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(CHC33142) Management Assignment Level 5

Table of Content



Management is the process of planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling of all activities for meeting objectives and goals of the company. It assist in maintaining all functions of firms on time properly (Brigham and Houston, 2012). JW Marriott is an luxury chain of hotel in international. It is an industry of Hospitality. Headquarters of this hotel are in US, Maryland and Bethesda. The owners of this hotel is Marriott international. In this assignment, understand about management styles also discussed about the characteristics of leadership. Process of communication selected by enterprise and also analysed companies change as well as its culture.


1.1 Compare between different styles of management


Management assist in coordinating functions of an business for achieving goals and objectives. It mainly contains as a manufacturing factors with machines, materials and money. This term of management involve both marketing as well as innovation.

  • Autocratic style: This types of leaders do all activities by their own. They maintain their workforce intimidation or position, rewards, punishment, threats and authority. In this superiors, managers and leaders are having specific authorities of taking decisions without involving their workers.

Advantages: Better for the employees who are not experienced, control, easy to learn etc.

Disadvantages: Lack of motivation, skilled employees, depends on leaders etc.

  • Democratic style: In this management styles, managers stimulate employees as well as leaders for taking part while making a decisions also involve their feedbacks. They listen their workers ideas and plans. They create a healthy and effective interaction between workers and management (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014).

Advantages: Good business fits, create a strong groups through democratic leaders, solution of difficult problems etc.

Disadvantages: Become appear uncertainty, consumes time, apologetic etc.

  • Laissez Faire style: Higher authorities which are working within companies are having a very low involvement within the activities of companies. In this management styles, workers manage their task by themselves as well as employees take their own decisions.

Advantages: Employees are relaxed, confident and should be resourceful.

Disadvantages: Lack of coordination and neglect the process of planning.

Comparison of management styles




In this management style, all decisions are taken by leaders and managers themselves. They are having a authority of centralised as well as higher level of control.


In this management styles, leaders share their decisions, responsibilities and powers with their groups or workers. It is having a authority of decentralised along with that having a lower level of control (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, 2012).

Laissez Faire

In this management style, managers allow employees and groups to take decisions. It mainly leads to a lower productivity within group.

JW Marriott is applying a Autocratic management style in their company. As they take their own decisions so that effective management of operations and time can take place.

1.2 Three characteristics of leadership

JW Marriott is having a proper leadership as well as management for managing a entire activities in an proper manner. Some characteristics of leadership are discussed below in detail:

  • Creative skills: Leaders can manage and enhance creative and innovative ideas within the company (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2014). They carry out new styles of working as well as techniques for properly use of employees for better productivity within JW Marriott. For example: Companies hire entrepreneurs for making their work more innovative and creative.
  • Communication skills: It is necessary to have a better skills of communication within the companies culture of JW Marriott. They have to be a good speaker and listener which help in interacting in each situation. As they have to deal with different persons like as travellers, tourist etc. who provide different services. For example: organising a seminars they are having a good communication through that they can understand in a same way they have to convey a message.
  • Confidence: For an good leaders, they should confidence during interacting with workers but not overconfident. They should reflect confidence in a manner so that employees can trust (Kamien and Schwartz, 2012). For example: Person is giving presentation with full confidence it will aid the listeners to listen and apply on them too.

Managers of JW Marriott are having all characteristics of leaders at a same time, through that it aid in managing all functions properly and effective as well.

1.3 Process of communication

Process of communication understand and convey information from sender who will send a message and receiver who will receive a message within JW Marriott. It is a way of exchanging message within sender and receiver by using behaviours, signs, symbols, body language, gestures etc.

Processes of Communication

Explanation with Example


It refers to communication which is transfer Verbally. This is done by oral or written. Communication objective is to make understand other person what they are communicating. For example: JW Marriott makes interaction within their organisation by using conferences and mobile phone (Kapferer, 2012).


In this kind of communication, it is receiving as well as sending information which is not in words. Non verbal language is all about speaker’s body language. It is a communication different from written and oral For example: tone of voice, body language, gesture, facial expression etc.


In this process of communication, signs or symbols are used while interacting. In written communication, it influence by vocabulary and grammar used, precise, language clarity as well as writing style. For example: JW Marriott, written communication within an company is used by email, memo, report, letter etc.

Three Barriers of Communication


Taboos and Emotional barriers

Some workers identify very complex to express some emotions and topics. Taboos involve disabilities, religion and politics etc. which are seem not popular.

Use of jargon

Over complicated, unfamiliar and Technical terms (Monczka and et. al., 2015).


Cultural differences

Norms of social cultural are raising in different cultural. In which they expressed their emotions. Attribute of individual person vary between cultural and social differences.

