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Crisis Management in Tourism

University: University of London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the aim & objective of Coronavirus in china.
  • Discuss about the Coronavirus impact on China’s tourism.
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Coronavirus in china is spreading drastically. In China more cases of Coronavirus have been registered then they had at the time of SARS. Till now more than 7000 cases have been confirmed and approximately 170 people have died because of this, because of this most of the people wear mask while waiting for their flights. This has affected Tourism industry of Asia in many ways. Tourism industry of Asia has been threatened in many different ways such as: most of the flights from and to china have been banned in most of the Asian countries, many countries have also banned Chinese tourist. It has also been observed that winter is the best tourism season in China and because of this virus, tourism of China has been impacted drastically. It can also be said that this Corona Virus has struct at the worst time for Chinese Tourism. It has also affected most of the Asian countries economically.


To analyse Crises management in tourism due to Coronavirus in China.


  • To analyse ways in which China's coronavirus has threatened Asia's tourism
  • To analyse impact of coronavirus on China's tourism Sector and at international scale
  • To evaluate current tourism policies to understand coronavirus in China and its impact.
  • To recommend different crises management steps that can be taken by Chinese government to reduce impact of Coronavirus
  • What are the ways in which Coronavirus of china has affected Asia's tourism?
  • How Coronavirus has impacted China's tourism Sector and at international scale?
  • How current tourism policy of China can help in reducing impact of coronavirus in China?
  • What are the different crises management steps Chinese government can take in order to reduce impact of Coronavirus?


Ways in which Coronavirus of china has affected Asia's tourism

According to the view of Jiang, Scott and Ritchie, (2018) Coronavirus has increased various kinds of travel restrictions in china which has affected Asia's tourism industry in many different ways. One of the main reasons of this is growing number of Chinese visitors. Most of the in and out flights from and to china have been banned. Other than this Chinese tourist group both domestic and international have been banned in China as well as in many other Asian countries. According to a survey Martens, Feldesz and Merten, (2016) says that most of the tourist that travel abroad or internationally are Chinese. It can also be said that Chinese tourist helps in increasing tourism business of Asian countries and because of this Virus most of the Asian countries are feeling the heat of this as tourism in most of the Asian countries has decreased from at least 5 to 6 percent. Mostly countries like japan and neighbouring countries of China have been affected because of this virus. As in Japan every year more than 25 percent of Chinese tourist holiday in Japan but now because of this it will be quite difficult for Japan to reach their target tourist. Effect of coronavirus will be affecting hotel business, restaurant business, travel agencies business, tourism sites mostly. This is mainly because most of the Chinese tourist are banned in many Asian countries in order to prevent spreading of coronavirus within their countries. There are many other factors because of which coronavirus has affected tourism of Asian countries. Like, because of this coronavirus threat most of the other country tourist are fearing to visit Asian countries especially China. Countries like Phuket are already facing loss of approximately $1.6 billion this is mainly because Phuket is one of those countries that are highly dependent upon Chinese tourism and because of this, their tourism business has been impacted in a drastic manner. According to pacific Asia Travel association one of the major concerns which is threatening Asia's tourism is least idea about how long this coronavirus crises would be lasting as Chinese tourist plays a vital role in increasing tourism of Asian countries. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Coronavirus impact on China's tourism and at international scale

As per the view of Liu, Pennington-Gray and Krieger, (2016) coronavirus has impacted tourism at international scale as well in may ways. It has not only impacted this industry in reducing number of tourist but it has also impacted this industry financially or economically especially China's tourism. China is one of the main source of tourism for most of the countries globally or it can also be said that the impact of coronavirus is directly proportional to countries dependence upon Chinese tourist. Tourism is said to be world's number one growth facto which has been virtually shut down because of this coronavirus. According to the view of Morakabati, Page and Fletcher, (2017) international tourism sector has been affected majorly and more than 3 billion trips all around the world have been cancelled because of this virus. Tourism of China is not dependent upon international tourist but it is majorly dependent upon their domestic tourism. In order to reduce further spreading of this coronavirus and to deal with this virus Chinese are not allowed to take an y of the flights till an uncertain time period. It has negatively impacted both china's domestic tourism sector and international tourism sector. There are many Chinese Airline companies are offering free of cost return trip for Chinese to their cities. At international level more than 25 percent of airline industry organizations are facing loss due to this coronavirus impact. For China it has impacted majorly because as in last 29 years they have reported weakest growth rate. Most of the famous tourist spots of china are already facing this economic issue and are struggling financially. Wuhan is one of those cities of China that receives more than 55 international flight every week from more than 20 countries. According to a research all the to and from flights of Wuhan have been cancelled. Because of this many airline companies are facing loss as they have to cancel most of their flight and in addition to this they do not have any idea of how long they have too suspend their flights to and from china. Picture of this virus on Tourism industry is quite unclear as well as Chinese government lack in transparency about ways in which they are focusing on reducing this coronavirus impact.

