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Organisational Role Of Health and Social Care Services

University: Anglia Ruskin University London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the philosophy of in health and social care.
  • Discuss about the strategies to improve in health and social care service
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust


This will understand as to test learners and their importance of work positively in partnership with other in a sector of social and health. For empowering social and health care sectors means to authorize and enable to staff. It is important that partners philosophies and methods to prompts partnership in a long term's. In this case is discussing about the organisation partnership role that influence the variable techniques (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). The effective Moreover, findings different strategies to improve outcomes for partnership. From this case organisation taken is Mid Staffordshire NHS trust.


1.1 Explain the philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care.

Different types of philosophies is implements in various ways. It is depended on the partnership between organisation in health and social care sectors. Various philosophy includes power sharing, interdependence, empowering the partner organisation, making of informed decision, autonomy and respect. In this type of partnership have different philosophy that are follows :

  • First philosophy- Organisation includes empowering to each other that help to ordinates of activities. Its impacts is to motivate and increases the ability of the partner's organisation to achieve the target goals and objectives. This technique also handles the strong bond between the partnership.
  • Second philosophy- this will be development for the organisation partnership working social and health care services. It depends on the on each other social, economic and financial support. This partnership supports helps to each other in difficult situations. Its depend on how other parter will help organisation effectively. This will usually help that the interdependency between the partnering organisation to coordinates their activity and resources (ullivan and Skelcher, 2017). When partnership is becoming helping to each other than this will be able to independent in social and health care sectors.
  • Third philosophy- Different types of collaboration helps to sustain organisation partnership in the level of interdependence limitations. Independent organisation will stand for its own prospects and irrespective of partnership working. Organisation works influence its partner for positively or negatively. Its depend on the working that one organisation is to helps uncertain helps for another company. Sustain these problems is had to better results is that to collaboration with area that helps partnership services.

For Example- Rehabilitation provide their services for drug addicts. If they collaborate with an association of psychologists, rehabilitation services improves their services and gives more facility for drug addicts.

  • Fourth philosophy- Organisation collaborate with another company, with this help different duty and roles distribute by each other organisation. This will help to confirmed between both have to understand there roles and responsibility (Glasby, 2017). Partnership mutual respect between collaborate organisation in health and social care sector.

For example - If organisation partnership have mutual understanding for responsibility, collaborate helps to distribute their roles like health care services responsible for one organisation and another will be takes social care like financial; and educational services to provided their customer.

1.2 Evaluate partnership relationships within health and social care services

Partnership in health and social care is better to understand doctor and patient. Organisation partnership industry players in health and social care sectors have not being strong. Most of older people have not been able to takes advantage in social care and health care services (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016). Also, person with have disabilities and mental problems will be discriminated by social services. Such person have not been able to take decision their health and different types of treatment. It depends partnership relationship between providers of health and social care services and other professionals.

For sustaining relationship between the partnership that help to develop the organisation is effective ways. Also, health and social care services collaborates with government and private company for charity to development of organisation and expanding their services. Social care and health care related organisation focused on the potential benefits. Also, the focus in effective services that they prove rather than reaped benefits from working. Supports of workers in organisation is also cared about their employees in organisation. In a partnership support workers perform their services users and help them in maintain their status in organisation. The management focus on the available work as well certain tips need to be managed to focused on more knowledge about social and health care. They will force sharing works practice and better networking potential for joint venture and team working. Partnership relationship make both individual authority to overcome the failure situation and make strategies to removes obstetrical. Interference of government is the main problems in these partnerships. Organisation makes sure that they have proper authorization detail about their trust and foundation so in future organisation not faced by government interference on their services.Get marketing assignment help from our experts!

For the evaluation of partnership relationship in health and social care it is very important to understand following aspects carefully:

  • Leadership and Vision: It is very crucial for both, health and social care and their partner to have a focused and common goal or vision to achieve in the future. Both partners should share an attainable vision for the organization. This will help in making effective decisions for the firm.
  • Strategy and Development: Partnership relationship with social and health care should be consist of various processes, policies, targets, etc. which can be very useful for them in the improvement of their overall performances. The strategies should be developed by evaluating the local needs.
  • Evaluation and review: This process plays an important role in increasing the performances of health and social care centres. Measuring the partnership quality increases the improvement opportunities of partnership. It helps in identifying that the particular partnership helps in making a good and effective impact on the society in order to increase the effectiveness of it.

It is very crucial to for the health and care centres to effectively evaluate the performance of partnership with them, as it can affect them a lot. The assessment of the partnership helps to monitor and evaluate the progress internally and externally.


2.1 Analyse models of partnership working across the health and social care sector

Partnership models refers that any individual who work with families and the communities in health and safety care. Different identities make disarrangement between two parties. They follow this models to work with each other by defining the role and responsibilities To resolve this problem there are four models for partnership in health and social care services.

