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Sample on Social Problems

University: Blackburn College

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Question :

This sample assessment will let us know:

  • Introduction to Social Problems
  • Types of migration
  • Problem due to migration
Answer :
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Introduction to Social Problems

United Kingdom has continuous growing number of migrants. On one hand, it brings multiple culture in one country. But on the other hand, it creates some major problems to the society and economy also. Net migration can be applied to establish a balanced population. In the following report, different aspects of migration in the cited country will be discussed according to the different point of view of some writers. Different writers have there own opinions related to migration as some see it as damage to the country while others see as danger for culture of UK. There are some types of immigration and their impact will also be explained in it.


According to Greenslade, immigration is movement of people to some particular country which is not their native place. From many decades, there is continuous immigrations of foreigners that has been considered a social problem in United Kingdom. From 1960 to the current times, there have been many issues and arguments related to support or abandon it. During the time of economic boom in year 2005, a huge migration had been attracted due to more employment. It was not considered as a big cause of social problem instead encouraged reluctantly. Political migration had also been accepted earlier due to pressure of international human rights obligations on UK government by non-governmental organisation, other receiving countries and jurists. There have been 5.4 million people who had come to UK as migrants according to the latest data.

As per Reinzo, social problem of immigration can be resolved through fortress. Migration is considered a major problem in economic term also. For example, they also consume public resources as more people consumes more resources which consequently decrease the quantity for local citizens of UK. Welfare and livelihood of natives are also get harmed by the outsiders who are strangers for the country. Sometimes, it was estimates that immigrants will increase the house price at very huge rate in the future as 10 percent. To cope up with this situation, various organisations has an argument to maintain net migration on zero point. This type of migration is a balance in which immigrants and emigrants are equal in term of numbers.

In opinion of Muir, there are both negative and positive impacts of migration and it is considered as a critical social problem of United Kingdom. Followings are some explanations of issues which are arisen by immigration in country. Population census can also be used to evaluate exact data of migrants at international level. There are some terms and conditions which are if fulfilled by person from outside the country, he will be able to settle permanently in United Kingdom. Among all cities of UK, London has the highest number of immigrants as per data of year 2016 as foreign-born people constituted 41% of Inner London's population.


According to Silverman society suffers from many issues which affect their way of life in a negative way. There are different types of migrants like political, economic, family, irregular and international migration in United Kingdom. These can be explained as below.

Political migration

This type of migrations are the movement of people due to changes in procedure and policies of that particular country. Another reason for political migration can be civil war like Syria in recent times.

Economic migration

Changes in financial position due to immigration of people are called economic migration . In UK, GDP has been increased which also improved overall image of the country in international market.

Family migration

There are many people who come to UK to work with their families which has pressure on limited natural resources consumption (Dustmann and Frattini, 2014). On the other hand, single migrants affect less to the local people life.

Irregular migration

Sometimes, there are immigrations in UK in illegal way which can damage the country and harm its people in many ways. For example, illegal migrants can be terrorists or criminals which are dangerous for society. This makes the migration a serious social problem for the local people.

International migration

This type of migration includes people who come to UK from other than UK based . There are few countries from where people have moved out to UK as immigrants from India, China, Pakistan and Poland. Thus these above various kinds of migrations in UK have major impact on its economy as well as on society in many ways.

Problem due to migration

Migration is currently one of the most difficult thing to handle for UK as it creates imbalance in the population and resources utilization. It consequently affects productivity in trade sector. There is unexpectedly hike in problem related to house availability. They claim benefit which is harmful to local people of the country (Ruhs and Anderson, 2010). For example, use of public services provided by government, rights of freedom will be divided among migrants also which can be negative as an end result.

  • High net migration encourages more rapid growth in population of the country which has been recorded 335,000 in year 2016. As outsider comes with his family and children, it causes continuous increase in number of migrants every year which uplifts the amount of expenditure on public infrastructure and facilities. These facilities are schools, roads, rail, health and other infrastructure.
  • Due to multi cultured people who are not British, can harm the traditional culture of local, people as they will be affected by mixed culture and their values.
  • Another problem of migration is that resources in United Kingdom will be consumed early as there will be lack of availability and increased cost of basic resources for the local people. For example, new immigrants will also use all the infrastructure provided by government authorities so division in all things will impact in a negative away.

Forth problem due to migration in United Kingdom is that there is overcrowding which consequently makes local people uncomfortable to travel all over the city or country.

  • Due to more workers at workplace, the employer of the company will not desire to provide training and development to employees as they are ready to work at low payment. Some times, there are discriminatory behaviour with migrants in organisation in United Kingdom, which is a serious issue in front of local and national authorities.
  • Public services get more pressure with increase in number of immigrants. .Sometimes, there is no integration among migrants and local ,people which can rise tension in the country.
  • It can also be assumed that if any worker gets appointed, it will be considered as snatching opportunity of local British person who needs employment.
  • Human trafficking is the most crucial risk due to migrants as they are almost strangers to United Kingdom.
  • Crime has also been increased after uplifted number of migrants as there is no verification of them in new country.
  • The government needs to build more asylums for migrants as shelter.
  • There might be inequality related to income due to different skilled people come to work.

Positive impact of Migration

  • One of the major benefit of migration in United Kingdom is that it brings some new culture of other new people to local people.
  • Many vacant seats in companies can be filled by migrants. As there will be more persons with different skilled to get selected.
  • Due to more labour, economic growth will also be improved and sustained in the country.
  • Immigrants fill the gap of emigrants who move out from UK.
  • The pension gap can also be filled by new workers and another benefit is tax which is paid by these new migrants.
  • Care service can be better as there are few young workers for old people.
  • Illegal migration in UK results many types of risk like terrorism and criminal activities.

Thus there are many problems created by migration in the cited country. So, legal and governmental authority should take some appropriate steps to avoid negative impact and convert them to benefit for the nation and its local native people. So to deal with migration, government should take some appropriate actions like to protect rights of migrants as well as their families and employment.

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From the above report, it can be concludeed that United Kingdom is facing some social problems among which migration is also a major difficulty. There are some remedies to avoid bad impact of this social problem in the long term. As results, restricting rules and regulation are implemented in visa and passport for foreigners who want to settle in UK. One of the major migrant in UK is economic migration which fluctuate it financial status in the long term. After Brexit, there was a sharp fall in migration to the country.


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