Tourism Policies

As explained by Aliperti, and et al., (2019) explains that, tourism policy plays a vital role in achieving objectives related to tourism. It consists of set of decisions, disclosures, government practises etc. that helps the government to achieve objectives related to tourism. China government has developed their tourism policy in such a manner that it focuses on enhancing tourism development within the country. Tourism policies also helps in dealing with any kind issues or crises as this tourism industry is one of the most sensitive industry that can get affected by any kind of change, disaster, crises etc. As coronavirus has affected tourism industry in many ways especially of China. There are various kinds of changes or updates that can be brought within Tourism policies of China that can help them in dealing with this coronavirus issue. China government has brought various kinds of changes within their tourism policies in order to deal with the situation. First of all China government has focused on restricting Travelling of Chinese in order to restrict further spreading of coronavirus. They have also focused on re-evaluating visa free policy for all the Chinese because of this coronavirus concerns. These measures have been taken in order to spot further spreading of this corona virus outside china. As per the view of Rodrigues, Wada and Chueco, (2017) China can also focus on providing free healthcare facilities to all those people who are suffering from this coronavirus so that maximum number of cases can be rested and soon treatment can be started. China government should also make a policy where crowd gathering is not allowed in order to reduce chances of coronavirus spreading.get dissertation writing services from our experts!

China's Tourism Crises management to deal with coronavirus

As per the view of Cruz-Milán,and et al., (2016) Crises management helps in dealing with disruptive or unexpected event that can threaten a country or an organization. There are various models that can help in crises management in tourism industry. One of then is phase model of a tourism crises. This model can help in dealing with the crises. This model is divided into four main steps: in first step when an incident occurs media describes but it is not exaggerated. In this case when coronavirus incident occurred at first it was not exaggerated initially. In second stage bookings are cancelled and tourist are asked to leave. In this All the to and from flights were cancelled and Chinese tourist were banned from travelling. At third stage when event is not focused on it is magnified and destruction suffers economically. At last stage destruction commence its own media coverage further explains that, In order to deal with this coronavirus China has taken various measures in order to control the situation and reduce effect of coronavirus on the people. All the local people were expected to wear mask and most of the public transport to most of the places were suspended in order to stop further spreading this disease. Schools and colleges are expected to remain closed. All the people who have visited Wuhan are expected to remain isolated for at least 14 days so that effect of this virus can be seen and that person can be treated.

Further explains that many people are motivated so that they can work from home and contribute in reducing the spreading of the virus. Maximum number of flights to and from Wuhan and some of the international flights to and from rest of the cities of China. Chinese New Year holidays have been extended till 2 February. Upcoming semesters and new year of schools and colleges have also been delayed. Healthcare facilities have been focused more on so that all kinds of required medicines, hygiene products, medical equipment's etc. can be supplied whenever required. Rest of the crises management within China have been done city by city according to the current situation of city. Other than this all the healthcare sectors have to report their healthcare condition and environment continuously on daily basis. All kinds of public gatherings and meetings have been banned. 


Data collection is one of the most important part as it helps in collecting required and reliable data for the study in order to enhance its validity and gain better understanding of the topic (Clandinin, Cave and Berendonk, 2017). For this secondary data will be used in order to gain understanding of the topic in a much better manner. All the secondary data have been collected from journals, newspapers, articles, online portals, magazines etc. This secondary data has helped in increasing the reliability and validity of the assignment.Order assignment help from our experts!

Data Analysis

Data analysis helps in analysing collected data in order to reach to a conclusion or answer questions in order to gain better understanding of the study topic in a much better manner. For this qualitative data analysis will be done. In qualitative data analysis, thematic data analysis will be done as it will help in analysing collected secondary data in a much better which will also help in answering all the questions in order to understand links between issues within the question. Thematic data analysis will help in segregating same group data.


Approach is a procedure that consist of broad assumption steps to data analysis, collection and interpretation (Page,and et al., 2017). Approach used for this assignment is inductive approach. This approach helps in generating untested conclusion in known premises.it also helps in generating meaning of the data collected, identify patterns and relationship in order to build a theory.

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