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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. Examine the key factors which influence pattern of health?
  2. Explain role of government has had impact the current pattern of health and illness in the United Kingdom.
  3. Analyse how ill health can be monitored and reviewed.
Answer :
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Black report, 1980

In 1980, the UK Department of Health and Social Security published the Black Report, revealing stark health inequalities across the population. These disparities were linked to social factors like income, diet, employment, and education (Baum, 2016). Nebulizers, electronic devices converting asthma medication into a mist for easier inhalation, are commonly recommended for asthma management. Conversely, cancer monitoring often involves Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a powerful tool using magnetic fields to detect cancerous growths and assess their spread throughout the body.

Acheson report, 1998

This report was published in the year 1998 by UK which addressed the various health disparities as well as their relation with social classes. The main reason behind this was poverty due to which this health inequalities occurred and this gap between rich and poor was root cause. The major disorder which is Diabetes is generally monitored through the use of the diabetes action plan. The doctors mostly develops this plan which serve as the roadmap and thus tells as how the diabetes is doing. On the other hand, another serious disorder which is arthritis is generally monitored and treated with the help of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). This is generally the most effective tool for monitoring Arthritis where the inflammation level in body is assessed.

Healthier nation report,1999

This report was basically published in year 1999 for saving the lives of wide range of people and for providing good health to them. This report mainly focussed on killing various illness like cancer, stroke, mental illness. The main aim of this report was to provide better lives to people and thus help them financially (Brownson and et.al.,2017). This report generally addresses the monitoring of Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is generally monitored with the help of mood disorder questionnaire (MDQ). This MDQ generally screens the life history of patient suffering from this order or mania and diagnose the various points where a frequent changes in their moods occurs. On the other hand, depression which is another ill-health is normally monitored through the help of Geriatric depression scale (GDS) which is basically the self-report assessment for identifying depression in elders and well as children.

Tackling health inequalities, 2003

This programme was being published in July in year 2003 and was a three year plan for discouraging health inequalities and for supporting the communities suffering from ill-health. The main aim of this programme was to provide effective treatment to all people suffering from the bad health. One of the most effective method for monitoring the symptoms of AIDS is analysing the CD4 count. HIV mostly targets these cells which are kind of WBCs. Therefore, when the count of CD4 cells decreases to more than 200 cells/cubic mm then it is clear sign of AIDS. An effective treatment is given to the patients for increasing the count of these cells. Apart from this, for monitoring the effects of Thyroid which is another severe disorder and affects health, TSH test is used in which doctors generally checks the amount and quantity of T4 and T3 cells in body where its low amount indicates hyperthyroidism whereas high quantity indicates Hypothyroidism.

Choosing Health: Making Healthy Choices Easier 2004

This is basically the white paper which was published in the year 2004 through public consultation and thus addresses that people wanted to take their decisions as well as as own choices when talking about health thus in order to do this, they needs support from government. This paper sets out agenda of UK upon public health for upcoming 10 years. One of the serious ill health which is smoking is generally monitored by a wearable sensory system which contains respiratory plethysmograph and thus monitors the breathing of patients. This system gives a graph where there is obstruction in breathing is reported. On the other hand, another illness which is obesity is generally monitored by calculating BMI which is body mass index. When BMI is higher than 30 then it indicates obesity and thus increases the health risks.

Current pattern


Asthma has become prevalent across the world and have affected wide range of people. It is basically the disorder in which the breathing power of people gents distorted and hence is obstructed. More than 50000 people across the whole world suffers from asthma every day and more than 43.2% of the people have the symptoms of asthma. It has been reported that the prevalence of asthma is generally higher within children in comparison to adults where the incidence is around 7.7% (Gostin and Wiley, 2016). Asthma is the result of wide inequality as well as ill-health which prevails around the world. It has been reported that nearly 74% of the women every year suffers from asthma which is much high in comparison to male where the figure is 21.5% due to various reasons like cooking on gas fire which releases a high smoke and affects their lungs. Around 33289 women every day across the world becomes the prey of asthma and its related diseases and the main reason behind this is their negligence towards health and this mostly occurs in underprivileged areas where they don not have basic necessities.


The incidence of cancer has increased from past few years and have surrounded the wide range of people. Tobacco is one of the leading cause of cancer and generally affects around 30000 people across the world every day. Around 580350 people in United Kingdom every year die due to cancer and around 27.9% of the children generally becomes the prey of cancer including girls and boys (Rosen, 2015).

This is the most important concern across the whole world. The growing inequalities have surrounded the women with this fatal diseases and thus have even caused their death. According to the survey of WHO, people who lives in underprivileged area are more prone to cancer and there are more than 43% cases of this cancer in lower class as compared to the people living in upper class. People leading luxury lives have less than 21.6% chances to develop cancer and thus seek treatment easily die to access of money.