1.4 Organisation culture and change

JW Marriott Change

Companies services as well as operations are depend on economic and democratic factors which are given below:

  • Demographic: Modifications of demographics because of structure changing of families such as household chores, childcare, parenting etc. along with that diversity of labour force such as women participation, ethical, religious diversity etc.
  • Economic: Nature of competitors are faced by JW Marriott on their financial resources, services are available in economy (Tedeschi ed., 2013).

JW Marriott Culture

It shows acceptable norms through employees in an effective way. It reflects JW Marriott vision, mission and comfort level of workers. Employees are likely to work in a safe as well as secure working environment. It will assist in giving efforts of achieving targets. Organisation involve power, role, achievement and culture support. It is based on types of roles as well as responsibilities (Vestbo and et. al., 2013).  If you want to ace your dissertation then without a second thought, seek our online HND Assignment Help services.


2.1 Own skills of management

There are various management skills which are posses by leaders for further desired task and responsibilities in an effective manner. I am having various skills of management which shows effectiveness of organisation. My management skills are given below:


Performance Level and Practical Example

Management skills

· I able to manage all activities effectively within an organisation. I manage all work like as delegation, time management, decision making etc.

· For example: I manage all management functions of organisation like as planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling.


Leadership skills

· This skills assist me in maintaining better relations with workers. Effective skills of management improves skilfulness of leadership abilities.

· For example: I resolved disputes within team members I solve their problems in a proper manner.


Interpersonal skills

· I communicate and interact with workers.

· For example: I had taken a interview of job in which I communicate with others persons.

Communication skills

· I like to interact with various persons and gain new ideas and knowledge. My skills are better but sometimes it makes me feel hesitate.

· For example: I interact with my workers daily and ask problems if any within a workplace.

Thus, as per effective skills of management. I am still working on myself so that I can work more properly as well as on time.

2.2 Analysed personal SWOT analysis of leadership

It is an duty of leadership to manage all activities and operations of an organisation in a effective way. They should have leadership skills like as better communication, solving conflicts, quickly taking of decisions etc. For analysing my own analysis of SWOT and its abilities are discussed in given table:



I am good while interacting with others peoples as well as I can manage organisation activities in an proper manner.

I am having a short tempered nature which shows my weakness along with that for being a successful leader I have to control my angerness. Sometimes I get hesitate while communicating with strangers or unknown peoples.



Choosing a new programme of learning and training skills of lifelong which assist in high position within a organisation.

Behaviour of employees effect on the performance of managers. As they are working in a reputed company which are having lots of works and due to that it is difficult to manage all activities.

2.3 Targets and objectives for developing my potential

For overcoming from my all potential development and weakness for grabbing opportunities. I have to learn all necessary skills which should be their within leaders. By making my own objectives, aims and targets are facing problems and challenges within life.


  • Conflict management: This skills should be in managers for resolving disputes among workers. For enhancing skills within myself they have to calm for handling conditions of conflicts by providing appropriate solutions and they have to control themselves.
  • Feedbacks: Receiving as well as giving feedbacks aid in analysing myself through that it aid in identifying of issues and resolve them by developing potential.
  • Time management: Leaders and managers should enhance skills of managing a time as they should manage effective timing of work. For this they should be time punctual as well as manage all functions within a given span of time.


3.1 Leading and motivating a team for achieving goals and objectives

I will encourage my groups members by developing their capabilities and skills. As I cant able to raise their payments. Some of points for stimulate group members are discussed below:

  • I will communicate and make a plan of goal with group members. Measure a plan on daily basis.
  • I will assist employees to meet their routine goals so that help in improving performance.
  • I will provide rewards and appraise in front of all workers so that it aid in enhancing productivity on regular basis.
  • Recognise system of employees for its performance as well as efforts.
  • Encourage employees for creative or innovative ideas which help in developing a self-confidence.

3.2 Justify decisions of management which are in support of meeting objectives, goals and recommendations

Managers of JW Marriott have to enhance strategies and plans for raising employees all over productivity and profitability (Amsterdam and et. al., 2014). They have to control as well as regulate all business activities which are carry out by their group members. Their success not depend on only perfect techniques and resources. They play a very main role while providing quality of performance. So, decisions of managers are influencing directly on organisation profits and goals. 

Recommendations and area of improvements of JW Marriott are discussed below:

  • Feedbacks: Organisation managers aid in encouraging employees for taking part in decision making.
  • Healthy environment: its an duty of management to enhance their working environment for raising employees productivity.
  • Developing services: It aid in enhancing plans and strategies for developing services.
  • Quality of products and services: It assist in making a positive brand image within a market.

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From the above report, it has been concluded that enhancing skills of managers are very important for organisation for improving the consumers satisfaction level. They can plan, direct, evaluate and control workers performance for achieving organisation objectives and goals. Managers of JW Marriott able to enhance techniques and plans for raising employees productivity as well as profitability. They require to control and regulate whole business which carry out by all group members.


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