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Personal And Professional Development


Personal values and principles plays a crucial role in any organization and plays even more crucial role in terms of hospitality. These values defines the nature and character of an individual while working in team. Along with personal values, professionalism must also be maintained to survive in the corporate world (Boykoff, Moieni and Subramanian, 2009). The following report will describe the relation between both the context involving personal as well as professional values. Stanford health care center has been taken to describe the content of topic. It is into the business since past five decades and proven to be the best health care center. The personal and professional values will be described with relevance to the following organization. A development plan will be made to describe the content more effectively (Stanford health care, 2015).

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1.1 Comparing personal values with principles of support for working in HSC

Personal values refers to the internal characteristics that an individual possess in terms of morality. These values clearly defines the nature of person towards society. Personality differs in different aspects with respect to the situations (Munn-Giddings  and Winter, 2013). As per the relevant condition, application of values are different with context to working under health and social care. Comparison of values with respect to principles of support at workplace could be well justified as follows:

Personal values

  • Belief on oneself is the biggest element that encourage person to perform his duties with confidence.
  • Preferences towards people and work class is universal. No bias terms are created to classify population and serve every citizen equally.
  • Treating every person with honesty belonging to outside regions and no malfunctioning practices are performed to take undue advantage (Archer, 2010).

Their effect on principles of support in HSC

  • Confidentiality to work is exhibited at the workplace that ensures smooth and effective resultant outcomes. Encouraging patients for medication and giving them fair treatment helps them in getting better result in fair amount of time(Zwarenstein, Goldman and Reeves, 2009).
  • With positive preferences of people at the workplace, equal rights are served to all class of citizen. Hence discrimination is avoided at HSC and create an optimistic environment of working.
  • Other than serving equal rights, diversity of people are welcomed and treated with efficiency irrespective of their religion, creed or cast. A supporting culture is practiced to facilitate every kind of casualty.

1.2 Impact of personal culture on role of health care professional

It is already described that personal values present the nature of person and differs according to the situations. While possessing personal values such as positive belief, universal preferences and neglecting undue advantages, a positive and fair image gets created at the workplace (Yoder-Wise, 2014). Sort of good reputation is build at the workplace as well as in the society. While supporting service users, impact of personal values could be well described as under:

Patients gets a reasonable amount of satisfaction for getting treatment. It is observed that under a health care professionalism, positive image plays a crucial role in influencing people for adopting services.

A belief of safety among casualty is created as they will not be cheated or become victim of any kind of malfunctioning practices. They will be treated politely and get ensured about the appropriate medication (Pendleton and Schultz-Krohn, 2013).

Treating all the people equally creates a healthy working environment where feeling of joy is developed. Such optimistic surrounding is very essential at health care center because getting positive feeling is more important than proper medication for health improvement.

Confidentiality of disease for different people is very necessary. A person could be a victim of any malady which may require secrecy for image of patient (Blue and et.al., 2010). It may be related to some non disclosing features whose information should be remained between patient and consulting doctor only.

1.3 Impact of new development on personal values

Although personal values plays a crucial role at health and social care center but when it comes to professionalism, moral values have to be sacrificed. Fulfilling the company's norms is also essential duty working as a service provider (Mann, Gordon and MacLeod, 2009). Some of the impacts in relation to personal values could be shown as below:
As per the new legislative policies, discrimination shall not be done among casualty which is also a part of personal values. Hence practice of such fair policies gets more enhanced and service class of HSC becomes more effective (Boykoff, Moieni and Subramanian, 2009).

Maintaining confidentiality is a good deed for the image of person, but according to new policies, they have to be disclosed among general public and other doctors. In order to raise awareness and develop precaution to avoid such kind of disease in future, social work and care is essential.

Practice of treatment has to be changed with new development in policy in order to avoid serious failure of health. Other than moral values, appropriate medication has to be taken which may involve huge cost also (Ethics and Public Health: Forging a Strong Relationship, 2002).


2.1 Assessment of own current skills and learning styles

Communication Skills:

  • I have strong verbal communication skills and it helps me in responding questions of patients and finding out their problems and needs. It is one of the two way communication process that comprises speaking and listening.
  • I have attained a conference on communication which has helped me in developing effective verbal communication skills.
  • Yes, I am able to use British Sign Language it supports me in understanding the problems of those patients who have no knowledge of English language and not capable in making verbal communication.
  • I need to improve my non verbal communication skills such as exchanging information by eye contact, body language, facial expression, touch or contact.
  • These skills required improvement because as a health and social care worker I am dealing with large number of patients who is in pain, worried and upset. At that time I must be able to understand their problems by judging their body language (Beausaert and et.al., 2013).

