and governing it in proper way. Besides that, there are many elements that is included in this concept like marketing, policies, etc. The main role of government is to ensure sustainability of destination with proper governance and practices of destination management. Apart from it, the concept allows other association and authorities as well to initiate some changes or ways to improve destination. Furthermore, it results in enhancing tourists experience and socio culture life of community. There are some benefits of destination management which is as follows :-

Ensure tourism sustainability

It is a benefit of destination management as it enable in ensuring that socio culture, environmental, etc. aspect are maintained properly. The natural resources and beauty of destination is maintained. through that, it becomes easy to attract more tourist. In addition, heritage culture and beauty along with local traditions, cultural ethics and values are sustained.

Improving tourism yield

Another benefit of this is when destination are sustained in effective way. It results in increasing per tourist income. Alongside, it attracts large number of tourists thus increasing tourism yield. Also, it reduced expenditure of maintaining destination.

Adding value to tourism

The practices of destination management allows in maintaining ecosystem and environment. So, it leads to rise in number of tourisms. However, it improves destination brand image and adding value to tourism. In this way, economic value is raised (Fontana,  dos Anjos,  and Añaña,  2019)

Objective of Destination Management

It is necessary to form objectives of destination management so that plans are developed. They are as follows :-

  • To establish tourism development practices and ensuring sustainability in tourism.
  • To add value to destination and forming of policies and laws for destination practices

Organisation responsible for destination management at local, regional and national level

In order to manage destinations there are different organisation formed who is responsible for it. They are either formed at local or national level. So in Australia, Nepal there are several organisation formed for it. This is mentioned as:-

Australian destination management

In Australia there are various organisation which is responsible for managing destination. The national tourism and tour operators is a framework for national level. They focus on regional and local development and form policies and laws of how to maintain destination.

Besides it, the Australian state territory are the authorities that control and regulate state destination. At national level, tourism Australia is agency of government that promote tourism. Moreover, at state level Tourism Victoria undertake various activities to maintain sustainability of destination of Victoria. In this way, overall destination management practices of Australian tourism. Get Assignment Samples.Talk to our Experts!

Nepal destination management

National level

In Nepal the national tourism organisation was established in 1998 to maintain tourism. The organisation did partnership with private firms and government. The main purpose was to improve tourism and increase its value. It has to contribute towards sustainable tourism (Li, Robinson and Oriade,  2017).

Local level

There are many NGO and INGO which are formed to take initiative in contributing towards tourism. They provide support in maintaining sustainability along with help of local and regional agencies. Furthermore, they organise various cultural and tour programmes in different areas to promote tourism.

Regional level

At this level Nepal tourism authority ensure destination management. it collaborate with several agencies to contribute towards tourism.

Role and performance of destination management

It has been analysed role of destination management is to bring more money into particular area or region by attracting more number of tourists. Besides that, it attracts business and investors to invest in particular country. However, destination management helps in enriching local area, village, cities, etc. there are many concepts followed to protect environment and balance demand and supply. There are many concept and tactics applied to add value to tourism or particular destination.

With help of destination of management, resources are effectively utilised. Here, performance is maintained in regard of place, people, product and process. It allows in managing destination with proper use of resources (Cucculelli  and Goffi,  2016). In context, association and organisation form policies and law on how to ensure sustainability. The local authority and government work together to maintain value of destination. The destination management has enabled in providing a framework to manage destination and make them sustainable. It enables in setting of practices through which socio economic value is improved. Furthermore, ecosystem and diversity of destination is enhanced along with life of local community people.  

Destination life cycle

This is a place where a person or thing travel to. The place can be either city, region, state, etc. where tourist or local people can travel. Basically, there are 4 stages in this which is defined as :


It is fist stage where the place is unidentified or unknown to visitors. Only few tourists visit the place as there are inefficient access of it due to lack of facilities, road or services. The awareness is generated by word of mouth and then facilities are provided to attract more tourist to visit that place.


In this stage in which visitors are not able to reach destination anymore. Thus, it requires to identify needs by analysing social and environmental limits. This is done in less time so that needs are fulfilled (Reitsamer,  Brunner-Sperdin  and Stokburger-Sauer,  2016).


At this stage visitors interact with local community or people. it allows in attracting visitors and providing them facilities to destination. Thus, authorities of Nepal and Australia involve in marketing of tourist destination. Furthermore, various initiatives and programs are taken by government to get involved in destination management.


It is last stage in which there is high rise in growth and number of tourists of destination. Moreover, there are many developments occurred as well which result in improvement in social and economic development.

So, the four stage describe ways in which a tourist destination is development takes place and end. It results in exploring the destination in different areas and adding value to country or region. Get your assignments from USA's leading online assignment help!

Role of destination management at different stages

The destination management plays crucial role in developing sustainable destination. It includes many practices and methods through which destination is maintained. Also, local authorities are engaged in adding value to tourism place. However, the resources are efficiently utilised to give shape to tourism industry. Moreover, it allows in taking effective decisions and maintaining sustainability of destination.

Role of destination management in marketing

There is huge of local authority and community to engage in destination management. it allows in developing plan and strategies on how to market destination. In this it requires things to include like marketing mix concept (Ibragimov  and Kurbanova,  2016). Along with it, destination management include destination mix which is similar to marketing. here, variety of packages, physical attributes, etc. are required in it to improve tourist destination. Furthermore, on basis of geographical location destination mix is prepared. So, destination management plays vital role in marketing of destination.

Role in marketing tourism

Another role of destination management is to enhance tourism or give shape to it resulting in generating revenue. By following the concepts and practices of it, effective and proper marketing is done. this include mentioning marketing strategies and focusing on target market in order to attract them. along with it, marketing tourism support in involving and engaging companies to promote tourism. The 4P's of marketing is developed and on basis of that development in proceeding stages is done. Other than this, there are some models as well used to market tourism (Kol'veková,  Liptáková  and Kršák,  2017).

Critical evaluation on priorities of destination management

It is necessary for government to follow practices and concept of destination management so that sustainable destination is maintained. in this there are certain priorities which are followed. The first is to protect visitors from environmental impact. This is because it helps in retaining them and creating a positive image of destination in the mind of another tourist as well. Moreover, another priority is to develop a sustainable tourism destination with efficient use of resources. The emphasis is on improving the socio economic life of local community as well as nation to add value to tourism (Tolkach,  King  and Whitelaw,  2016). It led to change in business activities and initiatives taken on how to enhance sustainability and promote high value tourism. Furthermore, main aim is to promote sustainable tourism so that in future destination is maintained. for this it requires attractive marketing and promotion that leads to carry out activities of sustainability. Ask for Write my Assignment to our experts!


It can be summarised that tourist destination can be explained as a town, city or a location. It is having various types of characteristics or features such as cultural diversity of the country, social values of particular place. heritage and Historical value of location., etc. Apart from it, the core resources are physiography, climate, culture, etc. that define a particular place. The benefit of destination management is ensuring tourism sustainability, adding value to tourism, etc. Moreover, there are four stages in destination life cycle that are exploration, stagnation, involvement, development. Also, there are various organisation that is responsible for managing destination at local, national level in Australia, Nepal, etc.  

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