  • Unified model- This model includes different practises where management of staff employees and training of their employees is undertaken by the organization (Dahlgren and Whitehead, 2018). The main objective behind this model is to help the needy people by providing them services according to their requirements. The primary benefits of this model includes, all the health and care activities, follows only one strategic approach which helps to have a well-defined goal and objective.
  • Coordinated model - This model includes corporate where unit are liable for function. In addition, it is associated with management with different skills. It involves a patient seeking care for disease and receiving a series of medical and hospital services. It helps to provided self-management for people with chronic disease and prevention.
  • Coalition model- In this coalition model, it helps the health and social care centres to have different activities that are associated with each other but they work separately and individually. For example, all the staff members, management team, trainee, etc. all are associated to each other with the help of the federation but works individually. Importance of this model for the organization can include, all the activities and services cooperate in the joint actions.
  • Hybrid model- This is the mixture or hybrid of two models, that is, unified and coalition model respectively. It helps in decision making and reduces the health issues and plays an important role for the health and social care centres (Ocloo and Matthews, 2016).

2.2 Review current legislation and organisational practices and policies

Legislation is a procedure that transmitted by governing body or the process. Organisation policies is had authority to specifying sets a corporatisation views with respects to a given situation. It is process of set objective with different policies and gives a definite direction to a company. This types of policies and precesses can affect the laws in the legislation to improves the effective organisation. Also, it will development of different laws to stops the uncertainty effects on the organisation. These policies make organisation in stables and implements an organisation policy and its includes legal activities that organisation is implements. The current procedures mentioned in laws enforces care centres to follow in their practises with this are able to provide effective and proper health care to people. It also helps in improving the quality of services that leads to providing better social environment.

There are various legislation and organisation policies and practices that impacts on different legislation on health and social care partnership. Also, there are different acts are as follows:

  • Equality Act 2010: This act helps in preventing the discrimination of the patients in health and social care centres. This act is provides equality in public and private sector (Doel and Shardlow, 2017). They are discriminated on the following factors, for example, caste, religious, complex, creed or race etc. which should be avoided by the organization in order to work effectively. The Equality Act 2010 prohibits not only direct discrimination but also indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA): This act helps in providing support to people who are disabled which can be physical, mental, etc. Also, this will include the unlawful discrimination against the disabled person with respect to employment, provision of good and diverse. According to this act, this is legally not correct to treat such people less favourably as compared to others. This has to be maintained by the organization to check whether they are working accordingly or not.
  • Care Standards Act 2000 (CSA): This act helps in providing administration of a variety of care institutions which can includes, children's homes, independent hospitals, nursing homes and residential care homes. This is depended on the care where the purpose will be extend the governance the organisation. This act will help care homes to work effectively and successfully manage their work in health and social care centres.

2.3 Explain how differences in working practices and policies affect collaborative working

Collaborative working is a process in which two or more companies or organisation are working together for a specific goals and objectives understand to works perfectly and effectively. This will help to identifying the practices and policies to makes the organisation effectiveness. This will help to inform organisation for effective use of legislation in the origination. Working policies like labour time, wages, working per hours, etc. should be managed by them. Most health and social care services find themselves working with partners whose' working practices and Policies differs. These differences in working practices and policies are issues of concern as it affects the entire collaborative working and in most cases in negative ways. When the working practices of partners differs, disagreement can arise on how best to achieve the common goals. To overcome from such issues, it is very important for health and social care centres to work with parters who have similar thoughts in working practices and policies.

It is very important for any organization to have mutual understanding in working practices which can help them in collaborative working. Partnership works better when the partners has some similarity in their working practices and policies that are applied in the organization (Burwell, 2015). Effective working practices and policies can help employees to achieve their targets easily and rise their outcome sharply. These policies and practises, focuses on working as a team which includes various factors, such as, respect, trust, mutual working, team work and focused works (Cameron, Lart and Coomber, 2014). It depends on the organisation to improves it effectively in order to work properly. This will help to developed good policies and practices which can improve their working pattern. This is what has happened with Adult A in the given case study. The partners that were supposed to work together for adult's protection which include the local authority, the policies and health and social care services all had different working practices. This has huge impact on Adult A which results in his death.Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


3.1 Evaluate possible outcomes of partnership working for users of services, professionals and organisations

Partnership workings have wide ranges of outcomes within health and social care setting. It is very crucial for the organization to have effective partners which can help them in improving their overall performances. This process assists in bringing together different skills and knowledge which complement one another in service delivery process for the health and social care services. Another important positive outcome of partnership working between patient and professional is that patients' needs are put at the centre of services delivery.