Working With Others:

  • Yes, I am able to work in a team it helps in completing each and every task on time and with best outcomes. At professional manner this skills supports me in developing effective relationship with other team members. In personal aspect team building skill increases motivation, synergy and sense of belonging as well as it provides an opportunity for personal development (Dolea and et.al., 2010).
  • Yes, I understand the concept of professional boundaries of a health and social care worker. Along with this I respect all these  boundaries by developing professional relationship with patients and keeping their personal information very confidential.
  • I am getting and receiving feedback of all activities by direct communication with patients. Along with this, I use observation of behavior of patient to get feedback.
  • I am a member of a team of Stanford hospital and I give my best outcome to attain common goals and objectives of whole team (Findlater and Gillingwater, 2012).
  • I need to improve my communication skills because sometimes due to the lack of communication I am not capable to work with others.

Technical skills:

  • As a health and social care  worker of Stanford hospital I like technical skills. It is required to operate different medical equipment and develop electronic record of all patients and data base management. I don't have any IT qualification. I have acquired all technical knowledge during the medical education.
  • I have some research skills  such as I am able to conduct primary and secondary investigation it help me in getting present and historical data of any of diseases and drug and it also provide assistance in conducting the future research on developing any new drug.
  • Yes, I am specialized in handling different software such as EMR and EHR. These help in developing electronic record of all patients (Penuel and et.al., 2007).
  • Yes, I can develop presentation using power point presentation in Microsoft office, but I don't have sufficient knowledge of Corel packages.
  • I need to gain some additional knowledge of Corel packages it provide assistance in developing advertisement and other presentation of different services of Stanford hospital (Glanz and Bishop, 2010).

Personal Skills & Qualities:

  • Yes, I am well organized because of the pre-planning of each and every task.
  • In addition, I have different study skills such as literacy and numeracy and I judge all these skills using self assessment and checklist of outcomes.
  • I have strong communication skills so I am able to present my self well at the time of interview.
  • I am able to judge any situation and problems of patients. I am completely motivated by the management of Stanford hospital which helped in accomplishing each and every task with best outcome (Tams, 2008).
  • I am focused towards my work and roles and responsibilities.
  • No, I cant communicate languages other than English because I don't have any knowledge  regarding this.
  • I can communicate with range of service users with different communication needs and requirements.
  • I needs to develop proficiency in language other than English because different patients of Stanford hospital belong to different culture and language so, for making appropriate communication with them I need to be efficient in different languages (Sandars, 2009).


  • I don't have any criminal record. I can drive different vehicles such as car, bike, etc.
  • I have sufficient knowledge of different acts relevant to health and social care such as equality act, human rights, mental health act, rules and regulations of care quality commission, etc.
  • Right now I have one year experience in health and social care.
  • I need to increases my skills and knowledge in terms different legislation of health and social care because all these rules and regulations can influence my work and care of patients (Tomey, 2009).

2.2 SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis refers to the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Strength denotes the positive aspects that are possessed and weakness refers to the negativity factors. They are the internal factors while opportunities and threats are external factors which are available to the concern respectively (Baker and et. al., 2005). During work at Stanford, the analysis is as follows:

Strength – Being a health and social care professional, maintaining discipline at work with peace and calmness and allowing other team members to participate was the biggest strength. Handling disputes with efficiency to maintain team coordination.

Weakness – Unable to promote every individual while creating policies at Stanford health care center. Suggestions by the team members are allowed but fails to implement them from personal side(Cottrell, 2010).

Opportunities – Overcoming weakness itself brings the biggest opportunity. By implementing the ideas prescribed by the members, the concerning authority will get choices of ideas to implement and ensure more fruitful results. It will indirectly leads to personal benefits (Munn-Giddings  and Winter, 2013).

Threats – The most negative factor which needs to address is maintaining relation with the service user. Maintaining integrity between personal relations and code of practice has been found as the major threat to face and overcome (Yoder-Wise, 2014).

2.3 Evaluating effectiveness of development plan

Under Stanford health care center, a useful development plan has been made to increase the efficiency as a health care professional (Pendleton and Schultz-Krohn, 2013). The major ares which have been improved by adopting the development plan are:

Enhanced communication skills – The Fisher's as well as Aristotle's model has played a key role in improving the communication skills. The models described reading the facial description in situations where casualties were not in a condition to explain their problems.

