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A/601/1740 Leadership and Management Report Unit 1 UK CBC College Level 4


Management as well as leadership are two different things, but both the activities are equally important in context of successful business. Project has focus on identifying the procedure conducted by an individual in order to develop several skills or qualities. It also has focus on recognising the initiative taken by a person in order to make presentation and several activities are conducted by a group member in order to gather the information about the qualities or characteristics of an individual which makes them an effective leader. Project also emphasizes on determining the relationship between management and leadership.

Part A

I and my team members has made the presentation which has focus on identifying the Traits as well as qualities of successful leader. I have used several approaches as well as theory in a presentation to show the relationship between management and leaders. I have also highlighted the role of leaders in driving business entity towards achievement of success and accomplishment of business objectives (Lopez and Ensari,2014) When creating the presentation I have focused on analysing the fact whether good leadership be developed. I and my team member has planned to create this presentation on leaders by analysing the situation is the business environment. The other factors though which I got encouraged to explore the topic in detail is increase in dependency of organisation for managing people and business activities. In the presentation I have also included the methods , strategies , plans that can be adopted by an individual in order to develop qualities for becoming an effective leader. I have also successfully demonstrated the significance of communication skills when acting as a leader in an enterprise. I haver also highlighted the some factors which will show the difference between leadership and management (Rahim,2017) I have also provided some explanation about the scope of leadership and management. When prepared the presentation I have made plan which consists of details about the roles as well as responsibilities of each an every individual which has support me and my team members in completing the task in systematic as well as successful manner. But due to limited resources and Time, I and my team members have faced some issues but still through proper coordination and cooperation we have completed the presentation on time. I have also included several leadership approaches as well as style which can be adopted by leaders when managing team members and their performance at workplace. I have also included some model which can be applied by leaders in different situation. In short, I had designed the purpose to explain the concept as well as importance of leadership as well as management in an enterprise. I have taken high initiatives in clearly demonstrating the way manager or leaders can contribute to the growth or success of firm. Own leadership and applied theories are explained with justified practical and situations (Salter and Coleman,2015) I have also included the way or methods that can be used by manager or leaders for bringing positive change within an enterprise. I have also used some examples to develop the better understanding about the concept of leadership and management. If you need the best HND Assignment help from experts. Visit us.

Part B

I have identified by conducting the research and by using primary as well as secondary data sources that reputation of a company is totally bases on the performance of leaders at workplace. In other words it can be stated that leaders plays significant role in driving firm towards achievement of success by firm. I have experience that fulling the roles as well as responsibilities as a leader is not at all an easy task. I have also analysed that without the manager or support of leaders business can bot be manage in successful manner. I have also recognised that Leaders have some special qualities which makes them different from other people at workplace. Some characteristics of an effective leader is that these people have depth knowledge about particular field, High influencing and decision making power. I have also Identified, as leaders have high influencing power they can easily motivate people to execute specific task or activity. I have also realised that effective communications is required to be developed by an individual who wants to become successful and an effective leader. I think that effective communication abilities are developed by leaders to order developing as well as maintaining strong professional relationship (Wasike,2017) I have also realised that continuous interaction is also important to be conducted continuously by leaders .As I perceive that this activity will help leaders in identifying the problem faced by an employee. It will also allow leader to provide workers with an appropriate solution. I have also analysed that its is the attractive quality of leaders that they have supportive nature which allows them to create a healthy relationship with subordinates and motivates them to improve their performance at workplace and increase their participation in several business activities. I have also identified that successful leaders involves their subordinates in decision making procedures which assist leaders in recognising the innovation solutions to several problems which might be faced by business or team members. I have also noticed that with the change in passage of time earlier the duty of leaders only to manage the performance their team members but due to increase in competition as well as social pressure , leaders have to take more responsibilities in terms of supporting business entity in achieving success and accomplishing desired objectives. I also think that if leaders will understand the mind set of employees subject to work as much they will get ideas of better team formulation and operations. One of the important quality which I have analysed is that Leaders have Integrity. This specific quality of successful leaders is that they are highly committed to their work, honest towards their subordinates (Doh and Quigley, 2014)I also believe that leaders should conducted their activities as per the standards as well as regulation of company as this factors might have direct as well as significant impact on their personal as well as professional growth. I have also identified that it is the duty of leader to present reliable, complete as well as accurate information to management team as incomplete data or information can lead to ineffective business decision which might have negative effect on the growth of company. I have learned that in order to become effective as well as successful leader an individual is required to become more competent and highly skilled. By creating this presentation I have learned to manage my work and I have also able to improve my communication as well as presentation skills which will help me in the future. I have also analyses that manager as well as leaders when works in partisanship can support business entity in overcoming difficult as well as complex situation. I have able to develop understanding that that organisation goals and objectives are centralised towards smooth formation and operations of departments. One more important thing which I have identified that one leadership styles can not be applied to all situation. Leadership approach adopted by the leaders is based on the own personality, demand of situation or subordinates (Carmeli, Gelbard, and ReiterPalmon, 2013)

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