  • Possible outcomes of partnership working for users of services: There are both negative and positive outcomes of partnership working, such as, it helps in making improvements in their services as compared to previously. Partnership working also helps in improving their decision making process more effective. Apart from this, there can be negative impact as well which can arise, for example, there are chances of conflicts between partners (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). Lack of mutual understanding is another factors.
  • Possible outcomes of partnership working for users of professionals: It also includes positive and negative outcomes. In positive, it can include factors like, partnership working for professional creates the professional approach that includes the perfect outcomes. All the roles and responsibilities of all the employees are clear and specific. This also helps in making effective communication which can help in the improved services of the organization (Sullivan, and Skelcher, 2017). In negative outcome it includes factors like, there may be chances of the miscommunication that can arise due to their rivalry. There can be a chance of mismanagement in the organization which can affect their function a lot.
  • Possible outcomes of partnership working for users of organization: Positive impact of partnership working includes, it helps in providing comprehensive service provision. It will also be very useful in having new and innovative ideas for the organization which can help in the enhancement of their overall services. In negative outcome it can include, it can create communication gap. This will help to developed the organisation in effective ways for practises in the different levels.

3.2 Analyse the potential barriers to partnership working in health and social care services.

Potential barrier is to works on health and social care is closely interwound. It includes different practises and policies is organised by health care and social care organisation. This will depend on the organisation with effective manner to introduction for the effective in selective barriers. Communication barriers makes gaps may also raise barriers on the way to effective partnership. The dependency for its organisation effectiveness can the organisation different policies and practice. It makes the organisation in effective ways to operates the organisation to controlled over the effective ways for the organisation. This will be development for the effective barriers to influence the nature for effective controlled. These barriers can makes the organisation for corrective manner (Glasby, 2017). Health and social organisation focused on the different element to proves their services in vital role.

At the same time barriers may rise in the result of certain overlapping of function. This will except the organisation effectiveness to takes as the advantages in the organisation. It will develop the effectiveness for current situation to operates the controllable units in the organisation. It depends on the organisation to evaluates the corrective decision to takes in the situation in the market segment. Heath care and social care organisation should eliminates the difference in their practise and policies. It may involves the development of common stander and reorganised the structure, distribute function effectively and provided clients with health and social care services of the high quality. This will depend on the area that they take in the different levels of to participate in they organisation to takes as the advantage in the organisation. This will depend on the selective environmental effect to corrective decision making.

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3.3 Devise strategies to improve outcomes for partnership working in health and social care services

Organisation partnership is to concerned by developing for implements different strategies (Ocloo and Matthews, 2016) Some strategies is to developed by the organisation to adequate recognition and resources of all the organisation and maximum utilisation of strengths in a partnership working. Uses of proper resources can affects the organisation effectiveness, it takes differentiate the organisation effectively used to take the organisation corrective manner. Partnership organisation is focused on the highly capable of meeting the targets goals as well as also develop appropriate strategies that aim at improving mutual understanding between the organisation. It will depend on the market risk to development to corrective decision on to priority bases and effective communication to different noticed. It depends on the market condition to improves the quality for appropriate the different ways for the organisation structure. This will help for the correction in the market segment to approve the organisation for implementing different policies and it will make the organisation structure to evaluates the corrective organisation to implements for services provider.

Provided heath and social care services simplest the organisation to chive their goals and development for the effective organisation to implements the PowerPoint of effective organisation selective it is corrected that the organisation created for different accusative process. It depends on the different authentication to approves in the organisation. It depends on the organisation. It depends on the market condition to development to creates the organisation for effective suggestions. For perfection on the market condition is heps to developed in the organisation details. It will development to authorised in the organisation to development for effective communication (Doel and Shardlow, 2017). This will development to creates the organisation for effective ways for different decision making. Also, it takes for the correcting situation for services provider. Different organisation is provider of different statics in the organisation. This will expand on the organisation plan and roles that they distribute their different segment in the organisation. Well behaved organisation implements to takes as the variable levels to selective organisation effectiveness.

When it comes to the health and social care services, it is the responsibility of the organisations to make sure that not only the patients but also the staff is empowered to make the quick decisions if necessary and no one else is there to help them. There are various strategies which can be used by the organization for the improvement of all the outcomes of partnership working with health and social care services. These can include, improvement in communication, developing a framework, etc. For such organization, communication is most important for effective partnership. Without this it is impossible to deliver thoughts to each other.

This is what happened in with Adult A in the given case. There was a misunderstanding between all the people who are linked with this case, such as, police officials, local authorities, health and social care services, etc. This is the much needed quality which is required in the protection of Adult A which was missing. Therefore, improvement of communication process between partners can help in establishing partnership working relationship. Another factor which can help in the improvement is the resources that are well shared by the partners in an organization. For example, in the given case study, there are chances to get better outcome if police, local authority and the health and social care shared their resources when caring for Adult A. By establishing an effective framework can help these organizations to improve their services.

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From this report it is concluded that partnership organisation have important role in health care and social care implements. This will be depended on the various collaborate that partnership organisation it to redirected them. Also, it is concluded that organisation where the partnership have takes different strategies to correcting from of variable techniques. Result is that partnership becomes easy ways in social care and health care for the users. There are four models for partnership in health and social care services. It will be depended on the various collaborate organisation to developed for concluding the organisation. This will be depended on restrictive from. There are various legislation and organisation policies and practices that impacts on health care. 


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