Health and safety information – Through following development plan, knowledge of health and safety has been derived. It will eventually plays a crucial role while treating patients along with following the code of practice under health care center (Blue and et.al., 2010).

Managing coordination – The most important lesson learned from the development program was to maintain coordination with different members working under team. Techniques of working with others have been taken that will surely give better results in future working plans.

Technical skills – Some technical lessons such as operating corel packages have been discussed under development plan that brings efficiency in personal IT skills (Mann, Gordon and MacLeod, 2009).

Investigation knowledge – Idea to conduct research is taken to develop research skills  related to reliability and feasibility of the collected data. Techniques of information validity are adopted on the basis of primary and secondary data.

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2.4 Impact of limiting own work role on work with others

The overall working environment consist of number of employees who have their respective nature of work (Boykoff, Moieni and Subramanian, 2009). But collective effort of overall team leads to organizational efficiency. To work under team, individual nature has to be changed for team coordination. Limits of own work role impacts the complete team of Stanford health care center through the following ways:

  • By applying control over aggression, the environment of peace and calm is maintained within the team. It eventually leads to good coordination within the members of team and leads to greater organizational efficiency. With calm nature, discipline is maintained under the health care center that creates good working environment among the team members (Zwarenstein, Goldman and Reeves, 2009).
  • Welcoming suggestions from other team members allows greater choice of ideas to apply for any change in management policies. Treatment methods are different for every service provider, hence limiting down the personal views allow other to participate actively under management process.
  • Reasons for dispute in the team were minimized because every member could present their ideas. Viable reasons for rejection of their ideas are presented and alternatives were developed.
  • This makes the positivism under team members that their ideas have been considered and checked for its feasibility (Archer, 2010).


3.1 Nature of different professional relationship in HSC context

Maintaining professional relationship is very essential and it is more necessary to establish even better terms with their clients. Under HSC, clients are the service user who are patients, casualties and victims of various kinds of false practices. Since health and social care needs different kind of relationship which includes personal values as well as professional regulation, their nature is also different (Beausaert and et.al., 2013). They can be explained as under:

Relationship with service user – It is defined to understand the problems of casualty. They may suffer from several kind of diseases which are difficult to describe in front of practitioners. Hence an informal relation has to be created in order to comfort the patient while disclosing problems (Dolea and et.al., 2010).

Code of practice – The following practice describes the service provider and user relationship in a different manner. In general terms, it focuses on adhering the norms of organization with respect to treatment of client. Under the concerning practice, the rules formed bu the board members have to be considered in priority. In any case, those conditions shall not be violated though the nature of casualty with the consultant is of any kind (Findlater and Gillingwater, 2012).

Multi agency relationship – Within the relevant relationship, the service provider has to make sure that they are familiar with the organizational policies and knows the confidentiality of information to be shared with different agencies under the firm (Professional relationships: Key practice points, 2015).

3.2 Personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting rights of an individual

Every individual possess certain rights under society whether it is a patient or a doctor. Those rights may be in terms of social well being or personal enhancement (Penuel and et.al., 2007). In context of the relevant study, the personal effectiveness that a health care service provider could enjoy while supporting the rights of an individual may be as follows:
The promoter gets to understand the factors that motivates and inspires them for the social well being. They get to know about the positive factors which could guide them to success.
Another factor is the service provider keeps on learning with providing knowledge while supporting rights of an individual and promoting them to the external world. By supporting the individual's rights, they gets an opportunity to improve themselves (Sandars, 2009).

With knowledge of information while promoting individual's right, even the service providers get organized in their regular lifestyle. They are acknowledged with responsibilities towards people and tries to maintain more discipline in their attitude under health care center as well as in society.

While promoting rights of an individual, they are also participating in their personal health improvement (Tams, 2008). It is because somehow they are also falling under the same individual's category. Hence they too could enjoy such rights which they are promoting for an individual.

3.3 Ways to resolve issues under professional relationship

Conflict refers to negative situation that occurs due to difference in perception between two or more persons. It is often faced under organization because of their rules and policies.  Where there are rules and regulation maintained under organization, conflicts also takes place because those policies may not be feasible and acceptable to all the people (Tomey, 2009). Some of the ways that could be practiced under company to maintain healthy professional relationship may includes:

Discussing matter – Listening to the matter for conflict and determining what is felt by the other person with any particular happening or statement. Such matters should be cleared and mutual consideration must be done to close the conflicting chapters (Tomey, 2009).