Although asthma is incurable disease but there are various medication which are being used to reduce its effect. The most important and the well-known medication which is given to the patients suffering from asthma is Leukotriene modifiers that helps the lungs with inhalation and reduces the chances of death. This is the best medication which is even is given to the people who does not have enough money for treatment as it is cost-effective (Cesari and et.al.,2016).


Cancer is generally monitored with the use of chemotherapy that is the most effective medication which is being given to people both belonging to upper class and middle class. Chemotherapy is generally the drug therapy which involves the use of drug to destroy growing cells within body. It is generally given to the age of all individuals because it is considered to have effect on all age group. Take assignment help to get better grades!

Factors affecting health

  • Genetic factor
  • Genetic variations

Positive impact

The positive impact of genes on the health is that when any relative or the family member are free from any genetic disease then their proceeding generation has less chances to develop this disease.

Negative impact

When any person having the blood relation with another individual have any illness which is transmissible like cancer, heart disease etc. then there are more chances of that individual in developing the disease (Schneider, 2016).

Gene composition

Positive effect

When the gene composition within individuals are free from mutation and thus does not change much then it affects the health in positive way. Their immune system are more strionger in comparison to others.

Negative effect

When the chromosomes as well as the gene pairing shows constant mutation then this results in wide range of health problems. The resistance of individuals to different viruses and bacteria reduces.

Environmental factor

Climatic conditions

Positive effect

When the weather as well as climatic conditions of the place where the individual is living is stable and does not change much then the individual have fewer chances of becoming ill because their immune system are habitual of that weather (Baum, 2016).

Negative effect

When climatic conditions of the place are unstable and changes frequently then the population living there are likely to develop various health diseases as their immune system constantly encounter different viruses of different climate.


Positive effect

When the temperature of the place also affects the health condition of humans. When the temperature of place remains constant and does not change much then the ecological balance remains maintained. This positively affect the health of individuals as this decreases the chance of irritability.

Negative effect

When the individuals remain exposed to high heat then individuals feels irritated as well as lose concentration. This eventually affects their mental as well as physical health.

Lifestyle factor

  • Healthy diet
Positive effect

When the individual leads the luxury life then they have access to all the necessities as well as tend to eat healthy and organic food thus they remain healthy and have fewer chances of becoming ill.

Negative effect

The people living in underprivileged areas does not have the access to healthy food and they tend to eat the thrown food as well as rotten food due to which their immune system gets damaged and they are more likely to become ill and become prey of various health diseases.
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Positive effect

People who does not smoke frequently and are not habitual to smoking generally have less chance to develop health related diseases. Their lungs remain healthy and breathing is not obstructed due to which their immune system remains strong.

Negative effects

People who have the habit to smoke and are highly involved in smoking generally becomes the prey of various lung related diseases like cancer, asthma, etc. They have more chances to catch disorders due to harmful effect of nicotine (Brownson and et.al.,2017).

Socio-economic factor

Negative effects

When the economic conditions of people are not stable and when they do not have enough money to get the treatment then their condition become worse.

Positive effect

When the income of people are not enough to fill their stomach like that of lower group people and underprivileged then they are more likely to develop various health related diseases like asthma, cancer. Worried for online essay help? Take expert's help now!



When the individuals have job or occupation which does not relates to the exposure of hazardous substances like chemicals, dust, machineries, then they have less to chances to develop health related diseases as they remain confined to the safer environment.


When people works in the industries where there is exposure to hazardous substances like mining industries, manufacturing etc. then this result in the development of various diseases and affects their health.



Occupation & nature of job affects the health of wide range of individuals. It has been reported that underprivileged people which work in mining, construction industries develop health related diseases at the rate of 34% as compared to people who work in safer environment (Gostin and Wiley, 2016).

Genetic factors

The gene composition affects the health of wide range of people. More than 43.7% people suffers form health diseases due to change in their gene composition where pairing of chromosomes gets affected.

Environmental factor

It has been reported that around 50000 people every day suffers from various transmissible diseases due to change in weather and climatic condition and become vulnerable to various viruses and bacteria.


Age become the most important factor which affects the health of individuals. According to report of WHO, people who have crossed the age of 50 are more likely to become the prey of health related diseases and develops it at the rate of 43% than the youth.


The local as well as stare government of United kingdom has made a wide range of policies for preventing cancer as well as asthma. In the year 2019, the government established the healthcare scheme where they have made provision to treat the underprivileged people for free who are suffering from wide rage of heath related disease (Rosen, 2015).

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The most effective way through which public health can be improved is developing health related campaigns. The healthcare organizations as well as government should support wide range of campaigns which ill make people aware of importance of public health. Through these campaigns, they should be offered the knowledge of the harmful effects of various diseases and well as significance of remain healthy (Cesari and et.al.,2016). Get online cheap essay writing help UK from our experts!

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