Priority to conflicting situation – A practice of giving priority to the conflict should be made instead of proving yourself to be right. Considering the topic of discussion should be taken, it must be discussed and elaborated. Finally decision with mutual consent must be taken for observing beneficiary results.

Focusing current conditions – Emphasis should be laid on present conditions and impact of conflicting outcome must be analyzed by observing the current period. Future actions must be discussed after solving the current disputes (Wilson and et.al., 2009).

Compromise – For observing collective benefits, compromise shall be done by any of the party. Such grateful initiatives often produce positivism to individual as well as to the organization.

3.4 Improving personal contribution to the collective effectiveness of a team

Conflicts arises due to non acceptance to any matter by two or more people. Hence the best way for avoiding conflict is to enhance personal activities that automatically leads to non arising of such negative conditions (Webster-Wright, 2009). Some initiative that could be taken by an individual in collective effectiveness of team might involves:

Self identification – Building capacity to recognize the topics which are non acceptable by the other person. Analyzing the effectiveness of results by not considering such topics and then responding for the same concerns. This often leads to avoiding conflicts under the teamwork (Zepeda, 2011).

Discipline – While discussing or elaborating any subject with the other concerning people, ambiance of calmness and respect must be maintained. This creates cheerful environment and build healthy relationship under organization.

Detailed discussion – Heading a meeting together with all the members who are part of the conflict and raising the benefits of personal views to make other people understand the reason for your choice. This gives a clear picture of your idea that could influence other persons to adopt your choice (Purtilo and et.al., 2012).

Sacrifice – In some cases, sacrifice of personal ideas should be done for the welfare of whole team. Collective decision should be taken after concerning all the associated members and they should be implemented for organizational benefit.

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4.1 Effectiveness of personal contribution when working with others

While working at Stanford HSC, several conflicting situation has been raised which has to be faced with efficiency in order to solve disputes. To overcome such negative conditions, personal contribution played a vital role and make healthy organizational relationship among employees under team (Zwarenstein, Goldman and Reeves, 2009). Some factors that are considered effective involves:

  • By adopting the nature of compromise, organizational efficiency has been improvised. It gives an opportunity to the other team members for welcoming their suggestions and implementing them.
  • The calm and non-defending behavior practiced under relevant health care center maintained the discipline of work. Respect to all has been given to ensure healthy teamwork conditions for better service results (Koprowska, 2010).
  • Habit of detailed discussion makes every member to understand the importance of ideas. This leads to better suggestion to overcome the existing lacking factors and increased the personal intellectual power for providing better quality services at the health care.
  • Analysis of those topics which are not acceptable by the team members also increases efficiency of health care. The negative aspects that are non considerable may harm the center also. Hence elimination of those factors eventually enhances the quality of team work (Personal development review, 2013).

4.2 Analysis of actions taken to minimize abuse for effective team work

Team effectiveness is essential to flourish the working environment in an organization. Improved personal interaction must be maintained to minimize abusiveness under team work (Cottrell, 2010). Some of the actions taken for effective team work are:

  • Managed stress quickly in order to avoid negative conditions and remained calm to take wise decisions with mental stability. In case of any conflicting event, self control has been imposed to ensure organizational discipline with effectiveness in teamwork.
  • Control over emotions has been done to stabilize the mental state. It is also practiced to ensure restricting aggression and maintain peace and harmony at workplace. Good behavior is performed to allow other team members for free and stress-less communication. Even their negative thoughts were considered and improved (Baker and et. al., 2005).
  • Paid full attention over the speech of others and took out the positivism from their words. Their suggestions are adopted from and laid emphasis during implementation of their ideas in health care policies. Words of team members are respected from personal perspective and tried to avoid those situations which may become reason for dispute.
  • Managed personal differences in a very effective manner. Reason for issues were realized and solved collectively after mutual consent. It enhances the teamwork to a maximum extent because of collective efforts by all the individuals working as a team at concerning health care center (Glanz and Bishop, 2010).


In the following report, it has been concluded that personal and professional values plays a vital role at health care center. With relevance to Stanford health care center, the detailed study of personal and professional development has been done. A development plan is made based on hypothetical data to evaluate the effectiveness of skills and lessons learned in the conference. Several principles have been described along with their application in professional development. A plan has been described in tabular form to enhance the degree of knowledge. Also, read a sample on personal and professional development.


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